Something was tickling his cheek. He didn't like it one bit. His nose crinkled and a tired, plaintive noise escaped him as he rolled over and buried his face in the rough sheets. Someone laughed. It didn't sound familiar. He frowned when something once again tickled him, this time on the bottom of one of his feet. A whine eminated from his throat. He didn't recall taking off his shoes.

"Wake-y wake-y, little brother. You've slept long enough."

He sat bolt upright. He knew that voice. He screamed and scrambled out of the bed in a panic. More laughter assaulted his ears. He tripped over his own feet and fell to the ground, twisting so he could stare at his welcome committee in outrage.

"You hit me in the face with a shovel! Stay away! I knew I couldn't trust you!"

Attempting to flee as Paul strutted around the bed was futile. All he succeeded in doing was tangling himself in the bedding that had fallen off in his mad rush to get away. Someone snickered near by, but the wolf kept his undivided attention on the one who had assaulted him with a deadly weapon. He eyed Paul with an air of deep suspicion as the blonde sat on the bed in front of him. Sam looked all around warily, as if expecting the vampire to suddenly produce another shovel and start wacking him with it. The blonde vampire's friendly smile and show of empty hand was not entirely reassuring.

"Calm down, bud."

"Calm down? You hit me in the face with a shovel."

Sam spoke slowly, as if to a five year old, rightious indignation eminating from him. His outraged look only seemed to further amuse the vampires. Marko wandered over and plopped himself down on the floor beside Sam, offering him a joint. The boy eyed it for a moment before delicately accepting it. He had taken up smoking some of his grandpa's stash after he and the Frogs had saved Michael. It helped kill some of his nightmares. He felt the effects almost immediately and had to marvel at the potent weed. Marko gave him a knowing grin as he snagged it back, took at deep drag, and handed it off to Paul.

Peace offering accepted, the boys sat smoking quietly for a few minutes. Sam still occasionally shot Paul odd looks, but it was mostly the paranoia kicking in. David and Dwayne stayed near the fountain, sharing a joint of their own. They knew that of the four of them, Sam would most likely be more at ease around the other two. David intimidated him too much, and Dwayne had been the one he had 'killed' all those months ago. The last thing they needed was a hysterical werewolf on their hands.

"You'll like it here. It'll be loads better than what you had." Paul broke the silence.

"No one telling you what to do, what to wear, how to think; shit like that. David is cool. Don't let him fool ya. Sure, he can be a hard ass, but that's mostly 'cause of Max, and when we're around humans."

Sam still looked solem despite his relaxed posture. He stared at his hands, thinking over Paul's assurances. He was scared, and unnerved by this group. How they expected him to fit in with them was beyond him. They were cool. He was lame. Even he knew it, despite his seeming lack of care over what people thought of the way he dressed and acted. The idea of the boys though... appealed to him.

"What's going to happen now?"

Marko made to answer but David cut in. "Now, we are going hunting. You're coming with us."

The werewolf was not so far gone that he didn't panic once the meaning of the words sank in. Before he could move to make a run for it, Paul was already on his feet standing over the shaking boy. A squeak escaped the younger teen as he was grabbed roughly and hauled to his feet, held in place by a vice-like grip on his arms. He shrank back against Paul as the vampire leader stormed over, fangs flashing. None of them looked sympathetic.

"Do not forget our deal, Sam. One wrong move, one word, and I will end it. You are coming hunting with us. You will watch, and you will enjoy it. Got it?"

The terrified boy nodded emphatically and Paul let him go. He followed reluctantly as they started migrating outside. He hung back when they reached the bikes, unsure of who to ride with. Neither Paul nor Marko looked particularly keen on letting him touch their bikes; David was right out. An annoyed expression crossed Dwayne's face and he waved Sam over impatiently. He complied slowly, eying Dwayne as if he were a rabid animal. Finally he scrambled on behind the native. It was awkward. He was unused to riding a bike, and didn't want to touch the vampire he had blown up. He had no choice once they took off.

It was one wild ride. When they finally parked the bikes behind a sand dune Sam was plastered to Dwayne's back. The others found it amusing, much to Sam's emarassment. He scrambled off and shuffled his feet anxiously. The sounds of a party going on could be heard over the rise. Anticipation and excitement hung thick in the air as they herded Sam over the hill, not even bothering to hide their presense. The humans were either too drunk or too stoned to notice the five join their small group. Sam wanted to shout at them to run, to save themselves but bit his tongue. He knew in his heart that it would do not good, so why bother and get his family killed as well. His silence seemed to please David. The vampires all grinned, fangs lengthening.

The humans were all dead before they were aware of the danger. All but one. The blood stained predators regrouped in a circle, Sam trapped in the center. Gripped between Dwayne and David was an unconscious girl. Blood trickled from a wound on her forehead. Sam's eyes zeroed in on the crimson liquid and he shivered. He licked his lips, throat suddenly parched, and took a staggered step forward. His stomach growled with hunger and his jaw ached as he felt his teeth elongate. A whimper escaped him. He was not as strong as Michael. He could not control the hunger.

The wolf in him grew restless, craving flesh even as his mouth watered at the thought of the coppery blood sliding down his throat. With and anguished cry he lunged forward and sank his teeth savagely into the side of the girl's neck. The boys howled their own song of victory and the wolf rejoyced at finally being free.

It was done.

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