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Dear Diary,

. . . Ugh, no.

I can't do this. For one thing, this is not a diary. The back of my history test (which I totally aced, by the way) doesn't really count, now does it?

. . . I didn't think so.

And for another thing, I am not the type of person who needs - or wants - to write in a diary. No, that's more of Mimi's forte.

I don't even want to talk about her right now . . . and of course, this is where I start rambling on how incredibly frustrating that girl is.

But I have a right too, correct? I mean, she's the whole reason I'm even stooping to the cliché teenage girl level of pouring my thoughts out on paper. I understand why people do it, of course. But it's hard for me to blubber my feelings on a piece of paper. Which people can pick up and read. Whatever.

I guess I should have expected it. I knew our friendship was dangerous. Not dangerous in the 'Ending-Up-Getting-Shot-At-Because-Of-A-Bad-Drug-Bust' way or even the, 'She's-Such-A-Gossiper-That-I-Know-She'll-Tell-Everyone-My-Secrets-Whenever-We-Fight' kind of way, either. It's hard to explain. I sound like an idiot, I'm sure, but it's effin' true!

I know I could talk to other people about our fight, but I really don't want to. 'Cause when I get mad I tend to blurt out random things because I'm in such a crappy mood and even if I'm pissed at the girl, I'd never want to hurt her. So, no. I won't talk to any of my other Non-Mimi friends.

I suppose talking is even more dangerous than writing in High School. There is almost always someone listening. Which I learned well in Freshman year when I friggen' whispered as low as I could directly in Mimi's ear that I had a crush on Nick 'Junior' McCormick. Because the next period? Yeah, everybody knew. Including Nick.

ERGH. I feel so dang frustrated (not from thinking about the thing Freshman year, but that certainly didn't help). Normally, I would be talking to Mimi, but I can't now, can I?! It's so annoying! I didn't even mean it like that! Yeah, she was being sort of annoying . . . so what? I shouldn't have made it into something bigger than what it really is.

But, hey, I'm not taking all the blame here! After all, it takes two to tango. She has just as much blame in this as I do!

Still . . . I shouldn't have called her a whore. There are many things you can call Mimi, but a whore is not one of them. I mean, we used to call her "PW" all of Sophomore year. Because "Potential Whore" is as far as it goes. She could be whore if she wanted. Heck, almost every guy in the school wants to get in her pants. But she won't let them. She has had every opportunity imaginable to do it (and no, I am not scared of writing/saying sex. SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX!), but she has always told me that she was saving herself for the one who was her "MFEO, ONE TRUE LOVE FOREVER AND EVER!!1!". So, yeah. Mimi Tachikawa is not in any way a whore.

Me, on the other hand? The only reason I'm not having it (besides you know, being scared shitless about getting pregnant and STDS and AIDS and stuff) is because I haven't had the opportunity. I'm not a social outcast or anything (hard to be when your BFFL with the most popular girl in school), but I've never dated a guy where we had . . . you know. I've come close, yeah, but I've never . . . Oh whatever! Done talking about this now.

Let's get back on the topic of me being the BFFL of the most popular girl in school. I'm not popular, as most people would think. Her other friends don't even know my name! I'm just "Meem's best friend", "The hot red-headed girl", and, occasionally, "The girl that could kick anyone's ass".

. . . High School blows.

Mimi Tachikawa


Ice worms were first discovered in 1887 in Alaska, on a glacier (more specifically, the Muir Glaicer). They can be found in glaciers in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and the British Columbia. Thus far they have not been found in any other regions. Their name is deprived from a Latin word meaning "sun avoiding" and their real name, in fact, is solifugus. Although, commonly referred to as "Methane Ice Worms", simply "Ice Worms", or their scientific classification, "Hesiocaeca methanicola".





Okay, this is SO not fair! They can't obviously expect me to do HOMEWORK when I'm fighting with my BEST FRIEND, can they?! I mean, there are more important things then retarded ice worms. Like the fact that my BFF implied that I was a WHORE. I mean, that seems more important to me than a stupid science paper, don't you agree? WHO GIVES A FLYING FLIP ABOUT ICE WORMS?!?! Not me!! Homework isn't really on my list of priorities right now, ya know! It's below like . . . shooting a cat or something (which isn't even ON my list!). Well, you get the point. What it really comes down to is that Mrs. Hill (no matter HOW uptight that old lady can be) can not POSSIBLY expect me to focus on something as trivial as schoolwork when MY LIFE is in --------------------------------------------------


Is that note to *me*?

No, it's to the other blonde-haired girl sitting across from me! COME ON. Of course it's to you! I mean, granted, we don't really know each other well, but we have common ground now! WE ARE DETENTIONEES!

First of all? That's not a word, smarts. Second? I don't care.

Ex-cuse ME. I just wanted someone to talk to, anti-social person! Do you even KNOW who I am, anyway?

Anti-social? No. I just don't want to have to talk to "THE ONE, THE ONLY, OMGOMGOMG!" Mimi Tachikawa. No offense (Who am I kidding? Take offense), but I don't really like you. The only reason you're popular is because your pretty. I mean, you are the dumbest person in school. I bet you don't even know my name.

First of all, thanks for calling me pretty! Second of all, I AM NOT DUMB! YOU'RE DUMB!! You talk about me being "the dumbest person in school" yet you judged me without getting to know me. Which, you have to admit, is pretty stupid and bigoted of you. AND I DO KNOW YOUR NAME! AHAHAHA.

No comment on any of the above. Ohh, I'm waiting for my name, though.


Good guess. Too bad you're wrong. Nice try, Tachikawa.

Well, jeez. What is up your butt?

An annoying person who is convinced that everyone is in love/lust with her. I can not stand people like you.

Umm . . . eww. Thanks for that mental image. Katie?

Haha, glad I could be of service. And no.

See? You're warming up to me (no one can resist this charm ;D)! Maddie?

No. To all of the above.

Well, fine then. :P But I need advice. And seeing as you're the only sane person (Read: only person I'm not too scared to talk to), you should totally help me! Claire?

Since there's nothing better to do . . . fine, I'll help. But don't expect me to sugarcoat anything for you, princess. And no, my name is NOT Claire.

THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I NEED! Jade? And BTW, what are you listening to on your ipod (you could get caught you know!!)?

Metro Station.


Yeah . . . okay, moving on. What is it you need help with? And no, my name is not Jade.

Well, my best friend -

Sora Takenouchi? That girl is kick ass!

- and I are in a fight. See, she implied I was a WHORE so then I got super pissed at her. But really that's only a really small part of it. So . . . what do you think?

How exactly did she "imply" it?

I don't really, err, remember actually. AND OKAY, WTF IS YOUR NAME?!?! Are you like some nameless robot or something?!?!

Do I *look* like I robot? And here's a bit of advice: IF YOU CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER WHY YOU WERE MAD IN THE FIRST PLACE, IT'S TIME TO MOVE ON!

B-but, that's not the WHOLE story!

No, trust me. Move on.

Trust a girl I just met? Come on, even I'M not that oblivious! D

Yeah, only met . . . we just went to the same elementary school, dimwit.


Well, I wouldn't go *that* far . . .

No, seriously! I am SO sorry. Who are you?!?!?!

I guess detention is finally over. It was good talking to you, Mimi. Seriously though, trust me on the advice. I know from experience.

Well, then . . . thanks. But, seriously, WTF is your name?

Kelsey ;D

Ohh, that's a cool name! Wait, Kelsey! Don't walk away from me!! Sigh. . . . Hey, isn't that a Metro Station song . . . ? Oh my god, I AM NEVER GONNA KNOW THAT GIRLS REAL NAME! JEEZ!! I am so looking her up in the yearbook tonight!

Dear Sora,

Even though I find this not only utterly ridiculous, but also largely unnecessary, I can not say no to something my idol has asked me to do. Wow . . . that was a really long sentence.

Getting back on topic, I am writing this letter today because Mimi asked me too. I know, I know. It sounds really 8th grade, am I right? But you know me, Sora! I just can't say no to that girl. She's everything I strive to be . . .

. . . Awkward. I really need to stop doing that. Sorry.

Well, she would have written this letter herself, but she has to work on some big science paper she blew off (and got detention for, ouch). She risked her life sneaking on the internet to AIM me ('Cause let's face it, Mrs. Hill is kind of a bitch). MY MENTOR RISKING LIFE AND LIMB FOR HER BESTIE. *sigh* What can't that girl do?! NOTHING, I TELL YOU!

God, I really need to work on that! Jeez, I never noticed how much of a freak I was . . . *shakes head* So, anyway, Meems wanted me to write this letter to apologize. Here, I can't do this as well as she did. I'll just copy from directly from her IM:

"Make sure to tell her that I'm SUPER sorry and that I LOVE her with all my heart. And that she's WAY more important to me than any other guy. She has to know that this whole thing was MY fault and I shouldn't have made such a big deal about it. Sure, she implied something kinda nasty (and not true, dang it!), but I kind of overreacted, right? RIGHT! I mean, if you want to make her feel a little guilty for implying I'm a whore . . . well, I wouldn't exactly NOT approve of that. Just saying, is all. Anyway, just make sure she knows that I'm UBER DUBER sorry and that I love her so freakin' much that no man is gonna ever live up to the love I feel for her (lol). Make sure she knows that it's HOES OVER BROS TILL THE END, BABY! I don't really know why I'm going on about guys, but whatever. Make sure she knows it. I miss her. Like, pathetically so. You can tell her that too. :'( "


Seriously . . . you guys need to stop fighting NOW. You're the people I look up to and base ALL my friendships on and if yours isn't working out . . . well, than platonic love doesn't really even exist. Don't do that to me, Sor'!

*sniffles* This is making me so emotional.

So . . . what's been up with you? *crickets chirp* Yeah, I'm incredibly awkward, I know. Sorry.

Well, I really should go and start on my homework.

Luv ya, bitch!


Yolei Inoue

(Corresponding for the one and only, Mimi Tachikawa)


Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 5:12 PM

Current Mood: Accomplished. Seriously guys, I'm a GENIUS.
Location: My awesome bedroom. Be jealous, losers!

Subject: JAI HO!!

You guys, sometimes I even astound myself. I've always known what a great, caring, amazing individual I am, but today just cemented the fact.

Really. I'm in awe of myself.

No joke.

By now, I'm sure you'll all dying to hear why I am even more awesome than usual, aren't you? Never fret, kiddies! I will reveal all secrets when the time is right.

That time is now.

Okay, so basically Meems and Sor' were, like, totally fighting, right? Like, not actually hitting each other kind of fighting or even, like, being a bitch to one another kind of fighting. More like . . . ignoring each other, WE ARE SO OVER, fighting. You getting what I'm laying down? ; )

Here's the scoop: According to my (reliable and oh so adorable) sources this fight is . . .


That's right, ladies and gents! Sora and Meems (or "Mira" as they were so dubbed in 7th grade) just had the LONGEST FIGHT IN RECORD. They did not talk to each other for a whole day!!

You GUYS! I don't think you are understanding just how big of a deal this freakin' is!!!!!!! Whatever happened (and that I will not reveal because, yeah, I gossip, but they are so totally my friends! And friends don't let friends dial drunk! They also don't blab their secrets!!) must have been, like, HUGE.

'Cause remember when those two were in sixth grade and Sora totally ditched Meems to hang out with her soccer friends and then Mimi found out about it? They were only fighting for TWO HOURS. And when Mimi totally stole Sora's date Freshman year? FIVE HOURS. When Sora and Mimi were kind of fighting over that super hot foreign exchange student, Dean? NINE HOURS. ETC, ETC.

So whatever happened . . . it was earth shattering, dudes. Seriously. I'm surprised the earth wasn't physically affected!

And then I totally wrote Sora a old fashioned note (IKR? Am I in, like, the stone age or something?!?! Don't judge me, my little whor - err, I mean minions!) that sweetly quoted what Mimi told me in an IM (risking her life and limb, that girl) and now they're all better.


Well. And Meems. She did sneak on the computer to IM me during class. Under the watchful, sexy, smoldering eyes of Mr. Collins. So that was cool.


I totally won't reveal the whole thing Mimi said to Sora (that's private!!) but here's a cute lil snippet:

". . . and that I LOVE her with all my heart."

Aww. *melts into a pile of goo*


Well that's your gossip for the day! 'Till tomorrow!


Yolei Inoue


Response to Post: 'JAI HO!!'
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 5:42 PM
Subject: (no subject)
ILikePi: This is an . . . err . . . interesting blog you have going here, Yolei. Good job?

Response to ILikePi
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 5:48 PM
Subject: Hi there, Ken! I like your name! Very punny! ; )
KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe: It's great, right? Thanks so much for commenting Ken! ILYSM.

Response to KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 5:50 PM
Subject: Oh. You got it? Davis didn't . . . he just agreed.
ILikePi: Umm . . . well, you're kind of dating my BFF. So . . . I'm sorry.

Response to ILikePi
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 5:53 PM
Subject: DUDE! Do I LOOK like a slut?! . . . Don't answer that.
KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe: It's an expression, boy genius. Seriously. You need to get better at going to urbandictionary.

Response to KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 5:57 PM
Subject: No! I was just saying . . . ugh, nevermind!
ILikePi: Ohh. Sorry, Yolei.

Response to ILikePi
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 6:01 PM
Subject: It's okay, Ken. Even geniuses make asses out of themselves. I understand. : )
KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe: It's alright, dude! We're all still hanging tomorrow, right? YES, WE ARE. NO STUDYING FOR KEN. : P


Response to Post: 'JAI HO!!'
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 5:45 PM
Subject: Hi Yolei! :)
that'smysavinggrace: This is really cool, Yolei! I'm sure I'd probably like it a lot more if I knew these people, though. xD

Response to that'smysavinggrace
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 5:49 PM
Subject: Hey Kari!!!
KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe: Aww, hun!! Thanks so much for reading this even though you have no idea what I'm talking about! Dude, I love YT! It made us met.'Member?

Response to KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 5:51 PM
Subject: It's so good to talk to you!
that'smysavinggrace: Of course I remember! We're just so awesome that we have the same taste in books! Man, that Logan is a MASTER!

Response to that'smysavinggrace
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 5:56 PM
Subject: Right back atcha, babe!
KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe: That she is, Kari. That she is.


Response to Post: 'JAI HO!!'
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 6:23 PM
Subject: (no subject)
KendoCody: Yolei . . . *shakes head*. When are you going to learn?

Response to KendoCody
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 6:28 PM
Subject: Don't you no subject me, Hida! D:
KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe: NEVER! ahahahahahaha. :D


Response to Post: 'JAI HO!!'
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 6:35 PM
Subject: Ur such a loser, omg
SoccerBoi8008: Srsly. Like, wth am i dating u?

Response to SoccerBoi8008
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 6:38 PM
Subject: You're an idiot who can't spell, omg.
KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe: You type like a prepubescent girl, Motomiya.

Response to KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 6:41 PM
Subject: Dude. I can totally spell. C?
SoccerBoi8008: I resent that. I can totally be deep and crap. Hmm . . . The future's open wide beyond believing. See?? Deep!!!!!

Response to SoccerBoi8008
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 6:44 PM
KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe: Oh. My. GOD. Davis, you totally did NOT just steal lyrics from OUR SONG and try to impress me with it! Right? RIGHT?!

Response to KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 6:46 PM
Subject: Why thank you, ma'am.
SoccerBoi8008: Psh. You're right. I did NOT.

Response to SoccerBoi8008
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 6:49 PM
Subject: You're welcome, kind sir.

Response to KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 6:51 PM
Subject: Dude, I'm done. I can't keep that old timey crap up.
SoccerBoi8008: LIAR?! If by liar you mean BAMF, I agree!

Response to SoccerBoi8008
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 6:54 PM
Subject: YOU SUCK!

Response to KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 6:56 PM
Subject: IKR?! In a good way. :D
SoccerBoi8008: Hey, wanna come over to my house and make out?

Response to SoccerBoi8008
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 6:58 PM
Subject: ) :
KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe: That is so totally not the appropriate thing to say to me when we are fighting! How DARE you insinuate - FINE. I'll be over in fifteen minutes.

Response to KiSsKiSsFaLlInLoVe
Posted on Tuesday, March 2 at 7:05 PM
SoccerBoi8008: HELLL YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Mattie,

Hey kid! It's me, Mimi! Okay, I know what you're thinking: "Well, duh, Mimi, who else would it be?!" For that question, I have no answer. I'm just really hyper today (Our football team WON TODAY. BOOYAH, WE PWN YOU ALL!!). I'm a cheerleader, alright? Don't blame me for being preppy and dressing in red and white for School Spirit (Yes, my fellow cheerleaders and I have decided that School Spirit is now a proper noun and, as such, should now be capitalized).

Aside from my school being amazing at football (And yes, I do actually understand it! I'm not just some mindless cheerleader bimbo who cheers when a number goes up on the scoreboard. I know things, Matt!), I have EVEN BETTER news that has contributed greatly to my AWESOME MOOD.

Wanna hear it? Come on, you know you do! Well, here it is . . .


You're probably wondering when we even started fighting, but ugh. Too much to explain. I can sum it up in six words for you, though! Here: She. Implied. I. Was. A. Whore.

I'm not mad anymore (I wasn't really in the beginning either), but hey! I'm still allowed to complain a little, ahaha. It's just, like, entitled. And you totally can't hit me (not that you would ever do that!) for being an annoying person.

Adding on to my magical mood? YOU GUESSED RIGHT, BUDDY!!

That's totally a sign, dude! I mean, we've never even SEEN in each other (not even on facebook because I wanted to make this fun, teehee) and you still knew it was me! There were only three viable options to how this cosmic thing happened:

A) You cheated and asked TK to tell you what I look like,

B) You're really good at guessing (I mean, it was a fifty-fifty chance!),


I'm putting my money on C!! 'Cause, like, we just totally seem like the people who would have A FREAKY MIND CONNECTION, don't you think?

To make this fair, I totally think you should send me a picture of you (and Tai!!). I won't guess or anything because I would have a totally unfair advantage with your Mini-Me walking around the school. He is so adorable! Chee! :3

And speaking of Tai?


Sora is his type?! OMG, we have to set them up! To not set them up would be like . . . unconstitutional or something! I mean, the kid was kind of a (censored) to my girl but that last letter he wrote?


Seriously, it was adorable. I may have squealed when reading it. Once or twice. Maybe three times. Or more. Who really knows? ;D

But, seriously. I kind of thought he was a little cute (in the messed up, deranged sort of way) but that last letter just made him look like a Softie-Who's-Disguising-Himself-As-A-Toughie. I LOVE men like that. And I know Sora does, too! I mean, that girl has NEVER backed down from a challenge! Never!

Ohh, this is gonna be good. I just know it!

So. We need a plan. Like, a super duper good plan (and LMAO at myself for just legitimately using "super duper" in a sentence!). I'm not really good at plans, though. I kind of just roll with whatever happens and take it like it comes sort of person. So. I will need the following:

- Tai's e-mail

- Tai's AIM account name

- Tai's usual taste in girls (like, personality wise)

I know, I know. I could just facebook creep him. And I will (Ohh, I WILL!) but I need to make sure I have all my options available at all times. You can send these to me via text message (or facebook, now that I'll finally let us become friends on there).

Don't worry, though. I'll send you the same info for Sora. Then we can both be creepy together! YAY! BEING FRIEND'S BEST FRIENDS CREEPERS BUDDIES! 8D

But we can't be, like, too creepy. 'Cause that's just gross. I don't want to be the scary person who reads all of their notes to their friends or anything (I'M TALKING TO YOU, CENSOR PEOPLE!). I mean, yuck. Uncomfortable, much?

And this is totally out of the blue, but I have a cold. It sucks. Some illness is going all around our school and now I can't stop blowing my nose and coughing. It is not very attractive, let me tell you. I think I someone (I mean ME!) needs an air hug! *hugs*

Tell me when you *hugs back* and I'll feel much better! HAHA!

So . . . about our date. I am more than fine with waiting! Take as much time as you need, Mattie! Just remember that I am and always shall be your friend! Haha! I'm such a nerd. But hello! Captain FINE, anyone? And I'm totally going to marry pointy-eared guy. He is so CUTE. =D

Ehem. I'm done now (But don't I totally surprise you? You probably thought I only watched Chick-Flicks!).

Getting back on topic . . . I know I may seem kind of spoiled, but a burger and fries is okay with me. I wouldn't really mind either way. Not as long as I got to meet you. *blushes*

Sorry if I'm coming on too strong. You just seem so . . . different. It's refreshing.


Dear Tai,

For a long time, I didn't really think I'd respond to you. I mean, I would have to write a letter to you, of course (I don't care if I'm a nerd, grades matter to me!), but I really didn't need to acknowledge that you actually existed on this earth or anything. I really didn't. Truthfully, you're sort of lucky I am. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be bitter or anything, but you were kind of a (UNDERSTATEMENT ALERT) jerk to me.

So why am I responding? Not for the grade. I know what I just said, how I would write to you but not really to you, but I always have that niggling of doubt that the teachers are really going to hold up their end of the contract. So sue me. I'm paranoid.

Anyway. The reason I'm responding is . . . I don't really know why, to be honest. You're kind of lucky, really, that I'm even bothering. I'm not trying to be bitter or spiteful or anything. Just . . . truthful. And the truth? I don't have one solid reason why I'm replying. But, hey, I've never been one to be all about logic. I'm more of a go with the flow, roll with the punches, kind of girl.

It was stupid of me, too. Yeah, you had a much bigger part in the whole "I loathe thee with the fire of a thousand suns" thing, but it was stupid of me to get so upset. I've always told people that I didn't care what people thought, that they could judge me all they wanted, and for the most part, that's been true. It's been true about people I knew intimately, ex-boyfriends or old friends, and it's never bothered me. So why would you - some insolent, prejudiced kid - get to me so much? I have no idea.

It's kind of pathetic, though. Jeez.

So. Anyway. I have a proposition to make to you (and didn't that just sound oh so dirty?). Let's just forget that this all happened and move on. I mean, I wouldn't exactly object if we bring it up later on in the program (assuming that later on we become, at the most, friends or, at the least, acquaintances) and joke about it. A little friendly ribbing never got me down. But, for the most part, I think we should just let bygones be bygones. It happened in the past. And I'm all about looking forward to the future.

You can take it or leave it. But assuming that you will say "Yes" (because I can't really wait another whole week for a letter) I'm just going to do this thing.

Here we are. Starting fresh.

And 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

Hey. I'm Sora Takenouchi. This is kind of weird, right? I mean, writing to someone we don't even know. I'm kind of at a lost of what to say, to be honest. So if I divulge onto little random tangents . . . well, get used to it. That's basically who I am. Haha! I bet I'm scaring you. Sorry 'bout that.

Okay. So I'll start with some basics. I'm on the tennis team, the soccer team, and the track team at my high school. Really, though, I'm only interested in the track because it helps condition me for soccer and tennis and because (and this is the most important part) Mr. Morgan is like the hottest, buffest man alive. I mean, even Mimi joined who's partically allergic to sports that don't involve some sort of dancing or poms. That is just how hot he is. Be intimidated. =D

I also have these crazy little quirks that drive my family (and friends) mad. Like, I'm obsessive about how my pencil case is arranged. If there isn't a rubberband around each type of writing utensil (highlighters, pens, red pens, etc.) it drives me crazy! And it has to be in the right order too. Like, stuff I don't use a lot towards the bottom (highlighters and junk) and stuff I use daily (Number 2 Pencils . . . on this subject, have you EVER seen any Number 1 Pencils?! I haven't! It drives me crazy!) towards the top. I'm obsessive about this. But my locker? Is just a pile of junk. Seriously. It kind of scares me. If Mimi wasn't my locker partner, NOTHING would be even salvageable.

I have short red hair that gets mondo messy if I don't comb it EVER SINGLE PASSING PERIOD. It's horrible, I tell you! I have to go to the bathroom every period and fix my hair. Ugh. On the subject of heads (haha), I love hats! I have so many that I don't know what to do with them! I don't wear them at school (obviously . . . because of that stupid, ancient school rule that makes NO sense to me except if someone wears, like, big (censored) hats and blocks people's views . . . ), but I always have one in my backpack that I plop on my head as soon as I'm out of there! With the risk of sounding like a total teenage girl bimbo: It tops off every outfit perfectly!!

Heh. I used to wear them religiously, but I've eased up a little now. I remember when I was younger I had this blue hat (still have it, though it could never fit on my head anymore - the straps are too small) that I wore EVERYWHERE. But it sucked 'cause I want to this other side of town and some kid PUKED IN MY HAT. If I ever meet that kid, there'll be (censored) to pay! LMAO.

I don't really care for "girly" things all that much. This isn't too say that I'm some super butch chick or anything, but I'd much rather see a good old-fashioned horror movie then some unrealistic, anti-feminist, CREEPY chick-flick. It's so . . . ugh. Just don't go there, pal. xD

And since you gave me a random fact . . .

RANDOM FACT: I hate when people smash couple's names together or shorten into "cute, poppy" little things. It's so stupid. It's So and So, not SoSo. And don't even get my started on the "JoBros" or "J2". JUST SAY THERE FULL NAMES, (censored).

Haha. Oops. Sorry. Winding down now.

Well, I have to go sleep. I'm sorry, but I am so tired! And yes, I'm talking about sleeping in class. It's fine as long as you don't wake up with, like, drool all over yourself (and I suppose guy's have other worries ;D).

See you!

Sora Takenouchi

P.S. Seriously . . . thanks for the apologies (THAT'S PLURAL, DUDE!). They meant a lot.

To: Mimi Tachikawa (PinkPrincess452alaertnissith)
From: Sora Takenouchi (SoccerBabe713alaertnissith)
Subject: L, O, L, O, L, O, L, O, V, E


It's so good to be talking to you again! Like, words can't even describe how much it rocks!


. . . That's all I really wanted to say. xD

Love you!

I'm going to live forever . . . or die trying!

To: Sora Takenouchi (SoccerBabe713alaertnissith)
From: Mimi Tachikawa (PinkPrincess452alaertnissith)
Subject: Ditto, Darling!

I know! Isn't it just glamorous?! I love you too, sweetie!

Oh my God, I just can't stop smiling! These past few days (well, hours really) have been WONDERFUL. I made up with my bestest girly ever, I totally aced my Lit. Exam, I have a date - an effin' DATE - with the hottest man alive . . . AKA Yamato Ishida!! But you can call him Matt! Only I can call him Mattie! :D

Okay, so technically I guess I don't really know if he is gorgeous or not. But no one who talks - err, writes - like that AND is related to TK can be anything short of astonishing! Right? RIGHT! He has just GOT to be smoking!!

Don't be scared, Sor'. I won't say anything stupid like I'm in . . . love . . . or something else as equally preposterous. But I totally have that heart beating really fast, palms sweating, breath constricting, eyes going starry eyed kind of thing going for me. And it's just WONDERFUL. Join me in the merriment, won't you?


I want to be the type of couple people whip out their phones to take pictures of.

To: Mimi Tachikawa (PinkPrincess452alaertnissith)
From: Sora Takenouchi (SoccerBabe713alaertnissith)

Aww, honey!! That's so sweet! You basically fall in love with the guy and you've never even seen him before! Not that I'm suggesting you're shallow or anything, but come on! Most girls (no matter how much we deny it) take looks up for at least part of the consideration. What do you think he looks like (if not like an exact replica of TK)? I bet he's blonde like his brother. You always fall for the blondes.

. . . What do you think Tai looks like? Not that I really care or anything. I'm just curious. Okay. Totally lying right now. I DO CARE. I don't know why the heck I do, but I do! He was such a jerk to me and yet I still care!

It's like when he apologized to me I just sort of . . . forgot . . . why I was mad in the first place. Not that I'm letting him off so easy, but . . . it was so sincere. The type of letter that makes you just go "AWW!" and melt into a big pile of goo. You could tell he was really struggling with it and didn't do it very often which just made it even sweeter.

. . . Oh crap. I don't hate him anymore.

When in the world did this happen? Please help me, Meems, because I'm awfully confused!

I'm going to live forever . . . or die trying!

To: Sora Takenouchi (SoccerBabe713alaertnissith)
From: Mimi Tachikawa (PinkPrincess452alaertnissith)

I don't know exactly, but that is just THREE MILLION TYPES OF ADORABLE, OMG.

You two are so CUTE!!

I want to be the type of couple people whip out their phones to take pictures of.


So, not many people got my barely there references, huh? Dudes, I knew I sucked at this. And yet I continued to do it (with hopefully more noticeable references) this chapter. But here are the ones I remember from last chapter:

"I know Tai does happen to be a bit of a Drama-King, but, in this case, his reaction is a little justified."
That was a (VERYYY) subtle reference to my friend New Flames story "The Drama King" (named after an Everclear song). 'Tis why I had it capitalized. :0)

"Izumi23 has entered chatroom 771399."
'Kay. So it was '7' for Kyoshiro7, '713' for me, and '99' for Bandgeek99. I'm so clever, right? Yeah. I figured you'd say that. :'(

"Lonewolf55: Okay, I'm done. Screw you guys, I'm signing off!"
"Screw you guys! I'm going home!" Cartman = Love. So much love.

"Lonewolf55: Without Tai, you two are seriously scary. But! I'm leaving. So . . . GOOD DAY." And "Lonewolf55: I SAID GOOD DAY!"
Fez owns my heart. Not joking.

"Izumi23: Joe, you're flipping out."
Topher Grace says this in the That 70's Show bloopers (Obviously not saying "Joe", haha). It cracked me up. ; )

Anything I say that has "dazzled" in it means I'm referencing Twilight. Oh, Twilight. What crack you turned out to be (DON'T get me started on this crap - err, I mean crack. I will rant at you so effin' hard!). Still my DLS, though. Shh, I still lysm (for teh crack 8D).

All the Matt and Tai are oh so gay for each other references? That was just for me ('cause DAMN IT, IF THEY'RE GONNA BE GAY, IT'S GONNA BE FOR EACH OTHER 8DD). No, seriously, though. Right now I am avoiding het like the fricken' bubonic plague. 'Tis so icky. *nose scrunches up* GIVE ME MY BOYGAY AND GEN, PLEASE. NO HET OR FEMMESLASH ALLOWED. Well, actually: FEMMESLASH IS NOW SOMETIMES ALLOWED ON ACCOUNT OF READING A REALLY GOOD STORY WITH IT. BUT MOSTLY GIVE ME MY BOYGAY, PLEASE. =DD

Person who gets the most references I put in (which are kind of ridiculous and fangirly) this time gets the next chapter dedicated to them! I wrote this (even though I'm on, for the most part, a hiatus) because I was crying my little eyes out and needed to cheer myself up. And who cheers me up a ridiculous amount? YOU PEOPLE!

(And this chapter got ridiculously long. Apologies.)

*iz dead*