Hello Aya here and posting my very first Teen Titans fanfic _

I hope you like it and know that this will be a short One-shot poem about Raven and her feelings for Malchior. Oh and sorry if Raven seems a little Out of Character.

*I obviously do not own ANY of the Teen Titans characters from both the comics and the TV series. They belong to Glen Murakami, David Slack, and/or The Warner Bros. Animation ^_^

I just want to love you,

And not hate you by will,

You were the one who completed me,

Taught me I was not weird,

And as we grew closer,

My heart began to soar,

I now knew laughter,

I learned to smile some sort,

But you were too perfect,

I couldn't keep up,

So when you betrayed me,

I finally gave up,

We fought, I screamed,

I wake from my dream,

But only to find the unchanged reality,

I should have killed you,

Burned you in that book,

But the matter of fact is…

I loved you…

And maybe…just maybe…

Secretly still do.

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