Chapter Ten: A New Day

Daredevil arrived home at two o'clock. He didn't wait to get undressed, just fell into his bed with a sigh. The fight replayed through his mind, overlaid with the sound of Jack Murdock's voice "My son will use his mind, never his fists…"

He fell asleep, remembering the day he promised his father he would study hard, his accident, and waking up in the hospital room, only to hear he would never see again. It wasn't a restful sleep.


Jack Murdock was laughing, but it wasn't the laugh Matt remembered. Jack's face was lined with sadness, with some sort of longing, and he was laughing. An icy, razor-sharp laugh. Matt couldn't pull his eyes away from his father's penetrating gaze, close his ears against the terrible laugh.

"You promised me you wouldn't be like me! What are you now? A thug, you're nothing!" Jack shouted, still laughing that terrible laugh. "You lied to me Mattie, you lied to me."

Matt looked back at his father, close to tears. "I have the ability to do good! I have a responsibility." He pleaded, the tears coursing down his cheeks.

"You failed me son."

Matt awoke with a jolt. For a moment the darkness in front of his eyes was a shock. For that moment, Matt had forgotten that he couldn't see. Then everything came flooding back, the look on his father's face, the laugh and the words, his pleading. Matt felt like crying, but he didn't. He was Daredevil, The Man Without Fear, he wouldn't cry.

"It was only a dream, that's all it was." Matt told the darkness. "Only a dream."

It was only five o'clock, but Matt didn't go back to sleep, he couldn't go back to sleep. The memory of the nightmare was too strong. Finally he got up and started a shower.

The warm water helped to calm him, but he was still tired and anxious. His ribs hurt from the fight. It was clear now that he had broken one. Matt walked slowly toward his medicine cabinet. Time and experience had taught him how to set a broken rib. Taking shallow breaths, and with more than one stab of pain, Matt wrapped his ribcage in tape. Then he doctored his many cuts and got dressed.


Matt arrived at his office early. No one was there, so it was almost quiet. The only sounds were the air conditioner rattling and the creaking of the building. Matt was almost lonely. He headed to his office, taking care not to make a lot of noise.

An hour or so later Matt heard Foggy mumble, "I could have sworn I locked the door when I left." Then shout, "Matt! Are you here?"

Matt almost smiled, coming out of his office to say, "Yeah Foggy. I came in early this morning."

Foggy took one look at Matt and said, "You look terrible, what happened to you?" Matt felt his face. He had forgotten about the bruises that colored his cheeks and forehead.

"And why are you here so early? It's only just now seven thirty!" Foggy continued.

"Let's just say I had a rough night." Matt responded.

"You want to talk about it? It must have been really rough." Foggy sounded concerned.

"It was nothing, just a nightmare. I took your advice and went to get a massage."

Foggy looked shocked, "A nightmare? About what?"

"You wouldn't understand, even if I could explain it." Karen, who entered the room at that moment, spared Matt the trouble of explaining further.

"Hey Foggy, Matt. What are you doing here so early?" She asked, looking around at the two of them. "Wow Matt, what did you do to your face?"

"I went to get a massage." Matt answered

Turning, Karen replied. "Don't go again."

After exchanging the normal hellos and getting coffee, the two lawyers and their assistant disappeared into their offices to get to work. It was just another day.

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