A.N. I have no idea where this came from. Seriously! I'm also not to great at Lorelai. I hope you like it, anyways! It's the first time Lorelai had coffee

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Sweet Taste of Addiction

Lorelai was bored. That's saying a lot since she was a five year old in a house that has, like, at least four stories of uncharted areas, even to the Gilmore parents.

So how could she be bored? She was Lorelai freakin Gilmore! She would change her middle name permanently, but she wasn't old enough to write yet. Oh well, back to the task at hand.

Operation Bored: Find something to do!

"Mom? Do you wanna watch a movie with me?" Lorelai called out to her mother.

"I swear, Jordan, you are the worst maid I've ever had the mistake of hiring! Coffee is for breakfast, not for lunch, or almost to dinner! Wh - " Emily yelled at the sheepish looking maid.

"I believe it's called linner, mommy. So will you watch a movie with me after you fire Jordy here?"

"I'm sorry Lorelai. After I fire 'Jordy' here, I have to go find a maid who is actually capable of knowing what drink goes with what meal of the day!" And she stormed off.

Darn it. Now she was all by her lonesome, five year old self. Daddy was at work, mommy was hiring and firing. He he. Lorelai rhymed.

Hmm. Well she could watch The Muppet Movie by herself, I guess. She sighed. Fine...


Wait wait wait.

What is that intoxicating smell?


Wait wait wait.

She didn't even know what the word intoxicating meant. Or that it was even a word.


Wait wait wait.

Where is the source of the smell?

She crept into the kitchen. Getting warmer.

She crawled up onto the breakfast nook.


She spotted a big white thingy pouring dark liquid.


She crawled onto the counter, towards the thingy.

She was lucky enough to have a mug next to the thingy.

Poured a cup. Brought it to her lips. Swallowed.




The sweet taste of addiction is a bitter sweet flavor.