Author's Note: Seasons is going to be a set of four seasonal/food themed oneshots written for the 4seasonal community on LiveJournal. I like the Yuri/Flynn pairing and all, but whenever I try to write them they come out I guess these will be mostly friendly Yuri and Flynn. Maybe some implied romance if you squint really, really hard.

Mostly post-game, I think, but there won't be any spoilers (unless otherwise noted).

Disclaimer: I do not own Tales of Vesperia.

Spring: Picnic

"Yuri, I really don't have time for this…"

"Come on, Flynn. It'll be fun."

The blonde knight raised a skeptical eyebrow at his friend and propped himself tiredly against the doorframe. Yuri stood across from him in the hall, one hand perched at his hip and the other clamped around a wicker basket.

After a long, awkward pause, Flynn finally sighed, his head leaning precariously forward. "Please, this is so ridiculous…"

Yuri gave the knight a smug grin. "You never take breaks anymore. This is your time off, right? Let's go. A picnic, just like when we were kids. Remember?"

Flynn groaned quietly, but when he didn't protest, Yuri's smile widened. "Is it okay if I come in, then?"

"Oh…sure, I suppose," Flynn said, stepping aside to give him room. Yuri pushed past him – Flynn caught sight of his friend's smirk from the corner of his eye and felt a sense of foreboding dread wash over his body – and stood in the middle of the room, giving it a quick, appraising eye.

"Still boring as ever, I see."

"Is that all you have to say after you invite yourself in?"

"Just telling you the truth." Yuri paced over to the stack of papers on Flynn's desk and rifled through them. "Is this all you do all day? Work? I thought you were a knight…"

"I'm more than just a knight now," Flynn corrected, nudging Yuri away from his notes with his hand. "I have a lot of work to do. I have to keep things organized, you know."

Yuri waved a dismissive hand. "Leave that kind of stuff for Sodia to take care of. You know…it's the middle of spring and you're spending all your time cooped up in here. Get outside, live a little. Like when we were little – we used to go outside and play all the time when the weather was this nice."

Flynn's eyes wandered briefly to the open window. The sun was bright and warm outside; now that Yuri mentioned it, the prospect of going outside did seem very tempting, but…

"I can't, Yuri. I have responsibility now."

Yuri shrugged again and set his basket on the floor. "I guess we can just have this here, then."

"…What is that?"

Yuri flipped the basket open and pulled out a warm, seasoned croquette – his specialty. "Lunch. Here, take some."

Flynn's mouth watered at the thought of eating one – he hadn't left his room since breakfast, and it was already well past noon now – but the papers on his desk were calling his name. Work, Flynn Scifo! Work!

A partially gloved hand waved the croquette in his face. "Come on, you know you want it."

"I suppose…a quick break wouldn't hurt for now," Flynn said, tentatively reaching out to take the croquette. Yuri shoved it in his hand before he could decide otherwise.

"Good choice," Yuri said with a wink. He pulled another croquette from the basket and took a bite. "How is it?"

Flynn tasted the fried roll; it was just as flavorful and delicious as it looked. "It's excellent. Thanks, Yuri."

"See? I knew you'd like my love-filled croquettes. Everyone else seems to, anyway."

"…Love-filled croquettes? Just what in the world-"

Yuri gave him a defensive scowl. "It's just an expression, jeez! Why does everyone take that so seriously?"

"It just sounds…suspicious."

"Of all the people… Flynn, you're the last person I'd peg for a pervert."

"I'm not…!" Flynn lowered his head and heaved a sigh. "Forget I said anything. Forget it. I'm going to get back to work."

"Oh, come on! I'm just kidding," Yuri said, setting the food aside. "Lighten up a bit. Enjoy the croquettes, because after this I'm never making them for you again unless you ask nicely."