Even devils cry. The red trenchcoat wearing anti-hero knows this well. But what makes Dante the person he is? Who knows? But one thing is for sure…as long as there are demons plaguing our society, he'll be there, guns blazing and swords swinging while he wreaks mayhem upon them in style. For the stylish hunter for hire, the words 'chaos' and 'an army of demons' ring only one thing in mind…jackpot!


A/N: Okay, this is another story I had in mind that I couldn't properly let go from paper. It's a completely different breed of storyline that focuses on multicrossovers…there! I said it! MULTICROSSOVERS! If you hate this type of story, then what the hell right?

Barkeep: Great. So this is your stupid story. I read the damn script and how on earth are ya gonna' pay the cast? The credits for this will last longer than a song from Dragonforce!

It won't. Trust me on this one. At least it's not as long as a Michael Jackson video. Anyway, you have been warned. So please read on at your risk and enjoy. After all, walking in the world of Dante is a rock show waiting to happen. ^_^

Devil May Cry

Deviant Bedlam

Enigmatic Talking/Techniques
'Enigmatic Thinking'

Secret Mission 01: My would be self


Another morning rose over a certain city in Japan.

Another day to think about what to do for a normal life.

As the sun glowed gently upon the residents of a small suburban neighborhood, several people steadily rocked themselves out of bed and into their everyday lives. One of them would be an elementary student of Seiyo Academy with an unusual spirit around her. To be more accurate, four unusual spirits. Three are active and one remains dormant.

The light of the sun washed over her eyelids making her awaken to another morning. She sat up from her bed and shook her shoulder length pink hair in place and opened her yellow eyes to the world around her. She was partially sleepy but nonetheless awake.

She then quickly took a bath and got dressed for school. She wore a black business suit with white long sleeved polo underneath, a red tie and checkered skirt and leg warmers of the same color. Though the normal uniform didn't have the knee length, red leg warmers as part of the attire, she wore them anyway along with her belt that fastened over her white polo underneath and on her skirt.

The pree-teen then fastened a red x shaped clip on her hair on the left side give an off sided ponytail and then she fastened the cuffs of her polo over her black suit giving her a natural style. When she finished dressing up, she picked up her schoolbag and walked out of her room and down the stairs to the table where her family was seated.

"Ohayo Amu-chan!" exclaimed her father, Hinamori Tsumugu.

"Ah!" said, Hinamori Midori, Amu's mother. "You look lively today." She continued as she adjusted her glasses and fixed her deep, brown hair.

Amu then lazily waved at them and said with an uninterested voice, "Ohayo."

Suddenly, a little girl at the same table said, "Onee-chan, pway wid me after skewwl."

Amu replied with a frown, "Ami, eat or talk, pick one. And I can't play with you. I have things to do after school."

Midori then said as she wiped the little girl's mouth with a hankerchief, "Ami-chan, Amu can't play with you later. She's become very busy."

"Papa can play with you later!" Tsumugu exclaimed.

Ami then said, "No! Ami wants to play with onee-chan. She pwomised!"

Amu then made a face of pardon as she faced Ami. She put her hands together in a pleading gesture as she said, "Gomen but I really need to stay after school later. We'll play some other time okay?"

"THERE IS NO OTHER TIME!" a voice echoed from Amu's left. She looked in shock at the direction where it came from and saw that it was from the TV. Apparently, it was the morning special of Nobuko Saeki. The 54-year old fortune teller was currently doing a morning broadcast despite the fact that her show normally starts in the evening.

Amu then frowned as she watched the show. 'It must be another morning special.' She thought.

The old fortune teller then continued. "TONIGHT IS AN UNLUCKY NIGHT! I can feel the evil spirits gathering at this very moment. Be sure to go home early and avoid white hair, red trenchcoats and a black guitar case. And if you meet someone with all three, do not get in their car or face the adventure of a lifetime! I'm warning you! That's right! I'm talking to you!"

Suddenly Amu turned off the TV making the now worried parents confused.

Tsumugu then said, "Amu-chan, it might be bad to stay out late tonight."

Midori pitched in her worry. "That's right. Nobuko-san's fortune telling is never wrong."

Amu put down the remote, stood up from her seat and took her brown suitcase and held it with her left hand over her left shoulder. She then said with a little confidence, "Why should I be concerned with that stuff?" she then walked to the door and slipped on her shoes and said as she walked out, "Me meeting someone like that is impossible. But I can at least make it home a little early."

When she walked out the door, her parents suddenly had sparkles in their eyes. The both of them then said, "AHHHH! Cool and Spicy!"

Amu continued walking to her school. When she was a few blocks away from home, she stopped. Seeing as no one was there, she then suddenly went into a panicking frenzy. "WAAAAH! She was talking to me again!" she then shook her head to look around in her panicked state. "White hair? Why white hair? Is there anyone with white hair? Then there's the red trenchcoat and the guitar case!"

Eventually she stopped panicking and went to school. The day went out pretty normal until she went to the Royal Garden where the guardians, the school's student council, sat down and drank tea. As she sat down, she looked around and saw, Hotori Tadase, the king's chair, in front of her from the round table. To his left, Yuiki Yaya, the Ace's chair. To Tadase's right, Fujisaki Nagihiko, the Jack's chair. Beside Nagihiko was Mashiro Rima, the Queen's chair.

Tadase said as he looked at the team, "It's a really nice day today wouldn't you think?"

Nagihiko nodded and replied, "I think so too. There haven't been any incidents lately."

Yaya slumped in her seat and frowned. "Yaya is bored. There's nothing fun to do at all. It's the same as yesterday and the day before that."

Rima then spoke. "Easter hasn't done anything lately so a good break is really rare. We should enjoy this time."

Yaya complained, "But it's so boring! Yaya wants to chara change and find the Embryo!"

Suddenly, a little prince with purple hair and blue eyes flew in and hovered above the table as he said, "Did someone say Embryo!"

Amu replied, "We were just talking about how boring today is Kiseki."

Suddenly, six more fairy-like people flew in. One was in a red cheerleader outfit with a heart shaped clip on her head, another with a blue artists outfit and a spade on her blue beret, another in a green Lolita outfit with a clover on her headband, another in a red clown outfit and another in a baby's outfit and a pacifier.

The one in green asked Amu with a smile, "Did you sleep well Amu-chan?"

Amu replied in the same manner. "Hai, Su-chan. How about you guys? Are you alright staying here all by yourselves?"

The one in the cheerleader outfit then energetically said, "It's fun to camp out at night! Although Pepe-chan snores really loud."

The one in a baby outfit replied with her arms crossed, "Sorry for being so loud. Pepe-chan's a baby. I can't help it."

The one in the artist's outfit retorted, "Since when did baby's snore? We couldn't sleep right away because of that. Right, Kusukusu?"

The one in the clown outfit nodded and made a muffled laughing sound.

Tadase suddenly remembered something important and said, "Speaking of tonight, We'll cancel the after class meeting. It's dangerous tonight."

Amu flinched and said, "You don't mean…"

Yaya then cut in and said, "Nobuko's fortune this morning sounded really bad. And she's never wrong."

Amu then crossed her legs and said with a slight snobbish attitude, "Even if she's never wrong the chance of meeting someone like that is zero. Who goes around wearing a red trenchcoat anyway?"

Nagihiko then said with a smile, "That's Amu for you. Your obstinate side never fails to show."

Rima replied, "For once I agree."

Amu then said in panic, "But what should I do?! The essay is due tomorrow and the school library doesn't have the books I'm looking for!" she then sighed in dismay as everyone around her sweatdropped.

Tadase tried to comfort her but she said in grievance, "And everyone made up that meeting just so that I could finish it even though I slacked off."

Rima replied without looking, "Then don't finish it. It's better to be safe than sorry if you're not sure with what to do."

Kiseki hovered just in front of Amu and said, "She's right. Even if it's despicable of a king to leave things unfinished, I won't let any of my subjects get hurt for my sake!"

Everyone looked at Kiseki with surprise. "What? What's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Tadase said with a natural smile, "Kiseki, I never knew you cared that much."

Pepe said in return, "So the tyrant king has a soft side."

Kiseki tried to recant his act but everyone laughed it off. Amu knew that it wasn't worth it if it was at the cost of her safety but with her stubborn persona, it really wasn't a choice to her.

Eventually, school ended and everyone went their separate ways. Amu then boarded a nearby bus along with Ran, the one in a cheerleader outfit, Miki, the artist, and Su, the one in a green and white Lolita outfit. It was a long trip to the city library so it would be long before she reached her destination. The three Shugo Charas sat by the windowsill and watched the world pass by.

Ran suddenly said, "Is it alright to go out right now Amu-chan?"

Miki chimed in and said, "What's so important that you have to go out?"

Amu replied "It's the last essay of my English class. My grades in English have gotten bad and I need to do well in this one."

Ran thought and said, "So that's why. I forgot that with all the X Eggs that we have been chasing, you didn't have enough time to study."

Su then said, "It must be hard being the Joker, Amu-chan."

Amu sighed and said, "Tonikakun, it's the last essay for the year and I'll never need to write another essay again."

Miki asked as she focused on Amu, "What's the essay all about?"

Amu placed a finger under her chin as she thought out loud, "It's about ancient legends. I was supposed to write an essay on the story that I picked out of the hat in class."

The Shugo Charas were interested with her task and all three asked, "What story did you get?"

Amu sighed as she said, "Italian fables."

The Shugo Charas were amazed and Miki said, "Italian stories are artistic and romantic."

Ran pitched in and said, "Amu-chan got a nice choice!"

Amu retorted, "Don't get carried away. We'll be there just for one story then we leave."

The three nodded in reply. Just as they finished their conversation, the mini TV above the seat of the bus driver showed another music video on screen. It was a new music video entitled, Discotheque. Apparently, six girls clad in dancing outfits danced to the beat of the song while the pink haired one in the video was the vocalist. Amu and her Shugo Charas watched it with awe as did everyone else in the bus.

Amu saw the pink haired vocalist and said, 'Kirei…she's even more beautiful than Utau-chan. I wish I could be like her someday…'

By the time the music video ended, the bus arrived just a block away from the city library. It was a moderately large library of Romanesque design with high-rise steps and a single tower just a little off center, to the right. It was unusual that the design was of old European. Although the rest of the buildings around it were of the atypical Japanese and modern day design, this building stood out with its Middle Age feel.

Amu saw it and said, "Sugoi. It's so big."

"Is this your first time here Amu-chan?" Miki asked.

Amu nodded and replied, "I've never seen Old Western buildings like these before."

She then waited by the pedestrian lane for the cars to stop so she could cross. While she waited, Ran then asked Amu, "Ne Amu-chan, what book are you going to read?"

Miki then said, "Of course it will be a romantic story of a prince and a princess!"

Su suddenly butted in and said, "But in Amu-chan's case, there are two princes."

Amu suddenly remembered Tsukuyomi Ikuto, and Hotori Tadase. She shook her head and whispered harshly, "It's nothing like that! Let's go." With that she crossed the street alongside the other people on her side of the street. But as she went, she saw on the other side, a glimpse of a tall, white haired man in a red trenchcoat with a red belted undershirt and black long sleeved shirt underneath that. She also saw that he had a black belt with a large square belt buckle holding his maroon pants up. She even saw that he had black motorcycle boots and fingerless gloves of the same color. But what made it worse was that he was carrying a black guitar case over his left shoulder.

Amu's eyes widened as he suddenly disappeared in the crowd. She stopped causing her Shugo Charas to wonder but then she bolted into the library and ran straight to the restroom. Good thing her guardian spirits were quick to pick up the change in pace and ran inside the restroom where they saw a pale faced Amu holding her head while crying anime tears inside a stall.

Ran asked in dismay, "What's wrong Amu-chan?!"

Amu sobbed in reply while her eyes swirled. "Waahh! I-I-I s-saw…."

Su asked, "Saw what?"

Amu half yelled, "I saw Him!"

Miki wondered who was it and asked, "Eh? Who? Ikuto?"

Amu replied, "It's no mistake! White hair…red trenchcoat…black guitar case…Why do these things happen to me?!"

Ran replied, "Daijobu Amu-chan. You didn't get in his car, right?"

Amu nodded and snapped out of her stupor. "What was I so worried about? I only saw him."

Ran cheered for her as Amu got out of the bathroom and asked the librarian where the children's books are. She was told the exact location and began her search there. She looked high and low among the colorful shelves of the children's section but could find no Italian fables.

Amu then walked out of the children's section and thought, 'None here either? Maybe if I asked the librarian.'

She went over to the librarian and asked. "Sumimasen, is there any books with Italian fables?"

The librarian checked the directory in her computer with care. She had eyebags that said her purple eyes were burnt in late night shifts and the fact that her gray suit was slightly disorganized said she was tired. Her brown hair wasn't prim and as proper as it should be but she worked nonetheless. When she finished her search, she replied to the expectant Amu, "There is one book." Amu brightened up until the librarian said, "Tadashi, it may be a little too mature for you."

Amu replied, "It's okay. Please, tell me."

The librarian replied, "It's called, Legenda di Sparda. It's in the very end of the room on the first floor. Look under FF564."

Amu then walked around looking for the directory FF564. The first floor was at least three thousand square meters wide with several gargoyles adorning the interior archways that gave it an ancient greek city feel to the room. That and the entire second floor was made of ancient roman highways with circular jutting walkways to the sides of the roads were the shelves stood.

Miki awed at the architectural marvel and said, "It's amazing! The art…the way it was designed…I'm in paradise!"

Ran sweatdropped and said, "It's not really paradise with all the scary statues."

Amu shivered when she looked at the statues. If one were to look closely, it looks almost as if they were alive. Amu shook her head and said, "Le-let's just ignore them for now." 'But it's so scary here! I want to go home!!!'

Amu weaved through the architectural marvel in search of FF564. She moved all the way towards the back room of the large library and found that there was no shelf between shelf FF532—FF563 and shelf FF575—FF594.

"Heh? It's not here?" Amu asked in frustration.

Su then hollered out to Amu. "Amu-chan, mite!"

Amu, Ran and Miki looked to where Su was pointing and saw a door by a completely barren wall. At the top of the door was the directory FF564—FF574

Amu's eyes widened in joy as she read the sign. "Efu efu gorokushi…this is it. Nice job Su."

As Amu, Ran and Su were about to enter, Miki suddenly paled and said, "Matte! Don't enter!"

The other three looked at her and saw her paled face. Amu asked, "What's wrong Miki?"

Miki shook her head and said, "Iie. Nandemonai desu."

The other three entered a little annoyed that it wasn't very important but as the four entered, Miki thought, 'gorokushi sounds like koroshi…that's a very bad omen. Maybe I'm just too worried this time.'(For those who don't understand, 5-6-4 is pronounced go-roku-shi in Japanese. It's a pun on the word koroshi which is Japanese for murder.)

When Amu entered, she saw the small circular room. It was dimly lit by glowing imitation lanterns. It was like a small arena with several small, arced shelves about waist high forming the shape of the circle with a depression pit in the center for the round table to stand, surrounded by five wooden chairs. The top of the walls had human sized ventilation shafts and had a built in air conditioning to keep the enclosed room at a slightly cooler temperature since there were no windows. But opposite the door of the room stood a cage about ten feet high, which was just three feet below the ceiling. Within the cage stood a stone podium with a strange, faded runic book. In fact, the same runic designs were found on the table in the center of the room.

Amu started looking in the shelves right away while Miki, Ran and Su did the same.

They looked through the shelves and found many interesting books. One of them was a book on Mundus Magicus, another on vampires, another on demons, one on magic, one on ninjutsu, one on dragons, and many more. Of course, to Amu, the hairs on her skin stood up more and more as she saw the weird titles and the ominous looking books. Amu then stopped searching and said, "Chotto matte. All these books are about fantasy but they're all weird and some look like they're possessed by a…"

"Ghost?" Ran questioned, making Amu shiver in fright.

Miki noticed her scared figure and said, "That's right! Amu-chan's afraid of ghosts."

Amu then let her obstinate attitude out and crossed her arms and said in fake confidence, "Who's afraid of ghosts? There's no such thing anyway."

Ran retorted, "But there was that one time…"

Amu suddenly faced them and had angry saucer for eyes and sharpened teeth as she shouted at them, "I said there's no such thing!"

After Amu screamed at them, she sighed and said, "Even through all these books, I couldn't find one Italian fable. Is it really here?"

Ran replied, "Maybe there's a place we haven't checked yet."

Su replied, "But we checked everywhere and couldn't find it."

Miki then said with finality, "Then let's go home."

The other two Shugo Charas nodded before looking to Amu who was staring at the cage at the other end of the room.

"What is it Amu-chan?" Miki asked.

Amu replied, "Although it looks creepy, there's a book inside that cage."

The Shugo Charas looked and did in fact see a book inside.

"Maybe that's the book." Su chimed in.

Amu sweatdropped and replied, "But…I knew it. It's too suspicious looking for a book to be in a cage. We shouldn't go in."

Su replied as she flew to the book, "But it's the only book we haven't checked so it must be it."

Amu replied, "It's in a cage! It's obviously dangerous and the cage means no one's allowed to get inside!"

Su didn't show any signs of stopping so Amu ran after her alongside Ran and Miki.

When Amu caught up to her, she wished this day never happened. Lo and behold, Legenda di Sparda sat on the stone podium. She then said, "It's here…"

The Shugo Charas nodded in reply. The door to the cage was closed and there seemed to be a strange round mechanism like an old boat's steering wheel except it was made of stone and had a faint red glow in the center of the wheel. (the one from the fourth game would freak her out so the third one is better.)

Amu saw the wheel, which she though was the lock and said, "Ahhh, it seems to be locked. So what now?"

Ran gave the door a little push and it opened wide with a slight creaking sound.

Amu then entered the cage and saw the book. It was old and looked like it had been used countless times. She then took the book and said, "Finally, I'm saved."

Miki then said, "Amu-chan, let's open it."

The four then sat down at the table in the center of the room and lifted the cover to see a word from the author which luckily, was written in japanese. It read,

This is dedicated to the person who betrayed his people to save an entire world. If it were not for the efforts of this man, humanity would have faced extinction that very day.

-Evangeline Athanasia Katherine Mcdowell

Amu said, "Heh? Is this a real story?"

Miki replied, "No. It was put in the section of fantasy because it isn't real. Authors of fantasy novels like to use the stories of real people and exaggerate them. That is how all fantasy stories start."

Amu accepted the reasoning and began reading the first page aloud. "Long ago, in ancient times, a demon rebelled against his own kind for the sake of the human race. With his sword, he shut the portal to the demonic realm and sealed the evil creatures off from our human world. But since he was a demon himself, his power was also trapped on the other side. This tale sheds light upon that man and his true life as he lived it between this world and the demon world. Many know him by name as the Legendary Dark Knight. But we who were close to his side knew him as Sparda…."

Amu paused for a minute and said, "A-A-Akuma?!"

Su retorted, "Amu-chan has it rough. Reading about a story of a demon. We shouldn't have picked up that book in the first place."

Ran replied, "But you were the one that insisted we read it in the first place."

Amu shakily replied, "A-anyway, it's just a book. It's not like it really happened right?" she laughed nervously before reading the next lines of the book. "It was two thousand years ago since that day that he rebelled against the prince of darkness named Mundus. The dark prince was a powerful demon who was bent on conquering the human race and bringing chaos and destruction. Sparda was part of his unholy legion until he had a change of heart and decided to rebel against Mundus. The demon prince then sent his armies against Sparda to punish him for his betrayal. However, they were no match against Sparda who defeated them time and again and eventually, defeated Mundus himself and forever sealed him and his army back where they once came from by using his own blood and the blood of a mortal priestess. However, in doing so, he inevitably fell to his fate. Yet despite this…"

Amu continued to read despite the fact she was getting more and more frightened with each passage she read. It didn't help that some of the pages were drawn picture pages giving a graphic description of some of the battles that Sparda fought and the demons he faced as well as a portrait of the man. Amu felt like vomiting when she saw the pictures of the demons and had to stop several times before reading on until she was able to see Sparda and decided to leave her reading at that page. She gazed at his picture and said, "He's pretty handsome."

Miki nodded and said, "So Amu-chan's dream guy is not human. But he's really handsome for a demon."

Amu faced Miki and said, "Miki! There's no way I'd fall for that. Besides, Tadase-kun is much better and kinder…"

Ran caught her and said, "Yay! Amu-chan finally admits her love! Fighto Amu-chan!"

Amu protested, "It's not like that!" but then Amu wondered about the time and checked her cellphone. She saw the time was eight fifty and said with wide eye, "It's that late already?!"

She then picked up the book and placed it in her bag. She and her Shugo Charas ran out of the room with haste and saw that the library was closed and absolutely empty.

"We got locked in." Ran said, stating the obvious.

Amu held her head and said, "Why didn't I check the time earlier? Now we're stuck here."

Ran then said, "We shouldn't give up just yet!"

Miki nodded in reply. "Maybe there's a way out like a window we can leave through."

Amu thought hard and then said, "I remembered seeing a tower just above us. There were no windows on it so we might be able to escape through there."

They then ran to the top of the tower and Amu was right. It was open air from the very top with the windows, large enough for her to escape from.

Amu then said, "Ran…"

Ran understood as the Shugo Charas nestled in her clothes. Ran then said, "Hopu, Steppu, Jump!"

Four, small, pink borderlined, white wings appeared over Amu's wrists and ankles and filled her with power. Amu then stepped out the window and jump from it ledge with all her might. She floated through the air with grace at the height of her jump. No longer afraid of heights, she saw the city below her and it was beautiful. As she fell through the air, she noticed that she wasn't going to land gracefully in the middle of the street.

She looked below and saw that she was going to land right on top of a garbage bin in an alley and it was left wide open leaving the heaps to cushion her fall. She screamed as she desperately tried to change her direction but ended up falling into the garbage bin anyway. She then crawled out and said, "Ughhh. This is a really rotten day. I really want to go home!"

She cried anime tears as she smelled herself and found a heavy stench upon her and her Shugo Charas. All four of them complained about the stench and Amu decided to go home from her little misadventure. But as she walked towards the bus station, her bag was swiftly snatched by a thief on the run.

She then chased after him and shouted, "Give me back my bag!" but this time however, the thief, in green rags and a red bonnet, was faster than he looked. She chased all the way to the center of the city where hundreds of people were walking around. In the crowd, she lost him.

Amu fell to her knees and said, "No way. After all that…"

Ran then said, "It's alright Amu-chan. You got to read most of it."

Amu then realized something vital as her eyes became mini saucers. "I brought the book with me…and because it was closing time…I…I…I STOLE THE BOOK!"

She half yelled the last phrase making the people around her look in curiosity. She quickly covered her mouth and ran as far away as possible while she thought, 'I stole the book! And what's worse is that what I accidentally stole got stolen from me!'

Su suddenly said to Amu, "But the book was still in your bag. So that man stole it from you."

Amu yelled at her, "Shut up! Don't remind me anymore!"

Miki then said to Amu, "Calm down Amu-chan. We can still find it. We can ask the police to help us find him."

Ran retorted, "But if Amu-chan does that, she'll go to prison as well."

Amu then stopped by a bench and slumped beside it and became a pale white all over to emphasize her depression.

"Amu-chan! Get a hold of yourself!" all three of her guardians said.

Amu kept muttering, "I should've listened…if only I didn't see that guy…"

Ran shook her head and said, "She's losing herself…Let's call someone."

Ran then picked up Amu's cellphone from her pocket and tried to make a call only for the phone to die out. What a time to lose batteries.

Miki said, "No good either." She then got an idea and said, "We can at least fix our dirty clothes, right Su?"

Su said, "Yes. But," she looked at a still down Amu. "Amu-chan doesn't look up to it."

Ran then went to Amu and yelled, "AMU-CHAAAANNN! OH!!!"

She yelled as hard as she could and eventually, Miki and Su cheered her on. It went on until Amu faced them and saw the brightness in their eyes. Amu then replied with a little joy, "Arigato, mina. At least it wasn't so boring today."

Amu then got up and said, "Mina, Kaerimasho."

They nodded and Amu went to the bus stop by which time was already ten in the evening. She checked her wallet and saw that she had enough money to get home. Only problem was that at this time, there was no buses around.

She sat down and said with a sad tone, "I wonder when the next bus will arrive…"

Ran and her other guardian characters came back from looking at the bus schedule and had bad news to bear.

"Amu-chan…" Ran started. "The next bus will come by at six fifteen in the morning. What do we do?"

Amu then said, "It can't be helped. Ran. We'll chara change and fly home."

Su protested. "Dame desu. You will tire out."

Amu retorted, "It's alright. I can still take a little more before we head home."

She tried to stand up as she said, "Sa…mina…ikima—" but she couldn't finish her sentence and fell to her knees.

Her Shugo Charas went to her aid. Amu then thought, 'What's happening? I was okay awhile ago.'

"Oi. Ojou-chan…" a gruff voice said. Amu looked up and saw five thugs looking at her.

A long haired thug then said, "Heeeh. Kore no onna wa kawaii desu yo.(This girl is cute didn't you know.)"

A bald thug then asked, "Aniki(Boss), what should we do with her?"

A leaner thug then said, "It's no fun playing with a little girl though. What do you think Aniki?(Boss)"

A rugged looking thug replied, "Don't look at me. Let's just take her stuff and dump her somewhere. Some old guy might take her in after."

Amu didn't like where things were going. She was surrounded and helpless as the huge man with a gruff voice started frisking her along with the leaner thug. She then screamed, "Hanashite! Tasukete!"

And just in the nick of time, the man that she was foretold to be an omen suddenly appeared behind the thugs and behind him was his red Mercedes Benz with its bright lights on, shining on them. The thugs stopped and partially covered their eyes as they saw the opaque shape of the tall man, emphasized by the bright lights. Amu couldn't recognize him well but knew someone was there.

The white haired man then said with an uninterested look, "Oh? So this is how far lowlifes have gotten these days."

"What was that?" the long haired thug said.

The white haired man continued, "Like stealing candy from a baby eh? And you call yourselves criminals. What? Did you lose out in the food chain or did you little kids get picked on by the girls at school?"

By this time they were pissed at him. But the man continued nonetheless and raised his arms up to a 'I'm the man' stance and said, "I think somebody needs a timeout. So who goes first?"

The long haired thug attacks first but as he swings his right fist, the white haired man catches his arm with his right hand and throws him up and allows the man to fall just behind his car. But the impact knocked him out for good.

The other three thugs except for the rough looking thug charged at once but were knocked out and sent flying into different directions. Neither Amu nor her Shugo Charas were able to follow his movements. It was as if the white haired man never moved at all.

The rough looking thug then quickly pulled Amu up by the right hand and held her by the neck with his left arm.

The white haired man then said in a coy manner, "What? No backup speech? That's it? Man, what a coward."

The leader replied, "Call me what you want but you don't have the right to talk back now. Am I right?"

The white haired man then turned around and turned off the headlights of his car. The leader made a small smile until the white haired man said, "Sheesh. And here I was hoping the guy not charging in was gonna put up a decent show. Guess the drinks are on me this time since I've got a wet nosed punk."

"What?" the rugged looking thug said with a hint of anger.

The white haired man said without looking, "Adios kid. You obviously don't want a challenge since you're too scared of one. Probably why you got so much punching bags surrounding your puny hide. But hey, I'd prefer a fair fight. Fighting hairy Chihuahuas ain't my style.

The rough looking thug threw Amu to the side and charged at the white haired man. He pulled a knife from his pocket to stab the red coated man. But before he could strike, the white haired man quickly ducked under the attempted stab and turned around. And just before he gave a right uppercut, he said, "Jackpot." And then gave the uppercut. The rough looking thug flew up into the air along with his knife. The white haired man caught the knife on his left hand first before giving a back left, side kick to the falling body of the rough looking thug when he came in range. The thug flew to the nearby lamppost, upside down before his knife was thrown back at him and embedded itself on the post and left him hanging there by the crotch area of his pants.

The white haired man then knelt down to Amu and said, "Are you alright?"

Amu looked into his blue eyes and saw his handsome face. Though he was attractive, the reason she stared at him was because he looked like someone familiar but couldn't trace where was the familiarity.

The white haired man then picked her up to her feet and said, "So what's a kid like you doing out here at this time of night?"

Amu couldn't really reply and the white haired man looked at the bus stop sign and said as he put his hands by his hips, "So it's like that huh? This is a hassle." He then turned around and quickly started his car and said to Amu, "Get in."

Amu suddenly remembered the premonition this morning and said, "I'll be alright thank you."

The white haired man tapped the seat next to him and said, "C'mon, do I look like a bad guy to you?" Amu nodded making the white haired man shake his head as he said, "Look, it'll do you no good out here alone with meatbags like these. And besides, I can't sleep well when I know there's a girl who made the headlines in tomorrow's paper because she was out alone at night."

Amu whispered to her Shugo Charas, "He looks suspicious but he's got a point."

"What should we do?" Asked Ran.

Su smiled and replied, "He doesn't look like a bad guy. I think it'll be alright."

Amu slightly nodded and said, "Okay. Please take me home."

"Now we're talking." Said the white haired man as Amu sat beside him.

Amu suddenly said with a slightly menacing look in her eyes, "But, if you take me anywhere else, then I'm getting out and calling the police."

The white haired man then drove them out of that spot and said, "Sure thing ojou-chan. Can't be too careful these days."

Amu gave him directions and he drove as instructed. It was deep in the city so they took the highway going to Amu's house. As they drove along, Amu looked at the backseat of the car and saw a black guitar case.

"I knew it. I shouldn't have gotten in." Amu muttered under her breath.

The white haired man replied, "Sheesh. If you're thinking of that fortune telling this morning, you'll just get paranoid."

Amu looked surprised and asked, "Eh? You watched it too?"

The white haired man replied, "Yeah I did. Ever since then, a couple of people have been avoiding me like the black plague."

Amu replied, "Gomenasai. It's just that her fortunes are never wrong so…" the mood wasn't getting lighter so she asked, "Are you a musician?"

He smiled and replied, "Yup. But I don't do shows for free so keep dreaming."

Amu had a vein throbbing as she thought, 'This guy is so cocky.' "Who'd want to listen to you play anyway?!"

The white haired man replied, "A couple of babes here and there. But my music is too loud for kids like you. Grow up first and maybe I'll reconsider."

Amu said dryly, "Shut up. You're the one who should grow up. Wearing clothes like that, acting like a punk, are you and idiot?"

The white haired man laughed, "I haven't heard that word for years! Thanks little miss. And I think you're an idiot too."

Amu sweatdropped as she thought, 'This guy's weird. I don't get him at all.' But as she saw his natural smile, she realized that he didn't look like the bad guy she thought he was. 'Maybe Su is right. He doesn't look like a villain.' "I'm Amu. What's your name?"

The white haired man replied as he turned on the radio, "Dante."

The radio began playing a good jazz song that fit the mood during their drive, especially the opening violin.

Dante said to Amu, "You know this song? It's called, Akane Iro Ga Moeru Toki by Scoobie Doo."

Amu replied, "Heeh…I never knew that."

Amu was gaining ground in conversing with him while the Shugo Charas felt the wind in their faces. Su then went in front and faced Amu and Dante. "It's really nice to feel the wind in your face."

Dante then waved his hand at Su and said, "Hey, don't block my rear view mirror. I won't see the cars behind me."

Su apologized and moved to Amu's side until they realized something. Amu then asked, "You can see them?"

Dante replied, "Of course I can see them. What are they?"

Amu was surprised and said, "Heh? You can see them but don't know what they are?"

Ran then said, "We are Shugo Charas! Amu's would be selves. I'm Ran. This is Miki and Su."

The other two greeted him and he nodded. Dante then said, "Three fairies eh? Well that's new. I would be annoyed as hell if they hovered around me like bugs all day."

The Shugo Charas were taken aback. Even more so when Amu muttered, "I know how you feel for some reason."

Ran then went to Amu with tears in her eyes as she said, "Amu-chan! Do you really think that way about us?"

Amu waved her hands in apology as she said, "No! No! I don't think that way!"

"Usotsuki." Miki said. But at that statement, Dante suddenly put on the breaks and stopped the car just before it would collide with the bridge sign that said, closed. The entire highway was being redone so no cars were allowed to pass.

Amu looked at the construction sight and said, "Looks like we have to turn around."

Dante shifted the car into reverse and then turned the car around and took the nearby underpass to his left. Amu then asked, "So where will we go now?"

Dante replied, "That highway is the only way across and if it's closed, we'll have to find another way." Amu nodded and they drove into a different sector of the city that was close to the highway. She looked around and saw various bright signs and a lot of different people. But what made her shiver in fright was that as they drove deeper into this sector, she saw that the signs began to read 'hotel' over many buildings.

Amu asked with haste, "Hey! Where are you taking me?!"

Dante replied, "Relax. We'll bunk a room. Like I said, that highway is the only way across. All other streets lead elsewhere. You're stuck with me tonight."

Amu and her Shugo Charas became pale and frightened at that thought. Soon enough Dante parked the car just in front of a small, three-story hotel. He then picked up his guitar from the back and opened the door for Amu.

Amu waved her hand off and said, "I'll just stay here."

Dante replied as he went in the hotel, "Suit yourself. See ya."

Amu looked around and saw all the suspicious looking people. She then ran after Dante and entered. The hotel lobby was small enough that it also comprised the dining room/bar. It was like a revamped tavern with people of all walks of life in it.

Ran, Miki, and Su clung close to Amu and Miki said, "Amu-chan, I'm scared. Everyone looks dangerous."

Amu replied shakily. "Y-you're not the only one Miki."

The attendant of the hotel said to Dante over the counter, "Welcome back Dante-san. I can see you brought over a girl. I never knew you had that kind of—"

"Hey, is my room still there old man?" said Dante, before the old attendant could finish his sentence.

The attendant replied as he handed over the key, "Yes. It's there. Need anything else?" the attendant eyed Amu before eyeing Dante again.

Dante just turned around and said to Amu, "Let's go to our room. You stink like hell."

Amu replied, "No way. I'm headed home! I'm not staying her anymore."

Dante replied, "You're making a scene and it's making us look bad."

Amu looked around and saw that people were whispering all sorts of things. Some were loud enough to be heard like, "How old is that girl? Is he really planning on something?" or like, "She's pretty cute. I hope she leaves him."

Ran then said to Amu, "It doesn't look like we have much of a choice Amu-chan."

Amu swallowed hard and followed Dante to his room. They walked up to the third floor and entered the small room. It was like a regular hotel room having a single bed with a nightstand and a couch by the door as the added furniture. What was good about this certain room was that there was a bathroom behind a door, on the wall opposite the bed. Dante placed his guitar by the couch and said, "I'm gonna order some pizza. You want anything? But you'll pay your own though."

Amu replied, "No thanks. I'm fine." With that Dante left the room leaving a nervous Amu who sat on the bed and said as a blush adorned her face, "This is bad. I'm alone with a guy I just met and I'm in a hotel!"

Ran didn't know what to say at this point as did Su. Miki on the other hand replied, "He hasn't made a move yet Amu-chan. But if he does, just imagine he's Ikuto or Tadase."

Amu then threw a pillow at Miki and said, "That doesn't help at all! And why are you so out of character today?"

Miki fumbled her way out of the pillow and said, "Anyway, Amu-chan, what about your family? They must be worried about you."

Amu understood and went to look for a phone in the room. Luckily, it was on the same dresser where the nightstand stood. She quickly called home and the phone picked up rather quickly.

"Hello, Okaa-san?" Amu asked. She heard her worried mother and replied, "I'm fine. I had to sleep over in a friend's house since she is also studying on the same thing. I'll be there by morning. Oyasumi." With that she put down the phone and said, "This is getting really tiring. But I can't tell her I'm with a guy who I just met and in a hotel with him."

Dante suddenly entered the room carrying a pizza box in his left hand while eating a slice of pizza with his right. He said after he swallowed a bite, "You know, this pizza would taste better if something didn't stink here. And it sure isn't me."

Amu smelled herself and then pointed at Dante and said, "Ahh! You made me do that on purpose!"

Dante sat on the couch in a lazy manner and said, "Funny. I wasn't implying anything. You did that yourself. Don't fall into garbage bins next time. It's not a good beauty product if you ask me."

Amu grunted and threw a pillow at him and said, "Fine! I will you jerk!"

She then marched off to the bathroom and slammed the door shut leaving her Shugo Charas with Dante who was busy eating pizza. The Shugo Charas then flew to Dante who gave them a slice. They happily ate the pizza while a fuming Amu tried to cool off in the shower. She then thought, 'That guy really irritates me. He's cocky, cracks all sorts of insults, who does he think he is anyway?! Even if he did save me from those thugs…'

She then paused that train of thought as she remembered something. 'Chotto matte. This is like a scene from a soap opera that okaa-san watches. That's right! A couple together at night and then they go into a hotel where they share the same room and the girl takes a bath first…'

Now Amu becomes flustered and then she shakes her head and says, "Don't think that way Amu. Get a hold of yourself!" she then slaps her cheeks and finishes her bath. Unfortunately, she didn't have any other extra clothes and so she was forced to wear her regular uniform again which was still dirty. When she came out, Dante left the pizza box on her bed so he could stretch his legs on the couch and sleep.

Su then put a finger on her mouth and said, "Shhhh. He's asleep. He left half of the pizza to you."

Amu then looked at the box and saw that there was indeed half a pizza inside. She thought as she took a slice, 'He can be really thoughtful at times. I was wrong about him.'

After she finished eating her pizza, she looked at her Shugo Charas and said, "It looks like I won't be able to finish that essay after all."

Ran said, "It's alright Amu-chan. We did get the adventure of a lifetime though."

Amu replied, "Not really. This is nothing compared to when Easter tries to harvest the eggs of the heart."

Miki then noticed that Dante's guitar case was unlocked and slightly opened.

Amu then said, "I can't seem to sleep yet even though I'm tired." She then got up and walked to the door. Ran asked her, "Where are you going?"

Amu replied, "Downstairs. I need to clear my head a bit."

Amu went downstairs into the bar/dining room. She hid behind the stairwell and peeped into the bar and saw all sorts of characters there. Most looked like ruffians while some women in scandalous clothing were waiting on the tables there. She looked and said to herself, "Maybe going downstairs wasn't such a good idea." But as she looked, she noticed that one ruffian looked familiar. In fact, it was the thief that stole her bag. She saw her bag on his table and that he was with two other guys in black business suits.

Amu didn't know how much of her things were still in that bag but she knew that she had to get it back. She then walked over to his table and said to the thief, "Hey, give me back my bag!"

The thief looked away and replied, "I don't know what you're talking about."

She then pointed at her bag and said, "That's my bag. You stole it from me over an hour ago! Give it back!"

The ruffian said, "You're mistaken missy. This is my bag."

Amu frowned and said, "I see. Then your name must be Hinamori Amu since the sticker inside the flap has a name on it."

One of the guys in suits on that table opened the bag and saw the sticker with the name Hinamori Amu on it. Only the owner would know something like that.

The thief replied with annoyance, "Okay you caught me! So now what? Are you gonna turn me in?"

She said, "Yes I will! Everyone here knows you're a thief. I'm calling the pol—" but then she saw that the two men in business suits had their wallets on the table and that they had police badges on them. When she looked around, nobody seemed to care. In fact some were smiling at her in a way that said 'bring it on'. It wasn't a pleasant sight. She didn't expect this at all. Even if she had the evidence, she was outnumbered.

One of the men in a business suit then removed the sticker from the bag and said, "Accusing an innocent man of a crime is an embarrassment. But accusing an officer is something else."

The second man in a business suit stood up and said as he towered over Amu, You've made a big mistake little girl. That's a felony."

Amu backed away a little and said, "That's not true."

Suddenly, both corrupt cops were now in front of her, with ill intent. Amu was being pressured until Dante suddenly stepped in front of her and said, "What is this, the pedophile club? Ganging up on a little girl is for sissies and sick bastards. Now I don't know about you but I wanna talk with the guy behind you old farts."

The corrupt cops tried to attack him but were both grabbed by the collar and had their heads smashed together, courtesy of Dante.

"Thank you." Dante said as he walked to the thief. The thief didn't flinch as Dante flipped the chair so that he could lean on the backrest with his arms and rest his chin on it.

The thief said with a hoarse voice, "Do you like to play games? Here's a game for you. What has bruises, and a face that looks like an ass?"

Dante replied, "Have you looked in a mirror? Cause I think I'm seeing it right now."

The thief quickly pulled out a Nagant revolver from his worn out green jacket and aimed it at Dante. Amu covered her mouth when she saw the drawn weapon. The thief didn't hesitate and squeezed the trigger. Dante fell back to the floor and Amu screamed her little heart out.

The thief then stood up and said, "One shot, one kill. Serves you right you punk."

But to everyone's surprise, Dante made a Chinese getup and pulled out from his coat, Ebony and Ivory and aimed them at the thief while a bullet was caught in between his teeth. The thief backed away with wide-eyed amazement as did everyone in that room. Dante spat the bullet at the thief and said, "I believe that's yours. Now here's a game for you. What's leaving behind a stolen bag and running faster than a Ferrari?"

The man fired his gun again, and again…and again…and again. Obviously, he forgot to reload his gun and was short five bullets. He dropped the gun and ran for his life outside the hotel. Dante then kicked up the revolver then swiveled his guns like a gun from the Old West before holstering them back in his jacket and catching the empty revolver with his right hand. He then picked up Amu's bag and handed it to her and said, "Next time watch where you put your stuff. It could get lost you know?"

Amu took the bag and nodded. Dante said, "Alright folks, shows over. No autographs please." And he walked back up to his room. Amu tailed him like a lost puppy while hugging her bag like it was her own baby. Before Dante could enter his room, Amu asked him, "Dante…who are you?"

Dante holstered the revolver, opened the door and walked in. Amu followed shortly and saw the guitar case on the floor. But what was unusual was that there was no guitar. Rather, inside of it was a tall broadsword with a skeleton like hilt. The Shugo Charas were trying to close the guitar case until both Dante and Amu walked in.

The Shugo Charas stopped what they were doing and Miki said, "It's not what it looks like! We were just trying to put it back!"

Amu then asked as Dante closed the guitar case, "Please answer me! You catch a bullet in between you teeth, beat up people faster than they can blink and carry two guns and a really large sword. Tell me, who are you Dante?!"

Dante replied as he lied down on the couch, "Just your everyday guy."

Amu was frustrated that he wasn't answering her directly. "Dante! Who—"

"I'm just your everyday guy…" Dante cut in. "Trust me. The truth is scarier than it seems. As long as we keep identities low we have no problems." Dante then went back to sleep and Amu swallowed hard and thought about her next words. 'He's not telling me anything at all. But with all that stuff that just happened…'

Amu's Shugo Charas then flew to Amu in fright of the unknown that is Dante. Ran then said, "Amu-chan! I'm really scared. That sword…"

Amu hugged them alongside her bag and said, "D-daijobu. We'll get out of this."

Su then noticed the bag and said, "Amu-chan, you have your bag again."

Amu replied, "Hai. The thief was downstairs and Dante-san saved me and got it back for me."

Miki then replied, "Amu-chan, that other stuff you said…is it possible that Dante-san is an…(gulp)…assassin?"

Amu replied, "He has to be. It all makes sense now. The clothes, the way he fights, the stuff he carries and this place....if this goes on, he might kill me if I become a problem just like in the movies!"

Ran replied to a frightened Amu, "But he saved you and got your bag back. I don't think he'll do that if he was an assassin."

"Hey…" Dante asked causing Amu to stand up straight in fright. He then continued, "Can you close the door?" Amu did as she was told very quickly. Dante then asked again, "Why did you go head to head with that guy awhile ago?"

Amu replied, "I have an essay to finish for tomorrow but the book I needed for it was in my bag."

Su replied, "You mean the book you accidentally stole."

Amu then shoved Su in her bag and said, "I didn't steal anything."

Dante chuckled and said, "Not bad for a first job. Need someone to sell it for you?"

Amu replied, "How many times…forget it." She paused for a moment to sit on top of the bed alongside her Shugo Charas. She then said, "I ended up staying in the library for too long and got locked in. We managed to escape but, the book was inside my bag and then that guy stole it. After that, I decided to go home. That was when those guys came along and then here we are."

Dante replied, "Well that's interesting. Never had that problem. So what's the book all about?"

Amu replied, "It's about demons."

Though he didn't look like it, he was curious of the book. Dante then said, "Really? What's the title?"

Amu replied, "Legenda di Sparda. It talks about a demon named Sparda who betrays a demon named Mundus to stop him and save the humans from them. But in doing so, his power gets sealed in the demon world in his sword."

Danted asked, "That's it?"

Amu thought and then replied, "Well, it also says that he was also sealed in that world. But during his stay here on earth, he had two sons and gave two swords to them and an amulet to each of them because they were the keys to sealing and releasing the gate to the demon world. I don't know anything more than that because I felt sick reading the rest."

But when she looked in Dante's now interested eyes, she said, "You know, you look just like him in the book." She then took out the book and turned it to the page of the drawing of Sparda and showed it to Dante.

Dante recognized the book and said, "Hey, get rid of that thing now!"

Amu was confused until a spear made of demonic flesh shot out of the book, heading straight for Dante. He held it the before it could reach him. Amu let go of the book when she saw that happen and a demon that looked like a cross between a bear and a lizard came out, holding the spear that should've pierced Dante. The demon then put in all it's might and shoved Dante through the wall.

"Dante!" Amu screamed until the demon then turned to her. Soon two more demons came out of the book and were of the same type as the first. Amu was scared to death. When the demons came rushing at her, Ran then activated her special ability and Amu leaped over them and ran downstairs in a flash with her Shugo Charas in tow. But the moment she was down the stairs, so were the demons. And now there were ten of them in total. One, killed the old attendant in front of her eyes. She ran screaming into the dining room where few people were in but they too fell prey to the demons. They didn't stand a chance and were easily rounded up and slaughtered by claws, teeth and spears.

Amu was surrounded and scared. She thought this had to be a nightmare. And what was worse was that she was feeling weak again and she fell to her knees.

"Amu-chan!" Miki exclaimed. Amu held her heart and said, "It's happening again. I'm feeling weak every time I do a chara change. What's happening?"

Su then said, "Now is not the time to faint Amu-chan! We'll get eaten if this goes on."

Amu looked at the disgusting demons around her and was extremely terrified the fact that she was surrounded made things worse. She then thought, 'This isn't real. Demons should not exist. This isn't happening. This can't be happening.' Someone save me…Otou-san, Okaa-san, Tadase-kun, Rima, Nagihiko, Yaya, Utau-chan, Ikuto…Dante!'

Suddenly five of the demons were kicked into the other five as Dante appeared with the Rebellion in his right hand and said, "Now this is a party! Who wants to dance? I'm free for the whole night!"

Amu brightened up as Dante threw her the empty revolver from earlier. He then said, "Hey, it's loaded. All you have to do is pull down that little hammer in the back of the gun then aim and fire."

Amu held the gun shakily and said, "But what if I shoot you by accident?"

Dante replied, "No problem. Just make sure if you do, it hits one of these guys when the bullet goes through me." he then placed Rebellion to rest on his right shoulder and said, "Ten of you, one of me. I like the odds of that. Let's rock!" he then rushed towards a charging demon and thrust his sword into it before stabbing the sword downward, pinning the demon to the floor. He then pulled out Ebony and Ivory and fired it at the other nine surrounding demons. The continuous fire held them off until he placed Ebony in between his teeth(the sliding frame side. Not the barrel) and then pick up the sword from the ground with his left hand. The demon on the ground tried to get up only for Dante to swing him upwards with his sword. He then gave continuous fire with Ivory to its airborne form as two demons attacked him from the front. Before their spears could reach, Dante then gave them a Million stabs with his left hand while still pumping lead to the airborne demon. Dante finished the million stab combo with a single powerful thrust, killing both demons or what was left of them. He then stopped the continuous fire and allowed the demon to fall only for Dante to give it a pop shredder, ending its life.

The blood sprayed everywhere and Amu saw everything with wide-eyed disbelief. Dante was holding his own. Or rather, killing them stylishly. The remaining six were a bit cautious and pranced around Dante. Of course, the son of Sparda wasn't going to stand still. He stabbed the sword in the ground and holstered his guns. The demons attacked all at once only for Dante to duck, pick up his sword from the ground with his right hand and then leap into the air and give a downward slicing attack to a demon below, killing it instantly. The other five couldn't react in time when Dante, made a quick dash to them and made several, inhumanly quick, slicking attacks to them before bursting out into a million stab combo that tore them to shreds except for one to his left that fell from the rapid blows. The other four however were caught and Dante finished the combo execution by a powerful thrust while saying, "Breakdown!" three demons were just splatters of blood while the fourth was thrust into the wall nearest Amu and became a splatter of blood that painted the wall.

Dante then holstered the unstained steel on his back and said, "That was fun."

Suddenly the last demon got up from the ground to impale him. Amu's adrenaline went into action and with both hands held on the gun, she quickly took aim and opened fire on the demon, finally killing it.

Dante looked behind to see the dead demon and said, "Well whaddya know? You didn't hit me." he then faced the panting Amu and saw her shaking form. She was unused to such a weapon and the recoil alone nearly broke her wrists or at the very least, flew over her head. And don't get started on the deafening sound of the gunshot. He then said to her, "Not bad for a first try." He turned and walked towards the stairs and said, "We better bring back that book to wherever it came from and send these gatecrashers back to their masters."

Amu followed very closely while her Shugo Charas did not know how to calm her frightened and shaking form as indicated by the way her hands shook while holding the revolver. She looked very nervous and yelled out to Dante, "What's going on?!"

Dante stopped for a moment and said, "Those things you just saw were demons. That book you brought with you is possessed. Good news is…we get it back to where it belongs, no more nightmares. The bad news though, it drains your soul the longer its out of its real place. And we don't want to know what happens if it drains your soul completely."

Amu paled in realization of what she had done. Now wasn't the best time to think of the consequences yet everything was happening too fast for her to comprehend and take in as real.

Dante continued up the stairs to the second floor where a new set of demons were tearing away at several guests and filling the hallway. And since the stairs was at the right wing end of the room, he had a clear view of the carnage to his front as the moonlight from the window at the end of the hall highlighted the massacre.

There were at least fifteen of the demons and looked uglier than the last. They had the heads of a snake and the body of a misshapen and hairy gorilla's skeleton with a morning star on the ends of their long tails.

Dante's bright clothes caught their attention and growled at him with a slight hissing sound. Amu witnessed the sight of the hallway and saw something straight out of resident evil. Ran then commented with tears, "This is horrible…"

Miki nodded and shouted, "Dante! Please save them!"

Su replied, "It's far too late."

Dante pulled out his trademark guns and said as he aimed, "I'm fine with house parties but killing the guests is not in my list." He then fired and fired a barrage of bullets. The demons charged only to hover to their deaths from the wall of bullets that juggled them.

Dante walked as he fired them. Eventually, the demons that entered the rooms of the guests came out only for Dante to switch his fire to them, Equilibrium style as he passed by. Amu stayed by the stairs and watched everything with horror. As she looked, she noticed that one room was locked and didn't seem to have been broken in. And to confirm her suspicion, she heard someone screaming for help from the room that was at the end of hallway. Amidst the gunfire she screamed to Dante, "Dante! There are people in that room! They're still alive!" Dante stopped firing for a moment and said, "Which one?"

Amu replied, "Room 225!" Dante nodded as a demon flailed his tail at the white haired slayer who made a backflip to avoid the attack and landed on top of a demon that was barely alive. He then used the demon as a skateboard, and spun him while moving towards room 225. It was like a pinball in a pinball machine except Dante was killing them with his guns while spinning on his makeshift ride before lifting him off the ground, allowing the demon to fly out the window and Dante to be in the right position to fire both guns at the demon, turning it into swiss cheese.

"Anyone, help!" cried a voice from room 225. The door was locked and barricaded from the way it stuck to the doorway. Amu quickly rushed to the door and said, "Is anyone there still alive?!"

Dante holstered his guns until he saw a new set of demons coming from the stairs leading to the third floor.(The stairs is the same one where they started) He brought out Rebellion and said to Amu, "I'll take care of the stoners here if you don't mind."

Amu shouted at him, "But who's going to protect them from those things?!"

Dante replied as he walked towards a new set of demons, "Well, you've got a gun. Might as well use it and overcome your fears."

Amu then banged on the door of room 225 and said, "I-It's okay. We-we'll get you out here."

The door creaked open and Amu saw a long, brown haired woman in a white, long sleeved polo with brown vest and blue jeans, shivering in fear. Amu was barely holding on and wanted so much to run away at this point but with so many demons around, she'd bound to be killed before she could make it to the exit. It was like she was sucked into a horror movie and couldn't get out. Amu said to the scared woman, "We have to get out of here."

The woman didn't bother to hesitate and stood up carrying a video camera in hand and her sling bag, which was half full. She stuck close to Amu and saw the gun in the child's hand. She said to Amu, "Do you know how to even use that?!" The woman then took the gun from Amu's hand and quickly noticed the empty rounds. She then used the ejector rod of the gun and pushed out the empty casings as quickly as possible until she realized that there was only one bullet left that wasn't used. She then cocked the gun and ran out as quickly as possible, leaving Amu behind.

Amu shouted as she chased her, "Wait! Don't go there!" but the woman didn't listen and ran towards the stairs where Dante was facing off against six demons with a steel skeleton outer covering and flesh muscles showing underneath it. They were like an inverted humans with horns. Dante swung his sword down on one and cleaved it in half while the other five attempted to attack, only for Dante to jump back and quickly change his equipped weapons to Ebony and Ivory. He aimed at the demons but couldn't fire when he saw the frightened woman armed with the Nagant revolver, run towards the stairs. Dante quickly dropped his guns and ran in front of the woman to parry several speedy, but powerful haymakers of the five remaining demons with speed and accuracy. The woman fell back and dropped the revolver. In fright of the demons, she crawled back while gasping as the demons, in their rage, charged to attack Dante. The white haired man waited for just the right moment and suddenly released a burst of utter power and speedy strikes as he passed through the demons. They were obliterated…literally.

Amu ran towards them and stopped to see the back of the man who saved their lives. She then thought, 'Who is he? He's not human.'

Dante then walked over to where he dropped his guns and kicked them up for his hands to grab and holster it in his coat. He then picked up the woman and said, "Sorry about that lady but you're gonna have to wait your turn before you can take the ride out of here. These things won't cut us some slack." He then said to Amu, "We better go get it."

Amu nodded and picked up the revolver from the ground, and ran after Dante to head upstairs into the third floor. All the while the woman that was left there, didn't realize that her camera was on record so everything that the camera caught was fully recorded, including Dante's brilliant maneuver. The woman then got up and looked at her camera and finally realized that it was active. She quickly picked up her bag and thought, 'This is insane! But at least I won't look like fool when I bring this recording back to the studio.'

She then faced the camera to show her petite face and long brown hair and said to it, "I, Yamaoka Miharu, am witnessing an incredible event tonight. Here, in the very hotel I'm staying, a man in a red trenchcoat and a girl in a school uniform, fighting creatures like you've never seen before! If I don't make it out alive, then this recording will be proof that I was here to see this hell and the two people who are fighting it." She hastily ran up to the third floor to film her so called, final words.

When she got there, she saw that the floorway was giving out and the walls and several places in the ceiling had fallen apart. It was like a maze and things weren't looking too good. Amu was somehow on the other side of the hallway where the floor was stable while Dante was still on the side near the stairs where he had just killed another demon. This one however had four wings on its chicken feet like legs though it had the body of a shaved cat. It was really hard to distinguish since it was badly mutilated.

Amu hollered out to Dante, "What do we do now?"

Dante then looked at the obstacles before him and said, "No problem." He ran towards Amu and stayed on the left side of the hallway. There was a gap between him so he suddenly ran on the wall before leaping off it and landing on a small, cement ledge that was about to fall apart. He then jumped to the other side and landed on the wall there before suddenly running vertically and leaping off it to land on a piece of broken pipe that led to the ledge of the safe spot where Amu was. He slid on that pipe before jumping of the edge to land where Amu was but the distance was far too great and both Amu and Miharu knew it. But Dante, being Dante, had another trick up his sleeve. Suddenly, a temporary magic circle appeared underneath his feet. He quickly jumped off it in a summersault fashion before at the end of his spin, he suddenly kicked himself forward from another temporary magic circle and landed behind Amu where another of the cat like demons awaited him only to be blasted by a quick draw shot from Dante's Ivory, using his right hand.

Amu did not know how on earth he was doing all this but it certainly raised a lot of questions that she was gearing to find out. Unfortunately, so was the woman named Miharu, who filmed the whole thing on her camera, despite her terrified state. After all, it was a do or die situation.

Amu stayed closely behind Dante but her vision was fading fast. She suddenly fell to her knees and Su went to Amu and said, "Please don't use chara change anymore Amu-chan. You're getting exhausted even more."

Amu panted hard and found it hard to breath. The smell of gunpowder was in the air and the smell of dust made things much 'easier' for her. Dante managed to shoot down the demon in a barrage of gunfire before kneeling down to Amu's level and telling her, "Hey, you're not doing to well. Don't use your powers if you know that you're getting drained that easily." He then took Amu over his shoulders, despite her complaints, and ran into the room where the book was. He then gently dropped her by the door and said, "Take it easy. I'll cover things from here."

Amu wasn't too sure about what to do but suddenly felt her heart physically give way. She slumped to the floor while her Shugo Charas tried to find out what was wrong but felt roughly the same and fell to the floor in chest pains.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dante burst into the room and saw the book, rooted to the ground by several veins coming from inside its pages with an eye in the middle. But that wasn't all. There was a hell vanguard guarding it as well. Dante didn't waste any time and pulled out Rebellion and gave it a Stinger attack to momentarily shove it aside before stabbing the sword into the eye. The wounded eye gurgled blood and the hell vanguard was sucked back in along with the eye and the veins. Dante pulled out his sword, closed the book and tore a piece of the bed sheet and wrapped the book in it before finally tying it up. The amount of demonic power in the book managed to seep out and turn the bed sheet wrapping into the color black.

Dante holstered his sword and picked up the book but strangely, the book dropped something. It dropped a huge red statue with an ugly face, a large green star with an ugly face, a purple statue with an ugly face, and a blue statue with an ugly face. Dante is VERY familiar with these objects and he knows for a fact that they are more helpful than they looked. He picked them up with his right hand and held the book with his left.

He quickly ran back out of the room to where Amu was seated, leaning by the doorframe with her Shugo Charas lying down on the floor. Amu's breathing was getting shallow and it looked like she was going blind. She struggled to breath properly and her Shugo Charas weren't faring well either. All in all, she was showing the symptoms of dying and it was a miracle that someone of her size and age was able to hold on this long from the draining effects of the book. Moreso, that she even used her abilities more than once. Dante then dropped the book beside her and shook her shoulder with his left hand and said, "I'm not going to let you die. You've got a life ahead of you and you're going to live."

Amu still held the revolver in her right hand and Dante then picked out the green star and put it in her left hand. Amu gripped it by reflex and Dante help her magically push the star into her chest where it melded with her. Once the star was absorbed into her, she was brought back to life as the light shone in her eyes again and her Shugo Charas were alive and well.

"We're alive!" Ran yelled in elation.

But Dante wasn't finished yet. He then said to Amu, "Amu, listen to me." Amu listened and Dante said with seriousness, "We have to get the book back to save your life. I want you to fuse these things into you. It will give enough strength to save you in time to get that book back. Do you trust me?"

Amu was about to nod until she saw the statues that Dante was talking about. She became pale and said with disgust, "No way am I putting those things in me!" Dante replied, "You don't have a choice. Either you shove it in or I do."

Amu blushed in anger and said, "Dame! hentai bakayaro!"

Suddenly, the book started to shake and Amu held her chest in reaction to the books draining effect. Ran, in fright, said to Amu, "Amu-chan, please do it! I don't want to see you die!"

Amu shook her head and said, "Okay! I'll do it." She then took the blue statue with her left hand and Dante said, "Just put it close to your chest and it'll do its thing." She did as she was told and the blue orb merged with her. She then did the same with the purple orb and finally, the large red one. But when she did so with the red one, suddenly, she felt power coursing through her body.

Amu thought, 'What is this feeling…I feel like I can take on a whole army.' She then got up and suddenly, her right hand glowed along with the revolver. And in a flash of light, the revolver changed into a different type of gun. It had the grip and frame of a semi-automatic pistol, the same hammer pin and revolver cartridge in between the barrel and the semi-automatic sliding frame, and the barrel of a single action shotgun and under the barrel was a mini version of the cocking mechanism you would find on any automatic shotgun. And on both sides of the barrel, the English word, 'Desolator' was engraved while a red X was engraved on the grip of the gun.

Amu looked at it with surprise and said, "Wha-what happened? Was I holding this the whole time?!"

Dante replied with a smirk, "Guess it likes you. You've got yourself a new toy."

Su then looked at it and said, "Desolator-san must really like Amu-chan a lot."

Miki said in repetition, "Desolator-san?"

Su nodded and replied, "Hai. He never left Amu-chan's side and protected her with his life. Amu-chan, you must thank him later."

Amu looked at the weird gun and said, "I really don't like this though. It doesn't suit my character." She then faced them and shouted, "And why do I have to carry such a weird thing in the first place!"

Ran looked at the odd weapon and said, "Amu-chan…I…really don't know what to say."

Amu was shocked that Ran was acting this way. She never expected this to happen above all the other things around her. Amu was uncertain of everything around her as things just happened and she was swept up in its current. Su went over to Amu and said, "Amu-chan…What do you want to do now?"

Amu replied with a little haste, "Go home of course. But I can't because if I don't bring back that book…I might die."

Su replied with a gentle voice, "We all want to go home and be safe Amu-chan. Even Desolator-san wants that." Amu was touched and shocked by what Su was telling her. Su continued, "That's why Desolator-san is protecting you. So you must trust him as well."

Amu thought about what she had to do. She wasn't given much of a choice. These things greatly terrified her but at this point, crying would just do nothing to help. She had nothing else to lose and her life was the price to pay for inaction. She then looked at the gun and said, "I guess I can trust you a little."

The gun's sliding frame suddenly self cocked and the safety set itself to safe mode. Amu was surprised by what the gun did and Ran replied, "I think he's happy."

Dante quickly took the book and said, "We don't have much time to spare. Let's take the fast way out."

Amu said to him, "I'm not going anywhere! What's happening? What is all this? And who are you?!."

Dante quickly said, "You picked up the book so you should bring it back. Otherwise, the book would be back but you'll die anyway because you didn't cancel your contract with it.

Amu shook her head in dismay and said, "Nononono!!!!!"

Dante picked her up anyway despite her protests and ran out the window of their former room and landed just in front of the car. Amu was flailing about trying to get out. She was extremely afraid and utterly confused.

Dante quickly tossed her in the car, strapped her down to her seat with the seatbelt and then sat in his and turned on the engine. He turned up the radio and drove as fast as he could to the Library.

As he drove, he noticed the Shugo Charas attempting to tail the car. He completely forgot that they were part of Amu's life. He slowed down a bit to allow them to enter the car. They sat beside Amu and Miki complained, "You left us!"

Dante replied, "Sorry about that. I get preoccupied when I'm having fun."

Amu angrily shouted at him, "YOU WERE HAVING FUN?!"

Dante didn't bother to reply. Amu wasn't in the best of conditions so arguing would have to wait. Ran noticed the tense atmosphere and said, "Lets put on some music to calm down." She then flew to the radio and turned the knob. The first music that came out was Inside the Fire. This made Amu even more nervous and Miki then turned the knob while saying, "Don't make Amu-chan even more scared!" but what came when she changed frequency was the song Dance with the Devil. Su then butted in and said as she turned the knob, "Let's change it to my favorite station."

Ran and Miki asked, "You have a favorite station?"

Su replied, "I love to listen to music while I clean the house or cook." She then turned the knob to her favorite station but the song that came out wailed, "Waking the Demon!"

Ran and Miki looked petrified as Su turned off the radio and said, "But it plays nice music during the morning. How come now?"

Dante noticed the library up ahead and said, "This is it. And we've got a welcome wagon."

Amu saw that the Library was utterly distorted and perverted. The once, smooth walls and windows were wrapped and pierced by fleshy looking substances and several horns. The doors, now mangled with red web and the tower, infested by a waterfall of blood.

She vomited on the road when she saw it. It was utterly disgusting. And she was now even more frightened than ever. Dante said offhandedly, "It got even prettier than last time. Whoever built this place has issues." He then parked just in front of the grotesque building and said to Amu, "Let's go."

Amu said to him, "No!"

Dante replied, "But if you don't, you're going to die."

Amu shouted at him in hysteria, "I'd rather die than go in there!"

Dante got out of the car and said while facing her, "What's wrong now?"

Amu yelled in anger and sadness, "What's wrong?! IS THAT ALL YOU CAN SAY?!! I've had the worst night and I don't want to go through all that again?! Do you even have a heart?!" she then sobbed and sat in the fetal position. Things were very traumatic for Amu and she was losing her sanity.

Dante didn't know how to deal with this. She's lost it completely at such a young age and in order to save her life, Dante had to drag her in to put back the book or else she would die.

Dante bowed his head in sorrow. He couldn't save her like this. He then said to her, "Putting that book back won't just save your life. It'll also save everyone else's because it's the lock to the gateway of the demon world." Amu still was crying in fear. Dante continued anyway despite her state. "But you know what? Forget it. If I can't save a kid's life, then the whole world is doomed anyway."

He then walked towards the building and said without looking, "I bet if I kill enough of them, you'd be fine afterwards so sit tight there and don't drive off!" He then stood in front of the unwebbed entrance and pushed the door open and went in, closing the door behind him.

Amu waited patiently but heard the various sounds of gunfire, metal clashing and flesh torn to shreds coming from the library. She closed her eyes and put her hands on her ears. She wasn't comfortable at all and wished that everything she had just witnessed was a dream. But the cold sensation of the Desolator in her right hand told her otherwise. She looked at the weapon and threw it out of the car, allowing it to fall and bounce a little ways on the cement floor.

"Amu-chan…" replied Ran, in understanding.

Amu thought to herself, 'I'm so scared. This all happened after I met…' Her eyes widened before she settled into a frown. 'That's right. This all happened after I met Dante. The fortune came true.'

Amu thought about what she had to do and then opened the door of the car and walked out of it.

Miki asked with concern, "Where are you going?"

Amu replied, "Let's go home. The longer we stay with Dante, the longer we will get dragged into all this mess."

Ran said with concern, "But what about Dante?"

Amu said as she ran off, "He can take care of himself!"

Su flew off in front of Amu and said, "So you're going to leave him when he's trying to save you?"

Amu suddenly felt a strong pain in her heart and she stopped and fell on her hands and knees. "What's wrong? I didn't chara change at all." Miki looked back and saw the wrapped book, hovering above the car. It was shaking furiously in mid air with an evil, black glow around it. Miki noticed it and said, "The book knows that Amu-chan is trying to get away!"

Amu replied begrudgingly, "Why can't I get away? This is so frustrating. Even the book doesn't want me to go." Su looked at the book and said, "Please, let Amu-chan go! She's suffering and Dante-san is also suffering trying to save her. Please, I'm begging you!"

But the book refused to listen. Ran then went to the book and pleaded, "Please let her go! Amu-chan has done nothing wrong to you!" Miki then went and pleaded as well. "Please! Leave us alone! Many people have already died and Dante-san is risking his life for us!"

Amu heard their pleas and remembered what happened in the hotel. She thought as she saw the demons tearing them apart, 'They all died because of me.' She saw the bloodshed clearly in her mind and thought, 'They died…for no reason.' She then remembered Dante and how he fought the demons and stood in front of that woman. 'But Dante fought to protect them when he saw that he could.' She remembered how Dante stood up for her and eventually saved her from the demons that tried to kill her. 'He's constantly protecting me and he's risking his life for me. Why?' She then remembered what Dante just said.


Dante bowed his head in sorrow. He couldn't save her like this. He then said to her, "Putting that book back won't just save your life. It'll also save everyone else's because it's the lock to the gateway of the demon world." Amu still was crying in fear. Dante continued anyway despite her state. "But you know what? Forget it. If I can't save a kid's life, then the whole world is doomed anyway."

He then walked towards the building and said without looking, "I bet if I kill enough of them, you'd be fine afterwards so sit tight there and don't drive off!" He then stood in front of the unwebbed entrance and pushed the door open and went in, closing the door behind him.

End of Flashback

Amu then crawled back to where her Shugo Charas were pleading and found the pain in her chest is gone and so she stood up and said, "It's enough already. I know what to do."

Her Shugo Charas turned around and faced Amu while the book ceased to shake. Amu replied with a determined heart, "I can't leave things like this. Many people died because of that book and I'm dying also." The Shugo Charas listened with an open heart as Amu sharply, waved her right hand to the side and said, "I won't let it end like this! Nobody has to suffer like this! No one!" She then looked to the side and saw the Desolator. She then ran to it and quickly picked it up and aimed it at the book with two hands.

Amu then said, "I'll finish this for good!" she pulled the trigger and the gun fired a bullet through the book. Amu panted as the book harmlessly fell to the car seat with a hole through it. But as soon as it was shot, the book suddenly revived and floated in the air. But this time, it unwrapped itself completely from its coverings. In fact, it used the coverings to grab a hold of the car. The Shugo Charas then went to Amu's side as black, weeping souls traveled from the book, down the cloth and into the car. The car suddenly broke apart and weaved around the book and formed a grotesque demon of machine and flesh. It had a boxy frame that reminded Amu too much of an old robot TV show except there was flesh, holding the metal together and veins, acting as the wires to hold them even tighter. Its arms were unique in that the left arm was a makeshift chainsaw with a flamethrower of some sort. The right hand had a heavy machine gun and a portion of the car engine to use as a mace if anyone came close. Its legs looks to be made from an unseen portion of the car and the wheels, held together by muscles and some machine parts. But the worst part of it was the head. it looked like an alien's with several parts of the headlights as the eyes and a glass mouth with teeth, formed from the remaining metal.(If you've seen the Dreadnoughts of the Chaos Space Marines, then it roughly looks like it. There's just fifty percent more flesh in it…and demonic power.)

Amu couldn't see the book anywhere. The only thing that she recognized from the car demon was the radio, on the crotch area. The radio suddenly came to life and an eerie voice said, "I am Machina. I will take your life and your soul!" the radio then switched frequency and the song, Taste the Blood began playing as the car demon aimed it's right arm at Amu.

Amu said to her Shugo Charas, "That was a really bad idea wasn't it?"

Ran nodded. And the next second, the car demon opened fire and let bullets fly towards Amu. She ran for her life while saying, "I knew it! It was impossible to begin with!"

The car demon kept the continuous fire as it walked towards Amu. She ran for her life and hid behind a nearby dumpster, close to the library.

Ran then said to Amu, "Amu-chan, let's do it!"

Miki said, "But if we do that, Amu-chan will get drained."

Amu heard the car demon roar and made a decision, "Okay, we'll do it. We don't have a choice." She then leaped out of the dumpster and said as the humpty lock around her neck shone, "My Heart, unlock!" at the same instance, she had her two hands in a gun shape with her index fingers pointed at the opposite's thumb and vice versa to form a square shape wit the humpty lock. As she said those words, she flipped her wrists around so that she retained the symbol but with a change of hand positions.(Don't ask. Watch the show to see this part.)

Immediately, she was covered in bright lights of the shades of pink, red, and yellow while her body glowed. Ran then fused into the humpty lock and Amu's clothes changed into that of a pink, cheerleader outfit with red ribbons on her upper arms and a pink visor complete with a red heart clipped on it, parallel to the left eye. But there was something different this time. She was holding the Desolator the whole time so when she changed, her weapon became a part of the transformation. So her regular cheerleading outfit had drastic changes like black stripes and red Xs on the outfit in strategic areas making it look dynamically cooler yet retaining the same spunky look. She then exclaimed after the transformation, "Charanari, Amulet Spirit!" she then noticed the change as she hovered in the air. "Eh? It changed." Suddenly, her gun had a slight shine to it, making Amu notice it and say, "I was holding it while I transformed. Don't tell me you changed my outfit."

"Amu-chan! Watch out!" exclaimed Ran from the humpty lock around her neck. Amu then reflexively looked at where the demon car was and saw it aiming its gun at her. She needed to evade it properly this time. In a flash of light, pink and white roller skates with matching colors of wings at the heels appeared on her feet. They were the heartspeeders. As soon as she had them on, she quickly dashed to the side, avoiding the car demon's machine gun barrage. She maneuvered through the air swiftly and sharply like an expert fighter plane with maximum agility. She knew that she couldn't fight like this and dived down to where the demon car was. When she was about twelve feet away from the demon car, she deftly moved to the car's right side, aimed the semi-automatic gun at the car demon and opened fire. The revolver cartridge spun with each shot while in congruence, the sliding frame slid, allowing the excess gas to escape, not the bullet casings since the gun magically did not need any nor did it look like it would run out. Amu wasn't an expert in combat so her attacks where futile and only irritated the demon at best.

The demon then swung its right arm horizontally to smash Amu who was much quicker and moved to the back of the demon while keeping a twelve feet distance. She fired at its back but was unable to make a definite wound. The car demon then swiveled around its body and fired its machine gun at her while walking backwards. Amu then flew over the car demon's head and then landed about seventeen feet away from it but was still close enough for the demon to quickly take aim and fire at Amu. She then flew up and about and flew towards a nearby building and stood on top of it. She then lifted her left hand up and a pink rod with two hearts on both ends appeared in her hand. "Heart Rod!" she exclaimed before jumping down to were the car demon awaited her. When she was about thirty feet away, she threw the rod and said, "Spiral Heart!" the rod spun in the air and flew towards the demon and hit its head, it made the demon take a step back but really did nothing to it.

Amu was shocked by this. "The Heart Rod didn't work?!" but before she could say anymore, the demon aimed its left hand at Amu and fired, flaming souls towards her. Amu flew out of range but was chased by the flaming souls. She flew hard and fast to avoid them but they just tailed her. She then stopped to face them and aimed her gun at them.

"Do guns work on spirits?" Ran asked.

Amu replied, "It doesn't matter. I don't want them to eat me!" she fired at the spirits and it didn't work. She then flew around to avoid them while saying, "I can't fight these things at all! Nothing works!" she was still frightened after all but now that she couldn't stand a chance, running away seemed to be the best option. She decided to dive down to grab Miki and Su who were still by the library door and take them out of there and get help. But as she dove, suddenly, Desolator took a hold of her right hand and aimed itself at the spirits chasing her. She half yelled, "What are you doing?! It didn't work s—" but the gun self-cocked its shotgun mechanism and fired a blast of pink light that vaporized the spirits. Amu was surprised and said, "What just happened?"

Ran saw this and said, "Amu-chan! Desolator wants to fight with you as well so he's lending his power to you." Amu then looked at the odd gun and nodded when she saw its determination. She then said, "Okay. We'll fight our way out of here." she then faced the demon car that was running towards her with the chainsaw like weapon attached to the left arm, waving wildly. Amu then cocked the shotgun portion of the gun and fired five spread shots at it before diving to the ground and kneeling just fifty feet away from the demon that was now stunned from the five shots earlier. Amu then thought as she aimed the gun properly, 'I understand now. This must be Desolator's power.' The weird gun was feeding her conscious with knowledge only an experienced gunner would have and was helping her overcome this dark ordeal as it forged its symbiotic relationship with her. She then cocked the sliding frame and aimed the gun with one hand on the now conscious demon that was turning to face her. She thought as she looked down the iron sights, 'It's weakness is in the head, joints and exposed areas of the back. I'll shoot through those areas, and expose the book inside.' She then stood up and fired it like a machine gun at the demon in those areas. This time, she was aiming the gun properly and actually wounding it. By shooting the fleshy areas, she was able to hurt it rather than just firing recklessly and hoping for it to die. The demon car felt the pain and fired a barrage of gunfire back but since it was still in pain, Amu was able to easily avoid it and then flew above the demon and cock the shotgun portion and give a continuous amount of gunfire down below.

Miki and Su cheered on from the sidelines, "Go Amu-chan! You can beat him!"

The continuous spread shot fire, blasted its way through the armor and tore the flesh of the chest area apart, leaving the metal portions to drop and expose the book in the center. Amu saw this and was about to shoot it until the demon fired several fire spirits at her, forcing her to retreat. She flew back before facing it and aiming her gun at them. The gun glowed in a pink light before she pulled the trigger and the same pink lights flew towards the fire spirits and vaporized them. Amu then aimed the gun at the joints of the demon and fired, four well-placed shots, disabling the demon's attack capabilities and movement. And to think it was from four hundred feet away!

She then dropped down to the ground just eighty feet away from the disabled demon that stood in the middle of the road, in front of the library. She cocked the shotgun portion of her gun and said, "I'm not going to die!" she cocked the sliding frame and said, "Evil things like you don't have the right to take lives so freely so…" she cocked the hammer pin back and aimed the gun at the book of the screaming demon, "Go back to where you came from!" her gun suddenly glowed pink and pink lights gathered to the barrel. She shifted her stance to a kneeling side stance so that her right hand, which wielded the weapon, was aimed and perfectly aligned to her target. Her right knee was on the ground while her left leg was bent to keep steady and she placed her left hand on her right arm, just above the elbow to keep the gun from swaying to the left side. She looked to her target with eagle eyes and said, "Demonic heart, lock on!" her gun suddenly stopped charging up energy meaning that it was at maximum strength. She then exclaimed before she pulled the trigger, "Soul…SHOT!" with that, the gun fired a powerful, pink energy blast the size of a minicooper at the stationary demon. Though the kick caused her arm to fly into a ninety-degree angle, the demon car, flew into thousands of pieces with the book, completely vaporized. The only thing that was left of the car, was the steering wheel that flew to the library door and hit it with a 'thud' sound. Dante came out of the library and said, "Someone knocked?" he looked and saw Amu there, by the ground, panting hard and saying, "I did it. It's over."

Ran diffused the transformation and said to Amu as Miki and Su flew to them, "We did it Amu-chan! We beat the demon!" Amu said as she stood up, "We did it, didn't we?" Su then exclaimed, "Amu-chan is safe now that the book is gone." Miki nodded in compliance and Dante picked up his steering wheel and said, "Guess you didn't need my help after all." Amu smiled a little until Dante said, "Now that that's taken cared of, who's gonna pay for my car?" Amu sweatdropped and said, "Gomen." Dante threw the steering wheel aside and said, "Looks like I'll have to walk you home. This just gets better and better."

Amu chuckled a little and said, "It looks like we are back where we started." She suddenly fainted from exhaustion and Dante caught her before she could hit the ground. The white haired man said as he picked her up bridal style, "Falling asleep on stage is not cool. I don't even know where you live!"

Su then exclaimed, "I can show you the way!" but Miki and Ran shot her down saying that last time they really got lost when she showed the way. Dante didn't like this one bit and it was close to morning by now so he took her phone from her pocket but realized that it was dead. So he used a bit of his power and charged up the phone till it reactivated. He looked through the directory until he found an address that was close by.

"Jackpot." He said as he closed the phone and tucked it in her pocket.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jackpot…it was the last word she heard before she woke up in a beautifully crafted bed with the light of morning shining down on her. Amu sat up and looked around to see she was in a rich girl's room complete with TV and a large window to her left. She was confused because this definitely wasn't her room. She then held her head and said, "Was that all a dream? Then, where am I?" she looked at what she was wearing and realized that she was in red pajamas so she looked around for her clothes and saw her Shugo Charas sleeping on top of an open drawer where clothes were stacked neatly. The drawer was on her right so it wasn't hard to find them. She then looked to her left and saw her clothes, neatly piled on the chair closest to the window along with her bag. She went over to her bag with curiosity and looked inside. But what she found was not just her school things. But also, the same revolver from last night before it turned into its Desolator form. She picked up the gun and said as she sweatdropped, "I-it really happened…" but when she inspected the gun, she noticed a piece of paper, sticking out from the barrel. She pulled it out and read it.

Dear Amu,

I don't write a lot so I'll just summarize things for you. Good job on killing that demon and I brought you to the person closest to where we were last night. Can't remember the name but you're in good hands. They don't know a thing so don't tell them anything. And you still owe me a car. Adios gunslinger girl.


Amu thought out loud, "Is he serious about the car? And Closest? Where did he take me to?" she heard a knock on the door so she quickly crumpled the note and placed the gun back in her bag and quickly closed it. And just in time because in came Rima and Kusukusu. And it looked like Rima was ready for school.

"How did you sleep?" Rima asked as Kusukusu went to wake the other three Shugo Charas. Amu replied, "I think I need sleep a little more." She yawned and rubbed her eyes, indicating her exhausted state. Amu's Shugo Charas woke up and greeted her good morning. Rima suddenly was in front of Amu and had a serious face on her. Amu backed up a bit while raising her hands up to her chest. The shorter girl asked Amu without reservation, "Where were you Amu?" Amu replied, "I was at the library." Rima suddenly sharpened her eyes as she said, "Liar." Amu was a little scared of her right now and she had every right to be. Rima went on the offensive and asked, "Who was that guy that brought you here last night? He looked suspicious. What did you do!" Amu sweatdropped knowing she wasn't in a good position right now. She said, "Even if I told you, you wouldn't believe me." Rima looked at Amu with stern but concerned eyes. After all, she is her best friend.

Amu saw the concern and said to Rima, "You don't have to worry about me like that. I'm fine. Nothing happened to me last night." 'AHHH!!! That was the scariest night of my life! I nearly died so many times and saw so many demons! I'm never going back there ever again!'

Rima asked, "Really?" Ran went over to Amu and said, "Yes! We're fine. We're not going to let anything get in the way, right Amu-chan!"

Amu looked at Ran in surprise before Amu half-heartedly said, "Right. You're very optimistic today." Su then went to Amu's side and said, "But now you have to hand in your essay for English today." Amu then crossed her arms and said in a defiant manner, "Who needs that essay anyway? I don't need to waste my time on something that hard."

Miki replied with a smile, "As expected of the Cool and Spicy Amu-chan."

Rima smiled, seeing her old friend back. She decided not to press harder for now and let her be.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Amu was seated by the tea table of the Royal Garden and at the moment, she was comically dead and muttering several words like 'useless' or 'waste of time' and her personal favorite 'all that for nothing'. Tadase said to her, "Aren't you glad that you didn't need to make the essay anyway?"

Nagihiko said to Tadase, "I don't think Amu-chan can hear you right now."

Yaya came in the royal garden and said, "Ohayoo! I have big news for everyone!"

Rima said as she put down the tea she was drinking on top of the table, "What is it?"

Yaya replied, "Instead of the essay writing contest that was held for the English class of each grade, we're going to have a surprise field trip to the library!"

Amu's ears suddenly enlarged when she heard it. When her brain processed everything, she then promptly disappeared from the table and was running out at breakneck speed while screaming, "You can't make me go back there!!!"

And at the same time, a white bus passed by the school and a certain, white haired man in a red trenchcoat sat by one of the window seats and saw Amu running around the school grounds. He smirked and looked at a piece of paper in his hand and thought, 'Now that the book was taken cared off, it's time to go over to the author and find out why there was that gate there in the library' Dante crumpled the paper and threw it out the window as he thought, '…Evangeline Mcdowell…. Looks like I won't be bored again and I'll be able to pay the bills by the end of this job.'


So what'dya think?

Barkeep: Holy Crap! What the hell did you do to that girl? And what's with the all powerful author of darkness HUH?!

Like I said, walking in Dante's shoes—

Barkeep: Don't give me that shit! You outta die for writing that script!

(Dante walks in the bar and sits by the counter.)

Dante: The first screening is done but why did I have to use my car?

Can't afford to buy stunt cars. Way too expensive. Relax, you'll pay the bills soon enough. So was it good?

Dante: You are crazier than me and that's saying something. When is the next shoot?

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