**This is a continuation of the original one-shot which I wrote for the Forbidden Love Affair Contest. Though the one-shot ends after Edward has graduated from medical school, this chapter goes back in time and starts us out at Thanksgiving, just a few months after Edward and Jasper's summer affair ended and Edward returned to school. Please enjoy!

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight and I do not. I'm grateful that she allows the fandom to show our love for her characters through the medium of fan fiction.

Warning: This story includes graphic love scenes between two men. Please don't read if you aren't a fan of slash or the E/J pairing. Or stories about adultery. Or angst. Or Penn State.

TDS Chapter 2: Thanksgiving (November, 2006)

"Christ, Emmett! I knew I shouldn't have listened to you."

"Relax you big pussy. Nobody got electrocuted and your doorbell works perfectly now, just like I promised. Now where's my beer?"

Despite my annoyance with how long it had taken him and the sparks that had flown occasionally during the job, I was grateful that Emmett had been able to fix the bell so I wasn't forced to hire a professional electrician. I was slowly but surely making progress on my home renovation, and it pained me every time I came across a job that I had to pay someone else to take care of for me.

Emmett was able to convince me to let him help because as a licensed contractor I figured he must have some idea what he's doing. It was close there for a while, but after just over an hour of tinkering Emmett had gotten the bell to stop ringing incessantly whenever the button was pushed, and damn was that a relief.

"So, what time do you have to be at your parents'?" I asked as I handed him his payment—an ice cold Michelob.

"I should probably head over there soon. I wanna get a good seat for the showdown."

I laughed at Emmett's characterization of Edward's arrival home later this evening. He was brining his new girlfriend Bella with him to meet his family for the first time, and Emmett was apparently expecting some fireworks.

"Come on, you don't really expect Carlisle to start interrogating the girl the minute she walks in do you?"

"Jasper, man, I know you haven't been around that long, but even you should know by now that Daddy C does not take lightly anything regarding little Eddie. He's never brought anyone home before, and so the fact that Bella's coming here after just a few months has mom and dad in a tizzy that she might be the one. They've gotta make sure she's Cullen material."

"I'm not going to argue with you. I just hope she's still around tomorrow when I get there so I can get a look at her," I told him.

"Yeah, me too. This promises to be the first non-boring Thanksgiving since Alice brought that joker Demitri home three years ago."

I just shrugged since I hadn't been here then and couldn't recall hearing about anyone named Demitri.

"So, what time are you showing up tomorrow, anyway?" Emmett asked, changing the subject. "Mom always makes these little sausage things as an appetizer and they go pretty quickly. I wouldn't want you to miss out," he said with a bit of a glazed look as he remembered the sausages.

"I'll be there by 2. I'm gonna do rounds for your dad's patients as well as my own so that he doesn't have to go in tomorrow. But I'll be sure to be there on time."

Emmett left for dinner at the Cullen home not long after that, and I kept myself busy for the rest of the day with laundry and other chores before finally settling down with a couple of Hitchcock classics on TCM.


The next day as I left the hospital and made my way over to the Cullens' home I couldn't get my mind off of one of Carlisle's patients. She had presented in our office yesterday with chest pains that she said had recurred occasionally over the past few months, but she was getting really worried about it at this point. Even though she was only 20 and likely not at risk for heart problems, Carlisle admitted her to the hospital for a full cardio workup. I'd met her this morning and all her tests had come back fine, but something was just not sitting right with me about it and I wanted to discuss it with Carlisle in person.

When I arrived at the house I could hear raucous laughter as I approached the front steps. The door swung open only seconds after I'd knocked and I was immediately brought into a warm hug by Alice Cullen.

"Jasper! It's so good to see you. You have to come meet Bella. She's really great!" Alice's enthusiasm was infectious and I momentarily forgot about my worry over Carlisle's patient. I allowed her to lead me by the hand into the kitchen where most everyone had congregated.

As we entered the room my eyes went immediately to the lovely brunette who was in the middle of several Cullens. Emmett was by her side, standing over a large metal bowl. When Rosalie, Emmett's wife, spotted me she grinned and crossed the room to stand beside me.

"Emmett's trying to teach Bella here how to crack an egg one-handed. It's the only thing he knows how to do in the kitchen and he's pretty proud of it," she explained.

"Just be thankful he's gotten better at it, Rosalie. Trust me, the summer he first decided to teach himself how to do it wasn't pretty."

My head whipped around at the sound of the voice I hadn't heard face-to-face in over three months. Edward was just coming in behind me and I couldn't help but stare as he appeared freshly showered and all-together much too sexy.

"Jasper," was all he said as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders in a tight hug. I could feel my eyes rolling back as the combination of his voice, his touch, and his scent hit my senses all at once. Standing in the kitchen where we had first met was almost too much for me as my favorite memories of our time together came flooding back.

As he pulled away I felt his warm, minty breath fan across my cheek and the desire to kiss his mouth was powerful. Instead, I stepped back and shoved my hands in my pockets.

"It's really good to see you again Edward. It looks like you're doing well."

He smiled and responded, "You too Jas, you too. It feels good to be home. Have you met Bella yet?"

I shook my head and we both turned to look at her. The egg cracking demonstration was clearly over as Esme had confiscated Emmett's bowl and egg carton, and when Bella looked up and caught Edward's eye she made her way around the counter and toward us.

My heart clenched a little as Edward reached for her hand as she neared and pulled her into his side playfully. I pushed away my sadness at the sight of him with someone else and smiled at Bella. Edward began the introductions.

"Jasper, I'd like you to meet Bella Swan." He squeezed his arm tighter around her as he said her name. "Honey, this is my friend Jasper Whitlock."

Bella lifted her hand and I grasped it in mine. Instead of shaking it like she was expecting, I bowed my head and brought it to my lips. "It's a pleasure, darlin'," I told her just before I kissed her hand. She blushed and Edward chuckled at our interaction.

We chatted for just a few moments about what she was studying at Stanford and also our mutual love of the Southwest—she was raised in Arizona.

It wasn't long, though, before I remembered what I needed to discuss with Carlisle, and after learning from Esme that he was out back getting some firewood I made my way outside to find him. Carlisle was similarly puzzled when I told him of the cardio patient's test results, and we brainstormed several possible diagnoses and new tests to try.

Carlisle wanted to go in right away to start working on our new theories, but I managed to convince him to stay and enjoy the holiday with his family while I covered for him.

The looks on Esme and Alice's faces when I explained that I couldn't stay for dinner almost made me rethink my decision. But honestly, I was relieved to have an excuse to get away. I had been looking forward to spending the holiday with the Cullens—they had made me feel welcome in Forks and always went out of their way to help me as I labored through my house remodeling project. And though I had gone back and forth on the matter, I had eagerly anticipated seeing Edward again.

However, I had not anticipated just how upsetting it would be to see him in a new relationship, and just to have him so close without being able to really feel him again.

When Edward left for school in August the separation had been hard, but I convinced myself that I was doing the right thing by letting him go. I was miserable following his departure, but I soon learned that throwing myself into my work and spending all my free time fixing up the house kept me distracted enough to forget how lonely I was without Edward. Seeing him again and realizing that he had been happy without me in our time apart just opened up the old wound I had managed to keep pretty well-hidden for the past three months.

But, once again, I tried to use my work to cover up the ache I was feeling inside. I returned to the hospital and after checking in on the patient I ordered up a slew of new tests. I ended up doing most of the lab work myself, considering it was Thanksgiving and only one lab tech was on duty.

By 9 o'clock when Carlisle stopped by to check in I was fairly certain that the patient's chest pains weren't related to her heart but were instead being caused by her gallbladder. As I had talked more with the patient throughout the day I noticed that her description of the pains kept changing, which suggested it wasn't her heart but some other ailment causing it. With Carlisle's assistance we managed to confirm through an ultrasound that the gallbladder was in fact infected and the likely cause of the chest pains.

With plans to consult a surgeon first thing the next morning, both Carlisle and I headed home for a good night's rest. But once I was by myself in my house I quickly came down from the high I had felt when I determined the diagnosis. My mind wandered back to Edward and I cringed as I remembered how he had held Bella close and leaned over to kiss the top of her head as she talked animatedly about her thesis topic.

Exhausted, I decided to turn in for the night and headed up the stairs to my bedroom. Once I had stripped to my boxers and laid down, I wasn't even in the mood to jerk off to one of my favorite Edward memories. Thinking about it only made me feel more alone.


It was only 7 a.m. when I was awoken by the doorbell the next morning. I groaned as I stumbled to the dresser and pulled on jeans and a t-shirt before jogging down the stairs and to the door.

When I discovered a wary-looking Edward on my front porch I found our situation oddly reminiscent of the morning last May when he had come to confront me about the attraction between us. However, I didn't hold out any hope that the rest of the day would mimic that day in May when we made love for the first time.

"Hey Edward. What's up? Where's Bella?" I asked as I gestured for him to come inside.

As he shrugged out of his heavy coat and turned to hang it on the hook he explained that Bella had accompanied Esme and Alice Black Friday shopping in Port Angeles.

"Yeah, she's not very big on shopping, but with mom and Alice it's more about competing to see who can sniff out the best deals anyway. Plus, she figured it was a good opportunity to get to know them better since we're only here for a couple of days."

"So, what are you up to today?" I asked.

"Well, those three will be out until tonight, dad's working, and Em and Rose are visiting her family today, so I thought I'd come by and see if maybe we could talk?"

"Sure, Edward," I said as I motioned for him to follow me into the living room. I sat down on one end of the couch, but instead of joining me there he started pacing back and forth in front of me.

Just as I was about to ask him what was wrong he started to speak.

"I wanted to apologize for last night. I just don't want you to think I was rubbing your face in anything or trying to parade my new girlfriend in front of you."

"Edward, you don't have anything to be sorry for. Yes, I've missed you, but I'll be fine as long as I know you're happy."

When he didn't respond right away I continued, "You are happy, right?"

Instead of answering, Edward started running his hands roughly through his hair and tugging at the ends. He stopped his pacing and opened his mouth as if he were going to speak, but then shook his head and snapped his mouth closed again. He huffed and dropped his fists, clenching them briefly, before he resumed his pacing and hair pulling.

Obviously something was wrong, but I knew from our history together that his frustration would quickly turn to anger if I pressed him before he was ready.

I sat nervously and watched him as he worked through what he wanted to say, occasionally muttering softly to himself. After a few more moments he finally stilled again and stared at his feet. Eventually his hands slowly dropped from his hair to lay flat against his sides. His eyes almost looked sad, like he was a little bit lost, and my curiosity finally got the better of me.

"Edward?" I prompted gently.

He looked up at me then, with a look on his face as if he'd almost forgotten I was there.

"Tell me what's wrong, Edward," I said more firmly this time.

"God, Jas," he started, and his hands went back to his hair. "I like Bella so much. I mean, we get along great and we have fun together. She's the perfect girl for me, but there's something missing. Something I can't be truly happy without."

I couldn't take the anticipation any longer. He had beaten around the bush for too long.

"So, what do you want Edward?" I stood up to face him and reached up to yank his hands from his hair and forced him to look at me.

"I'm so fucking confused Jasper." He was nearly yelling now as desperation poured out of him. "All I'm sure of is that I can't end it with her, but last night when we hugged I would have given anything in that moment for us to be alone so I could kiss you."

I was floored. I had done an excellent job of convincing myself that Edward only saw our time together as a summer fling, an experiment. So I wasn't prepared to have him standing in front of me implying that he wasn't happy without me. But before I could even try to process what I thought he was saying, I needed to be sure. This was too important to my own happiness, and apparently to his as well, for us to not be on the same page.

"Edward, are you saying that you're not happy without me? The way we were over the summer?"

He gave one sharp nod in response, still not able to say the words out loud.

I was immediately tempted to give in to what he was trying to ask of me, but I didn't want to be some guy he fucks on the side either.

"Edward, I don't even… Are you really asking me… I don't know if…"

Edward put an end to my sputtering by fisting one hand in the collar of my t-shirt and the other in my hair and pulling my face to his. The kiss was pure urgency. It was three months of misery and not being able to stand it any longer. It was lips and tongues and just us, finally being ourselves together. For that moment the joyous warmth I always felt whenever Edward was in my arms flowed through me once again.

Only when Edward pulled away to suck on the corner of my jaw was I able to start thinking rationally again. The warmth from the kiss stood no chance as it crashed into the feelings of uncertainty and guilt that were quickly rising up in me. I realized he was giving a part of himself back to me, even though I knew in my heart that it was wrong for me to accept it.

I stepped back so I could make myself clear to him and he tried to grab me again. He stopped though when I held up a hand to stop him and he waited to hear me speak.

"Edward, you are not the type of man who cheats. And I sure as hell am not 'the other man' who ruins people's relationships. I don't want that to be who we are… But I'm just too fucking miserable without you to care about that. If you want me like you seem to, then I'm yours. I always have been. Is that what you want Edward?"

"Yes. I want you Jasper. Please, I want you," he whispered. It was impossible to doubt his sincerity in that moment, as he watched me with watery eyes, silently pleading with me to believe him.

I let him step forward then and kiss me again, but this kiss was less urgency and more relief. After a few moments I pulled back and tugged on his belt loop in an unspoken request for him to follow me. I led him up the stairs and down the hall to my bedroom.

Once inside, he claimed my lips in another passionate kiss and then moaned against my mouth as I pushed my hands under the hem of his hooded sweatshirt and ran them up and down his stomach. In response, he grabbed my t–shirt and pulled it roughly off of me before shedding his hoodie. I reached for him again and pressed against him until his back met the door with a soft thud.

I kissed up and down his throat until I reached his ear. "Is this what you want Edward? Is it?" I asked him as I pressed my erection into his.

"Yes, I want you. Now," he panted breathlessly. Then he pushed himself off the door and started walking me backward toward the bed while he fumbled with the button on my jeans. I helped him out by unzipping myself and pushing my pants and my boxers down and off my legs while he quickly stripped out of his own.

I grabbed him then and pushed him down onto the bed flat on his back. I stood for another moment to admire his perfect body—the body that was finally mine again, at least for now.

Edward held his hand out to me but I shook my head and instead climbed onto the bed down by his feet before slowly crawling up his body, stopping to place kisses on all of my favorite parts. I was nuzzling my cheek along his stomach when I paused to look up into his eyes.

"I love your body, Edward. You're so beautiful."

"So are you my Jasper. Now, come here."

I let him pull my face to his and leaned down so that our tongues could express just how much we had missed being together like this. Edward ran his hands down my back until he reached my buttocks, which he squeezed roughly and used to pull my lower body down against his. I pulled my mouth away from his and let out a groan and he smiled lazily up at me.

"So, Edward," I began seriously. "Now that I have to share you, I think I should make it clear to you that that's it. No one else. If you so much as touch anyone else we're through."

"No one else," Edward repeated back, just as seriously.

"Hmm," I responded as I lifted my pelvis from his and hovered over him. I raised myself to my knees which were planted on either side of his hips and sat back on my ankles. "Bella gets to have so much of you. She gets to kiss you in public, tell people that you're hers. She even gets this," I said as I took his cock in my hand grab, "whenever she wants it."

He moaned loudly as I pumped him twice from base to tip and back.

"I need a part of you that's just mine, no one else's." I let go of him and tugged on his hip until he rolled over onto his stomach for me. I reached down and kneaded his firm ass cheeks.

"I am the only man who will ever get to touch you like this, Edward. Be with you like this."

Edward only nodded and moaned softly in response.

I leaned over so he could hear me better and whispered, "On your knees baby."

While he resituated himself in his new position I reached over into the bedside table to retrieve some lube and one of the unused condoms we had left over from the summer. I hadn't been with anyone else since I met Edward.

I could hear Edward's heaving breaths as I ripped open the condom wrapper and rolled it onto my aching dick. I covered it in lube and then added some to my fingers. I went back to kneading his ass with my left hand while I gently entered him with one finger from my right hand.

I raised the volume of my voice so he could hear me over his moaning as I worked to gently stretch him. "I'm the only one who gets to take you like this, baby. Only me."

When I sensed he was ready I gripped his hips with both hands and pressed my cock to his entrance. As I slowly entered him I could have cried for how heavenly it felt to be inside him again. Never in my life had I ever felt as connected to a person as I did when I was making love to Edward.

"Christ, Edward. Just… fuck! You feel so goddamn good. So fucking perfect," I nearly shouted as I moved in and out of him.

I could hear Edward softly saying my name over and over, almost like a prayer. I moved one hand from his hip to the bed to support myself as I leaned down to kiss his back and then his neck.

I raised myself back up to my knees and began thrusting harder and faster. I knew I wouldn't last very long this time—I was way too emotionally charged.

Edward lowered himself to rest his upper body weight on his forearms and pressed his face into the mattress. The new angle sent my mind reeling, and I reached a hand around to stroke him while my thrusts became more and more erratic.

"Fuck, baby," I called out. "Almost there! Come with me Edward. Come with me now."

Edward obeyed my command and emptied himself onto the top sheet that was bunched up beneath him. I let go of his softening erection and placed my hand back on his hip as I gave three more thrusts before I came with a groan.

I remained inside him and wrapped my arms around his waist as I leaned down to press my forehead to his back. Once my breathing had slowed I pulled out and helped Edward to pull down the soiled top sheet so that he could lower his tired body the rest of the way down onto the bed. I disposed of the condom and then flopped down on my back next to him.

After a moment of watching him lay there with his eyes closed and a small smile on his lips I rolled toward him on my side and leaned down to gently kiss him. Then I worked my bottom arm under his head to serve as a pillow of sorts and reached the other hand up to run through his hair and massage his scalp.

Edward kept his eyes closed but rolled onto his side to face me and then scooted himself closer until our bodies were pressed together. He threw one leg over my hip and buried his face into my shoulder. After just a few moments I could tell that he had fallen asleep. I brushed back his hair that was damp from sweat so that I could have an unobstructed view of his beautiful, sleeping face.

Watching him look so peaceful, I let myself relax into my own contentment. I allowed the thumping of Edward's heartbeat to drown out the nagging sensation that kept trying to break though—the one that said that the peace I had once again found with him couldn't possibly last. Instead I focused on how his presence made me feel complete and washed out the longing I had suffered during his absence.

After leaning in to press one final kiss to his forehead, I allowed myself to slowly drift off to sleep as well.


I woke up several hours later to the sound of Edward moaning and grinding his hips into mine. I could feel his arm around me and knew that we were in the same position we'd been in when we fell asleep. When I opened my eyes I found that he wasn't yet awake, and apparently he was having quite a dream. I rubbed his back firmly to wake him up, and when he finally roused and opened his eyes he looked so content and tranquil that I was a little awed. He leaned up and nuzzled his nose against mine before lowering his lips to mine in a slow, sweet kiss.

When we pulled apart I paused, hating to disrupt the mood, but knowing that we needed to talk about a few things before we did anything else. For all of the time we had spent together last summer, we never really sat down and discussed what we were to each other. We simply reveled in the time we had and the excitement of our secret. The only mutual understanding between us was that we were having fun and no one could find out. But when he left in August and I found myself alone, I felt lower than I had at any other time in my life—even those few months following my divorce.

I couldn't just walk right back into a situation that would very likely leave me feeling that same pain all over again. We both needed to understand the other's expectations so neither of us would feel blindsided by the other in the future.

"Edward, I think we should talk."

He sighed and rolled over onto his back. "I know we do Jas. Why don't you start by telling me what's on your mind."

"Well, I guess I just want us to define what this is, what we are to each other. It was really pretty awful being apart from you Edward, but I can't jump right back into this with you if I'm just going to be some guy you come to when you need to get off."

Judging from the look of angry disbelief on Edward's face I probably could have made my point in a way that was a little more polite.

"Jasper, you know that's not what you are to me. I can't say that I have ever really understood this thing that goes on between us, but above everything you are my friend. And I never want to disrespect you or make you feel like you aren't an important part of my life."

He turned back on his side to face me and softly ran his hand through my hair as he continued, "Like I told you earlier, I wasn't happy being apart from you either. And I, for the most part, have tried to fight that feeling, because it seems like I should be happy with my life. But having you here like this, being able to hold you again, makes it clear to me: I need you in my life if I'm going to have any chance of being okay."

His admission wasn't anything close to a declaration of love, but it made my heart soar all the same because I felt the same way about him. No matter what our relationship became over time, as long as we could still talk and see one another regularly, I would never be as miserable as I was for the few months he had been gone.

I smiled at him and pressed my lips to his briefly to show him that I understood what he was telling me and I that felt the same way.

"Now," he continued, "obviously we haven't covered everything, but do you feel better?"

When I nodded he grinned at me in response and pushed against me until I rolled onto my back. He moved to hover over me and when I tried to reach up to kiss his lips he shook his head and pushed me down again.

"You had your turn with me earlier," he said. "Now I want my chance to do as I please."

In response to his pointed glare, I grudgingly gave in and settled back down on the pillow. He started by running his lips lightly from my temple down to my ear, and then back and forth across my jaw. I had started to squirm by the time he had made his way down my throat and began lightly nipping at the skin over my collarbone. He moved his hands to my shoulders to hold me still and frowned down at me.

"Be still," he scolded. "Just let me do this. Just let me…" he trailed off.

Though it was difficult and at times I had to fist my hands in my hair to keep from pulling him up to me, I remained still and let him continue at his own pace. I was experiencing an odd sense of role reversal since Edward was usually the impatient one who would pout and whine about me teasing while I savored his body. However, this time he was clearly engrossed in his exploration of my skin with his mouth and hands and had no intention of altering his plans just to suit me.

My struggle didn't get any easier and I moaned as he licked each nipple and then blew cool air across them. When he pressed his forehead to my chest and then dragged it slowly down my torso until he reached my belly my breathing quickened in anticipation of him soon arriving at my ready cock. But instead of moving there next he dipped his tongue in my belly button before moving over to suck and bite at my right hip bone, then my left, which prompted me to call out, "Edward!"

If my plea penetrated his consciousness he didn't let it show, simply continuing on in his rediscovery of my naked form.

I whimpered when he brushed his lips lightly over my length but instead of taking me into his mouth he simply continued on to my thigh, leaving open-mouthed kisses down my leg. I hoped the torture was over when he finally reached my ankle, but instead he started to pull me over onto my stomach while resuming his quiet mantra of "Just let me…"

He started over with his lips at the back of my neck, moving next to my shoulder blades, and I shivered as he drew circles up and down my sides with his fingertips. He traced my spine with his warm tongue and sighed when he reached my tailbone.

He raised himself to hover over me and I allowed him to tug me by my hip until I was resting on my side again. After another moment he pressed his chest against my back and trailed kisses from the nape of my neck over to my shoulder, where he stopped to rest his chin.

"Jasper," he whispered, "I'm going to make you mine. Say that you're mine."

"Yours," I whispered back.

I felt Edward's top leg nudge mine forward until it rested, with the knee bent, on the bed, and then slick fingers pressed into me. I turned my face into the pillow and groaned at the sensation I hadn't felt for many months.

Soon he pulled back and I felt his rigid cock slide once, then twice, across my entrance, before he slowly moved into me. We both moaned as our connection was renewed, and though there was some initial discomfort as he slid his length fully into me, I internally rejoiced at the pleasure of having him in my bed and being filled by him again.

As he lay still, giving me a few moments to adjust, he sucked softly on my neck and earlobe and ran his hand up and down my throbbing erection. He kept his hand moving against me as he began to slowly thrust. He set an almost maddeningly slow pace inside of me that was matched by his hand as well as his breath against my ear.

As I tried to hold off my climax I focused on his voice as he called me "My Jasper" over and over, and occasionally punctuated it with a resolute "Mine."

Soon his harsh breathing overcame his ability to speak, and he quickened his pace. His hand got faster as well, and after a moment or two I gave in and allowed my orgasm to wash over me. He moved his hand to press it against my stomach and I felt his forehead firmly against my shoulder as he moaned my name while he found his own climax.


After another nap and a hot shower, we spent the rest of the day lounging around catching up on one another's lives. We were able to laugh again the way we did over the summer and it wasn't until Edward's cell phone rang late in the afternoon that we allowed the outside world to pierce our bubble of joy and relief at being together again.

After Bella called to let him know that they were on their way back from Port Angeles I watched as he tied his shoes and shrugged his arms back into his coat. At the door he cupped my neck with one hand while he gave me a long kiss. After he pulled away he rubbed his thumb across my cheek and pushed my hair behind my ear before turning the knob and stepping outside. With one final reminder about my promise to spend the next day at the Cullen home for a college football marathon he was gone.

This time, as I watched his car pull away, I was slightly giddy and I felt renewed. While I could have allowed my nagging guilt to rise up and consume my newfound contentment, I chose instead to focus only on the fact that Edward was back in my life and he wanted me just as I had wanted him for all those months.


Football at the Cullens', it turned out, was quite a production. Everyone other than Carlisle, who was working all day, was geared up for a full day of cheering, talking smack, and binge eating. Emmett had warned me several days earlier to come sporting my favorite team's colors, so I showed up in my most comfortable navy blue track pants and a white, long-sleeved polo.

I couldn't hold back the growl that escaped when the front door flew open to reveal Rosalie in Ohio State's red and white.

"You better be joking, Rose. I thought you were cool."

She laughed at my solemn expression and ragged on my team while ushering me into the house.

"Penn State, Jasper? You might as well have Joe Paterno himself out there as QB today! You're not seriously hoping you'll win are you?"

Just then Emmett bounded down the stairs and greeted me with a nod before wrapping his arm around his wife's shoulders and coming to my defense. "Sorry honey, but I'm gonna have to go with Jasper on this one. His Nittany Lions are still undefeated and it looks like they'll actually have a chance this year."

When I caught the look on Rosalie's face as she turned to respond to him, I decided to excuse myself from the argument before it escalated any further. I found Esme and Bella setting up a lavish buffet on the dining room table and after a quick "hello" I wandered into the family room where Alice and Edward were already camped out on the couches watching some of the pre-game coverage.

I ruffled Alice's hair as I sat down next to her and after batting my hand away in mock irritation she kissed me on the cheek.

"Hey Jasper," she said. "I guess we know who you're rooting for today. Is that where you went to college?"

"All four years. And I loved every second of it."

"Jasper was born a Nittany Lion, Alice," Edward chimed in. "He even kind of resembles a mountain lion, don't you think? With all that blonde hair he's got?"

Alice giggled when he winked at her, and instead of teasing me further the two of them resumed the discussion they were having on their predictions for the day's games. Alice was eager for the USC game that was slated for later in the afternoon because she had a class with one of the senior runningbacks, and according to her he was "the most gorgeous thing" she'd ever seen.

I waggled my eyebrows at her and questioned whether he had asked her out yet, but all I got in response was grumbling about a "skanky ho" and something about pulling someone's hair.

Despite our 10-year age difference, Alice and I had developed a tentative friendship. Like Edward she was attending school out-of-state, so we hadn't had too many opportunities to spend time together, but from the interactions we'd had during the summer I had grown fond of her in a very familial way. In the few times we'd hung out she had always seemed to breathe fresh air into my quiet and somewhat introverted life. It was easy to see that she adored Edward, and out of all of his family members I sensed she was the one who would accept him no matter how he chose to live his life, or with whom.

Bella and the rest of the Cullens joined us soon after for the start of the first game and I focused my attention on nothing but my boys in blue. By halftime I was smug and Rosalie was sulking when the Buckeyes had yet to put up any points against our 21. Most everyone else got up to stretch their legs and fill their plates, and soon only Bella and I were still in the room.

I must have been successful at hiding my anxiety over being alone with her, because she seemed comfortable enough to come over and sit down next to me.

"So Jasper, we really didn't get to talk much yesterday, but I feel like I already know so much about you. Edward talks about you all the time," she said shyly.

I was a little surprised to hear how often Edward spoke about me to her, especially after what he'd admitted to me yesterday, but it pleased me nonetheless.

I smiled warmly and forced myself to relax. When I noticed that she was wearing a red sweater and asked if she was an Ohio State fan she just laughed in response.

"God no! I really don't know much about football, and I definitely don't have a favorite team. Rosalie suggested I should wear this today, and I didn't realize at the time that I would be signaling some kind of preference over teams."

I chuckled at her honesty and she blushed and looked down at her hands in her lap. I thought maybe I'd embarrassed her, so I quickly changed the subject and asked about her plans for Stanford's upcoming winter break. That led to another discussion about her hometown of Phoenix, and I learned that Edward would be accompanying her there for the first couple of days before Christmas, and then after he flew home to Forks she would spend the remainder of her time off there with her parents.

By the time the others trickled back in we hadn't thought of much more to talk about, so I was relieved at the interruption. She seemed sweet but reserved, and not being a very outgoing person myself it was a little difficult to get any real conversation going.

Soon after the second half of the game began it became clear that the Buckeyes would not be overcoming their earlier struggles, and I was able to relax a little and observe the others in the room. Rosalie and Emmett were still engrossed in the game—Rosalie obviously hoping for some sort of miraculous comeback. And it appeared Emmett had learned his lesson earlier and was cheering her team on as well. Esme and Alice sat together on the loveseat and neither one seemed overly interested in the game; they were passing a crossword puzzle back and forth as they attempted to solve it together.

After halftime ended Edward had joined Bella and I on the couch and he was gently explaining the game to her as it went along. She frequently whispered questions to him when she didn't understand, but she did seem to be quite fond of Penn State's longtime coach Joe Paterno, with his tiny stature, thick eyeglasses, and ankle-high pant legs.

Even with Edward she seemed a little shy, but I figured that was just because she was outnumbered by his friends and family and we were all still pretty new to her. I tried to keep my eyes on the television screen so it wouldn't become obvious that I was watching them, but I couldn't help but be fascinated by their interactions. I wanted to figure out their relationship so I could understand my own relationship with Edward better.

As the game began to wind down I asked Edward how he had liked his classes over the past semester, and the conversation soon turned to his expectations for the spring term.

"Your dad was telling me about some of your options for seminars you might take in the spring. Have you made a final decision yet?" I asked.

He shook his head and leaned forward with his elbows on his knees as he answered me. "No. There are two that both sound very interesting, but unfortunately they conflict. And then there's another one I've been thinking about signing up for but it's being taught during the same time that I usually schedule to serve office hours for the professor I do research for."

"When do you have to submit your final registration paperwork?"

"Monday," he groaned out as he scrubbed his hands against his face in frustration. "Do you think maybe you could take a look at the materials and give me your opinion on it?"

"No problem. I remember what a pain in the ass that stuff always was."

"Honey," Esme directed at her son, "why don't you and Jasper use your father's study to figure this out. Surely it would help if you had some peace and quiet so you can think?"

Edward readily agreed and since the game had finally ended we all got up to take our empty dishes to the kitchen. While Edward and I prepared to head up to the second floor office Esme packed a cooler of food to take to Carlisle at the hospital. The others bundled up in their coats before heading out to the standalone garage that stood in the Cullens' massive backyard so that Rose and Emmett could show off the progress they'd made on the classic car they were restoring together.

I made my way up to Carlisle's office and Edward followed behind me carrying his messenger bag full of his school materials. Once inside I crossed the room and settled into the inviting looking leather couch. After closing the door behind us Edward stopped to switch on the stereo that nestled amidst a row of books on one of Carlisle's built-in bookcases.

When he turned to me he shot me a devious grin and stalked toward me. I watched apprehensively as he dropped his bag at my feet and climbed up to straddle my lap. His hands immediately went to my hair and he pulled my head back forcefully until it was pressed against the back of the couch, and then he leaned down to kiss me eagerly. My adrenaline soared at the combination of my panic of being discovered and my elation at kissing him again.

I weakly tried to push him away so I could remind him about his family's presence just outside, but he resisted and just pressed his mouth even harder against mine.

Finally he relented and pulled away when my breathing became so ragged that he could no longer deny me air. I shuddered when he drew his tongue from the base of my throat up to the edge of my jaw and I briefly forgot what I wanted to tell him.

"Edward, we can't do this h—" I started to say but cut myself off with a moan when he slipped his hands inside my shirt and bit at the sensitive skin just behind my earlobe. He knew that drove me crazy.

He moved his mouth back to mine and kissed me deeply before whispering, "Yes we can. I locked the door and we'll be quiet. I can't wait any longer."

With that he slipped his tongue back into my mouth and I finally gave in completely. I grabbed his hips to pull him closer to me and wrapped my tongue around his. Nothing made me feel as content as the feel of his soft lips and warm skin pressing against me.

I pulled away to nibble on Edward's stubbly skin over the point where his jaw bone ended just below his ear. I could feel his hard length pressing into my stomach, mirroring my own desperate need for him. He pulled back to look at me and grinned before leaning down to my ear and whispering, "Did I ever tell you that the mountain lion is my favorite animal?"

I shivered as his breath tickled my skin and smiled as I remembered how earlier he had mentioned my resemblance to the dangerous feline.

Edward shifted and then lowered himself off the couch until he was kneeling on the floor in front of me. He moved my knees apart so he could settle himself between my legs and then tugged on my hips to get me to move forward a couple inches. When I was in the position he wanted he snuck his fingers under the elastic waistband of my pants. My eyelids were heavy and my breathing strained as I watched him slowly lower the pants and my boxers just enough to free my erection.

By the time he lowered his head to swipe his tongue over the head of my penis I was sucking in huge gasps of air. I hissed as he licked softly down my length before taking me into his warm, wet mouth. I stifled a groan and clenched my eyes shut as I dropped my head back to rest on the couch again. There was no way I could watch as he did that to me—just the thought of Edward's lips sliding over my shaft was almost enough to make me come.

Trying to keep quiet as he pleasured me with his mouth was almost as difficult as it had been to keep my hands off him as he had demanded the night before. But, on the other hand, having something else to focus on allowed me to last longer than I thought I would be able to when he'd first started.

I allowed my hands to travel from his shoulders up into his hair, but instead of using it as leverage to control his movements I simply pressed my fingertips into his scalp and rubbed them back and forth. He moaned at the sensation and I whimpered as the vibrations of his voice traveled up my cock.

As he continued to slide fluidly up and down my length he moved one hand from my thigh to gently stroke my balls and it was at this point that I knew I wouldn't hold out much longer. I finally allowed myself to take another look, and the moment my eyes found him peeking up at me through his lashes I was finished. I grabbed the throw pillow laying beside me and pressed it to my face just in time to silence my cries as I spilled into Edward's mouth.

I held the pillow over my face while Edward licked me clean and only moved it when I felt him reach up and tug at my hand. When I finally looked down at him he had a smug smile on his face and I couldn't help but smile lazily back at him. He pulled my waistband up to cover me once again and then climbed back into my lap to give me a long, deep kiss.

When we pulled apart I reached up to kiss him softly on the temple before smiling wickedly up at him. He looked quizzically down at me for just a second before I shifted abruptly and pushed him down until he fell to his back on the couch. I rearranged myself until I was kneeling between his legs on one of the cushions and then leaned forward to undo his pants, revealing his own straining erection.

I pushed his t-shirt up a little bit so that I could press my face to his abdomen and then kissed each of his hipbones before I lowered my mouth over him. I moved up and down his length for a few strokes before my eyes drifted up to his face, and I could have chuckled when I saw that he had the same pillow I'd used only moments earlier pressed tightly over his mouth.

As I worked my mouth, tongue, and hand in a smooth rhythm I could sense Edward getting closer and closer to his climax. At some point he had bent his knees so that he could use his feet as leverage in order to thrust his hips up in time with my movements, and when he paused suddenly at the peak of one thrust I knew that he had reached orgasm. As he finally let his hips fall back to the cushion I worked quickly to clean him up and tuck him back into his pants.

He tossed the pillow aside and when I crawled up his body to lay flush against him I found the most blissful look on his handsome face. I snuggled into the crook of his neck and he wrapped his arms tightly around me as we laid together in total fulfillment for a moment.

Finally, when I didn't think we should risk staying there much longer, I broke the silence.

"So, do you really need help with your schedule?"

Edward just chuckled and pinched my side before pushing me up and lifting himself off the couch.


We made it back downstairs just as the others were coming back inside, their cheeks flushed from the late November chill. We all joined Alice back in the family room for the USC game as she sat wide-eyed and bouncing, hoping for a close-up on her attractive classmate. The game hadn't moved too far into the first quarter when Esme returned from her errand reporting that Carlisle said hello and was jealous over missing out on the festivities.

Conversation was easy and plentiful for the rest of the afternoon. At one point Emmett engaged me in a conversation about what room I planned to tackle next in my remodeling project. I was anxious to get started on finishing the basement, but he advised me to work on something else and save that project for the summer when I would welcome the chance to work in the cool basement during the long, hot days. He made a lot of sense, and we were soon deep into a discussion on the merits of Spanish tile versus solid granite countertops for the kitchen.

When Emmett and Rosalie got up to leave around 8 o'cock I figured it was time for me to head home as well. I thanked Esme for her wonderful hospitality and winked at Alice as I wished her luck wooing the handsome runningback.

I wouldn't see Edward and Bella again before they returned to San Francisco since they were leaving on an early flight the next day. So, though I wished I could do more, I simply gave Edward a friendly hug goodbye and kissed Bella on the cheek before I made my way out to my car.

I didn't like having to say goodbye to him, but it was easier to drive away now that he was mine again, and I would get to see him in just three short weeks. Just as I pulled into my driveway my phone buzzed from the car's center console. I grabbed it and found that I had a text message from Edward. When I flipped the phone open, it simply read, "I'll see you soon. –E"


It turns out that I did see him soon, though much sooner than I had anticipated.

The next morning I once again found him on my doorstep, but this time he sported a breathtaking smile. I couldn't help but grin back at him, even though I was thoroughly confused to see him.

As I closed the door behind him I could see his rental car still idling in the driveway, and I figured Bella was there waiting for him. Without saying a word he waited until I was out of view of the window and then cupped his hand to the back of my head, pulling me in for a kiss. As his tongue caressed mine all thoughts of things happening outside the tiny foyer in which we stood flew from my mind.

I struggled to memorize every swipe of his tongue, nip of his teeth, and the softness of his full lips. I catalogued all of the emotions that filled me during our embrace, and I concentrated on determining the precise rhythmic beat of Edward's heart as it thumped against the hand I had pressed to his chest. I did all of this so that once he was gone, and until he returned, I would be able to relive this moment whenever I needed him.

Our kiss soon slowed and as the world around us began to come back to life I gazed into his eyes to commit to memory the deep green and the honest affection I found there.

He smirked at me as he reached into his coat pocket and drew out his dark gray stocking cap. Holding it up for me to see, he winked and answered the question I'd forgotten I had when he first arrived, "I forgot my hat, so we had to stop by so I could look for it."

He joined me as I chuckled at his scheming, but our mood quickly turned somber when he reached up to rub his thumb over my lips.

"I'll miss you Jas. But it'll be Christmas soon and I'll be back."

I nodded in response, and reached my hands out to wrap around his waist and pull him closer to me. He leaned his forehead against mine and sighed as we each savored our last moment together.

Finally he pressed his lips to mine once more and moved to open the front door. Just before he walked out he turned to me and smiled.

"Wait for me."

I nodded again. "I'll be right here."



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