So this is the long awaited for last chapter of Uncle Jack.
Apologise again for the delay. And cause I'm not that good at writing weddings.
I hope you enjoy this chapter.
Thank you.

Later that night the Doctor was wrapped around a peacefully sleeping Rose, his hands lightly caressing her stomach.
The day wasn't that bad, at least he has Jack's company while doing repairs on the TARDIS. Jackie had actually been happy to see him and tearfully thanked him for making it possible for them to video call, but the new of the news had taken her attention and Rose kicked him out so she could discuss her dress and the flowers with her mum.
They decided not to tell Rose's family about the baby until after they were married.
The Doctor drifted off, content.
One day down, two to go.

Those two days flew by faster than the Time Lord thought possible.
The Doctor tested his new configuration by landing the TARDIS on a small grass-like covered planet for a picnic and a day out.

And the next day, the day before the weeding, was of course hi-jacked by Donna and Jackie (who had called at a suspiciously convenient time).

Jack had to put up with a grumpy Time Lord as the TARDIS flat out refused to allow him to sleep in the same room as Rose that night.
The Ship was having rather a lot of fun with all the silly human traditions.

The Doctor and Jack stood in the middle of the TARDIS garden under a tree with silver leaves.
The ship had gone all out making a pathway through rose vines with white roses randomly positioned throughout.

Jacaranda tree in the distance making a nice purple background.
Gallifreyan trees on either side of the alter, framing a still pond just behind it.
The ground was covered with a thick, soft, red grass (also from Gallifrey) which made a nice contrast to the Doctor's black tux, well it did according to Jack.
The TARDIS had set up a holographic projector for the special occasion at the side of the aisle, just before the alter so that Jackie, Pete, Mickey and Jake could watch and be seen clearly.
The whole set-up was beautiful, and perfectly matched to the bride.
Donna and Jess stood up from their seats (opposite the side Rose' families' holographic projections were on) as the traditional piano musical started.

Rose was an absolute vision in white. Her Bouquet was white roses framed by the purple flowers of the Jacaranda tree.
Her hair was curled and pinned back at the front by a band of silver leaves from which a fine veil fell.
Rose's dress was strapless and simple. It fitted at the bodice and simply fell gracefully from the waist with a small train. There were faint light blue swirling patterns on the right side of the bodice from breast to waist.

The Doctor was of course speechless, so were Pete, Mickey and Jake, as they had yet to see the dress as well and it was just so elegant on Rose.
When she finally made it to the alter she turned to the Doctor and the smile on her face became a bit cheeky as she leaned toward him and gently closed his mouth.

The ceremony was short, as neither had a religion and really didn't want to drag it out, specially with Rose's pregnancy making her feel a little tired already.
Jack did his bit then Rose got to say her vows.

"Doctor, you have given me all of time and space, taken me to the stars and beyond. I could never have dreamed of half the things you have shown me. I never could have dreamed that I could love someone so completely. I have learnt a lot of things from you on our travels, but the most important thing I've learnt is that I live for you, whether you can offer me the stars, strange planets and distant times or not I am here for you and I will never leave. You are what I want and what my heart needs, with you by my side I can achieve anything and be content with nothing. And whatever happens in the future I am here to stay, no matter what face you wear I will always love you."

The Doctor was overwhelmed and slightly nervous as he hadn't prepared quite as much but even so he knew what he wanted to say and what he had to say.

"Usually I can talk forever but for my vows I can think of nothing more to say but I Love you. My hearts are forever lost to me for you have stolen them. You are so beautiful and smart and funny and... and now you're mine. My Rose. And I always have been, and always will be, yours."

Jack gave the couple enough time to exchange rings then pronounced them man and wife.
The Doctor and Rose shared a sweet kiss and as they parted he reached down to whisper in her ear "Run!" and holding hands they ran together back down the aisle grinning like maniacs, Rose throwing the bouquet over her head as they disappeared into the TARDIS leaving their wedding guests behind.

"Aren't they just perfect together?"
Donna spoke softly but in the silence they all heard her. Jack approached and put his arm lightly around her.
"What about the reception? Food and drinks and dancing?"

Jackie seemed to have woken from her tearful state and was slightly put out by the change of events.

"Well they never were a conventional couple," Jack stated, shrugging, to which Mickey and Donna both agreed, nodding their heads until they caught sight of the look on Jackie's face.

"Don't worry Jacks, I'm sure they'll be back soon, probably gone to get changed or something, Rose wouldn't leave it at that. I'm sure she's dying to talk to you about it. Just wait a bit hmm?"

Pete to the rescue and just in time too as Jackie looked like she was ready to bite someone's head off.

"You're right, Rose never was one to follow the rules and with the Doctor, well, can't expect them to do everything traditionally. I'm sure the TARDIS will organise a room or something soon for dancing and food, Rose wouldn't let his nibs get away without at least the traditional first dance. So I guess in the mean time we can just sit, wait and enjoy the garden. I may have been a short ceremony but it was beautiful. Did expect him to say a bit more, I mean for someone who usually can't stop babbling on and on he really didn't say much."

Jackie promptly sat down and started a discussion about everything that had happened that day.

Rose and The Doctor did return. The Doctor in his familiar brown suit and Rose in her favourite jeans and shirt.
The Doctor poked his head around the corner and shouted "Oi! Come on, the party's over here."

The Tardis led the confused wedding guests to a ballroom where Rose and The Doctor were dancing and smiling, lost in their own little world, enjoying their first dance as man and wife.

Jack threw a grin at Donna before sweeping her up into a waltz to which Donna shrugged and allowed the immortal to lead.
Jackie, Pete, Mickey and Jake, wary of staying within the limits of their camera so the Tardis could properly project them, grabbed some chairs and sat to watch, Jackie taking pictures every five seconds.

As the song ended everyone stood to clap the happy couple, Jackie making a breif complaint about their choice of clothes to which Mickey and Jack both shared an amused look, and Jess took the stage.
"I wrote this song for The Doctor and Rose, it's called Love Story." (Taylor Swift - Love Story)

The Tardis played the music and Jess sang while The Doctor twirled Rose around the dance floor.
The guests sat and listened to the lyrics, exchanging smiles and nods of agreement.
The Newly weds both thanked Jess for the song and then Donna took control and the rest of the night was spent laughing, dancing and remembering. Rose thought it was the best day of her life, so did The Doctor.