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WARNINGS This is fic is all about sex. Not only is it all sex, it's sex between males, three of them, there is no female in the sexing involved. So once again for all those who can't read or only read things that stand out SEXY SLASH SEXING! Threesomes and kinkiness and everything smut-tastic



The sun was starting its decent on a balmy Thursday when all the Weasley's plus one gathered in the misshapen house called the Burrow. Decorations were charmed and hung, casting color all across the house's living room, banners proclaiming joy for a seventeenth birthday hung from the ceiling, and magnificently wrapped presents were hidden up in the youngest sons room, waiting for their intended. All that was missing from the wondrous birthday scene was the one it was for. One Harry James Potter.

The red-headed family and their guest jumped as a powerful knock came from the front door. With a shared look Molly Weasley, the mother in the family, hurried to the door where they knew Remus Lupin would be with the birthday boy, and the rest of the family pulled out extendable ears to listen in.

"Remus, Harry." The monarch of the family could be heard cheerfully greeting the two behind the door as soon as she opened it.

"Hello Molly," there was a ruffle of clothing as the two adults hugged. "Sorry we're late, I took Harry put for lunch and we got mobbed while there."

"People these days." The motherly woman huffed. "But stop standing outside, come in, come in."

"Sorry Molly," Remus said apologetically. "I have things to do, I'm just dropping Harry off."

There was a soft "Bye Remus." before a loud pop.

"Well, never mind him then. Come in Harry dear." Those in waiting room heard movement before the door closing. "Just leave you stuff here dear, I'll have someone take it up later."

"It's okay Mrs. Weasley, I can take it up." the same quiet voice said.

"Nonsense. Now come, let's get you comfortable."

The waiting family and Hermione Granger quickly put the ears away and gathered around the entrance to the room. When the Weasley monarch lead the young man into the waiters sight, they yelled out "Surprise!" causing him to jump and whip out his wand. Two of the family, twins, skipped over and snatched the wand from his grasp. With identical grins they looped their arms with Harry's and dragged him further into the room. The children gathered around Harry while the parents smiled and left for different rooms. They both came back shortly to see their children exactly as they left them, gathered around the birthday boy talking excitedly. A throat was cleared and the group turned to the adults. Mrs. Weasley was directing a large cake floating towards a table and Mr Weasley had a pile of presents floating behind him. The Weasley children cheered and rushed to the cake causing Harry and Hermione to laugh.

Mrs Weasley bustled over to Harry and gave him a hug while wishing him happy birthday before bustling right back out of the room. Mr Weasley gave him a nod before following his wife. Next Ginny came up. "I'm going to Luna's, but have a happy birthday." She said loud enough for her parents to hear. "Not that I'll be there long." She told Harry quietly with a wink. Harry burst out laughing, guessing correctly that Ginny had a new boyfriend to see.

"They aren't staying?" Harry looked around at the others confused, he didn't think Ginny needed an escort to Luna's.

"Nope," one of the twins handed him a piece of cake before dropping into a seat beside him.

"They decided for your seventeenth-" the other teen dropped on his other side.

"You get to do stupid stuff-"

"Without parental supervision-"

"So they left-"

"And wont be back until Monday-"

"Nice little get away for them-"

"And loads of fun for us!"

"Uh, okay?" He wasn't that great at deciphering the twin speak but he wasn't terrible, so he was pretty sure he got the gist of it.

After the cake the party then hit off. They decided to keep the presents for later and instead joked around, drinking the spiked punch the twins graciously provided.

Hours later when the sun was going down all of the party's inhabitants were smashed, some more then others, and having a great time, it was then that presents were unanimously decreed as the next entertainment. Most presents were normal, books, chocolate, cards, but there were personal ones as well. Though the twins went with a gag gift, or so Harry thought, of lube with a paper saying 'IOU'. Harry being drunk, thought it was absolutely funny and joked that he'd take that IOU.

After presents Ron and Hermione seemed to disappear, though most didn't notice, and the group was back to joking around, though in a different manor as their drunken minds found different things funny. The sun was gone by the time the two oldest, Bill and Charlie, declared that they should be heading back to their own homes and apparated away. It was only then that Ron and Hermione's absence was noted, as this left Harry and the twins alone. The three went upstairs, Fred leaving them to shower for reasons unknown to the others. Harry and George decided they didn't want the party to end and entered the twins room together, laughing and having fun. It was half an hour later that things got interesting.

Done with the shower, Fred returned to his room wet and very naked, not thinking of it and admittedly still drunk. Harry was the first to notice and his mouth went dry as he stared, following drops of water trail down the redheads body. George noticed soon after, having noticed Harry's lack of attention. He whistled at his nude twin. "Looking good!" They were identical twins after all.

Fred smiled and posed, showing his body of flamboyantly. Harry watched it all with a heated look. The twins seemed to noticed this and shared wicked looks. George stood and went over to Harry, who was oblivious to anything but Fred. He pulled the dark haired youth up by his arm and pushed him to Fred. He didn't make it all the way to the twin so Fred stepped closer until their bodies were moulded together and wrapped his arms around the smaller male. "Like what you see Harry?" Fred asked while George undressed behind them.

Nails scraped up the muscled chest, making their way into the fiery red hair were they gripped the strands in a fierce hold. "Do I ever." Harry purred and pulled Fred's head down, smashing their lips together. The mouths immediately opened and tongues battled for supremacy.

Meanwhile with George, he had finished removing all of his own clothes and with quick strides, stood behind Harry and started to strip him. Harry and Fred's kiss stopped when George needed to pull Harry's shirt off to their disappointment. But once the article of clothing was gone Fred dove right back to Harry's lips and his hands slid from Harry's back to his pant zipper. George, seeing that his brother was getting the pants, wrapped his arms around Harry's chest. His hands played with the younger boys nipples as he lavished his neck with bites and kisses.

Harry groaned into his kiss and deciding his hands were too idle, trailed his blunt nails down Fred's back this time. He gave the mans arse a good squeeze before leaving the succulent redheads body and helping with the removal of his own pants. With his help he and Fred easily had the pants falling to the ground and feeling George's need rubbing against his arse, left his boxers alone and reached back to grab the erection behind him. George groaned as the hand wrapped around his length and Fred hooked his fingers into Harry's boxers, pulling them down and letting them join the pants on the floor.

Fred ended the kiss and stepped away. Harry immediately let go of George's needful cock and turned to face him. He crushed his lips to this twins and ground their erections together, sending sparks of pleasure shooting through their bodies. Fred couldn't help but stroke himself as he retrieved some lube as Harry and George continued to moan, thrusting against each other in the middle of the room. He popped the lid off the lube and squirt some into this hand. He changed hands on his dick and started lubing himself in preparation, he'd let George have Harry first, but he wanted to be prepared for Harry as soon as his turn came. He caught George's eye and silently told him the decision. George's eyes confirmed his agreement and Fred tossed him the lube.

George caught it with one hand and pulled Harry as he drunkenly stumbled to the nearest bed. They fell on it, Harry on top of George and without breaking the kiss, George lathered his fingers in lube and inserted one into Harry's arse. The other hand worked on preparing his erection and he slowly stretched Harry's opening. When he could fit three fingers in comfortably and Harry was thrusting back on them eagerly, he decided the younger male was prepared and removed his fingers. Harry let out a whine and the kiss was broke as George pushed the others torso up. When Harry was in a sitting position on top of him he grabbed Harry's hips and manoeuvred him above his erection. Harry, deciding that he was to close and George was taking to long thrust his body down and impaled himself on George.

George groaned in pleasure and dug his fingers into Harry's hips. Harry himself threw his head back and moaned in ecstasy. They soon picked up a rhythm, Harry bouncing in time with Georges thrusts. Over on the other bed Fred stroked himself and tried not to cum at the sight.

It wasn't long that George and Harry's rhythm became frantic and rushed. Harry moved his body up and down on George's erection as fast as he could, throwing his head from side to side in pleasure moaning out yes over and over. He soon stilled with a pleasure filled yell, throwing his head back once again and covering George's chest with his cum.

George came right after, Harry's inner muscles having tightened with his orgasm sending the redhead over the edge and filling the dark-haired mans inside with his seed. After they regained their breath Harry looked down and noticed that some of his cum and splattered onto George's chin. Deciding that just didn't do, he lent down and slowly licked George's face clean. He could feel George re-hardening inside of him and decided he wouldn't mind another round only to be disappointed, which he made vocal in whines, when large hands gripped his sides and lifted him off the hardening length. George rolled out from under Harry and the younger man found himself back on the bed on his hands and knees. Fred draped his body over Harry's back and nibbled on his ear before whispering "My turn." and thrusting into the puckered hole. Harry cried out and Fred sucked on Harry's neck while thrusting into him.

George, having got hard again, crawled onto the bed and knelt in front of Harry. Fred, seeing George, and knowing what he was thinking, gave Harry's neck one last kiss before pulling his body up, causing his thrust to come at a different angle which cause Harry to give a loud moan of pleasure. The moan was cut off by George thrusting into Harry's mouth. Harry, seeing it was George in front of him, started sucking and licking. At most a minute later all three were gone in the throws of pleasure. George was thrusting into the hot willing mouth and Fred was thrusting into the tight arse and Harry was enjoying every moment. With another thrust into Harry's body Fred angled himself slightly differently and Harry screamed out around George's cock as stars crossed his vision and immense pleasure consumed him, Fred had found his prostrate.

Due to the vibrations of Harry's yells George came into his mouth with a groan. Harry took in all he could, even as his mind swam with the pleasure Fred was causing. George left his mouth and he was soon pleading out "More!" to Fred like a wanton whore as his prostrate was continually hit. All it took was Fred's hand reaching around and giving his straining erection one pump for him to be covering the sheet below him with white liquid. Fred thrust a few more times into the body beneath before he too came.

Fred pulled out and Harry's limbs couldn't hold him up so he fell onto the cum covered sheets. Fred and George curled around him. Satisfied and spent, the three easily fell into sleeps waiting arms.

Here's the first chapter and the first lemon, that I've ever written as well as for this fic, whoo. Why I picked the twins for my 'I need to get over my lemon embarrassment' fic, I don't know. The Ginny part might be a little akward, but I only remembered about her while I was writing Saturday (I had forgotten her…) so I had to come back and quickly put something in to get rid of her.

And FYI, any dork wad wanna dis my fic for the hot man action will die a horifing stupid death, something like killer snails, or death by hanger.