Sunday was decided to be the 'let's be lazy' day by all, for it was the last day without adults so none of the five occupants even left their rooms until lunch. By that time Harry's room had been restored to it's neat state and any proof of the previous nights activities had disappeared. Unfortunately, the fact that the three left Harry's room together didn't escape the others notice as they all gathered in the hall. Hermione looked thoughtful while Ron looked green. They obviously came to the right conclusion; Hermione was just wondering how she never saw it before, she didn't like not knowing things after all.

Harry coughed awkwardly, "So, uh, lunch?"

Ron perked up. "Wonderful idea!" The others looked at Ron. "Let's go out." The youngest male Weasley practically threw them down the stairs in his hurry to get away.

Hermione gave the three an odd look Harry didn't think he wanted to decipher and followed Ron's trail down the stairs. The three gay boys shared a look, silently agreeing they didn't see Hermione give them a fan girl look, and descended the stairs as well.

"So where are we going to eat?" Harry asked as he stood at the bottom of the stairs with the twins.

"Ron and I-"

"In other words her," George whispered to them.

"-decided to go into muggle London and eat there. After wards we can walk around and explore."

"Sounds good." Harry smiled at his friend as he elbowed George in the gut.

Fred snickered at his brothers plight. Hermione stalked over to the fire place and threw some green powder in it. She called out "Leaky Cauldron" and stepped into the flames. Grumbling about using the floo, Ron followed after. Giving Harry a grin and a grope on the arse both twins apparated out of the room with a crack. Harry huffed, grabbing a handful of green powder and flooing away.

He stumbled as he came out of a different fireplace, to the amusement of his company.

"Honestly mate, you're the worst floo-er I've ever seen."

Harry gave Ron a weak glare but was glad he seemed to be over his green reaction to him, Harry, being with his, Ron's, brothers.

The group chatted happily as the walked through London to a restaurant, like the morning's surprise hadn't happen. Or given the looks Ron and mostly Hermione would occasionally give them, wasn't significant in their immediate friendship and let it go. Lunch went in the same way only Harry also had to deal with the twins wondering hands underneath table.

Wondering the city proved to be interesting. Much to Hermione's chagrin, instead of visiting historical or monumental sites, the group window shopped. After passing by a leather shop, the twins worked their hardest to get Harry into leather, or even the wizard alternative, dragon hide.

Once early evening rolled around the twins, while hadn't got Harry in leather, weren't going to give up for a while, were out voted and the golden trio set their path back to the Leaky Cauldron so as to return to the Burrow for supper. To show their displeasure, the twins fondled Harry all through the meal. Harry was punished as he was embarrassed, Ron as he really didn't even want to think of them and sex together, and Hermione as they kept it away from her view, she really was quite the yaoi fan girl…

"We're going to go have dessert." The twins leered at Harry once everyone had finished eating.

Ron groaned and buried his face in his hands. "I do not need to know about my brothers' or my best mate's sexual life."

Deciding to save Ron anymore of the twins blatant display and wanting to get away from Hermione and the scary fan girl glint in her eyes Harry grabbed the twins wrists and pulled them up the stairs. Once at the top the two redheads took control and pulled him to their room. In there hanging from the ceiling dangled some rope and attached to eye hooks in the floor was more rope. Harry looked at it confused as the twins brought him right to it, the middle, to be precise.

Having learnt that the twins seemed to know what they were doing, the night before had shown him while they might include things like cuffs, they certainly helped add to the experience he simply let them do as they wanted. That was how he found himself tied up like an upside down Y, his wrists tied together with the rope from the ceiling and his ankles spread and tied with the two on the floor. The twins grinned and with a quick flick of a wand Harry was bared to their gaze. Discarding the wand and stripping down themselves Fred set to exciting Harry and George covered his hand in lube.

Once the two were down they took up places around Harry, Fred behind him and George in front. With matching grins - though Harry couldn't see Fred's - they dropped down onto their knees. Fred licked up Harry's crack while George panted onto his erection teasingly. Slowly, and in sync, they both used their mouths to pleasure him. Fred licked and thrust his tongue into Harry's hole while occasionally sucking on the puckered flesh. George kept his mouth on the head of Harry's erection, nipping, sucking, and licking while his slick hand wrapped around the rest and slid back and forth agonizing slowly. Once they got him to the point when he was sure he was going to burst they removed their mouths from the palatable body with smirks. Harry whimpered at the loss, watching through hooded eyes as George pulled something from a drawer and Fred squirted lube onto his hand. He closed his eyes and tried to calm his breathing, because of this he didn't see the twins return to their previous positions.

Harry's eyed snapped open as one twin erotically slid a cock ring onto Harry with his teeth while the other pushed lubed fingers into the tied up young man. Harry wondered in the back of his head why the twins were stretching him more, from all the times in the past few days he didn't really need a lot anymore.

Harry groaned in pleasure as George slowly entered Harry from the front until he was fully sheathed inside. Harry wondered what was going to happen next and got his answer as another erection slid in from the back. Harry screamed out in ecstasy and George shivered in pleasure as his brothers erection slid against his own inside of Harry. The brothers shared a look over Harry's shoulder and with a nod, pulled mostly out of Harry before thrusting back in. They started a rhythm as Harry yelled out incoherently, lost in the pleasure.

The two pounded into the younger man, going as fast as they could while keeping in rhythm. Harry was panting, feeling so hot, like he was burning from the inside, his entire body flushed. He pulled at the rope holding his hands, wanting to add more heat, wanting to touch his neglected member. Whimpers started coming between pants as he couldn't get his hands free.

Harry's slight struggling and whimpers turned to be to much for the twins and the rhythm was lost as frenzied thrusts of pleasure took over. The whimpers soon turned to yells and plea's as the pleasure engulfed him and all he wanted was release. The thrust sped up slightly and Harry could feel their orgasm inside him, one right after the other, and cried out, it was like an explosion went off inside of him, and he loved it.

Once the twins were done riding out their orgasm they pulled out of the younger man and stood back gasping for breath to take in the image Harry created. Hands tied to the ceiling and legs bound wide open, he was hot, but with their cum trailing down his thighs, flushed and with a straining erection, they couldn't help but marvel the picture he made.

They stalked back towards the incoherent young man, George dropping so he was faced with the purpling cock. Fred gave Harry a bruising kiss before sliding down and joining his brother. George took the head in his mouth, running his tongue along the slit, and Fred nipped one of Harry's balls before swirling his tongue around it. Sensually both twins ran a hand up Harry's leg and inner thigh. Reaching where their mouths were entertained they groped around blindly, trying to remove the cock ring. Harry made delicious sounds for them as the treated him like candy while fumbling around the cock ring.

Finally removing the ring it didn't take them long to bring Harry to completion, and with all they had done to him previously, he was pretty proud of himself for not bursting as soon as the ring had came off. George hummed as he licked up the cum on his lips as he set about freeing Harry's legs and Fred stood up release his hands. Harry gave the two a sated smirk once he was free and curled in their arms like a contented cat.

"Mind blowing."

And that's all folks, no more smut for the twins. I now have written a fic with them as the pairing so I can now focas on the two oldest brother and the other pairings that I love that don't have enough out there. Thanks for reading all the way here, cheers!

Btw, I got thinking...I wrote Saturday and was ohohoho, Fred is so kinky. After all, only someone kinky would think of the alarm charm thing...Then I was 'wait, I'm the one writing Fred's character and deciding what he does'...Does that me kinky?