AN: I would like to welcome you all to another of my fics, and I look forward to your opinions and thoughts. I plan on writing this fiction so that it'll cover most of the manga/anime arcs, including some of the movie arcs. This is a rewrite of every chapter to catch everyone up before I begin the new chapters. Also take note that there will be a few changes as well. The main difference is that the Konoha 12 will be their "Shippuden" : I would like to welcome you all to another of my fics, and I look forward to your opinions and thoughts. I plan on writing this fiction so that it'll cover most of the manga/anime arcs, including some of the movie arcs. This is a rewrite of every chapter to catch everyone up before I begin the new chapters. Also take note that there will be a few changes as well. The main difference is that the Konoha 12 will be their "Shippuden" ages.

Rookie Nine: 15-16 years

Naruto: 17 years

Team Gai: 17 years

Yugito: 19 years

~Let me introduce myself as well, I am '3-Hunnit', I'll be the editor and beta for Magenkyo Sharingan's revise of 'Bijuu Children'. When I read he was doing a re-edit for this fic, I decided to get in contact, and volunteer my services as a fan of his story. Therefore, feel free to point out errors to me, and I hope the redo makes B.C more enjoyable for y'all. As we continue on...

Summary: On Naruto's seventh birthday, he was thought to of been murdered by an orchestrated beating, only to find that his body was no longer in the morgue. Now, a little over ten years later Naruto returns and he's not alone. But will he be Konoha's savior or its Self Fulfilled Prophecy.

Powerful/Dark Gray Naruto,

Powerful Yugito family



(Revised March 24, 2014)

Location: Konohagakure no Sato, Time: 9:30am

It was a day like any other in the Village Hidden in the Leaves, and just like any other day; guard-duty topped the list as one of the most boring assignments one had to perform. It was easy work and the pay was acceptable, but ever since a certain blond haired died a decade ago, the village hadn't been very exciting to say the least.

Unfortunately, the villagers, and a surprisingly large amount of the shinobi forces partied for two days straight, but it switched the joy to sorrow when the Uchiha Massacre occured, with only one member of the clan managing to survive that night. Many, to the present day, blamed the event on the Kyuubi, stating ridiculous things such as it being revenge for destroying its weakened body.

As if.

'Damn, kid. At least you knew how to make things more interesting. I'm so bored, I wouldn't even mind chasing that damn cat.' One of the Chunin gate guards thought as he lined up a shot with a paper football that was folded into a perfect triangle.

"Miss it, miss it, miss..." The other Chunin guard on duty, kept lowly chanting in order to throw off his comrades concentration while he pressed his thumbs together, and pointed his index fingers upwards to form a goal post; which was meant for the paper triangle to flip through; if successful.

"Would you shut it, Izumo! Just remember our little bargain when I make this shot." the other guard named, Kotetsu barked as he continued to line up his shot. The two had known each other since they were Genin and Izumo knew his chanting was one of the things he hated back then, and now.

"Yeah, yeah. As if you'll make it. Just make sure YOU remember Kotetsu, that if you miss, you have to take Kakashi's Icha-Icha, and burn it." Izumo said with a small smirk, remembering the last person who attempted to do that, and shuddered at remembering what happened to the poor fellow.

The idiot got a Chidori to the nuts for his troubles.

Just as Kotetsu was about take his shot, he noticed four figures down the road walking towards the gates, and started to smile. "Well! Looks like we'll have to wait for that now won't we?" He said as he pointed in the direction so his friend was aware of the newcomers.

There was two tall figures, both of them male, if their stature was anything to go by. One looked about six feet tall, give or take a few inches, and had an athletic build that was noticeable through the cloak he wore. The other was a little shorter, five foot-eleven at least.

The final two of the group, both looked to be female. They were both about the same height of five feet-nine inches, which was tall for females. Their matching cloaks kept their clothes concealed and their hoods hung low over their faces, hiding their actual appearances. As the group of four arrived in front of the great wood gates, Izumo took the initiative to speak up.

"Halt! State your names and business within Konoha." He said authoritatively.

In response, without hesitation, the taller of the cloaked male's reached, and tossed him a scroll, but continued to walk forward into the village with the other three in tow as they passed the threshold of the open gates.

"Stop! You haven't been permitted to enter yet." Kotetsu shouted, preparing to apprehend them.

"Kotetsu, it's okay. They can enter, so let them do just that." Izumo stated calmly while his face was frozen in surprise. "Here, look at this." He said in explination, then tossed the scroll to his partner, and waited for his reaction. All he got was a small laugh.

The entire village was in for a rude awakening and life in the Leaf was about to get more interesting.

Location: Hokage Tower, Time: 9:55am

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, also known as "The Professor" due to his wisdom, knowledge, and leadership of Konoha, was locked in an epic battle and sadly losing to his arch nemesis... paperwork. He stopped to turn and take a look at the portraits of the previous Hokage. As was common for the past several years, sadness and guilt plagued the Hokage's heart as he glanced at the picture of his successor and predecessor; the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze.

'Minato...Kushina...' He sighed in thought filled loathing. 'I'm sorry I could not protect your son well enough. I only hope that you can forgive this old fool for his wrong doings. At times, I believe this village doesn't deserve what you've done for them.'

He opened one of his drawers and took out a small, framed picture he'd taken with their son over a decade ago. He smiled as he remembered the happiness of that day. But, just as quickly, he frowned as he remembered how the day ended for the young boy. 'I will never forgive those bastards for what they did to you, Naruto. May you rot in hell Fugaku!'

He began silently fuming, causing his killing intent to unconsciously begin leaking out, the more his anger grew. His thoughts went interrupted when a cat masked Anbu woman with long purple hair flowing down her back appeared in a kneel before his desk.

"Pardon my sudden intrusion, Hokage-sama, but you have some important visitors." She said with a light-hearted and pleased tone in her voice, though managed to remain sounding as professional as should be.

Sarutobi eyed the woman for a moment before nodding. "Right, please send them in, Neko-san." The third answered, once again calm, and prepared to see these guests.

'Time to see how much you've really changed, lad'.

However, the Hokage's eyes slightly narrowed when saw four cloaked individuals walk in, followed by four more Anbu operatives. "What is the meaning of this?" he said with more than a little heat in his voice.

"Forgive us, Hokage-sama, but some of us did not feel comfortable with leaving four, unidentified individuals with you." One of the other Anbu answered back while staring only towards the cat masked member. Even with the veiling mask on, everyone could feel the glare that was directed at the purple-haired Anbu.

Hiruzen waved a withered hand dismissively. "Nonsense, I can assure you that they are of no harm to me, nor to anyone else of this village. All of you except Neko are dismissed to return to regular duties." The Professor replied.

"SIR," the group answered in unison while giving a mild salute as they turned to walk out of the office, the door clicking shut behind them.

"Neko-san, could you place a privacy jutsu up, please? I feel this conversation will be one of great importance and this office can't stand to continue leaking important facts." She nodded her head and went through a few hand-signs, before she was interrupted.

"No need to, Neko-chan. I have another way." The taller of the cloaked individuals offered as he pulled out a small piece of paper with the kanji for 'privacy' written on it. He placed it against one of the walls and spoke. "Permanent Seal Activation".

The old Hokage watched in mild amazement as the very same kanji replicated itself to every corner of the room. "This is my gift for you, old man. It is a permanent privacy seal that can be activated whenever you want to without the use of chakra or hand signs. Just say "Seal" to activate, "Release" to deactivate."

He then removed his hood, revealing his facial features. The teen showed to have himself to have long, blonde hair tied into a ponytail that reached just between his shoulder blades. Blonde bangs were spiked just so, framing either side of his face.

There were also three whisker marks on each cheek, a trait that he possessed since birth, but were thicker now; giving him an even more fox like appearance. His eyes held a darker volume of blue, than the cerulean hue they once were. The major difference and to the old Hokage's shock, was his slitted pupils. He instantly calmed down however, when he was given a small smile by one, Naruto Uzumaki.

"Its good to see you again, old man." He said in a calm and smooth tone, the mature resonance surprising the elderly kage as Naruto went to the Cat masked Anbu and gave her a familiar hug. "And, it's good to see you too, Yugao-nee-chan".

"Likewise, Naruto-kun." Yugao said in returning the hug, smiling behind her mask as he referred to her as his "big sister".

"It's great to see you as well, Naruto-kun." Sarutobi provided with a warm smile. He was happy at this simple show of affection, because now he knew not everything was lost. The boy was back home and the legacy of his father could possibly live on. He could only hope for the last part.

"It's great to see you all as well and I can't thank you enough for what you've done for Naruto-kun. If there's anything I can do for you, you need only let me know." He said in a thankful tone.

"Well, we do have some things that we need to talk about," the shorter of the cloaked males said. "But other than that, there's no need to thank us." He then removed his hood to show his features. His hair was in much the same blonde spikes as Naruto's, minus the ponytail, as it was shorter and ended just above the shoulder plates of his clothing. His piercing blue eyes were almost the same as Naruto's, but without the slitted pupils.

His eyes were those of a very experienced warrior. One who had seen a lot in his life and likely at a young age. The type of aura around his being gave off a feeling of incredible, latent power, and unwavering confidence. It was amazingly similar to the same aura the Fourth Hokage would give off before he would go into battle.

He shifted his gaze and was now staring at the two cloaked females whom he had yet to meet. "And who might these two lovely ladies be?" The Professor asked in a polite manner.

"She, is a companion" the shorter blonde answered as he gestured her to slide back the hood. The results showed a stunning, young woman with long brown hair, braided in a ponytail down her back, and two locks of hair going down the front of her shoulders. Her beautiful green eyes showed a deep inner calm, as well as the proper base of a strong woman.

"Good day to you, my name is Aeris Gainsborough-Uzumaki. It's a pleasure to meet you Lord Hokage, I've heard many great things from Naruto-kun. Cloud-kun has grown to like you as well since you were one of the few people that cared for Naruto." She said.

"Uzumaki?" the old Hokage practically yelled in surprise before narrowing his eyes.

"That is a story in and of itself that could be told later, as it would take too long to iron out all the details." The young jinchuuriki explained, bringing the attention back to him.

"But, to sum it up, we all decided to have the same name since we are practically family. Plus, the furball told me about my lineage from my mom's side and I would like to revive the Uzumaki name to its glory... Along with my dad's clan, the Namikaze."

Sarutobi held his benevolent demeanor, but was shellshocked. He wondered how Naruto figured out, what only three other people beside himself knew, about his past. He strongly doubted any of them knew Naruto was even alive, so how was he able to figure out the truth? What he heard next, made his blood run cold, and effectively answered the question that the Hokage was asking himself.

"Being sealed in two containers that were formally the wives of Hokage, the Kyuubi was more then willing to comply on informing me of my heritage." Naruto said then and silence suffocated the room for a few minutes.

"I, you've figured the truth about your parents, Naruto. I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you myself, but I thought it too risky to give you that information until you were able to defend yourself. Your father had many enemies after the last war, if any of them found out he had a son, then your life would of been in constant danger."

"My life was already in constant danger!" He stated coldly, gaining a small flinch from the old Kage, but instantly calmed down. "But, I understand your reason and respect your decision." The saddened expression of the Jinchuriki matched the melancholic cadence with which he spoke.

"It just hurts is all. When I was younger, I always wondered who my parents were. I used to ask myself questions like, 'did they die? Did the leave? Did they...hate me?'. "When the Kyuubi told me who they were; I was relieved, proud, angry, and sad all at once. I never knew them personally, but it hurts to think about them." Naruto admitted with the sigh of someone who had a heavy burden weighting against him.

Everyone could feel the pain he was radiating in that moment. It were as if he had been hiding that pain behind the mask of a hyperactive young boy. To everyone watching him, he was trying desperately to hold it in, but he seemed to be losing that fight. The second cloaked girl walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder in a comforting manner.

"I believe he understands how you feel, Otouto and I know he is sorry for not telling you, but as he said; it was for your own well being. If you died, then none of us would be together as we are now." she said in a soothing tone.

He wiped his eyes and gave her his trademark grin. "You're right, I do forgive him. Thanks, Yugi-nee-chan".

"Nee-chan?" Sarutobi asked.

The last female removed the hood of her cloak to reveal a girl that looked to be a year or two older than Naruto. Her sunkissed blonde hair was straight and flowed down her back as far as mid-thigh. The hair was gathered and tied in a ponytail wrapped in white bandages part way down its length. She had the same three whisker marks on her cheeks as the younger teen; only less defined, though she possessed the same slitted blue eyes.

If one didn't know Naruto was an only child they would of...WAIT.

"Who are you, really? You have the same features as Naruto-kun, but he's an only child. You couldn't really be brother and sister?" The aged Hokage inquired with an assertive tone.

"Technically, we are related; just by different means Hokage-sama. My former name was, Yugito Nii. I am also a Jinchuriki, just like my otouto."