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Bijuu/Strong Speech


"Normal speech"

Sarutobi Hiruzen at the moment was showing his experience at keeping a mean poker face, but inwardly his brain was working like a track star on speed, running a million miles a minute trying to comprehend what was in front of him. Here in front of him was a young girl with the same type of power, yet burden as Naruto.

A second Jinchuriki? If this were to get out to the public, then serious harm could come to those around her, as well as potentially more serious if she were to retaliate to any of the discrimination that Naruto had received in the past and Kami forbid what would happen in the upcoming future.

To top it off she had many of the same features as Naruto. He could already feel the headache that the council was going to give him in the near future, but for her and Naruto's sake, he would fight off the crying, bitchy harpies known as his advisors.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Yugito-san. I cannot lie and say that I'm not surprised that I'm in the presence of another Jinchuriki. That is a rare occurrence that I would of never, in all my years of being Hokage, thought I would meet another person with a...tenant. If you don't mind me asking, which of the bijuu do you hold?" He asked politely, not noticing Naruto's eyes slightly narrowing in suspicion.

"You can answer truthfully, Yugi-nee. We'll play along for now." Naruto mentally communicated to Yugito, while she seemed hesitant at first; perfectly playing her part of being wary.

"I am the holder of, Nibi no Nekomata, the two-tailed cat." She said in a calm tone while giving a bow. "Hokage-sama, if it is in your power, I would like join with Naru-otouto in becoming a Konoha shinobi."

"Ah...I don't see any problem with that. I can arrange citizenship, however the part about joining the forces...we changed the minimum age requirement for Genin and added four years to the program. Naruto, I think you'll like to know that you will be back in your graduating class. The both of you will have to take the Genin exams, to be held in one week's time, so long as you prove yourselves capable."

Naruto and Yugito both grinned.

"Also, before he died, your father instated something just in case of any situations with the council wanting to deny your heritage." At this, Naruto raised an eyebrow while everyone else perked up.

"What did he have in mind?" Naruto asked.

"It's a law. It's a special law, for which you have option to approve of. The law states that you and your family that are active ninja, will only answer to the Hokage, and will receive diplomatic immunity because of the crimes committed upon you and due to your political status as the last Namikaze and last Uzumaki. In exchange, you and your family will have to stay with the military forces of Konoha for the next seven generations with the same privileges and obligations falling onto them, and can be voided if one side does not meet the requirements."

'Though, Minato was able to pass that off to the Capital, otherwise that last clause wouldn't have been added.' He thought afterwards.

Minato was very thorough when it came to protecting anything of his and he was known for having plans within plans; even when it came to his own son. So, Sarutobi could only hope that the boy would never leave, and would make sure that his loyalties remain with Konoha.

The former mercenary, Cloud, thought about it. He couldn't find a danger that would outweigh the benefits. "Yea, I think that could work." He said.

Sarutobi nodded, "one last thing, how do you stand towards the village?"

Naruto's facial expression turned ice cold. "I have come to believe in a philosophy that you can understand, if you know what I've been through. 'Embrace your dreams and always protect your honor and those precious to you'. In short, I haven't forgotten the treatment and abuse I received, nor will I forgive them for it either. If anything, I'll defend myself and my precious people...and with lethal force if necessary; but, only if my party or I are attacked first."

Naruto's words caused Sarutobi to frown a little, but only a little. The boy had a right to feel as he felt and he couldn't blame him.

"Well...with that said, I believe this reunion has come to an end. I have to finish my paperwork." The last word was spoken with a bad taste in his mouth.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Sarutobi said as he reached into a drawer of his desk and pulled out a small box with a spiral on it. It was a logo that Naruto recognized as the same symbol he always had patched on to his old jumpsuits. He inwardly shuddered at the memory of those hideous outfits he used to call clothes.

Sarutobi opened the box while handing Naruto a set of keys. "Before you move into the Namikaze Estate, it may need to be renovated after sixteen years of not having been lived in. These are the keys to a nice apartment in the Shinobi District that is big enough to accommodate your temporary living arrangements until preparations are complete."

"The rest of the paperwork will consist of your father's will and bank statements, as well as his secondary account under his former alias, Arashi Kazama. I believe that you should read them now." The third said with a gentle smile.

The male Jinchuriki looked through the papers with a critical eye for a couple of seconds before deciding open his 'father's' letter to him. He was hesitant to read it, but willed himself forward.

To my sochi, Naruto,

If you are reading this, then I have long since fallen at the day of the Kyuubi no Yoko's attack on Konoha...

'Hiruzen Sarutobi you old teme. I already know the truth.' Naruto thought angrily that the old bastard in front of him trying to give him a fake letter, testing his intelligence. As he looked over the letter, he mentally scoffed as he noticed that there were tear stains on it, which he guessed that his 'father' had been crying when he wrote it. He folded the letter and put it in his pocket and started to unravel the first small scroll left to him. It was his father's will.

An authentic will...

I, Minato Namikaze, Fourth Hokage of Konoha and sole heir of the Namikaze lineage, leave all of my financial earnings and possessions to my wife, Kushina Uzumaki, in the event that I die. If Kushina is unable to take the inheritance due to her death, then everything will be given to any children we may have when they reach the age of fifteen. The inheritance includes:

-$5,783,215,731 in my personal account

-$3,457,986,256 in the personal account of one Arashi Kazama

-The Namikaze Compound

-All possessions located on the estate grounds, which includes my library and jutsu scrolls which can only be accessed by blood seals. To claim all that has been listed, see the current Hokage and show for authenticity.

Naruto's left eye twitched a few times, but his mind was on standby while his body was on auto pilot while he started to open the second scroll; which turned out to be his mother's will.

I, Kushina Uzumaki, Granddaughter of the late Uzukage of the former Whirlpool Country, and sole survivor of the Uzumaki clan, leave all of my financial earnings and possessions to my husband, Minato Namikaze. In the event that I die, should Minato be unable to take the inheritance due to his death, then everything will be given to any children we may have when they reach the age of fifteen. The inheritance includes:

-$3,456,786,465 in my personal account

-$798,243,543,234 of the former Uzushiogakure no Sato's treasury. This can only be accessed by the blood of the Kyubi's Jinchuriki.

-All my Celestial Weapons of the Uzumaki clan, which are at the Namikaze compound

-My Medical-Ninjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and sealing scrolls of Uzushiogakure no Sato which are in the Namikaze compound

To claim all that has been listed, see the current Hokage and show documentation for authenticity.

Naruto looked at what he had inherited and his eyes went wide as the blood began draining from his face. His body started to shake, followed by the cold sweats, and he actually began to foam at the mouth. He might have just been hearing things, but he thought he heard a low whistle in the back of his mind. It just seemed like too much for him to handle at the moment, and after that short spasm; he just blacked out.

Cloud picked up the scrolls and skimmed them to see what got the young blonde had gotten all worked up about and subsequently let out a low whistle from what his eyes took in. "Well, I guess it does pay to be a Kage. I think I might have to go for the title myself." Cloud said with a joking tone, knowing he would get a reaction out of the younger blonde.

Naruto shot back up and looked Cloud square in his eyes. "You can be a seals master or an assassin all you want, Cloud, but the leadership title will belong to protect those important to me."

"Ahem, like a certain Hyuga," Aeris smirked from the back of the group. At that time, a certain lavender eyed girl emitted a mouse like sneeze in her bedroom as she was writing in her diary about a certain blonde boy with whisker marks.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Naruto said, trying to sound nonchalant and indifferent, but was lightly blushing from embarrassment to stay in character. Yugao tried to stifle a giggle while Yugito gave Naruto a questioning look.

"Now what is she talking about, Naruto? Do you have a little girlfriend somewhere and didn't tell me? I thought since we were brother and sister you were suppose to tell me these things?" Yugito said in mock offense.

Naruto's blush got deeper as he turned his head, still trying to hide his embarrassment. "S-She's just a friend that's all". 'But I would of loved to had been more. But that was in the past', he thought.

"Well, I wouldn't mind meeting this 'friend' of yours." The female Jinchuriki said with a Cheshire grin that put Naruto's to shame.

"Actually, you won't have to wait long as you can start attending the academy tomorrow." Sarutobi said, joining in on the torture of his surrogate grandson. Naruto had a look of betrayal on his face as he went two more shades of red. Cloud gave a low chuckle at the situation.

"Release!" Sarutobi yelled to disable the seal and the kanji and seals over the walls disappeared. 'Just like Minato', was all he could think; fascinated with the ease of the seal's functions.

"Well, now that we have that in order, we should call this meeting. I really have to finish up my work and it'll likely take me the rest of the day," amended Sarutobi with a slight headache building as he continued to think about the mountain of paper before him.

"Why not try Kage Bunshins to finish the work quicker? It would cut your work by at least half and you'll remember everything from the clones." Naruto advised as Yugito nodded next to him. The old Hokage's pipe fell out his mouth as he realized the truth in the boy's suggestion.

He slowly got out a slip of paper that his students gave to him years ago. On it was a circle and in the circle, it read, 'Bang head here'.

"Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid," the Hokage said, while hitting his head on the paper on his desk. "So, that's how Minato did it so fast...and he took that secret with him to his grave. MINATO, YOU BASTARD, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!" He screamed to the heavens, making the deceased Minato Namikaze laugh his ass off in the afterlife.

He made the familiar hand signs and...

"Kage Bunshin No Jutsu." Five clones of the Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, appeared at the desk and began to split the papers amongst themselves. "Thank you for the ingenious suggestion, my boy. I also have some papers to file for your return and the reestablishing of the Uzumaki clan in the leaf. So, if you'll excuse me." He nodded to Yugao.

"See you soon Naruto-kun, Yugito-chan, Aeris-san, Cloud-san"

"You too, Yugao-nee-chan. And say 'hi' to Hayate for me, if he's not still mad about the helium in his inhaler."

"He still gripes about it every time the Chipmunks movie comes on TV," she said through a fit a giggles before disappearing in a swirl of leaves.

"See you later, old man." Naruto said to the Hokage as he and his family walked out of the door.

Sarutobi could do nothing but smile now that the young lad was back. He seemed to be the same boy that left all those years ago, but something was drastically different about him. He had somewhat of a cocky attitude and the aura that he and the young girl had around them; expressed that they were strong as well as skilled.

'Things are going to be much more interesting in the village now'. The third thought, but he would have to muse on that later; for now he had work to catch up on. It was then that he pulled an orange book out from his desk.

"Seal! Yes, I think I could get used to this." He said as a mischievous giggle escaped the old man's mouth.

"Phase one complete. Now on to phase two. I guess shutting the door didn't help after all." Naruto sighed when pretty much everyone in their vicinity looked towards the Hokage Tower, and started to hear the Hokage scream; 'die you little bastards!' followed by psychotic laughter.

Naruto, Cloud, Aeris, and Yugito were walking the streets of Konoha. Everywhere they went, the whispers followed. Children and teens looked on with curiosity, while much of the older generation recognized the young male of the group, and by now they had removed their cloaks off.

Naruto wore a dark blue, sleeveless shirt that accented his well toned abs and chest; showing that he had been through much training. It was a mature form for a fifteen year old to have. A long red cloak was tied around his neck, covering the bottom of his face so only his eyes and the top of his nose were revealed. His dark blue pants were a little baggy, kept at a loose fit, so that his pockets were easier to access for any type of item or scroll he may have been carrying.

Instead of the standard ninja sandals, he wore dark brown boots and a dark brown, fingerless glove on his right hand with a spiral symbol on the backhand of the material. The glove on his left hand looked like the glove on his right, only this one had retractable, gold clawed fingertips that were mostly hidden when not in use. There were also metal braces that went up his forearms and biceps with an unknown language imprinted on it.

Cloud wore a sleeveless jacket with the collar popped up, it was zipped halfway to reveal part of his chest; much to the interest of some female onlookers while their crushes, boyfriends, and or husbands scowled at this. On the jacket was a metal fox head with a hook in its mouth over his left shoulder. He wore the same type of pants and boots as Naruto, except his were black instead of blue. His gloves were also just as Naruto's, lacking the claw addition.

Aeris was wearing a nicely fitted pink dress that accommodated both her skin complexion and her hair. The dress was accompanied with a dark red, bolero jacket and hiking boots. The silver wrist bracers on both wrists gave her attire an added touch.

Yugito wore a dark blue and white short-sleeve with dark blue pants that ended at her ankles. Around her ankles were white bandages like the one worn to keep her hair in a ponytail. A blue sash hung from under the bottom of her shirt with a red spiral and cloud stitched upon its length. She wore dark blue fingerless gloves with the same spiral symbol that was on the sash. Bandaged wrappings also covered both of her forearms, and on her left bicep were two of the same kind of braces that Naruto was wearing.

"The Demon is back!"

"Didn't we kill it a decade ago?"

"Guess we'll have to be thorough this time around."

These were just a few of the many whispers that accompanied the looks of fear, hate, and disgust that Naruto had expected he would get; so he ignored it all. Yugito, though new to the village, had experienced the same circumstances as Naruto from her own 'hometown hell hole', as she called it; so she, too, ignored it, but not as well as her bijuu brother. It took much of Nibi's mental counseling to calm the female jinchuriki and prevent her from turning Konoha into an oversized scratching post.

For now at least...

Cloud, on the other hand, was trying his best to keep his anger in check. He didn't want to cause more problems than there already were for the Jinchuriki on his team. These ignorant villagers didn't understand that Naruto was just a boy, who carried a burden and not the burden itself; yet all they saw was the nine-tailed fox in human form.

Slowly, he started to project a small amount of killer intent while trying to suppress his own rage towards the village of bigots. A moment later, he felt a delicate hand entwine into his, bringing him out of his upset thoughts. He looked to Aeris and saw pure concern for him in her eyes.

Cloud hated to have her worry about him, but he knew it was only because she cared for him. He cared for Aeris more than life itself and her presence always managed to bring peace to his heart. The silent conversation they had quickly diminished all the pent up anger and frustration. He decided not to give into his inner darkness, which could lead to bad repercussions.

...For the villagers anyway.

Their moment was brought to a halt when a large crowd formed in front of them. It looked to be about thirty villagers with random weapons such as bats, pitchforks, swords, etc. One, fat villager holding a bat began to boldly walk up to Naruto and decided to grab him by the collar of his shirt.

"You got some damn nerve showing your face and tainting our village with your presence, demon." He spat in anger, but his speech was slightly slurred, and he completely reeked of alcohol. Many of the other villagers in the group loudly agreed with what the fat man said. Chants of, 'kill the demon', and 'die, demon' began coming from the rest of the crowd as they instigated the confrontation.

"Sir," Naruto began patiently. "It is plain to see that you've been drinking and don't have full control over yourself. So, if you wouldn't mind by letting me go...I'll be on my way...please." Naruto finished in a completely calm tone.

"Like hell I will! We're going to send you back to the hell that you came from, like the fourth should have all those years ago!" He yelled in his drunken rage, literally spitting in the blonde's face.

Naruto didn't even frown. "If you do not let me go...I'm going to take that bat from you and turn you into a living, breathing, lollipop. Now, are you sure you really want to ride this train?" Naruto replied in the same calm tone, a single brow raised in question to reinforce the meaning of his words. Aeris turned and covered her eyes, while Cloud and Yugito looked on with anticipated smirks on both of their faces.

Drunkenly cocky, the fat villager sneered. "Well, choo-choo motherfu-..."

A certain Anbu, Black Ops shinobi was going about his duties. Check the northern perimeter for any problems and maintain the peace in that same area. It was equal to a C-rank mission, but it didn't fit his criteria as something he wanted to do. His latest dream was to teach and lead a Genin squad and watch them grow in to skilled and competent shinobi. Those types of thoughts brought him to think about a certain blonde haired Jinchuriki.

He had been the first to watch over him due to the fact that he was the only one in the village that could help maintain the demon fox's chakra. Unlike many of his colleagues, he knew the truth about the boy, and also realized he wasn't the fox itself.

His captain at the time had wanted to adopt the boy, but the council of 'advisors' had refused the notion. They took it one step further and threatened that if he tried anything, they would strip him of his rank. Ironically, a few days later he quit the Anbu and had himself reinstated as a Jonin; much to the council's irritation.

The fallout cost them a living legend's enrollment in the Anbu. They still told him to stay away and made every Anbu member report him in case he tried to associate with the Kyubi brat. They even went as far as threatening execution and by the time he was cleared by the Sandaime to adopt him, the damage had been done.

Then, that dreadful night on his seventh birthday; the villagers went too far with what they did to the boy. He wanted to save him, but his captain at the time told him that they couldn't interfere, due to orders of the council's advisors. The Hokage was out of the village attending a ceremony in Lightning Country then and was gone with fifty of the Leaf's best Anbu, Jonin, and Chunin; including his former captain, courtesy of the council. He himself was included in the escort so he, the Hokage, and his ex-captain hadn't been able to watch over the boy.

And when they returned...

His thoughts were interrupted when the sound of a loud, incredibly girlish shriek came from somewhere within the Market District. A small smile crept upon his face as he immediately guessed who was responsible for the poor soul that was screaming bloody murder, because he was foolhardy enough to mess with an abused and pissed off seventeen year old, who had the power to utterly destroy them all.

Things were going...just like Tobi predicted.

'Welcome back...Kyuubi Jinchuriki'.