'Thoughts/Telepathic speech'

"Demonic Speech/ Jutsus/Magic "


'Demonic Thoughts'

She hated those eyes, those cold calculating unemotional eyes, those eyes that looked down upon her, always measuring her progress like a weapon. She once loved those eyes, she loved them because it gave her a sense of security, of peace, of calm and happiness. It should have brought them closer since everyone in her family had them.

It didn't.

Instead her family was divided in two factions, the servitors and the so called superior branch. She hated those categorizations with a passion. Some say that the word 'hate' and Hinata Hyuga in the same sentence was insane, they were nothing but asses.

Her mother, her life's center disappeared, she died when her sister was born. However no matter how much she wanted to hate her little sister, she couldn't. Because she saw the same fear in her little eyes, because she loved her sister as much if not more then she loved her mother.

She made a vow to change this clan, she made a vow on her mother's grave, in front of the sky, Kami-sama, the angels and all entities in this universe. Her sister and her love became her reason to exist, she vowed to make her smile and laugh the same way her mother made her laugh when she was a child. She vowed to love Naruto and help take away his pain that he had been holding all of his life.

And she never went back on her promises like her beloved.

She hated the fact that she had to grow so soon, other children barely knew how to read and write. However she was a Hyuuga, she had the means and all that was left was her spirit and determination.

She was currently sparing with her father in one of their daily sessions and the look of disappointment never left his face. After her mother's death it looked like someone came and killed her father too, placing this unemotional cruel puppet in his place. Did he blame her for his brother's death, for not defeating the Cloud JOUNIN the night she was kidnapped from her bedroom. She bit, clawed, drew blood and attempted to close his tenketsu points but a hit from him was enough to knock her out.

This man wasn't her father, she may call him that but she never meant it. Her father was dead, perhaps he was never alive to begin with.

After being repeatedly put down by him with a few good Jyuuken hits she finally snapped. She jumped back on her feet ignoring the protest of her muscles and attacked her 'father' with anger, uncaring of the consequences.

Hiashi's eyes widened in shock seeing the look on her face, but he was unable to ponder her change because she was already upon him. She managed to close five points in his arm and almost ripped his lung apart, making him swallow down his own blood before she felt binding pain in her chest just below her left lung and all over her ribs.

Hanabi, who was sitting on the sides, had her eyes wide open. That was the first time she saw her father using the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms. She was also confused, up until now she disregarded her sister as weak and a burden to the clan, so why did her father use that technique.

Hiashi coughed his left hand and narrowed his gaze at the blood that spattered in his palm, then at the crumpled form of his eldest daughter "I expected you to do more better however I think this is the extent of your abilities. Just like that Uzumaki trash you will never amount to anything more than a failu..."

Shut up.

This made all activity in the sparing hall stop. All the Hyuugas in the Dojo had shocked expressions on their normal unemotional faces. The first being Neji and Hanabi who had their mouths wide open. Her voice was above a whisper but her tone was cold as ice no trace of her normal stutter.

Hiashi was quick to recover "How dare yo..."

"This fight is far from over 'father' " she said the last word with so much venom that Neji's hair stood on his neck. "If you ever talk about Naruto Uzumaki like that ever again in front of me, I will kill you... father or not.

Hiashi was red in the face "YOU DARE SPEAK TO ME THAT WAY? I TOLD YOU TO STAY DOWN HINATA, DON'T EMBARRASS ME ANY FURTHER!" his voice boomed all over the dojo.

Hinata struggled to get on her feet, she was panting heavily, a stream of blood flew from her mouth. With great effort she got in the Jyuuken stance.

"Did you remember what mother used to say Hiashi-sama, the strength of a tigress will increase ten fold when cornered. I will show you who the real Hyuuga prodigy is" she lifted her gaze and her father swore his heart stop.

"I hate you, all of you." she said it with such a voice that her words cut like a knife through everyone. She dropped the stance and ran out the Dojo.

Nobody said anything, Neji was staring with shock at his feet and Hanabi was trembling looking at the opened door, she didn't know why she was crying. It was only Hinata after all.

The Hyuga Heiress entered her classroom in deep thought about the dream she had last night. What did it mean? She always had dreams about Naruto but those included them hugging, kissing, dating, making love, whipped cream, horse saddles, eggs...

She blushed furiously at her last thoughts scolding herself into not thinking about things like that...yet.

But she was fifteen and cold showers don't really work anymore.

"Are you alright Hinata?" a familiar stoic questioned.

She was brought out of her thoughts by one of her classmates sitting in front of her with a grey trench coat with a hood that covered most of his head only showing his eyes which were behind a set old sunglasses.

"Y-Yes I'm fine Shino-kun just have my mind on something hehehe." she laughed nervously hoping he wouldn't question her any further.

Luck was on her side as he just nodded and continued on to his seat as well. He was one of the only friends she had in the academy; though he was a little creepy at times. He always looked after her like a older brother would with their younger sister. Even though he is the heir of the Aburame clan he acts just like a normal kid.

Well as in Aburame normal.

Why she always use to ask him.

"I'm just doing what I can." and he would leave it at that.

Now that she thought about it her soon to be graduating class had many heir to major clans and most of them don't let it affect them at all and act like normal kids.

Shikamaru Nara of the Nara clan who usually sleeps during class while Chouji Ackimichi of the Ackimichi clan was steadily eating to his hearts content next to him.

Kiba Inuzuka of the Inuzuka clan was a ok person in heart but there were things that just bothered her about him. He was cocky and arrogant to a tee with a bigger ego then the entire Hokage Monument. At times he would also stare at her like she was a piece of tender meat, which made her uncomfortable at times and saying things like 'Narutard was a nobody when you can be with a major stud like me.'

That infuriated her to no end and a Jyuuken tap to his groin was what he received for his unnecessary comment.

For a week it had hurt for him to pee.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard shouting in the hallway and a moment later the door flung open showing two girls, one with pink hair and one with blond hair, panting heavily and glaring at each other.

"Ha! I win Ino-pig! Now I get to sit next to my Sasuke-kun!" the pink haired girl named Sakura Haruno shrieked so loud some of the classmates covered their ears to dull the oncoming headache they would be receiving.

"The next time you call Sasuke-kun "yours" I'll beat you into the ground Billboard Brow." growled the blond haired girl named Ino Yamanaka, who was also the heiress of the Yamanaka clan.

"How could you ever think Susuke-kun would ever want to go out with a pig like you!" Ino's former best friend retorted. "You should just go to the local barn and eat some hay."

"Pigs don't eat hay you idiot!"

"Then they probably eat manure. That must be why they smell so much, just like you."

"Billboard Brow!"


"Billboard Brow!"


"Can you two shut the hell up? Listening to your constant bickering is so troublesome!" a bored voice said to the two arguing banshees.

"Shut it Shikamaru-baka! Your just jealous your not wanted like we want Sasuke-kun" Sakura yelled while the 'Sasuke Uchiha Fanclub' shrieked in acknowledgement.

'I think my ears are bleeding!' many of the boys thought in unison.

"Yeah your right. I'm jealous that I don't act like a emo brooding prick and have a bunch of useless fan girls chasing after me. How did you ever figure me out?" Shikamaru responded in the same bored tone with a hint of sarcasm. All the other boys snickered at the comment but stopped when they felt the killing intent aimed towards Shikamaru, though he ignored it completely.

"What was that?" Ino replied menacingly.

"Oops did I accidentally tell the truth? I'm sorry but aren't shinobi suppose to put duty before all other factors, yet you constantly bicker about sitting next to a boy who shows he has no interest in you. Hell he might even be gay."

And just like a light switch the killing intent disappeared and was replaced with dumbfounded expressions from most of the other classmates, everyone thinking around the same lines...

'What the hell?'

Ino felt a little bad as she considered her former friend's words but it disappeared when Sasuke Uchiha walked through the classroom door.

"HI SASUKE-KUN!" All the banshee shrieked as he came in the door while all the boys face faulted anime style.

Shikamaru shook his head while Hinata put on a look of disgust. She had a huge distaste for fangirls as they shamed all women, especially kunoichis. Of course she was infatuated with a boy but she was her own person and never followed him with shallow tendencies like these fan girls.

Pathetic in her eyes.

Then came what she felt like the worst part of the day. Sasuke would walk up to her with a arrogant smirk on his face and stand in front of her.

"Hello Hinata-chan. Have you decided to kneel before me like everyone else in this village does." he said to her with a leer. He had did his everyday since the dobe's sudden disappearance ten years ago. He knew for a fact that she had a crush on him since they started the academy but he was too much of an idiot to see it. She chose to wait for the loser to pop up out of thin air when he knew he wouldn't be back. She was wasting her affections on him anyways and should have been fawning over him like the rest do.

The Hyuuga heiress grew a little irate but swallowed it down at the constant gall of this arrogant so called "Last Uchiha". She figured out why he was doing it and it kept every fiber in her being to stop from attacking him herself. But even though he was an stuck up snob with hair that looks like a cockatoo, he was still "Rookie of the year" and one of the only few in the class that can beat her in a fight.

Her old self in a fight.

She was interrupted from her thoughts at the sound of her teachers voice.

"Sakura and Ino could you please get to your seats. You two as well Sasuke." a man wearing a standard Leaf village uniform with a scar across his nose said with authority.

"Yes Iruka-sensei" Sakura and Ino said in unison. Sasuke merely "hn" and continued walking after mouthing "We're not done yet" to the Hyuuga heiress and was answered with a low feral growl that only he heard.

"Now I'd really like to introduce your new classmates, come in guys." Iruka said gesturing someone outside the door to come in.

With that a blond headed girl entered the classroom and just for a moment it felt like the temperature went up a a few dozen degrees, but that moment was so short lived that most of them thought they just imagined it. Her facial expression gave away no emotions, which in that itself made a few people feel a little uneasy, even Iruka and his assistant Mizuki shifted uncomfortably.

Her beauty and how her outfit hugged her figure had all the boys, Sasuke including, practically drooling at her while most of the girls, the fangirls included seething as to why their Sasuke wasn't staring at them. Taking in the tone of her body and attire it was clear to say that she had some skill of some sort.

Next a blond headed boy step into the room. As he entered there was such a pressure that no one, not even the teachers could breath. His aura gave off a sense of blood lust and rage, though hidden behind a sheet of calmness. And there was something deep down within that calm aura that sent foreboding chills down everyone spine. It was the same as the night of the Kyuubi No Youko attack on the village. The feeling shortly before the Yondaime sealed the beast. A presence no one could make out but everyone saw that even the Kyuubi stopped in fear because of 'it'.

But just like before it not even lasted a second and it was over. Further studying the boy, some of the girls including Ino and Hinata blushed at the display of muscles showed by his arms alone and the thought of what might be under that skin tight black sleeveless shirt even brought forth a few nosebleeds. He was at least six foot in height and to many of them he gave off the look of the 'bad boy' and looked made many of them swoon, even though the bottom half of his face was covered behind the bulk of the scarf of his cloak. Hinata couldn't put her finger on it but she felt like she knew him from somewhere as the blond hair and half lidded dark blue eyes reminded her of her crush, but something about him told her that this was a different person... or maybe.

Her eyes widened as she made eye contact with the boy and for a split second she could of sworn she saw his eyes slowly widen a few centimeters and showed her a few things that made her heart skip before they returned to their original emotionless gaze.


"Here we have uhhh... I've actually never learned your names yet. Since you are new to the village would you care to introduce yourself?" Iruka asked them while smiling sheepishly.

"Your statement is someone correct Iruka-sensei. My sister has never been to this village but I was born here and haven't been here in about a decade." Naruto stated in a calm manner.

Iruka raised an eyebrow as the voice sounded familiar to him. Mizuki was curious as well of the identity of the boy as he did remind him of the 'demon' boy. But the 'demon' was killed five years ago and is in the deep pits of hell where he belonged.

"This is my sister Yugito Uzumaki and I'm Naruto Uzumaki. Pleasure to see you all again." he continued in the same calm manner.

Not a second later he was tackled through the door by a blur of indigo hair and a light purple sweater jacket and knocked down on the hallway ground. He was way beyond shocked as he felt a soft pair of lips pressed against his as the once shy Hinata Hyuuga who had fainted all the time around him made the first move on sight.

Not that he was complaining as he was too shocked to fully register what was happening at the moment.

He glanced over to his side and noticed a black cat staring with an amused grin and a small fox staring with an unreadable expression.

"Aww how sweet...looks like I get another bed buddy." Yoruichi laughed.

"...Ok that was something I did not need to hear Yoruichi." the fox responded curtly in a feminine tone and then her eyes narrowed at the audacity when Hinata started to unzip her jacket.


And just like a light switch Hinata was brought back to reality as she finally realized what she was doing, who she was doing it with, and where she was doing it at the particular time. It was too much for her and she did the one thing she hadn't done in years... she fainted.

Naruto silently chuckled as he got off the floor picking Hinata up bridal style and walked back in the room with the fox and Yoruichi in tow. Entering the class again he looked at some of the students. He couldn't help but take amusement at their expressions.

Shikamaru tried not to act too surprised, feeling that doing do would be too troublesome for him.

Shino had both eyebrows raised upon realizing that the stranger before him was none other than his friend Naruto. He figured that there had to be some form of logic explanation for the transformation Naruto underwent although he presently couldn't think of one.

Kiba and Chouji, who stopped eating his chips and nearly dropped his bag of chips in fact upon seeing Naruto, both looked at Naruto with stupefied expressions. Chouji remembered that Naruto was unique in his own way but he never suspected that something that what he was looking at could ever happen to the blonde. Kiba was praying that he could still win Hinata over... if she didn't tell Naruto about his advances and said boy didn't kill him.

Sakura was in denial. Pure and utter denial. She couldn't believe how handsome and built Naruto became while trying desperately to convince herself that Naruto's new appearance still doesn't measure up to Sasuke's. In spite of this though, she wondered exactly what happened to Naruto in the in all these years that triggered this seemingly unexplainable transformation.

In the recesses of her mind though, something inside of her smirked!

'Hot Damn! I never thought dead last Naruto would look this hot in! Now I definately regret not staking a claim on that!' was all Ino could think as she had an atomic blush on her face that rivaled Hinata's.

An extremely pale boy that slightly caught his attention had a neutral facial expression though he had a curious look in his eyes. Something about the boy voiced on word in his mind.


Sasuke was scowling and seething at the sight. He wondered exactly what triggered Naruto's surprising change and he was no fool to tell that he had much power. Power that should be his and not this peasant. He was also angered hotly at the fact that Naruto was getting stronger faster than he was and possessed power that he wanted for himself to use against Itachi and prove his superiority to everyone. He will demand that he tells him how he got his power and give it to him.

After all he is a Uchiha elite.

Iruka smiled brightly as he watched his former student place Hinata back in her seat while sitting next to her and Yugito sitting next to him. He also noticed the animals and saw how the fox hopped on top of Naruto's head much like Akamaru sat on Kiba's and the cat curled up on Yugito's desk, purring as she started to stroke her fur.

"Well first of I would like to welcome you back to the world of the shinobi Naruto. For a minute I thought you gave up wanting to be Hokage on me." he chuckled.

Naruto gave a small grin "Not at all Iruka-sensei. Actually I was approved by the Hokage to take a training trip."

Breaking out of his brooding Sasuke countered "Come on dobe we all know that is a lie. Why would the Hokage waste time sending you, the dead last, a loser, and a idiot on a training mission when I, an Uchiha, an Elite who was born for greatness would get such opportunities before you."

"Yea why would he send you instead on my Sasuke-kun?" Sakura yelled with some of the fangirl agreeing with her.

Much to Naruto's inner horror and Yugito's amusement many of the Uchiha fangirl were staring at him with hearts in their eyes now wearing t-shirts with his face on the front.

How and why he didn't know and really didn't want to find out.

Sakura would of continued her rant if she didn't nearly wet herself when she felt a large amount of killing intent aimed at her and everyone else in the class. But it wasn't coming from the blond's at all; it was from the small red fox perched on Naruto's head. Sasuke outwardly had a stoic look but inside he was sweating bullets trying his hardest to stay from showing outer fear from the intent. That notion went out the window when the potent blast intensified as the fox let out a low deep growl that send shivers down his and everyone elses spine. Her lips curled up slightly showing her surprisingly sharp canines as Naruto started to speak.

"Kaa-chan can you please calm down. Don't let her words effect you. She is trash and not worthy of your ire" he spoke telepathically to the small fox who seemed to of ignored him at first. "I have yet to release the seal yet so..."

He glanced out the corner of his eye and noticed that Hinata was starting to stir and just like a light switch the killing intent switched off as the fox jumped off of his shoulder onto the desk of the Hyuuga girl. She then started to nudge the side of her face causing her to slightly giggle due to the ticklish feeling and starting to slowly open her eyelids.

'I must of had a dream about Naruto-kun again but this dream was way too real. Naruto-kun came back and looked hot with those muscles. I was going to ride him until i passed out in the hallway. I miss him so much' she thought with a slight blush not fully aware that it wasn't a dream.

"Good to see you awake now"

Her eyes shot open as she heard the familiar voice. She turned her head and was face to face with...

"Naruto-kun" she said in a whisper.

"Yes its me but we can catch up after class as I believe we've held up enough of Iruka-sensei's time. So can you hold on until then?"

She couldn't find her voice so she just nodded dumbly. Iruka out of his stupor after regaining his composure nodded and started with the lesson, thus starting the blond Jinchuuriki's first day at the academy in over ten years.

The first half of the day was uneventful until it was time to go outside for target practice. As they were exiting the class Kiba decided to make his presence known by putting a arm around Yugito's shoulder.

"Hey babe my name's Kiba and I just wanted to say that you we should go hang out after school is done. I'll show you how to have a good time in the Leaf" he said with cocky smile.

Inwardly Yugito cringed and was fuming about this filthy mutt touching her with his dirty hands. She felt like neutering him right here and now but cancelled that notion as she inwardly grinned as Yoruichi just gave her an idea. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a rosary nrcklace and handed them to Kiba.

"Why don't you try this on. It would look good on you " she purred in his ear that sent excited shivers down his spine. Without a second thought he obeyed her command instantly like an obedient puppy. She removed his arm from her shoulder and continued ahead of him till she caught up with Naruto.

"Looks like your putting the dog on a leash" Naruto stated calmly not even bothering to look back. Yugito didn't respond as a small smirk was dawning her facial features..

Location:Academy Training Ground Time: 11:46pm

Iruka noticed that all original classmates were look at Naruto and Yugito either to satisfy their interest, to glare or to steal glances at these new students and to look what kind of competition they would be. Sasuke however paid them no mind as he felt they were inferior to him but stole glances time and again of Yugito. Other than Hinata, she was the only other girl that wasn't fawning over him. Of course he hated fangirls with a passion but he was use to every girl falling at his feet because he was the last Uchiha.

'Hn. Makes no difference. I'm a Uchiha after all so she'll soon come around and fawn over my greatness... You too Hinata.'

Sakura noticed his glances towards the female Jinchuuriki and was seething with jealousy. She may not of been that good in taijutsu but she would make sure to beat her into a pulp so her Sasuke-kun can look at her. 'YEA THATS RIGHT! WE'LL KICK HER ASS SO SASUKE-KUN WILL HAVE TO GO OUT WITH US. CHA!' Inner Sakurascreamed. Her inner ranting was interrupted by Iruka's instructing.

'You could try but it won't matter. Not for long. ' Sakura heard a whisper in her mind but just ignored it altogether, allowing the voice to smirk.

"We're first going to start with kunai and shuriken practice. During your turn you will be given a total of ten shuriken and ten kunai to use for your target. You are accuracy on the target will be scored accordingly. If you hit a vital marker on the dummy you will be given five points for that single marker. If you don't you will be just given a point.

To pass this exercise you need at least twenty points, however the two people with the highest scores get to choose there opponents during the taijutsu part of the day."

"Can we fight whoever we want, Iruka-sensei" asked Naruto.

"Yes you can." answered said sensei then he felt a chill down his spine when he saw the sinister grin forming on the blond's face.

"The idea of this exercise is all about accuracy as it is a important aspect in battle" Mizuki interjected. "If you to be in a tight bind against the enemy and you only have kunai throwing weapons at your disposal you need to take the enemy out at effectively as possible if he his within that your range of trajectory. So now lets start the exercise as we will be calling you in alphabetical order. Now first is..."

Naruto leaned against a tree patiently waiting for his name to be called. It was a long list of students and just as long a list of different results. There were some that had no potential at this and some who could show of some skills. Truth be told he really didn't care for the exercise but decided to use it to an advantage for a little payback against a certain someone who he seen the night of the incident ten years ago.

He heard footsteps coming from his side and turned his head to see Hinata slowly walking towards him shyly with a light blush on her face. While in the classroom he didn't really get a good look at her as they were seated but now he was really noticing how different she looked from the last time he saw her. She was rid of the beige Eskimo jacket and now was sporting a lavender sweater jacket with light gray sleeves with matching lavender ninja pants. Her once short hair now trailed a little over her butt and added more radiance to her.

'She really has grown up.' A small smile crept up on his face which had a immediate effect on the indigo haired student as her own blush started to increase.

Was she blushing because of him?

Did he find her attractive enough to blush?

Before he use to think that whenever she would blush around him he would think that it was a sign of her being sick or she was allergic to him for some odd reason. To him she was weird. But now he knew the truth and it warmed his heart a little as he concluded to the revelation.

She truly cared for him. Maybe even loved him.

Too bad he doesn't love her. Heck he doesn't really even know her after a decade of being gone...unlike

"She looks like she want to talk" Kushina voiced to the blond. Naruto nodded and got off the tree to walk to her as she was to him. He then stopped a foot in front of her and watched her as her index fingers started to poke each other and her gaze towards the ground as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. She lifted her head to speak but was interupted once her name was called by Iruka for her turn.

He saw the sad look in her eyes and immediately figured out the cause of it. She turned around to walk away only to feel an arm rest on her shoulder, gaining a small "eep" from the lavender eyed girl.

"I want you to do your best Hinata" a masculine voice huskily whispered in her ear. It took all of her willpower not to faint or shudder at how hot he was sounding when he said that. By the graces of Kami she was able to hang on the the world of consciousness. All of her uneasiness and dread of the exercise disappeared that instant and it was fiiled with determination and resolve.

"Pat yourself on the back sochi, you gave her some serious confidence." the red fox said as it appeared out of nowhere on Naruto's head.

"Im going to do more for her now that I'm back. I know she's strong but lacks the confidence which I will help her with. At least until we leave back for home." the male blond jinchuuriki replied. He took his hand off of her and went to stand by Yugito, who looked half sleep as she was leaning against a training post.

"Man who ever said school was fun must of been smoking crack." She said in a annoyed tone.

"Patience Nee-chan. We have to ride this out until we become registered shinobi." Naruto responded. "Besides we are about to have some fun." he finished telepathically as a smirk graced his lips.

"So how will you do it?" she asked curiously.

"I think I'll just let 'The Raging Demon' have some fun. " he heard said demon chuckle menacingly in his mindscape. "Never the less lets watch how well Hinata progressed over the years." he said talking outwardly again.

"You sure do care about her alot Naruto." she said neutrally. It was always known to her even though he had been through alot and closed off his heart to nearly everyone, he still had a soft spot for some others besides her.

"I car for her wellbeing. Nothing more and nothing less." he responded and turned his head back to Hinata sizing up to training dummy.

'Time to show him how strong I became.' she thought to herself as she closed her eyes to focus on the task at hand.

Seconds later her eyes snapped open and with a burst of spped never before witnessed by her classmates she sent a barrage of kunai and shuriken at the training dummy, striking the heart area 7 times and hitting the kidneys, jugular vein, and larynx each three times a piece. The last four kunai hit non vital spots on the dummy which disappointed her a little but brightened up after she did the math in her head.

She turned towards her class and was greeted with a impressed look from Naruto, a thumbs up and smile from Yugito, an extremely impressed Iruka, and a bug eyed Mizuki, Sasuke, and the rest of his classmates.

"T-That was amazing Hinata" Iruka the first to speak after a couple moments of silence. He was astonished at how well she did in the exercise as she never showed that type of skill before in the previous excercises. He checked the accuracy of the projectiles and was proud of what the young Hyuuga had done. It was moments like these that made him proud to be a teacher.

"So far we have Hinata Hyuuga in the lead with 90 points as she has the highest score so far." he finished with pride in her voice.

"Thats because I havent went yet." said a certain Uchiha.

"You won't even pass 70" Naruto reponded in a calm manner.

"And this is coming from the dead-last with no skill? You'll be lucky to get 20." Sasuke replied with his words dripping with arrogance.

"Uchiha's right" Kiba added "You should of just dropped out ten years ago as you aren't even worthy of being a shinobi."

"And this is coming from a boy whose dog smells better than him?" Naruto retorted.

"What was that?" Kiba growled and took a step closer. Naruto's chakra pattern changed in an instant and his cold mask slipped into place making him and Sasuke take an involuntary step back. The pressure made it hard for them to breath and for a moment they both were afraid of him.

"What seems to be the problem?" an older voiced said from the other side of the field that caught all the other classmates attention.

"Nothing at all Iruka-sensei. Kiba and Sasuke were just telling a bad joke. Its nothing to concern yourself with." Yugito said as she started to walk away from the two with Naruto following behind her.

Twenty Minutes Later

"Sasuke Uchiha your score is 67" Iruka said while looking over the vitals. Said boy scowled at the score and went over by a tree to brood even more than usual.

"Naruto Uzumaki"

Naruto just picked up one shuriken and go into the designated position.

"I think you'll need more then one shuriken dobe" Sasuke taunted.

Naruto turned, looked Sasuke in the eye and threw the shuriken and made a short sequence of one handed hand-signs.

"Shadow Shuriken no Jutsu" he whispered not breaking eye contact and the shuriken multiplied tenfold and riddled the entire training dummy with projectiles, not leaving a single marker uncovered.

"Show-off" joked Yugito as the others stood there dumbfounded.

Yugito took all her throwing object and just closed her eyes. With speed no one could follow she threw the all but one at once hiting all the fatal spots on the dummy.

"Oh and Inuzuka if you ever touch me again..." she trailed off as she threw the last kunai at the training dummy landing hilt deep into the groin which made the Inuzuka pale whiter than a ghost.

" W-Well I think we have our winners. Now who would you like to fight Naruto?" asked a very impressed Iruka.

"Kiba." he said with no hesitation.

"Tch I was waiting for you to grow a sack so I can humiliate you I front of Hinata. She doesn't need trash in her life." Kiba said with a feral grin showig off his canines hoping to intimidate the blonde. This was his chance to have Hinata and he wasn't going to pass it up.

"Yet you keep trying to persue her. If you ask me thats contradicting yourself." Naruto replied.

"What do you mean?" Kiba asked confused.

"Well you said she shouldn't be around trash, yet you smell like garbage truck juice." And with that most of the classmates were snickering with the exception of Choji cracking up holding his sides while almost choking on a chip.

Furious about that comment, Kiba snarled and attacked with a fist to the face. Naruto simply sidestepped it and the Inuzuka suddenly had a knee in the gut. Naruto then followed up with a knee to the face so the bend over Kiba stood straight once again and then jumped with a roundhouse kick hitting him in the face and sending Kiba crashing in the nearest tree while Naruto walked away from the scene.

Everyone was shocked by that display of power. For most of the bystanders it was only proof that Naruto was not the so called 'dead last' anymore.

Naruto took a seat on the ground next to Hinata, who was blushing deeply at how close he was to her and admiring how strong he had became over the years, but then she also heard the sounds of other girls talking about the boy and some were discussing ways to get him alone with them. She couldn't help but get angry at the girls for just now seeing Naruto for the handsome boy he is.

She saw him first and waited a decade to have him, so if anyone would get the boy alone with them damnit it was going to be her and her alone. Subconsciously she slowly started to emit a small amount of killing intent once she saw a couple girls trying to get close to him, which made them all back away in fear. Unknown to her, her crush was watching the hole thing out the corner of his eye and mentally heard Kyuubi laughing hysterically.

"What's so funny?"

"Yeah I think its actually rather cute. Thats how I use to be around your father when he started having serious fangirl problems." Kushina commented.

"Nothing is more funnier than a vixen running away banshees from her mate." Akuma cackled.


"Kit I know remember I know every little thought that pops up in your mind...even the perverted ones" he smiled lecherously that could make even the strongest pervert jealous.

Halfway across Lightning country, a white haired man sneezed, alerting the nude women he was peeking on near the river.

"Oh shit."

The man cried, as the women pounced on him, having dragged out of nowhere slim metal pipes and mallets, and the other three women not pounding the living daylights out of the pervert burned his "research material."

"Now Yugito who would you like to fight?"

"She will fight against me!" notified Sasuke looking at Yugito. "I will be your opponent".

Iruka raised an eyebrow and looked at Yugito asking her if this was alright. She shrugged and walked on the field standing a few yards from the confident Sasuke.

"Go Sasuke-kun! You can beat her. Show that blond haired skank whose boss." cried the ever present Sakura.

"No he wont" the voice in her head spoke again.

"SHUT UP WHO ASKED YOU!" she screamed out loud, getting freaked out looks from everyone.

Except her Naruto who was staring intently.

"Hn. This won't take long take long. If your lucky I might let you help me revive my clan." the Uchiha said to his opponent as he got into a basic taijutsustance.

Yugito's eyes slightly narrowed at the comment, but kept her emotionless gaze upon Sasuke and shifted her body into a stance that he nor the other spectators(except for Naruto) have ever seen before.

Her knees were slightly bent with her tight leg moved forward about a foot from its original position. Her posture was slightly hunched over while her elbows bent and her hands stayed in front in a continous grasping motion.

"Ready" Iruka said. "Begin!"

Sasuke gauged the stance and figured it was a made up stance so he just charged her figuring that he could finish her off in one blow.

Boy was he mistakened.

Before he could even retract his arm to swing, she thrusted her wrist into the Uchiha's throat, momentarily cutting off his ear supply, making him grab his throat in pain. Not skipping a beat she swept his feet and shifted her weight on top on his back while grabbing one of his arm and twisting it behind his back with his face now in the dirt. She got the desired results of hearing him scream out in pain from the arm lock.

"You lose Sasuke-kun. The more you try to struggle, the more pressure I'll put on your arm... unless I do this" she purred in his ear whille twisting his arm a little more and getting the desire results of him screaming louder in pain.

"HEY LET GO OF SASUKE-KUN NOW!" Sakura while all the fangirls were yelling things similar... Well all except for Ino who was completely in awe at how simple, yet accurate and fluid Yugito's movements were in terms of subduing her opponent. Sure she was holding down her crush, but curiosity of her fellow blond's out weighed some of her infatuation.

She glanced over at the other classmates to see a surprised Hinata, a slightly smirking Naruto while a black cat was curled up around his neck and small dark red fox sat on top of his head, and it may have been a trick of the heat but she could of swore she saw them smirking, as if they were enjoying what they were watching. All the boys and teachers were bugged eyed and slack jawed at the spectacle of the infamous "Rookie of the Year" was getting his arse handed to him.

By a chick no less.

Iruka decided it was time to call the match before she actually breaks his arm, which he personally thought the boy needed it done as in hopes of humbling him from the arrogance he feeds off of from some of the villagers.

That is if getting your ass whipped by a girl wasn't enough.

"I think thats enough for one day Neechan." he heard Naruto say in a bored tone.

"I'm surprised you had problems with this weakling. I barely broken a sweat." Yugito replied back before she jabbed her index and middle finger in a spot on his neck right above his collar bone, which got the immediate reaction of him going limp. All of the banshees gasped in shock and horror and ran to their crush while the other classmates where still in their stupor how he was disassembled without that much force. And before anything else was said the dismissal bell rung indicating that the day was over.

"W-Well I believe todays day is over so well pick up the rest of reviewing for the exam today" Iruka dismissed still a little stunned about all he has seen today. He looked at the retreating back of Naruto and couldn't help but smile at the once before knucklehead who he looked at like a little brother at times was back in his life. He felt destroyed when he thought said boy died all those years years ago but had to move on with his life. Now all of that has changed and so has the young Uzumaki.

'Your legacy lives on Yondaime-sama' Iruka thought with pride as he feel he was looking at the birth of a legend.

Location: Hokage Tower Time: 6:45 p.m.

Sarutobi was looking at the Jounin who had qualified to become Jounin instructors. Iruka was also there as he was the head instructor for the graduating class. Everything was going smoothly until the two blond unknown Jinchuuriki's name's came up. It seems after the fight with Kiba and Sasuke nobody really wanted them on their team as they felt they were just fluke victories nothing real to celebrate about. The one who thought differently was Kakashi Hatake.

"I think that I should be given Naruto Uzumaki." He said.

"And why is that? You already have Sasuke Uchiha and he is the rookie of the year. You also have Sakura Haruno who had the highest grades in the class. Having Naruto on your team would make it completely underbalanced." another random Jounin explained. "The dead last ten years ago will still be the dead last today even if he is a demon." he finished smugly, making the worst mistake of his life.

Before he realized it he was trapped in the two highest killing intents he ever felt. One came from the purpled haired ANBU in the corner furious with the future bloodstain, first for considering the her little brother a demon and second for having the gaul for breaking the law before the Hokage.

The second one came from the now visible Kakashi now showing his visible Sharingan, his bloodlust was similar to the Yugao's, worse considering that all was aimed directed to him.

Before anyone could react Kakashi disappeared and all was heard was the sound of chirping birds. They all watched in horror as a lightning infused hand came out of the other Jounin's pelvis area(OUCH) effectively ending his ninja career.

And having children.

And peeing properly.

Kakashi pulled his hand out with a sicken slush as the other Jounin fell to the floor, too shocked to feel pain after the current went through his body.

"Now that I have tooken care of the trash can we continue this meeting?" Kakashi said, all forms of his former lazy attitude gone.

Sarutobi merely shook his head as he saw another Anbu take the ex-Jounin away to the hospital as he knew that his labeedo was non existent now. However...

"Yes we should but I sorry Kakashi I will have to deny you that notion as the council will not approve it." he said slowly gauging the silver haired Jounin in front of him and could feel rage radiating on him, several different thoughts running through his head.

'This is one hell of a problem. On the one hand Naruto needed to stay uneducated, untrained, and as helpless as possible for the next few years. But that ship sailed when he was took out the village and was taught and told Kami knows what. Kakashi's too valuable to Konoha to risk spiting so early in his career. The man already through his ANBU career out the window and he is a high A-Rank shinobi...borderline S-Rank. We can't afford another S-Rank missing ninja.' They really couldn't. The village was still dealing with the repercussions of Orochimaru, and that man had never shown any interest in the Anbu. Kakashi would be able to hide from all of Konoha's forces for more than long enough to reach a village like Iwa.

'Still...even throwing Kakashi out of the picture...the only chance to keep him weak has long been destroyed, especially considering the Kyuubi. The beast won't let any mind-altering techniques or seals. So I have no choice. I can no longer keep him completely suppressed, but training him to his full potential would be stupid. With how he's reacting to us, the best in the village...there's far too great a chance that he will flee from the village at the earliest opportunity, or worse, he releases the beast as soon as he finds out about my development for him. Even I haven't mastered the seal yet...Danzo might have, but there is no way that sly old fox will even consider sacrificing himself unless there is no other choice. Feh, so much for easily getting rid of the bastard.'


Still, he had shown Kakashi a part of the stick; it was time to offer a carrot, with a kunai in the shadows.

This caught the attention of every Jounin.

"From my gauging I believe that BOTH of the Uzumaki's are at least mid to high Chunin level in skill." He said with everyone laughing at that, thinking that Hokage was telling a joke only for the a voice to stop them.

"I'm afraid that Hokage-sama speaks the truth. The boy has done far more work in improving his skills in the last decade, and as for being on the very bottom of the Genin bracket your sadly mistaken." said a low voice.

Every one turn their heads to see an unknown man. He was wearing a standard Konoha Jounin shinobi uniform but what caught him was that he had a fox Anbu mask over his face.

"Tenzo?" Kakashi asked surprised but had a feeling where this was going. The Anbu officer walked up and stood next to him, removing his mask showing his brown hair and coal colored eyes.

"Looks like we'll be partners again sempai" He responded with a small smile, confusing all the jounin in the room.

"I would like to introduce everyone to the Uzumaki's new Jounin sensei, along with another who I haven't decided who just yet. As of now they will be the only two Genin squad to ever from the Leaf." Hiruzen instructed.

"So your going to keep the siblings together." asked Kurenai Yuhi.

"Yes they have been training together for a long time and know each others strengths as well as weakness and it would be easier for them. That and the fact that Naruto has trust issues, though with the past incident that happened ten years ago it is a true miracle that he trusts anybody at all. Now does anyone have any questions?"

No one notioned one except for one.

"Hokage-sama if I may I would like to keep my ANBU identidy secret and use another name" Tenzo requested.

"Fair enough. As of now you will be known forth as Yamato Zaimoku for now on" the professor answered.

"Hmmm... I like it " he replied.

"Good this meeting has come to an end." Hiruzen said while watching all the Jounin leave...except for Kakashi.

"Kakashi I know you wanted to be his teacher so while not saying anything to the other Jounin I will be sending you on solo missions with Team 11 from time and time so you can form a bond with the boy. Also he will be joining you on your first C- rank mission as soon as you believe your ready... After all you are his godbrother."

Kakashi gave the old leader his famous 'crinkled eye' smile before he bowed and disappearing in a puff of smoke.

'It seems things are going to get a little more interesting' the old Kage mused. His thoughts were interupted when Yugao appeared out of nowhere kneeled down in front of her.

"Pardon my intrusion Hokage-sama but we have just found the body of the Chunin Academy instrutor named Mizuki. After further inspection of the corpse it appears that he had a genetic altering curse mark on one of his forearms.

And thats all im going to say about that

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In the beginning of this fic Sasuke will still be the pompous ass we all know and hate who thinks since he is an Uchiha everyone should bow at his feet as most of the villagers do well in spoiling him. He wants Hinata for the simple facts that she doesn't fawn over him like all the other fangirls do and that he also feel that she love Naruto. I'm still debating if I want to keep him with this attitude or change him for the better later on.

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