Naruto walked calmly with the four Anbu back towards town and ultimately to the Hokage tower where he would meet the Old man himself and he was sure that the old man was rolling over for the council to see to his execution.

'Bet he uses that crystal ball of his to spy on me.'

Not even two days have passed and they already want him dead... Heh not his best record but who was counting?

He looked at the Anbu and chuckled inwardly.

"Look that these weaklings. They are practically shitiing themselves right now hoping I don't kill them. I don't blame them." Naruto said to Gouki.

"Their just being smart that's all. They know of the power I hold and they fear it. That is the respect that I earned from your people, and those even back in my time. Being feared is almost intoxicating to me." Gouki sneered.

Naruto cut off his conversation with his tenant as they reached the front doors to the Hokage tower. It was time to face the firing squad so they say and he was sure this was going to be an interesting spectacle. The guards at the door gave him dirty looks, but moved aside to let them in and the five entered. Naruto inwardly chuckled as they entered the lobby of the tower. He face still not baring a single emotion but the Anbu could practically feel the amusement off of him causing them to grit their teeth.

In front of them stood nearly three dozen Anbu all dressed in battle gear as if they were expecting to go to battle.

Naruto couldn't contain himself as a chuckle escaped his lips, causing the Anbu all stared at him. "Wow you guys are really on edge aren't you? Do I scare you so much that you have to come with such numbers. Don't you think that if I intended to do anything I would have done it out there. What a joke you all are." he said in a eerily calm manner that made all of them feel uncomfortable. And with that he headed for the stairs, also taking notice that Yugao and Tenzo were not present among the Anbu.

Good if he did have to kill them all, he didn't have to worry about his sister getting hurt.

Tenzo? Well he had no attachments to the man he thought as he stared at the Hokage's secretary.

A professional looking brunette. Her attention was glued to the monitor in front of her as her nimble fingers typed away. The eyes behind her glasses snapped up to him before they went back to the monitor.

"The Hokage is awaiting for you in the conference room Uzumaki-san." Her monotone voice was respectful but dismissing.

She was one of those secretaries.

'Someone needs to get laid.' Naruto chuckled to himself as he turned to his right and began walking up the stairs to the conference room.

The Anbu broke into 4 groups and surrounded him, leading him up to the conference room. The Anbu at the front of the pack stepped away from the group and entered the room. Moments later the he was ushered into the room with 3 other guards and the doors closed behind them. The others would wait outside in-case they were needed. He supposed that was something. It could have been worse. They could have all come in.

Naruto took immediate notice that the old man was not the only other person in his room besides himself and the Anbu guards.

He inwardly frowned at the faces. He thought only the Hokage had wanted to speak with him. Why were these three here? Well five as there as well as Inoichi Yamanaka.

He narrowed his eyes slightly at the last person who he took notice of which the person returned a glare at him. She had long brown hair that was tied in a tight ponytail with a few loose strands over her face and had the traditional fang-like tattoos of the Inuzuka clan on both of her cheeks, in addition to a tattoo on her upper right arm that resembles a flower. Her Chunin attire consisted of just a slightly zipped down vest showing a small bit of cleavage with black shorts and standard shinobi sandals.

Her name was Hana Inuzuka, heiress to the Inuzuka Clan.

He remembered when he was four years old that she use to be so kind to him and always gave him candy and hung around while he played in the park. Things started to turn for the worse when the villagers and some of her fellow clansmen found out they were associating and polluted her mind and made her believe he was the Kyuubi reincarnated.

It went as bad as her sicking her dogs on him while her father watched and praised her while laughing. He was brought out of his musing when he heard the Anbu captain talking to the Hokage.

"The boy was found on top of the Hokage Monument sir. He was found in the presence of Hinata Hyuga who seemed to be uninjured. When we attempted to extract the Hyuuga heiress the boy threatened one of my men. We were eventually able to secure the heiress and she was returned to the Hyuga complex albeit reluctantly. She did not seem to want to leave his side."

"The boy has a name Soutaicho and you would do well to remember your manners in my presence, You may leave." said Sarutobi.

The Anbu Captain looked irritated. "With all due respect sir that thing threatened one of my men. It's obvious that the demon is escaping its prison, which we should dispose of him now before he is able to break free. You did not see the size of the crater at the site where we found him. It was easily 100 feet in diameter. The demon is escaping we must act NOW." Said the Captain in a demanding tone, making Naruto inwardly chuckle.

'You have no control, even over your own soldiers Hiruzen. Pitiful old man let me help you. Call this a freebie... Manipulate' thought Naruto then mentally commanded, eyes tinted green for a split second, not seen by anyone.

Not for some entertainment.

The Thirds eyes were like flames for some reason when he turned on the Anbu Commander. "Who do you think you are talking to Soutaicho or should I say Fukutaicho. I am the Hokage of this village and I decide when and if we need to do anything to Naruto Uzumaki. Now you are dismissed and take your men with you. I do not want you in my sight." said Sarutobi feeling a fire he hasn't felt in decades.

One of the Anbu members stepped forward. "But sir, the council instructed us to guard the the occupant in the room from Uzumaki-san. We are not to leave his side." he finished earning a hardened gaze from the old Hokage. He turned his gaze over to Danzo who simply shrugged his shoulder.

"We suggested this for our safety so that the de... Uzumaki child does not overstep his boundaries again." he said while catching his slip up not wanting to go through what happened at the last council meeting again.

"Afraid of me Shimura?" Naruto lowly taunted bringing the war hawk's narrowed gaze to him, while simultaneously trying to bring him under submission with his bandaged Sharingan eye, inwardly seething to find that it still had no effect.

Sarutobi had had enough of this. He turned back towards the Anbu and slammed his hand down on the desk to emphasis his point. "And I have told you to wait outside! Let us not forget who you answer to. Now leave or I shall strip you all of your ranks and send you back to the academy... And tell Yugao Uzuki that she has my blessing as the New Anbu Soutaicho " The Anbu hesitated for a moment, then turned and left, closing the door behind them.

Naruto smirked inwardly as he let his influence go. This was all too easy.

Sarutobi turned to Naruto, his face softer then it had been a moment ago, he seemed almost sad. "I assume you know why you are here Naruto. Is It true that you threatened one of his men?" Naruto stepped forward and looked him straight in the eyes when he spoke.

"Yes I know why I am here and yes it is true I gave one of his men a scare. I simply looked at him and he practically had a heart attack. I did not raise a finger towards them and Hinata Hyuga had expressed her wishes and they tried to forcibly remove her as if I was some type of danger to her. She was obviously afraid for my safety and they intended to restrain her. I simply let them know I would not tolerate them laying a finger on her with unneeded force." he said with no emotion on his face, nor in his tone.

Sarutobi's eyes widened in surprise for a moment and then set straight again. Naruto caught the look, he knew the man had been surprised at Hinata's reaction and his level of his intellect. But before he pondered that he need to know something.

"Can I ask why are they here? Especially her?" he asked pointing to Hana who growled at him.


(Flashback/30 Minutes Earlier)

The Hokage was having another stress filled day when he didn't need it on his old seventy year old should be retired, but forced back in heart.

"How is it that you can see Naruto as a threat just for sticking up for himself?" said Sarutobi as he hated meetings like this.

"The fact the boy has never done anything like this before much less the fact that he was allowed to defend himself proves it. He should be beaten on constantly so the fox knows its place inside of its new body and that if it will be assaulted at any moments notice," said Koharu who hated the fox and the boy it inhabited.

Danzo and Homura remained silent.

"It is that kind of talk that makes us worse then those we preach about fighting against that are enemies of our Daimyo. You want us to become hypocrites?" said Sarutobi, trying to undermine this Elder's reasoning.

"Its better then being a type of village that houses a Nine Tailed Demon Fox. The very same Demon Fox that killed your successor and wife no less Hiruzen. I'm surprised that you didn't try to kill the boy yourself though I suppose being as old as you are has made you soft and a sympathizer of the demon all because he has the body that resembles Minato," said the Homura trying to remove favor from the Hokage.

"Be as it may Naruto will be a shinobi of Konoha, whether the council likes it or not and they cannot remove him from being a ninja. To do so you must have an authentic reason that is a legitimate one and not because he has the demon locked inside of him. He is not the demon himself despite what you may think Homura," said Sarutobi knowing the council would need to have a reason other then Kyuubi being in him.

"I'm well aware of what it is you and I are thinking Hokage-sama, which is why the council will be having Inoichi Yamanaka take a look inside his head today when the Anbu retrieve him to see if he is an unstable demon or not. If Naruto is unstable not only will we have the authority to remove him from ever being a Genin, but we will be allowed to have the boy killed by public execution as an order of the council to protect the village from whatever harm he may ensue upon the public," said Danzo as he got full agreement from the other Elders.

"And what should happen should he pass with flying colors Danzo? What if he is as stable as I claim he is? Tell me what you plan to do then?" said Sarutobi fully knowing that if this little stunt of an examination didn't bare any fruit then Danzo would have a lot of hot shit to eat for criticizing the Hokage of Konoha.

"I will deal with that when the unlikely chance of that happens to me and the other Elders here, but I can assure you it won't," said Danzo inwardly smiling as he was going to be rid of the Namikaze and once and for all, he will have his weapon.

(Flashback end)

"Let's get this over with. I have things to do other then be around trash who believe that their political pulls will save them from me wiping them from existence," said Naruto earning a snarl from Hana, a small frown from Inoichi, and glares from the other Elder's in the room.

"Why you little...," Koharu seethed ready to take out a kunai and kill the boy herself, but was stopped by a daring look by Hiruzen who would be damned if the boy would be attack by as what Aeris called her 'a tree humping bitch'.

"ENOUGH! We'll start with the physical in the room I have prepared down the hall. ONLY Hana Inuzuka and Naruto Uzumaki may enter as I want no outside party involved with this examination to possibly contaminate it," said Sarutobi as he did this to make sure that there was no foul play involved from the Elders.

"Can someone explain to me why a veterinarian has to look at me when it should be a full fledged doctor that actually knows what he or she is doing," said Naruto as the situation didn't make sense.

"Hana Inuzuka is a skilled veterinarian boy, who has dealt with animals as well as certain other animal related incidents that involve humans and since she can examine your body for irregularities with her dog like senses that would make you seem...unnatural," said Homura sneering at the boy only to be quieted by Naruto's piercing gaze that had made the old man very fearful of the boy.

"Fine. But I'm not stripping naked. She wants to examine my body she has to deal with my boxers or else I walk, I draw the line for female perverts.," said Naruto as said woman now snarled at him for his remarks at her being a pervert.

"Like I care to see what's down their kid. You are probably under developed anyway in that region," said Hana smirking at questioning his manhood only to lose her smile when Naruto shot a large concentrated dose of intent at her that made her quiver in fear of him as it was so high and had never felt anything like it before.

"Keep talking like that and I'll make sure you can never bare children," said Naruto, annoyed enough to want to just end her life but Kushina in his head told him to calm down as they needed to make sure that no...unnecessary blood was spilled in this physical examination.

"Both of you stop it! Naruto I'll expect no blood shed from you or from your examiner and any blood spilled will be dealt with strict punishment," said the Hokage as he was not having any conflict happen so late at night.

"Agreed. Let's get this over with, but know this...she so much as looks at me funny I'll chop up her body, burn it, place her ashes in an urn, and deliver the urn personally to her mother's doorstep," said Naruto heading to the indicated room with a now very reluctant Hana Inuzuka behind him with worried looking Elders as they had never seen or heard of the boy being this cold and vicious before till recently and started wondering if they could take him should he become violent.

They concluded that they couldn't and now prayed to themselves that he wouldn't be or they would be royally screwed.

Naruto entered the room first looking around not trusting either the Elders or his so called examiner to do things by the book. It was simple as well as nice as rooms went as it had a chair, a table in front of it, and a wooden clipboard on the table to write down anything considered information during the examination. After looking around he walked forward into the room more followed by Hana who looked at him with disgust that someone like him could be a ninja.

She had been told by many of her clansmen about the Kyuubi being in the boy saying the clan's safety as well as interests was higher then the Hokage's law. The technicality allowed her to be told as long as when they broke the Third's Law it stayed within the clan home. That and among its fellow dog clan members that is as that was the only loop hole they could think of.

She asked her mother about it, her mother was completely disappointed that she would think such a thing about the boy and told her she would discipline those who she said 'poisoned her mind'.

Alot of clansmen went to the hospital that day.

No one had yet to tell Kiba about the situation with Naruto, but they did not as Kiba had a tendency to blab just about everything he was told sooner or later without thinking about the consequences.

'We'll just see how much of the demon fox you really are boy,' thought Hana as she shut the door behind and then locking it as so no one would disrupt the examination proceedings.

"Take off all of your clothes except for your boxers" she said though she didn't really have to as Naruto was already doing it before she said anything.

"I don't suppose that's a problem. Do you know a good tailor here in the village that does good work customizing clothes?" the Namikaze said as he had removed his shirt, and his arm bracers placing it on the table with his back still to her.

Hana for a brief moment did not speak at all as she was shocked to see the scars all across his back.

Fades slash marks, burn marks, and stab wounds were stamped on his back like he spent a few months with Ibiki Morino. But what made her recoil and also made her sad was the sight of teeth marks in his back just below his back shoulder blade.

The the biggest one was what looked to be a large burn mark that seemed to of covered his entire back with a large Kanji for "Murderer" on top of a small kanji that said "heaven". It must of been a trick of the mind but for a moment she though she saw a light red glow on the disfigured kanji on his back.

She must be getting tired.

'Why hasn't his wounds healed if he is the Kyuubi' she thought to herself. Why was it there? She heard that all his wounds and scars would heal up so why would that still be there?

"I-I wouldn't know of any place in particular as its common knowledge that your not exactly welcome in most places," said Hana stirring away from the Kyuubi, but leaving it to interpretation as she was sure that Naruto didn't know about the Fox.

"If you're implying about Kyuubi then I already know about him so do you so don't have to try to hide it from me," said Naruto removing the remains of his dark blue uniform placing it with the other two items while exposing the upper part of himself to Hana and the muscled body he possessed at his age.

Hana was glad she was behind Naruto at the moment as her face was now heated heavily with a blush at seeing such a physic in front of her. 'Okay maybe he's more developed then I gave him credit for,' thought Hana as she couldn't help, but look at his butt before snapping out of her stupor no matter how blissful it was.

"I don't have all day," Naruto stated calmly as he had sensed she was eye groping him much to her delight and his annoyance.

"I noticed that her eyes shimmered a little when I did a Scan on her. She is already being influenced, it feels like an "Mind Alteration Seal" but it is the strong will of the victim that determines how potent it will become. I'm going to guess that she blames me for killing that bastard father of hers and somesone seemed to capitalized on that" Naruto mentally spoke to whoever at the time was listening.

"Then I know the perfect way to get back at her. Its not violent and she doesn't die." Kushina responded with a small giggle.

Naruto froze. He knew when his mom wanted payback, she could be at ruthless and unforgiving as himself.

Correction. More ruthless and unforgiving as himself.

Well he had to of inherited from someone.

Hana had now come back to reality as she walked up to where Naruto now stood as she grabbed the clipboard from the table before writing some things down on it. "Turn all the way to face me please," said Hana trying to sound professional though another part of her was trying to come out all the same that was by far not.

Naruto did as instructed facing and she nearly gasped because of it as she saw young boy or rather MAN in her mind with deep whisker marks on each side of his cheeks. The boy was built in the front as well as the back if not more as he was sculpted to the equivalent of a War god. His eyes were dark blue which seemed to flicker green for a split second (Must of been her imagination) wit a slit in the pupil that held a power in them that was like lightning in them nearly frying all of her common sense then and there.

"As you can plainly see I have nothing to hide," said Naruto calmly as he notice the woman seemed to be in her own little world.

Well at least he can get a little something out of this.

Hana once more snapped out of her eye groping/examination before she went to looking at his gloved hand.

"What's this?" she said sounding more and more professional as human curiosity was a strong antidote to her dog like emotions.

"Something I inherited from my family", he told her as it was the actual truth. But thats another story for another time.

Hana was skeptical of the response as he looked down at his hand more closely as they seemed to be containing something rather then storing. However, from the way it was working according to her dog like senses it was hard to tell whether or not what the boy said was true or false. She decided that she would go back to it later knowing she had time to do so as there was no rush for her to look into it now. She wrote more information down before putting the clipboard down and took out a tape measure as she needed to record his bodies height, width, etc.

'Don't think dirty thoughts! He's too young for you! That's it keep thinking that and...oh my!' thought Hana as her fingers touch his left muscled leg while measuring him making her blush at the slight contact as she felt something that she was certain not his sword making her regret saying anything earlier to him all together.

'OH MY GOD HE'S HUGE!' she thought keeping her face neutral but on the inside she was thinking of how many things she could do to him right then and there. She scolded herself as she continued the examination.

'I smell honey' thought Naruto who gave a small smile as he let his aura and the phermones flow out of his body enough to drive her crazy enough to jump him while putting up a privacy seal.

(Warning: Lemon) If you do no want to read skip down to Lemon end

Lets not the old people hear.

Suddenly it was as if Hana couldn't think, she couldn't breathe, her arousal just skyrocketted at just the sit of this ALPHA. She needed him and she needed him now.

'WHA-WHAAAT! I can't do that I'm still a virgin' she tried to rationalize with herself.

'yeah so what better way to lose it then to a totally hunk of a man who most likely has lots and lots of experience in having sex' her inner pervert decided to make an appearance.

'I'm not s-sure'

'Get off your ass and FUCK HIM GIRL!'

Hana nodded slowly to herself, she stood and walked over to him she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned against his broad back. She let her instincts and desires take control as she licked his ear and whispered "I'm sorry for ever calling you a demon...please free me".

Naruto grinned to himself as the girl propositioned him eagerly, he turned slightly and grinned at her.


The next thing Hana knew she was completely naked and being lowered to the floor by an equally as naked blond. Her eyes closed and she moaned loudly as he suckled on her neck leaving a red shiny love bite behind, he chuckled to himself at her little moans and sighs as he kissed his way down to her breasts. She gasped and clutched at his head as he sucked her nipple into his mouth, her moans began to echo around the office as she fisted her hands in his hair. Moments later he put a hand on her other breast and began to squeeze it and play with the nipple, this earned further moans when next slipped his spare hand down between her legs and in-between her folds noticing how wet she was before he found her clit and began to play with it.

Hana moaned loudly as Naruto made her feel incredible, this was nothing compared to her own hands not even that one time she had lesbian sex with her best friend Kurenai measured up to this. She groaned slightly as his mouth left her breasts, she then realized for a split second she started to the jitters "wa-wait please?"

"Whats wrong?"

"Its my first time"

"Don't worry I'll be gentle"

"Please do"

Naruto smirked slightly as he got back to work and eventually reached her womanhood, he smiled as he parted her lips slightly before he dived in with his tongue.

Hana cried out at the sudden intrusion but soon began to call out Naruto's name and buck into his face as he licked her inside walls. She began to twitch as an incredible amount of pressure had built up in her stomach.


Naruto opened his mouth wide and swallowed as much as he could; he smiled as he looked up at Hana's stunned and flushed face.

"You taste good"

If she hadn't already been red faced she would have become at that statement, she muttered incoherent gibberish for a few seconds as she came down from her high.

Naruto chuckled as Hana slowly brought her eyes back into focus and stared at him in wonder "What's wrong?"

"That was incrediable"

"Yeah however there is a problem"


"If I continue I will ruin you sex life as you will most likely never have it as good as I can do, it sounds arrogant and makes me look like an asshole I know but its happened before".

Hana frowned and came to a decision.

"Who the fuck cares?"

Naruto smirked and moved up her body giving her a passionate kiss as he lined up with her. He looked in her eyes and she gave him a nod he plunged in.

Hana screamed and bit down on Naruto's shoulder as the pain coursed through her, she had expected pain but not this much then as it slowly began to subside she realized it was due to the fact that he was massive. He watched her and wiped away a couple of tears, she smiled at him slightly as the pain continued to fade, he kissed her and she kissed him back eagerly. He pulled back and got a nod he began to slowly shaft in and out of her she was soon moaning and clutching at him clawing him occasionally even though it healed right after, he increased his rhythm slowly in a steadily increasing tempo.

Naruto chuckled to himself as she screamed out his name and tightened around his large member he however wasn't done he continued on and on and Hana had at least three more orgasms before he finally came with her.

Hana screamed out as yet another earth shattering orgasm ripped through her, she fell back as Naruto leaned over her panting slightly a light sheen of sweat on his skin. Hana had utterly collapsed as Naruto pulled out her very slowly and laid down next to her "w-wow" Naruto laughed.

"if you think we're done you got another thing coming Hana-chan" Hana looked over at him both fear and lust shining in her eyes, Naruto chuckled to himself as he began to rise again and Hana noticed with an almost hungry look in her eyes. Naruto smirked as he moved.

(Lemon End)

Three Hours Later

Hana winced as she walked to her clipboard with a pronounced limp with the pounding she had received the last three hours she actually couldn't walk but Naruto had healed her but he couldn't heal all of it, but she had to admit it was a pleasant soreness.

"Before you put on your clothes I need to take a few pictures of you for the record in this state," said Hana as she was about to finish her examination of Naruto's physical make up to the limit of her professional ability with a few pictures of the boy.

Naruto only nodded once as he didn't mind as he was finally free from this part of the examination the old farts in power made him go through. Hana secretly enjoyed taking the pictures of Naruto before the boy could put on his clothes again. Though for Hana she wished he wouldn't as she rather liked him without it, but she figured that couldn't stay in this room forever.

'At least I can hold onto one and show the other ladies what he looks like,' thought Hana as she put all, but one of the pictures paperclip onto the clipboard while putting the one in her back pocket for later.

Naruto walked over to the door, opened it, and left with Hana behind him her face had now become unreadable as they entered the Hokage's office. "What did you find Hana-san?" said the Third Hokage silently praying to every powerful god out there that Naruto would get out of this part alive.

"After examining one Naruto Uzumaki, I found that he his more physically fit then most kids his age and while that may be strange in some cases in this one its not. In fact it is my opinion that the 'tenant' inside of him is making him physically fit to be a ninja to make up for the years of abuse he has received over the years. Upon further examination, Naruto-san has nothing else that I would considered abnormal and it is my opinion that he is more fit then most Genin, Chuunin, and even Jounin ninja within our ranks. In a few more years when he is in his prime, Naruto Uzumaki will be unmatched by anyone either in or outside of Konoha," said Hana as her eyes couldn't help, but look over at Naruto's body one more time before looking straight back at the Hokage presenting him with the clipboard of what she wrote down.

"Yes. It appears to be all in order. Thank you Hana you may go," said the Third Hokage as he now silently thank the gods that heard him for getting Naruto through the first half unscathed in this development.

The Elder's were silently fuming as they had told the woman to make the report seem as if he was physically unstable and unfit to be a ninja. Apparently from the photographs she had taken were proof of the exact opposite of what they wanted her to say.

Good loving can win many things but that was knowledge that they would never find out.

"Now for the mental examination and I think it should be fine if we did it here," said Danzo as he knew Inoichi would not fail in his report when finished with his mental examination of the "demon boy".

"(Sighs) Very well Naruto please sit down here while Yamanaka you sit in the chair next to him," said Sarutobi feeling this was going to be the much harder of the two exams that Naruto was going through.

"Of course Hokage-sama. Ninja Art: Mind Transfer Jutsu!" said Inoichi as he entered Naruto's body leaving his limp in the room with the others.

(20 Minutes Later)

Everyone in the room were becoming slightly worried that something had gone wrong as it should have been a simple enter, exit, and have Inoichi give his report. That didn't happen for sometime and the Advisors were starting to get nervous that Inoichi had been devoured by the demon and were ready to kill the boy should the need arise. They didn't have to as a now enlightened Inoichi left Naruto's mind and body for his much older one.

"WOW! That was one hell of a ride," said Inoichi as being in Naruto's mind was one big event after another.

"You're telling me," said Naruto shaking his head real fast to get the cobwebs out of his head and cracking his neck from side to side as he had gone limp in an uncomfortable position that strained his neck.

"Yamanaka what do you have to report on the boy's mental state," said Danzo as he was practically waiting to speak the words that would destroy the Kyuubi brat and bring his weapon into fruition.

"Well...after careful analysis of what I have seen in Naruto's head compared to the past experiences I have had with other's I can strongly say that Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze has a pretty strong mind. It's very stable and will be able to endure any mental damage inflicted on it whether by being tortured or some other means," said Inoichi before bowing his head to the Third Hokage and then to Naruto before leaving the room with the stunned Elder's in shock of this news.

"If that's the case then I hereby remove the restriction of continuation of the Academy so he can become a full fledge ninja. Now I think all of us should get some sleep as it is late in the evening and kids like old men need their rest. Come on Naruto lets get you home," said the Third Hokage rising up from his chair to leave when the Elder's blocked their way.

"Sarutobi we must protest the results of the two exams! We refuse to believe that the demon did not make an attempt at cheating his way through them," said Homaru glaring at the boy who in turn stared back icily, not wanting to hide the fact he despised of the Elder's anymore.

"What proof do you have to contradict the examination results? If you have anything that would prove Naruto cheated then please show me. If you do not then get out of my office before I consider you a threat to my life and have Naruto kill you like he did the traitor Mizuki!" said Sarutobi as he was finally losing his patience with the Elders while all the while he needed sleep to function for tomorrow's events.

"H-He is the one responsible for that murder. You are a sick little bastard that should be executed NOW!" Koharu shrieked but was silenced when Sarutobi potent killer intent bounced onto her withered frame.


"Kit is that your influence?" he asked.

"Nope I guess he finally found his breaking point".

The Elder's were shocked and scared by this information as they had heard that Mizuki was in fact the traitor, but at the same time they didn't know he had been killed by the Kyuubi brat. That added to the fact that the boy would kill them at the order of the Hokage or the Hokage killing them himself gave them all the incentive needed to leave the room nervously walking away from the two.

"I guess I should say thanks again old man. So...thanks!" said Naruto being his normal self again as it felt could not to be serious like the Uchiha and the Hyuuga's were all the time.

"Well Naruto this has been one screwed up day, by could have been worse!" Sarutobi mused as the two headed out of the office both happy that this intense hurdle in Naruto's life was now over.

"Quick question Naruto?" he said still walking.

"Yea Jiji" Naruto turning his head acknowledging the old Hokage

"Why did you tell her about the fox? I would have thought you would have wanted to take that secret to your grave."

'She already knew and would of found out if you didn't blab you old fuck' "She seemed trustworthy" he stated simply.

The old man smiled and ruffled his surrogate grandson's hair, much to the boys annoyance.

"Enough said my boy. But you realize that even though you care for her, she cannot be the only woman you can wed."

"CRA (Clan Restoration Act)." he said more of a statement than a question.

"Correct. How did you know?"

"I do my homework" joked the young Namikaze.

"So you know since your reviving two different clan that the required amount of spouses is double?" Sarutobi said with Naruto almost tripping on his own two feet.

"Didn't know that."

(Next Day)

Sasuke Uchiha was livid as could be from the rumors spreading of his and the Inuzuka's defeat, he had been hearing of this kid who was supposed to be dead last in everything. Yugito Uzumaki and the dobe, this Naruto Uzumaki, who had been up till two days ago a nobody that would be considered a pebble on the road compared to him. He had everything in the Uchiha District that was his family legacy to him and he had used it well. From chakra control exercises, to fire jutsu's, and his families Taijutsu Sasuke had it all at his finger tips.

However, Naruto and Yugito seemed to have a power that far surpassed all of them making Sasuke extremely jealous of the siblings.

'They have power that I need and when the moment is right I will take it from them to claim as my own. Only an Uchiha deserves to be strong while the all the others remain weak to serve my clan,' thought Sasuke as he looked forward to unlocking his bloodline limit to take from the Uzumakis what he should have to kill his big brother.

As he walked through the streets he ignored the warming smiles and all the loving fan-girls watching him with hearts in their eyes. For some strange reason though he was able to notice sizeable chunks of the fan-girl populace were not fawning over him like they usually did. Instead they were looking at copies of a picture that was given to them by an anonymous person earlier this morning at their door steps. "What are they looking at now that they would put their full attention off of me?" whispered Sasuke to himself before find one of the pictures on the ground at his feet apparently freed from the hands of one of his former fan-girls.

The Uchiha picked it up and looked at the picture before him finding it was none other then a one shirtless, scarred, muscular, and blond haired Naruto Uzumaki.

'What the hell?' thought Sasuke as he couldn't believe what he saw in the picture was Naruto.

AN: And there you have it. Naruto survives another meeting with the Elders, Sasuke is jealous, and Hinata is turning into a very strong woman.

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