Show pairings: Chuck and 24

Main Characters: Renee Walker and Sarah Walker

Synopsis: What if Renee Walker and Sarah Walker are sisters. This story explores their relationship as sisters and how they are reconnected after not seeing each other for almost three years. This takes place after the season seven finale of 24, with some guesses, and the day before the season 2 finale of Chuck. Please know that there will be more once we find out what happens after the two shows respective season finales.

Disclaimer: I do not own nor make any claim to the two respective properties.

Author's Note: This is a shameless crossover. Enjoy!

Part 1: The Call

Renee Walker sat down hastily and exhausted on her bed. She let her brown leather jacket fall from her hand and on to the floor next to her feet. She rubbed her eyes and then ran her hands through her long grimy red hair. She leaned forward on her bed, placing her hands over her face, her knees supporting her elbows as she just sat there, wanting the blackness of sleep just to wash over her. Have to close that window, she said to herself, but she found she did not possess the strength to sit up and walk across the small space between her bed and window to draw the drapes to keep the sunlight out. Her muscles no longer ached and she could feel adrenaline recede from her body like water on the beach. The last drops of caffeinated drinks sizzled away hours ago. All that was left now was a woman full of emotions and memories fading into exhaustion.

She suddenly and truly felt powerless, unable and not wanting to move at all. It was an odd feeling that she had, not having a drive, not having anything to propel her across the room. She wanted to sleep, to let her mind go off into an abyss. But she could not. She was too full of emotions left over from only one day of work. Four separate attacks perpetrated in one day and she had been part of stopping or ending all of them. But, it wasn't only the events of the previous day that would not let Renee sleep, it was also the emotions of the day. Taking Jack Bauer from his senate hearing, cutting off the oxygen supply of a man on a ventilator, being grazed on the neck by a bullet, being buried alive under plastic, threatening a family with torture, threatening to hurt a tiny baby, running away from one of the terrorists planning to attack the White House, facing down the terrorists in the White House, helping Jack Bauer find a cure for a pathogen, Tony Almeida's betrayal and…Larry's death.

Renee rubbed her eyes once more, kicked her shoes off and with a discovered but small renewed amount of energy, she found the strength to push herself across the room and close the drapes. Her room was bathed in darkness, but it wasn't dark enough. Sun light still streamed through the edges of the drapes. God damn it! She screamed in her mind. "Damn it all." Renee said disgustedly tired. She rubbed her temples and walked into her bathroom. She pulled the drain stopper up in the sink and turned the water on, filling the sink near to the brim with cold water. Turning it off, she dunked her hands in, spreading the water up over her wrists and then cupped her hands and splashed the water repeatedly on her face. She rested her hands on the side of the sink and allowed the cold wet drops run down her face. She so wanted to wash away the bad things she had to do today. She wanted to wash them from her memory. She made too many compromises with herself today. Too many things, Larry's death, Jack Bauer – what the Hell is up with that? She asked herself. She grabbed a towel and patted her face dry. She let the water out of the sink, turned the faucet back on; cupped her hands so that she could fill them with water. She drank the water quickly and returned her hands quickly to the water for a second and third drink. Damn it all! Go to sleep! She turned the water off, shook her hands and reached for a towel.

Her cell phone rang on her bed stand. "No!" She almost cried looking up at the ceiling, "I forgot to turn it off." She said upset and roughly to herself in a near self chastisement. She threw the towel down and walked back into her bedroom and picked up her phone from the night stand. She went to sit on her bed, but found herself suddenly collapsing on the bed, her head finding an instant comfort spot on her pillow. "Walk…" she said trailing off. Blackness came on so suddenly and quickly.

The phone rang again. "Hmm?" She softly moaned as she woke up. She opened her eyes, her cell phone being the only light in her whole room. She did not recognize the number. Who? She thought to herself as she clicked on the phone and brought it to her ear.

"Walker." She said tiredly.

"Hello, Renee." Came the soft and some what timid reply of a young woman over the phone. Renee's eyes opened wide on the side of her pillow, it was a voice she had not heard in quite some time. She adjusted the position of her phone and turned over on her back.

"Sarah?" Renee replied.

"Yes, it's me, Renee. How are you?"

"What time is it?" Renee asked.

"It's four o'clock here on the west coast. That means it's seven where you are." Renee released a breath and ran her hand over her face. She had slept the day away. She didn't even remember falling asleep. She did not even know she had.

"Did you call earlier?" Renee asked.

"Yes I did. You only said one word and then you didn't reply. I said your name a couple of times. I thought you were in trouble but then I heard you sleeping. It didn't stop me from being nervous about you."

"Oh." Renee replied. Renee honestly did not know what else to say. She had not talked to her younger sister in almost three years. They did not have a falling out or a rivalry or anything like that. They had merely lost track with one another. When she had been promoted at the Bureau two years ago she called her sister to tell her the good news, but was told that she couldn't be reached at her CIA office. All they told her at Langley, The CIA's headquarters, was that she had been sent on a short mission. When she tried Sarah's office two days later, they informed her that she still could not be reached and that her mission had been extended. How long that said mission would be was classified information. Classified information that she, an FBI agent, an agent of the United States, could not know. Aren't we on the same team? Renee asked herself. It was why she preferred the Bureau over the CIA any day. The CIA was too secretive, it scared her. Why Sarah wanted to work at the CIA in the first place was a decision Renee still did not fully understand.

"Renee, are you still there?"

"Yes, Sarah, I am. It's just; I have you on the phone, after all this time. I'm not sure where to begin. I'm so surprised to hear your voice."

"Believe me sis, I am more relieved that I have been able to get you on the phone. I don't have much time and I am going against protocol by calling you."

Renee sat up in her bed and leaned her back against the headboard, full of concern and surprise at Sarah's last statement. "What do you mean against protocol, Sarah? I don't think the government would mind us calling family members."

"Not with the mission that I'm on right now. That's all I can really say. I'm already telling you too much in a way." Renee held her phone closer to her ear. She could not believe what she was hearing from her own sister.

"Sarah, please tell me you're not in some kind of danger."

"No, Renee! Just not of recent."

"What do you mean 'not of recent?' "

"Listen, I'm not calling about me. I'm calling about you. We…I mean I saw the news about what was happening in D.C. today. Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm, okay," Renee said pushing her hair back. Renee was suddenly overwhelmed with so much to say to Sarah. But she really did not know where to begin. She was searching for words, a word anything to express her emotions. Where are you? Where have you been? Why haven't you called? Why are you calling now? These were, among other things, her chief questions for her sister.

"Renee, sis, I've never heard you so speechless before. What's happened?" Renee moved her eyes counter clock wise as well as her lower jaw in the same manner. Suddenly realizing that she could hide her feelings from most people, but there wasn't much that she could hide from her little sister. And, as she found out today, Larry and Jack Bauer were two more people she could not keep secrets from. Renee suddenly felt vulnerable and scared, for herself and for Sarah. "I…I…guess I just…never realized how your life can change in just one day, hour by hour." Renee finally managed to say.

"Tell me about it. I understand that." Sarah replied thinking of the first meeting between herself, Chuck and Casey.

"I…lost s-someone today." Renee finally managed to say, lowering her head sadly, trying to hold back more tears.

On the West Coast, Sarah suddenly felt like she was knocked over and that her heart had collapsed and fallen into her stomach as soon as she heard her older sister confess what was bothering her. Renee doesn't often tell me what's bothering her, Sarah said to herself. She held the phone closer to her ear, she could feel Renee's sadness and remorse from across the country. From the moment she called Renee, she knew immediately that something was wrong or had happened to her. Whenever something bad happened, or she did something bad, Renee would always become withdrawn and hide from their parents until she finally came out and confessed what she had done. Unlike herself who would try and be as sneaky as she could to hide her offenses from their parents. "Someone close." Renee squeezed out, "Someone I care-cared for and…we had a disagreement. We were going to talk more about it and now…now he's dead." Renee felt fresh warm tears quickly streak down her face. Sarah wished she could be in Washington right there and now to comfort her older sister and to tell her that she loved her. But she could not. Her mission, Chuck, Ellie's wedding, and if it was discovered that she was communicating with her sister right now, she would be in more than a mountain of trouble. Not to mention a jail cell.

"Renee, I'm sorry. I wish I could have been there to help. I was trying to keep informed about the situation all day, both by internal communication from the Agency and on the news. It's horrible what's happened. The plane crashes, a near chemical gas release and the attack in the White House itself!"

"Sarah, you don't have to make a list. I was there for all of them. It's just…"

"What?" Sarah asked.

"Just… there were some things that I did today that I never really thought I would do before. It's one of those situations where you've thought about it but you never thought you would. It's not all sitting well with me. I think there are going to be some things from this day that are going to haunt me for a long time. And I won't know if my actions were right or wrong. I can't deicide between which."

"I think I understand and empathize with you completely, Renee. I have had many situations where I've done things that I didn't think I would do before. One way or another you try to make peace with it." The memory of shooting the Fulcrum agent in the head sprang to the forefront of Sarah's mind immediately. And the memory of the fear and disappointment that it wrote on Chuck's face, from seeing her pull the trigger without another thought or remorse, immediately accompanied it.

"Would this phone call be one example?" Renee asked.

"Oh yes! Dead on, sis. I don't usually make personal calls when I'm on a long term mission." Sarah immediately wished that she could tell her sister more. About all that she had seen and experienced. She needed – no wanted someone to confide in again. To talk to someone that she could trust emphatically with her thoughts and feelings. Chuck's sister Ellie had been helpful and a good friend in the past, in an indirect way of course. But she couldn't ultimately trust Ellie with her true feelings and secrets. Even with Chuck she couldn't always be honest with him all the time. The word "secret" felt like a long and dark bottomless pit in Sarah's mind. Renee had always been there for her in the past. She had helped set her right, along with Graham, before she joined the CIA. It was because of Renee's prodding and tough love that she went to college. And in return, Graham had helped them both. If only she could tell her about some of the things she had to do during her "mission" out in California. And maybe ask her for her thoughts and advice about a certain guy. Sarah couldn't help but look over her shoulder and around her. It had become a habit of hers after working with both Casey and Chuck. It was difficult to gain some alone time for herself. She was so glad the two men in her life weren't around right now.

"So, any new guys in your life, Sarah?" Renee asked.

"What?! No, I'm busy, you know that. I'm CIA, I have no time for relationships." Sarah stammered awkwardly.

"That's a lie. I know when you are lying, little sister. You always get flustered when you lie. And what's more, it's interesting how I can still fluster you after all these years. Now, who is he and he better be treating my little sister right."

"Um, well, he is. But, that's all I really can say about him."

"Sarah, we're talking about guys, it's not like you have to keep a state secret or anything like that." Renee said jokingly.


"Fine, Sarah, keep your little secret for now, I'll find a way to get some info on him. Just tell me you're not seeing that Bryce Larkin guy anymore."

"With a great assurance I can tell you I'm not." Sarah said with a chuckle. A little lie to Renee seeing that Bryce was back at Castle waiting for her so that they could find out what their next mission would be. More importantly, what would her next step be.

"Good, I didn't like him much."

"You've never really liked any of my boyfriends if memory serves me right."

"That's because they were all too mucho. That Larkin guy was too adventurous for me. You really should date someone more normal and down to Earth."

"Normal?" Sarah inquired. Chuck she smiled to herself.

"Yes, someone nice. Someone that I deem good for my little sister."

"You deem?"

"Hey, I'm the oldest. I get to do what I want."

"If dad could hear you now. By the way, I ran into our dad not too long ago."

"Oh no, he's out of jail again. What was he able to steal this time? You didn't help him in anyway did you?" Sarah burst out in laughter at her sister's suggestions.

"No, of course not. Don't be silly."

"I had a terrible day, I'm entitled." Renee replied with a grin.

"That you are." Sarah agreed.

Sarah looked down at the time on her watch. Her cell phone had been off for too long now. Someone at the CIA was bound to become suspicious as to where she was. If not there, then Casey or Chuck might. Though not so much Chuck she thought to herself. And she would have a long drive ahead of her. She estimated that she wouldn't get back to Burbank until at least half past twelve. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day what with Ellie's wedding and closing up operations down here. She did not want to hang up, she was so relieved to hear her sister's voice.

"Sarah, are you still there?" Renee asked.

"Yes, Renee, I am. I just think it might be time for me to go now."

"No, please. You can't possibly, not right now." Renee almost sounded like she was pleading. It made Sarah wonder what truly did happen to her sister today.

"I'm afraid I have to, Renee. I have a big day tomorrow."

"Oh." Renee said sadly.

"But, I can tell you some good news after all."

"What's that?" Renee inquired.

"My mission has ended. I'm being debriefed tomorrow."

"That's wonderful." Renee said happily.

"So, soon as I can, I'll get on a plane to Washington. I'll come see you."

"I would like that very much, Sarah."

"Me too." Sarah said with a smile.

"Maybe you can bring that guy you like."

"Um, we'll see about that." Sarah said looking around herself one last time.

Back in Renee's room she stretched her legs out and then pulled them under her into a seating position and pulled the covers over her lap.

"I've missed you, little sister." Renee said warmly.

"I miss you too, big sister."

"Will I hear from you again soon?"

"As soon as I can." Sarah replied.

"Alright then, you just be careful. I don't want to have to lead a team of agents to find you."

"I don't think you will have to worry about that, Renee. Besides, I can take care of myself."

"I don't doubt that, but there was a time when you were in high school if I remember correctly."

"No need to bring that up, Renee." Sarah said feigning annoyance.

"It's one of the privileges of being a big sister." Renee said proudly.

"I know. But, I've really got to go now. I'm sorry."

"Alright." Renee said acceptingly.

"I love you, Renee."

"I love you, Sarah."

The phone hung up and Renee's cell went dead. She put her phone down and in her lap and breathed a sigh. She was so glad to hear from her sister. She looked at her clock. The green digits stared back with the time of 7:45 PM. Renee sat for a while, deep in thought about the events of the day and her sister's phone call. At the same time, she felt another thought creep across her mind. West coast time huh? Renee thought to herself, picking up on the one clue her sister had given her. She leaned over to her night stand and turned on the light. She opened her cell phone and looked into her calls received and found the number. She placed her phone down next to her and reached back onto her night stand and picked up her landline telephone. She typed in a number and waited for a moment as the phone rang.

The phone picked up, "O'Brien." Renee was surprised for a moment not to hear the familiar voice of Janis Gold.

"Hey, Chloe it's Renee. Is Janis around?"

"No, she went home. Do you need something?"

"Well, I don't know how comfortable I am about asking this." Chloe did not raise an eyebrow, she had a feeling where this was going to lead.

"Well, what is it?" Chloe asked bluntly.

"It's a phone number I need to track down." Renee replied.

"Is it part of an investigation or something?"

"No, it's… of a personal nature."

"What's the number?" Chloe immediately asked as she opened the FBI database to begin a phone number search.

"What? I can't ask you to, it'd be an abuse."

"You're not the one doing the search. I can hide the search under all the updating I'm doing for the FBI servers. Besides, it will be quick."

"Are you sure?" Renee asked?

"Positive." Chloe replied. Renee supplied her with the number. She could hear Chloe's fingers quickly race across the keyboard.

"That was quick." Chloe said surprised.

"It was?" Renee replied.

"Yeah, it looks like the call originated from a pay phone.

"Can you pinpoint which state?"

"California." Chloe replied.

"Is there an address?"

"Looks kind of remote, looks north of U.S. Route 80."

"I see." Renee said trailing off to herself.

"Hope that helps." Chloe said.

"It does, a lot. Thank you."

"You're welcome. Anything else?" Chloe asked.

"No. Bye, Chloe."

"Bye." Chloe said bluntly as she deleted her search from the mainframe. Renee hung up her phone and paused in thought, tapping the phone slightly on her lower jaw. She thought over her memory, searching for any other clues that Sarah may have given her. West coast time, pay phone in California…north of U.S. route 80. Sarah is in California. Without even saying, Sarah had been able to tell her where she was. Renee smiled, relieved that she now knew where Sarah was. She did not know where in California, but at least she knew where she was at least. "Thanks for the clue, sis." Renee said quietly to herself. She breathed a sigh of relief, stretched and stood up. She placed her hands on her hips. She pushed back one of the drapes and opened the window to look out, "Be safe, little sister." She said to herself again before letting the drape close again.