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First Meeting

"Cilea get up….Cilea sweetie." Said a soothing and calm young girl's voice.

"Hmm? Oh Sibby…" Said a little girl.

"Come on now school's starting in a bit." Said the young girl's voice.

"Yes Sibby." Cilea said rubbing her raven black sleepy eyes.

"Want me to wait for you?" Asked the voice.

"No go on ahead Sibby." Cilea answered.

"Okay Cilea. Have a good first day." Said the voice. The young girl nodded and left. The girl headed down the hall for the lobby of the dorms. She went out and headed to the schools main building.

I hope she will be ok.

The girl thought.

"Ah! SIBBLE!" Yelled a girl with short brown hair and brown eyes wearing the Cross Academy School's uniform with the guardian patch on it.

"Hi Yuuki." Sibble said her mid back length dark brown hair coming in front of her dark brown eyes and lightly touching her porcilen white cheeks.

"So today's your first day right?" Yuuki asked.

"Yes mine and Cilea's." Sibble answered.

"Hope it goes well!" Yuuki cheerily said.

"Yuuki come on." Said a young boy's voice.

"Oh come on Zero you can at least say hi!" Yuuki yelled at a silverish haired and lilac eyed boy that was a little taller than her.

"Hi. There happy?" Zero said.

"Yes." Yuuki smiled.

"Uh huh. We'll be late." Zero said.

Yuuki gasped and grabbed Zero and Sibble's hand and ran to the main school building.

Sibble sat through the class, after the teacher introduced her to the class, quietly and near the window. When class was ended she was up and gone to see her sister.

"Excuse me did Cilea Kurasaki come in today?" Sibble asked the teacher.

"Yes she is over there by the window." The teacher pointed to a girl staring out the window her short light brown hair lightly fluttering thanks to the breeze.

"Cilea come on it's time to go." Sibble said.

Cilea looked up and smiled to see her sister. "Hi Sibby. I had a good day." Cilea said.

"That's good." As Sibble bent to kiss Cilea's forehead the teacher almost thought they were twins except Sibble had longer and darker hair color than Cilea.

"Hehe. Let's go Sibby." Cilea said getting up.

As the girls were walking together towards the dorms they noticed a big crowd of girls and Yuuki, with Zero, were yelling in the middle of it.

"I wonder what's going on." Sibble and Cilea walked over and found Yuuki and Zero. "Yuuki what's going on?" She asked.

"The Night Class is coming out." Yuuki replied.

"Oh." Sibble and Cilea watched quietly as the gates opened and gorgeously beautiful students wearing a white version of the Cross Academy school uniform came out.

As they came out all the girls screamed and swooned over the boys. The boys called out and said hi except for one. The first one that came out every girl screamed Kaname-san or samma so Sibble knew his name. He had short brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. As Sibble stared at him he noticed her and nodded curtly.

"Did you see that the new girl in 2B got a nod from Kuran-samma!" They all whispered.

Sibble blushed and her, with Cilea attached, ran off back to the dorms. She was blushing the whole time.

A few hours later Cilea was asleep and Sibble was wide awake. Sibble was writing in her journal when she heard a pebble hit her window. Sibble looked down to see no one, then turned back to her desk. Just a minute later she heard three pebbles hit her window again. Sibble got up and changed from her Pj's to some jeans and a shirt.

Sibble was on the second floor and went down to the lobby then to where her room window was. "Excuse me is someone there?" Sibble whispered but loud enough for someone to hear. Sibble waited but no one answered.

Okay either I'm going crazy or someone wants to annoy me.

Sibble was going back towards the lobby when a small white box with a red ribbon tied in a bow was thrown in front of her. "Hello!" Sibble half-yelled. No one answered but she picked up the little box.

Sibble opened the box and inside the box was a pure silver cross necklace with ancient writing. Also inside was a note saying that the writing said, 'Truth is beauty, and beauty is truth.' It also said, 'wear this for your protection.' Sibble looked around then put the necklace back in the box and went back to her dorm. She fell asleep when she put her Pj's back on and laid her head down on the bed.

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