For Pity's Sake

Disclaimer: As much as I would like it, Jareth the Goblin King and his realm—and the other realms of the underground for that matter—belong to Jim Henson, not me.

The scene unwound as it had many times before—like watching Romeo and Juliet over and over again, you always knew how it would end but you always want Romeo and Juliet to live happily ever after—and this night wasn't the exception. Poor Jamie would always mess up something during the day, and when his father found out, the poor boy could only hope that he got sent to his room without supper. Usually, especially if his father had been drinking, it would result in beatings. The child would cry his aching self to sleep with no hope of life getting any better. That was his plight.

Through one of his magic crystals, Jareth watched the boy. True, he watched many children around the world, but Jamie often drew his interest. He could see great potential for the boy; he was a creative child that saw value in things that few other people would consider. It pained the Goblin King to watch the boy plodding through life, just trying to get by, when he could be so useful. Creativity was rather lacking in the Labyrinth. An eyeless fish could see that!

"But my hands are tied." Jareth reminded himself, "Unless someone wishes him away, I have no say in the matter." Jareth shifted the focus of his crystal to another house just in time to catch the oldest child wishing his younger sister Megan away.

"Maybe we'll be getting some new perspective around here after all."


A couple days passed, and Jareth was wishing he had sent little Megan back to her family. All the little brat did was whine, even when she got her way.

"No wonder he wished her away," he groaned, "This child is unbearable! Maybe I should send her to the Queen of Cups…" he chuckled at the idea before summoning a couple of goblins to fulfill his fiendish plan. Maybe now he could spend time on more worthwhile things, like finding a new use for all the letters the mayors sent him; he'd already filled an oubliette or two with them but he still couldn't find his desk, or his chair either for that matter.