"You could've waked me up, y'know."

Her eyes squinted at the figure sitting by the bed. She took a breath and inhaled all the morning scent, of the room, of him. Activities from the kitchen earlier had waked her up. The clumsy noises gave out it was only Chisa so she relaxed and rested a little bit more.

Obsidian eyes pinned her down. She chuckled. "Fine, fine, I'm getting up!"

So she did and fixed herself a little before going down to the kitchen. There, she found a little note, neatly folded and waiting for her at the table, surrounded by covered plates of food.


I forgot to tell you I had to leave very early today. I'm so sorry! I swear I didn't forget it on purpose! So I cooked breakfast for us to make up for it. Oh, and I already called Aunt Ino to pick up Kyo-chan on the way to the Academy.

Am I forgiven?

Love you!


She grinned at the figure sitting across her. "Reminds me of someone, don't you think?" The figure smiled back and she began picking at the food. "She's getting better at this," she noted as she tasted a piece and licked her fingers clean. "Little Kyoutei won't be waking up in an hour and I have nothing to do since Chisa cooked breakfast already. Ino won't be available until later, and it's too early to prepare for my meeting," she sighed. With her face resting on both her hands, she sulked, "I can't believe I'm bored this early!"

The figure across her smiled as he traced a finger down the bridge of her nose. She smiled, "I'll get some water."

So she stood, making her way to the counter, getting a glass, when it slipped.


Like a looking glass, falling down, breaking into pieces.

She crouched to pick up the pieces.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Red, thick liquid, oozing from her hand.


"Oh, shit."

She looked up, seeing nothing, and panic settled in.

"Sasuke? Where are you!" Panic was eating her fast.

A chime from the door sounded, a sound of sliding open, then close.

"Sasuke, don't leave!" She started sobbing. "Please, please," it was barely a whisper when she began shaking.

"Sakura!" It was her best friend, rushing immediately, embracing her rocking form. Ino managed to slide them a little further away from the mess of broken glass.

She slumped fully to the floor, taking her blonde best friend with her. "Sasuke, please…" She was like a broken doll: grief-stricken face, empty eyes staring to oblivion, tears leaking without control.

Ino hugged her tighter. "Sakura," she whispered tiredly. Tired of this scene, tired of seeing her best friend like this, it seems. "He's—"

"He's dead." She finished for her. Her bloody hands buried themselves in her hair, red clashing with pink. "Long gone, forever not coming back." Blood now flowed down her face, her elbow.

She rocked herself, as if a way of comfort.

Drip. Drip.

"He's dead, I know."




"I know."


An unplanned epilogue, as usual. Short. Sorry if it's not as great as expected. But I liked it anyway.

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