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"What is this!?" Six year old Setsumi stood in a field of flowers, with all the other girls from her class, tapping her foot in anger. "This is not training!"

"Come on Setsumi, it's fun. And you'll get in trouble if sensei sees you just standing here." A little girl by the name of Yorie, who had a handful of flowers aready, tried to cheer her friend up.

But Setsumi, being the stubborn Uchiha that she was born to be, simply refused to get down on the ground and pick up... flowers for their training today. "No, no, no! This is not training, when big brothers come home and tell mommy and daddy about their days; there was no flower picking involved!" The child was on the verge of pulling her pretty black hair out.

"Girls, once you have enough flowers, please come and sit in a circle; and then we will discuss what types you've chosen, and what they mean." The older woman standing at the bottom of the hill instructed; causing Setsumi to scream and drop to the ground.

"Setsumi, are you okay?" Yorie was worried that her friend had hurt herself when she fell. But the other girl didn't hear her, she was to busy rolling around on the ground crying. "Setsumi... you know you're going to get all dirty if you keep doing that right?"


"I'll take that as I don't care."

"Setsumi, Yorie... what's going on up there? Setsumi why haven't you got any flowers?"

"This is not training sensei! Why can't we train with the boys? Why can't we practice our kunai throwing!?"

"Because little boys and little girls have different trainings to under go. Boys are ruff and dirty, and girls are fragile and delicate; they don't go together, so you have different courses."

"Well then can I go train with the boys... I don't mind getting dirty."

"No you may not Setsumi Uchiha, you will pick flowers and you come sit with everyone else!"

'That's what you think.'

That night, Sakura got a call from the academy stating that Setsumi set the whole flower field on fire during training that day. Sakura just smiled and stated that she would handle it. After hanging up the phone, and telling Sasuke what their little girl did, she went into the kitchen to make her little angel a big bowl of ice cream. She herself never like flower picking for training either.

Note: Just another one-shot, I remebered the episode where sakura and ino where talking in the flower field... what kind of training is picking flowers anyway?

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