I looked out the window as mom lectured us on the revolutionary war. Then I saw a flash of bronze on the grounds. It was Lucas. I wanted to scream but he shushed me. Meet me at our place he mouthed. Ok I mouthed back. I was jittery in my seat for the rest of class. I needed to see him again. I missed him so much. I thought about him everyday. As I was caught up in my thoughts about Lucas I didn't notice when Mom said "Class dismissed.".

"Uh Bianca You can leave now." She said.

"What? Oh yeah ok." I gathered my book and left class. I ran to my room not caring about the clatter of my shoes. When I got there I pulled off my shoes. Everyone was at lunch. I snuck my way through the corridors as quietly as possible. When I finally reached the storeroom at the north corridor my heart was racing. I opened the door as quietly as possible. "Lucas are you here?" I asked the dark. There was a beam of light suddenly. It was him.