A/N: I like this story and all but I don't think I can continue it for very much longer. I feel kind of like I've grown out of it. So I guess I'll just finish it here and you can all focus on my other stories.

My parents and I were staying at the school over winter break. Lucas figured he could come and visit me at that time. Balthazar stayed behind when he heard my plans. I had been thinking long and hard about the both of them. Lucas had my heart but it felt like Balthazar was beginning to take it away piece by piece. Finally I figured out what to do. I left Lucas a message on a desk in the observatory where he told me he would be staying. I taped another note on the door of Balthazar's room.

Two Hours Later

Lucas entered my room first. Balthazar entered shortly after. They each took a chair one from my desk and the other from my roommates. I looked Lucas in the eye first.

"I can't change for you. I wouldn't even if I could. But I can't if you don't like me the way I am then we are over. If you can't deal with this were done." His shoulders slumped. Lucas was sad but I knew he would move on. Lord knows I would have 1,000 plus years too.

I turned to Balthazar. "You are sweet and cute and smart and funny, but I need a chance to be by myself before I can have the chance to be with someone else. So I guess I'll call you." I grinned and he gave me a quick short kiss before leaving my room. Suddenly I felt like a thousand pound weight had been lifted off me.

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