Another drabble written for the Soul Eater kink meme over at LiveJournal. If kink meme doesn't warn you of the adult content to come I don't know what will! :D

Prompt: "Soul/Maka. Papa walking in on them." Oh yes.



He hadn't meant for it to happen.

It wasn't as if they weren't used to sharing close quarters. Or intense emotions. Or even the accidental half-dressed exposure.

But perhaps combining the three had been what pushed it past the limit.

There had been an edge to Maka lately. And it seemed the closer they came to the 99th soul, the sharper it became.

It hadn't been this way before – but things had been different back then. Now they'd survived so much more together. Had grown closer in ways he'd never imaged he would with another.

Now it was as if her highs were higher and her lows lower. And this had been one particularly low week.

He was exhausted. Clearly she was as well.

It didn't help the situation.

Being the chivalrous sort – or at least wanting to appear that way – he offered her the bath first. And thought no more of it.

Eventually he heard the sound of her getting out of the tub and automatically stripped off his shirt and went to grab his towel, fully anticipating a nice long soak to ease his tense muscles... and his nerves.

At the bottom of the stairs everything started to fall apart. Emerging from the bathroom was his partner.

In a towel.

In just a towel.

Brief, awkward moments of blushing and stuttering all at once came to a halt. And then a glorious silence in which everything was perfectly clear. Simultaneously he leaned his head in as her slender arms tightly wound around his neck.

It may not have been a perfect kiss, but at the moment it was everything they needed. With her practically naked and him literally from the waist up, it didn't take long before the towel was forgotten and his pants discarded.

Somehow the cold tile floor didn't matter as kisses were exchanged and bodies explored with unsure fingers.

He found her bellybutton particularly enticing, especially the noise she made when he swirled his tongue in and around it.

The condom was courtesy of Blair, whom Soul suddenly felt eternally grateful to for the first time in known history. Especially when Maka's velvet heat was encasing him with her searing tightness.

Wildly she bucked against him, fingers clenching and scratching his back. Only sheer determination kept him from slipping over the edge a number of times; more than a little desperate to hear her cry out in release.

Lowering his head he sucked a tiny pink nipple into his mouth, worrying it between his teeth as he pinched its twin with his fingers.

Her body tensed and bowed against his as her mouth hung open in a wordless cry. And then she shuddered violently and thrust with abandon, her legs clamping around his hips.

He would later swear he heard her hiss 'Soul' before she bit down on his shoulder and the rhythmic clenching finally drove him forcefully over the edge.

He hadn't even had a chance to catch his breath before the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs very nearly stopped his heart.

Thinking quickly, he grabbed the long-forgotten towel and shoved it at Maka so at least one of them would be halfway decent. His prayers for it to be Blair or even Black*Star went unanswered.

For when he turned around he found an enraged red-haired Papa with an expression that could melt solid steel.

Soul's last thought before everything went dark was that at least he wouldn't die a virgin.

Because that really wouldn't have been cool.