Title: Drawing

Rating: G

Warning: None~

Disclaimer: I do not own Exciting Animal March or any related characters. Obviously.

The God watched in amusement as his son lay on the ground drawing pictures with brightly colored wax sticks. After drawing countless pictures of livestock and crops he was working on something that caught Ignis' attention.

"Noah, what are you drawing?" He asked.

"Our family!" Noah replied happily as he scribbled hair onto the character Ignis assumed was himself.

"May I see it?"

"Wait! I'm not finished yet!" Noah started the character Ignis could only guess was supposed to be Akari.

Ignis sighed and picked one of the sticks up to get a closer look but was forced to drop it when it began to melt slightly at his touch.

"Daddy! Be careful! That one's my favorite!"

Ignis folded his arms to his chest and decided observing the sky would be his best course of action for the time being.

"Finished!" Noah declared triumphantly as he climbed into his father's lap. "See!" He said waving the picture in Ignis' face.

"Ah yes, very nice." Noah beamed at the praise.

"See! This is you." He pointed to the tall red scribbled character. "This is mama." Pointing to the shorter green character. "This one is me.."

"And what is this?" Ignis asked pointing to the unidentifiable blob in Akari's arms.

"That's my sister!" Noah stated proudly. Ignis gave him a puzzled stare.

"Noah.. You do not have a sister."

"Not yet!" Noah smiled. "But I will someday!"



"Ah!" Akari exclaimed. "Ignis you scared me!.. You shouldn't sneak up on me like that."

"I do not sneak. You simply weren't paying attention."

"Right, right." Akari sighed. "Is Noah with you?"

"He was." Ignis replied pulling a sheet of paper out of his robe.

"Where is he? It's getting late.."

"I gave him permission to stay at his friend Matt's house. He will not be back tonight."

"Really Ignis! You spoil him way too much. He was just there a few nights ago.. I'll have to make sure to thank Toby and Renee for letting him- What's that?" She noticed the drawing in his hands.

"Our son drew it for me." He said handing it to Akari. "It's our family. Here's you, me, Noah and.. his little sister."

"Oh…?" Akari looked at the drawing again. "But I- Woah!" Ignis had swept Akari into his arms and was now carrying her across the room.

"What are you doing?" She asked as they simply phased through the bedroom door.

"Spoiling my son." He said placing her on the bed. "..And you." He added as he began making his rounds to the places he knew she enjoyed most.

"..You say he won't be back at all tonight?" She asked breathlessly, gripping his robe.

Ignis only replied by helping her rip it off.

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