Title: Tea for two

Rating: G

Warning: None~

Disclaimer: I do not own Animal Parade or any related characters. Obviously.

She was laughing. She was laughing at him. Not just the cute little giggle when he would ask her to explain some human thing to her. She was in tears.

"When you are finished." His voice remained emotionless as he glared out at her from under the crown of flowers he was wearing.

"Of all the days.. To forget my camera!" She gasped in between her fits of laughter.

Ignis knew he was a sight. The mighty Harvest God sitting on his throne draped in frills and flowers. But to laugh at him?! This was unforgivable and she would be punished. Oh how he would punish her.

"Mama! You are interrupting our party!" The little red haired girl yelled haughtily, her hands on her hips.

"Sorry, sorry." Akari wiped her eyes. "I'll leave." She turned and walked back down the stone stairway bursting again into uncontrollable laughter.

This was unacceptable. Since when was a God at the mercy of humans? He would put a stop to this now. He was the master and he would prove it.

"More tea ma'am?" The girl smiled holding up her little pink teapot.

"…Please" The God sighed.

Then again. This one wasn't exactly human.

Holy shining apples.. It's been a while since I've written anything. I've tried.. Really I have but it just won't come to me anymore. Anyway this little "chapter" was more or less requested. This time Ignis spoils his daughter. No need to review. Comment if you'd like. Thank you for reading~

Important Note: When Ignis says he's going to punish her he doesn't mean it in a cruel way. That was just a lame attempt at innuendo.