"She must know Rivkin."

"You don't ask her, you don't breathe a word of this. Abby."


"I mean it."

-Tony & Abby – Legend, Part 1

Abby sat at her desk, looking at her blank screen. Tony had scared her tonight, she had enough to deal with, worrying about McGee and Gibbs, she didn't need to worry about Tony and Ziva as well. It was his tone of voice that had scared her. He was so serious, so upset, so unlike Tony. Abby wanted to know why it was such a big deal, why this Rivkin character mattered so much to Tony.

Ducky had come to her earlier and confessed that he had told Tony about the explosion that Ziva had been in. Abby had always had a sneaking suspicion that no one had ever told Tony and a quick check of MTAC records confirmed what Abby had feared, Tony had gone and watched the raw footage from ZNN.

Abby was torn as what to do. She would keep her promise to Tony and not ask Ziva about Rivkin, but what if Tony's suspicions amounted to something? Whose side would she take then? Ziva was her best friend, but Tony was like her brother. She knew that ultimately, if she had to choose, she would choose Tony, as, she was sure, would McGee and Gibbs. Especially Gibbs. Abby was also concerned with the effect it would have on Tony's mental health if Ziva was up to something. Abby had always suspected that Tony had held a flame for Ziva, and if Ziva hurt Tony, well, Abby could only dream about what she would do to her, ninja skills or no ninja skills.

Abby sighed and stood up from her desk, collecting her things. She felt utterly alone without Gibbs to hug her and tell her to cheer up. Suddenly, her phone rang. She retrieved her phone from her pocket and answered it.

"Abby Sciuto speaking, how may I help you?" Abby said into her phone.

"Hey, Abs," Gibbs voice came over the slightly static line. "I was just calling to check on you." Abby smiled.

"I'm fine, Gibbs," Abby said.

"You sure?" Gibbs asked, and Abby could hear the concern in his voice.

"I'm sure, I just miss you and McGee," Abby said.

"Well, we'll be home soon, Abs, be careful," Gibbs said.

"Thanks, Gibbs, and you be careful too," Abby said and then the line disconnected. Abby smiled and closed her phone. She knew that no matter what, everything would be okay, because Gibbs would never let anything bad happen. She continued gathering her things and started out the door and ran right into Tony.

"Hey, Abs," Tony said as he helped Abby steady herself. "I was just coming down to see if you wanted to go get a drink."

"Sure," Abby said. She allowed Tony to take her bag from her and she linked her arm through his. "Oh, I almost forgot to tell you what Sister Rosita did the other day…"

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