This story was inspired by a friend who said they wanted to order their coffee using cool lingo lol...very short and put together in like 10 mins but I like it...

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Mamori let her thoughts wander as she lay in bed, blissfully happy. Of course they wandered to her relationship with the demon captain of the football team.

They seemed so utterly different. Even just obsevering how each liked their coffee. Hiruma liked his black as the devil's heart and Mamori liked hers sweet as a stolen kiss. They were opposites. Night and day, an angel and a devil, black and white.

It was how they first appeared to outsiders, but when you looked closer you could see many similarities. Both were extremely intelligent, although Hiruma's intelligence was used in a more cold, calculating way. Both were not easily intimidated. Both cared a great deal about their friends, Mamori was more noticeable with this trait. And of course both loved the Deimon Devil Bats football team wholly and completely.

Yet even if these similarities were acknowledged, them actually melding was highly doubted. Mamori was claimed to be to kind hearted for the black hearted Hiruma. Hiruma was dubbed too much of a demon to actually care for anything other than football. There were other obvious reasons why they were never ment to be. Him too violent, her too sweet. Her loved by all, him feared by all. Oil and water. Impossible to mix.

But they were wrong.

Mamori sighed and snuggled closer to Hiruma's lanky frame. They had just proved them all wrong. Turns out they fit very nicely together. Perhaps coffee black as the devil's heart and sweet as a stolen kiss is the best choice…


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