Title - Morning Mishap

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - I don't own anyone you recognize

E/O Challenge word - frame

AN - sorry to be lateā€¦


The first day she met him, she spilt her coffee all over his shirt.

Aghast, she stammered apologies and dug in her purse.

Where'd those stupid napkins go!?

A touch on her arm drew her back to him.

She looked up into gentle hazel eyes framed by longish brown hair.

He smiled and forgave her.

That amazing warm smile.

Just like that.

Jess fell head-over-heels for Sam Winchester that day.

Of course, it took him nearly a year before he gathered the courage to ask her out.

But she still loved him.

For always.

Even burning, she never regretted it.

-= end =-