(Sasuke's POV)

"Ding, Dong." What was that annoying noise?

"Ding, Dong." A door bell…

"Ding, Dong." Sasuke noticed someone was ringing his door bell.

"Ding, Dong." What the…? Well, he wasn't about to go open the door… hell no.

"Ding, Dong."

"Ding, Dong."

"Ding, Dong."

"Who… the… hell…" Sasuke muttered as he stood up from his comfortable bed to answer the freaking door. On the way, he noticed that Naruto's bedroom door was still closed. The idiot was still sleeping? All that bell ringing hadn't woken him up?! But then again he was pretty thick…

He opened the door and wasn't surprised to see a girl standing outside. Did they ever get tired? This one had long blue hair, white eyes and a stunned look on her face. Pink hues were starting to spread around her cheeks, probably because he wasn't wearing a shirt. It wasn't his fault he was so god damn attractive. He noticed she was carrying a bag. Whoa, wait a second. What?

He had seen this scenario before, "If you're offering some stupid merchandise or you're here to confess some crazy love for me, I'm seriously not interested." And with that he closed the door on her face. Walking back to his room and noticed that his room mate had woken up.

"Who was it?" Naruto asked while rubbing his eyes.

"Just some girl."

"Again?" The idiot asked. "How'd she look like this time?"

Who cared how she looked? "I don't know. She had long blue hair and freaky white eyes." Sasuke answered with a bored tone as he made his way to the kitchen to check out what they had in the fridge.

"Ah." Naruto started to drink a glass of milk he had just served himself and then all of a sudden spit it out. "Wait, what?!" He asked with a shocked face. "She had long blue hair? White eyes? Kind of short?"

"Yeah, that's what I said…" Was the idiot deaf? Or just plain stupid? Sasuke thought as he started taking out some eggs.

"Fuck, I'll be right back!" And with that Naruto rushed out of the front door. "Hinata!" Sasuke heard Naruto call out.

"Hinata…?" That name sounded familiar… Nah, he was too hungry to care.


(Naruto's POV)

Oh shit.

That's what Naruto was thinking right now. Oh shit, oh shit, oh fucking SHIT.

How could Sasuke close the door on his girlfriend? She was probably pissed off now. Probably thinking he had given her the wrong address! Fucking Sasuke!

He could finally catch a glimpse of her now. She was walking so fast! He ran a little faster to catch up.

"Hinata." He said as he grabbed her hand to turn her around. She was pretty shocked but then recognized him and calm down.

"N-naruto." She said. Her eyes were red, she had been crying. It made him even more pissed off at Sasuke. Naruto was pretty sure the bastard had been harsh. He wrapped his arms around her while the luggage she was carrying fell. He suddenly forgot his anger towards Sasuke.

"Are you ok?" He asked her and felt her hug him back tightly. He chuckled. She was just too cute. "Sorry about that stupid bastard. He's my room mate. He's so full of it cause he has girls looking for him all the time. Don't worry though; I'll beat him up later." He could hear her giggle. He squeezed her and could smell that nice, flowery perfume she always wore. She felt so small in his arms. Almost fragile.



"You're squishing me."

"Oh right!" He said as he let her go. She just giggled.

"I missed you." He said looking at her slightly blushing face.

"So have I." She smiled and closed her eyes as he leaned in for a kiss.


Even though it's pretty short I hope you guys like it.