Hinata lay in Naruto´s bed with the palm of one hand supporting her face as she heard the phone, which she held with her other hand, ring in her ear.

"Hello?" She heard a familiar voice answer.

"Hey Sakura, it's Hinata."

"Oh hey Hinata! Finally you called!" Hinata grinned, remembering that she had promised her pink-haired friend that she would call as soon as she had arrived to Naruto´s house. "How are you? How's everything? Is Naruto treating you alright? Cause if he's not I swear I'm going to-"

"I'm okay and he is treating me well. You don't have to worry." Hinata giggled at her reaction..

"He better be. Sooo… how's the city?"

"I haven't been around much but from what I've seen, it's nice."

"Is that right? Are there any hot guys around?"


"I know, I know. You only have eyes for Naruto, sheesh." She said while extending the "ee". "But hello? I'm single here and maybe I can get myself a boyfriend while I visit you. Can't you help a girl out?" They both laughed.

"T-there's plenty of guys in town."

"Yeah but most of which I already know and I want to get to know someone new and refreshing…" Hinata could almost picture Sakura´s dreamy face.

"Oh, so that means you're thinking of v-visiting soon?"

"Yeah, I mean you're only 20 minutes away."

"Oh right. I f-forgot." They both laughed.

"Oh and speaking of hot guys, I remember Naruto mentioned he had a roommate?"

"Yeah he d-does."


"I don't know. You'll have to w-wait and see."

"That's not fair! Is he cool atleast?"

"More like s-scary..." Hinata muttered. Well not as frightening as he first seemed.


"Oh, n-nothing. What are you doing?" She asked this while she got up from the bed, feeling thirsty, and headed for the kitchen.

"Well I was watching TV but I got hungry so… I checked the refrigerator for something but the best thing I found was peanut butter." Hinata heard something cling. Like a spoon…

"Are you eating it right now?"

"Yesh." Apparently she had it in her mouth at the moment.

"You should eat f-food instead."

"Yeah, but you're not here to cook and I'm too lazy to do something right now. I totally miss your cooking! My cooking sucks."

"No it d-doesn't." Hinata didn't think she was that great a cook.

"Yes it does and you know it." Hinata sighed. She gulped a bit of water. She suddenly felt hands surround her waist and she instantly spit it out quickly feeling her cheeks heat up. She looked to her side to see Naruto grinning. She relaxed. He started laughing and she socked him playfully. "You s-scared me." She said finally smiling.


"What happened?" Hinata heard Sakura say over the phone and she automatically put the phone closer to her ear.

"Who you talking to?" Naruto asked, curiosity written all over his face.

"Oh i-it's Naruto." Hinata told Sakura. "It's Sakura." She said answering Naruto's question.

"Oh really?" He said reaching for the phone. "Let me say hi. Hey Sakura! How are you?" He paused. "Peanut butter? That sounds… great. Hinata? She's gorgeous as always." She blushed at that. "Oh you weren't asking that? Well she been fine I think. Me? I just came from work. Yes I do work. Yes I'm sure. Yeah, you can visit anytime. Yes I'll take good care of her I promise. You don't trust me?" He paused again and lifted his eyebrows at something Sakura was saying. "Okay fine you didn't need to say it in such a hurtful way… here Hinata." He said as he handed her the phone. "Wow, how can you keep up with her? She talks too much!" He said with a look of exasperation.

"Only a l-little." She told him giggling.

"He said I talk too much? Look who's talking." She heard Sakura say as she put the phone to her ear and watched Naruto leave for his room. "Oh hey, you know what Hinata? I gotta go. Ino just came for me."

"Hey Hinata!" Hinata recognized Ino´s voice instantly. She could hear Sakura saying "You have to ask first!" in the background.

"Hi Ino. H-how are you?"

"Oh I'm great! How have you been?"


"That's grea-"

"Okay then Hinata I'll talk to you some other time. We won't waist your time with Ino's long and boring chat here." She was laughing at something Ino was saying in the background she couldn't hear clearly.

"Okay then, t-take care of yourself."

"Yeah, you too. Bye!"

"Bye Hinata!" She heard Ino say.

"Stop taking the phone away from me!" She heard Sakura say.

"Fine, here."

"Bye Hinata." And with that Hinata heard the little click. She pushed the off button and smiled. She forgot how hiperactive her friends were but she missed them. Naruto walked into the room then. She glanced up and noticed he had changed in some casual clothes. He'd been wearing his uniform.

"Did you eat something yet?" He asked her.

"N-no…" She suddenly realized she hadn't made any lunch and she went to the grocery store for that. "I'll do something right now,"

"No it's alright. I'm glad you haven't eaten yet. I was planning to take you out" He said with his usual grin.


"Aren't you bored in this apartment? Come on let's go!" He said smiling as he grabbed her hand and headed for the door.

"O-okay then…" It looked like she had no choice.

"So what do you want to eat?" Hinata looked up from the menu that lay on the table to look over at Naruto.

"Oh. I don't know…" She opened it up, skimming through it. "What are you going to order?" She looked up at him again.

"Hmmm…" He pondered. "Well I was thinking maybe a burger and fries."

"I'll get that too." She couldn't make up her mind and she wasn't really craving for anything.

"Okay then."

"May I take your order?" She heard someone say and instantly recognized the voice. She looked up to see Sasuke holding a notepad and wearing a uniform. He looked down at her and Naruto clearly displeased with this encounter.

"Hey Sasuke!" Naruto greeted Sasuke with his enormous grin.

"Shut up and order something…" Sasuke told the blonde with a scowl.

"Hey, I'm your costumer here. You should be more respectful." Naruto was obviously taking advantage of the situation.

"Look, I will personally kick you out of here if you don't get this over with."

"Someone´s not happy. Fine, I´ll take a burger and fries." Sasuke scribbled on the notepad and turned to look at her.

"What about you?" She was still stunned by the fact that Sasuke was a waiter that she didn´t answer his question.

"Are you ordering or not?" She realized that she was staring at him.

"Oh s-sorry. Um I'll take the same thing as Naruto…"

"Drinks?" He said as he finished writing on the notepad and looked back at them expectingly.

"I want a coke." Naruto said and then looked at her. "What do you want Hinata?"

"Um, an orange soda."

"Okay." Sasuke finished scribbling on the notepad and turned around to leave when he got called by a girl that sat with a group of other girls close to their table. Sasuke's expression didn't show he was anymore pleased as he did this. The girls giggled when he arrived at their table.

"I bet he has a lot of fangirls here. He must hate it." Naruto said and laughed. "I wonder why he got this job?" He said raising one eybrow.

Hinata looked back at Sasuke and wondered why Sasuke had so many girls after him if he had such an egoistic personality. Sure, maybe he was attractive but that didn't take away the fact that he was a jerk most of the time."I don't get it..." She said pondering.

"I'm glad you don't." Naruto said laughing. She looked back at him.


"Because..." He didn't finish. He looked as if he was embaressed to say it. She got curious then.


"Because..." He didn't finish. He looked as if he was embaressed to say it. She got curious then.


"Because if you did you would've left me once you met Sasuke."

"O-oh. T-thats impossible..." She said blushing.

Every second Sasuke had to spend with the group of girls, who didn't seem to make up their minds on their menu, was slowly becoming a nauisance. He couldn't tolerate their stupid little comments. He really didn't care what they thought about his appearance, he already knew how attractive he was. They made any kind of excuse to get him to come back to their table which was exasperating. Even though he hated all of their flirtation he had to admit that these types of girls were the ones who left those very generous tips which was the reason he could bear with it all.

As he walked back to the table of the group of girls he glanced towards Naruto's table to see both him and Hinata laughing at something that most likely came out of the idiot's mouth. Why had they come here? Just to annoy him? He looked at the way they seemed to enjoy eachother and it disturbed him for some reason. His eyes narrowed at how Hinata smiled at Naruto.

"Escuse me?" He snapped out of his thoughts and turned back at the girl. "Can I have a glass of water please?" She winked at him. He mentally rowled his eyes.

"Sure." As he left the table he came back to his previous thoughts and found them absurd. Maybe he found the couple afflicting because he wasn't used to seeing such stupid affection. Yeah definitley.

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