Reno, Rufus, and the Clicky Pen

I finished my school test early and had nothing to do, so I made a story about the first thing that came to mind. The pen in my hand. Hope it's random enough ;) Tell me if I should write more. These short drabbles are the perfect boredom busters for school, so I'd be more than willing to do so-if they're okay.




Click click.

"Reno..." The agitated President Shinra muttered between gritted teeth, trying his best to finish the mountain of paperwork before him. "That is highly irritating."

The redheaded Turk continued to click his pen, but now to a beat. "My music soothing you, Rufena?"

Rufus went a slight shade of red. "I told you, Reno, I have no interest in Elena."


"Yeah, and that's why you were at her apartment last night." Reno retorted, grinning.

The 'slight shade of red' increased. "It was a matter of buisness, Reno. And how would you know that anyway?"

It was Reno's turn to go red. "Uh...I have my ways..."

Click click click click.

Click click.

"Why are you in my office anyway, Reno? Do you not have work to attend to?" Rufus was getting more frustrated by the second.


Click click.

"The pen says it all." Reno replied, his monotone voice matching his blank, emotionless stare.

Rufus looked up. "What the-no it doesn't! Reno, get out of my office!"

The Turk smirked. "Okay."



Click click.

"Well, get a move on then!" Rufus snarled.

"You didn't say when."

The blonde man looked back down at the paperwork beneath him and tried his best to write.

Click click.


Suddenly, Rufus felt the left side of his face warm up. He slowly turned his face towards the peering eyes of the redhead next to him.

Remind me why I hired this obnoxious buffoon? Rufus asked himself, but no answer came.



"What'cha writin' Rufena?" Reno asked, and just to make his boss' day, he was chewing loudly on a piece of gum. It was unbearable.

"Gum is a banned item, Reno. Get it out of your mouth!" Rufus snapped.

Instantly, the chewing and clicking stopped. It left Rufus relieved for a moment, until he remembered that he was dealing with Reno. And when something involved Reno, it was never this simple.

He turned his head towards the redhead, somehow knowing in his heart what he had done.

"Reno," He murmured, his tone murderously quiet.

"Yeah boss'?" Reno asked, too cheerfully.

So now it's 'boss'. Rufus thought sarcastically.

"Why is your gum in my stationary holder?" His tone was so threatening that it surprised him Reno didn't have the sense to know he was about to die.

He smirked in reply. "Ohh...Sorry Sir. It looked like a bin to me."

"Take it out."

Reno obeyed, and stood in his place, the gum sitting in his outright palm, awaiting his next order.

Rufus sighed, tired of the Turk's games. "Put it in the garbage bin by your feet."

He heard a soft plop, and looked down, groaning. "Take it out of my paper drawer."

Reno took it and awaited his response. He was almost identical to a smart-ass robot.

Rufus hesitated, not feeling the urge to do what he was about to do. "Give it to me."

He squirmed as he felt the warm, sticky substance touch his hand. Standing up, he walked to the bin and released the gum, before cleaning his hands with a large sum of dettol. Finally, he walked back to his desk and sat back down, writing.

"What'cha writin', Rufena?" Reno repeated.

"Your pay check."

Something told Reno it wasn't going to be a pretty number.