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It started out just like any other normal investigation, well as normal as you can get with a demon at your side, tormenting you.

Yako stares at the gloomy gray sky, Ceil beside her, lost in his thoughts, watching crows jump from the shingled rooftops to grab food and nesting materials left by careless shoppers as she lets the feeling of helplessness and despair roll over her, blocking out all other emotions, and wonders,

'Where exactly did it go wrong...'


"OWOWOWOW!" Yako shrieks as Neuro, smiling oh so innocently, pulls her from the desk she has fallen asleep at, by her hair.

"Louse, If I find you asleep when there is a mystery to be found again, You will no longer have a need for those hair clips." Yako stands up, leaning heavily against the rough wooden desk. Fear the current resident of her face as she quickly attempts to shield her golden locks from Neuro's view.

'Stupid adrenaline really takes it out of you.'She attempts to walk forward a step only to trip over the metal leg of the desk and go sprawling on the floor.

The leg almost seems to gleam evilly. 'Is this my fate? To have all evil things gather around me?' Yako wonders idly as she gingerly picks herself off the classroom's worn linoleum floor, rubbing her nose vigorously.

"Tch, you really are dumber than dirt." Yako turns to Neuro with a gaze of speculation. "How is that even possi- ACK!" Neuro suddenly has a death grip on Yako's neck, effectively strangling her.

"Lets go slave, I have been far too patient with you." Neuro strides out of the plain classroom, made to look otherwise by the late afternoon sun shining through the large windows, as if attempting to claim everything it touches.

He takes care to smack Yako's head against the frame of the doorway, chuckling darkly when she gives him a satisfactory whimper through his strangle hold.

He turns his head in the direction of the mystery. Letting its sweet scent roll through his senses, causing him to drool at its flavor, small as it may be.

'Should I be eating more?' He thinks in the back of his mind as he begins to nearly sprint toward his prey. Although, the mystery somehow smells strange.

No matter, he will easily triumph over anything a pathetic human can come up with.

He always does, after all.


Ceil sits in his large leather backed chair reading the paper as he sips the Earl Gray tea that was brought in on the silver platter now sitting, discarded, on the edge of his large oak desk.

Becoming bored with it's contents he throws it unto the shined surface and turns hit chair to the large window through which bright sunlight is streaming. He scowls as he catches a glimpse of his servants running after Pulute. His eyebrows twitch slightly.

'Haven't those idiots managed to catch that stupid mutt yet?' He sighs in exasperation. 'Can nothing get done right unless done by Sebastian?' "Young master," Ceil shows no signs of surprise as he turns his chair back around to face the pale man in a black butler suit. Smiling slightly as if he sees something humorous about Ceil. 'Well speak of the devil...'

Ceil intertwines his hands over his belt and leans back. "Well, what is it Sebastian?" Sebastian's mouth twitches slightly as he leans over, something grasped in his gloved hand.

"A letter young master." Ceil takes the letter and opens one of the many drawers in his desk. From it he takes a silver letter opener. Glancing as he does at the seal stamped on the letter in red wax. "Ah, a request from the queen I see."

He quickly slits open the top of the cream envelope and slides out the neatly written letter inside. His eyes scan the neatly written cursive quickly. He looks up at Sebastion, his periwinkle eye showing a surprising sign of authority.

"Sebastian, prepare the carriage, we will be paying a visit to London." Sebastian brings his hand to his middle and bows, his smile though, seems almost as mocking as his deep, almost red, eyes seem smug, as though he has a great prize in his grasp.

"Of course, young master. We will be leaving in an hour when all the preparations have been made.

Ceil stands, grabbing his expensive looking cane from where it was leaning against the pristine white wallpaper. "Good, I will be waiting in here." Sebastian bows again, his black hair sliding gracefully down his face as he does so.

He then leaves the room through the large double white doors, closing them silently behind him.

Ceil stares at the large and highly decorated doors for a moment, then lifts his hand to examine a strange silver ring with a large blue gem adorning his right thumb, obviously made originally for a finger much bigger than the small boys.

"As is our fate." He mumbles under his breath, smiling bitterly as he kisses the ornate ring, its blue tint seeming to change ciel's eye color to a deeper blue, if, for only a moment.


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