Chapter 11: The Second Epilogue - The Stalker

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So about this chapter! This is going to be based off of a character that I very briefly introduced in Chapter 8. Christie is her name; or Chrinkle as Kanda liked to call her.

This chapter will be about Allen, Kanda and the magnificently disfunctional relationship I built for them two years ago, but it will also be about Christie. Christie, it turns out, has been stalking Kanda since chapter eight. She's pretty well psycho and somehow managed to get into the Black Order. I didn't know how she did it, so I didn't write about it.

Also, since I've not been keeping up with DGM recently, Allen will be inside the building of the Black Order still. Sorry for the inconvenience

On with the chapter!

Allen walked down the halls of the Black Order cautiously. There were goosebumps on his skin and a nervous sweat that he just couldn't shake. It had been this way for a few days and Allen was starting to get worried.

The halls were empty save for a small group of finders he had walked past a couple minutes ago, they had been laughing at one particular finder amongst the group who had accidentally washed his finder robes with a red sweater he wore during the holiday season. He was now sporting quite the lovely "salmon" coloured garb. In all fairness the colour did suit his complexion quite nicely.

After them Allen hadn't seen anybody else. It was late and he was walking in the parts of the castle that no one inhabited so it was no wonder that he was alone. As a matter of fact, he expected to be alone. Why was it then, that he couldn't shake the feeling of being followed.

Another twenty or so minutes went by before Allen hit a dead end and decided to turn around and head back to his room. If he was being perfectly honest, Allen was grateful for the excuse to return. The feeling that he was being watched was haunting him. Turning to face the direction he had came Allen quickly scanned the stretch of hall before him. His eyes twitched quickly back and forth; his imagination rapidly turning harmless shadows into vicious demons.

He shook his head and sharply inhaled the breath he hadn't realized he'd been keeping. Before he could dwell on those disturbing thoughts any longer, he began to take long strides in the direction of his room.

Passing numerous paintings and sculptures, most of which were of nude people, Allen kept on walking. His heart was pounding in his chest and he could hear the blood thumping in his ears. For some reason he was becoming more and more overcome with panic. Dread was forcing his steps to quicken, pumping adrenaline into his muscles.

All his senses had become overly alert and perhaps it was because of this that he heard the slightly out of place footsteps. They had been just a millisecond off of his own. At first he doubted that this wasn't just a trick of his imagination but he over ruled that thought almost immediately and began to run as fast as his legs could carry him. It also never occurred to him that the reason he only just heard this difference could have been that the footsteps were from someone who had just come from one of the corridors or rooms along the hall and said person had never intended for their footsteps to match the pace of Allen's own in the first place.

However, Allen was now certain that it wasn't just his imagination; as he had started running the foreign footsteps had given up trying to be discreet and were now chasing after him. Whoever was following him was determined to catch up to him. Allen didn't dare turn around to take a look, lest it should cause him to slow down or lose his balance.

His breaths were coming out in ragged gasps as he tried to suck the oxygen into his body, even though his lungs felt tight. A cramp was growing in his side too, just under his right rib cage. Despite all this Allen kicked it up a gear. The footsteps were getting louder- closer. The stranger was gaining on him.

"Jesus Christ! Beansprout, will you stop running!"

Allen kept running for a moment; the words not quite registering in his mind. Suddenly he came to an abrupt stop. Apparently Kanda had gotten through to him.

Kanda jogged up to the side of the bent over and panting form of Allen Walker.

"Why the hell did you start running like that! I was coming to find you to tell you about a mission tomorrow. It's going to take at least a week and we're going with Lenalee so I figure we should probably head to bed now and start...uh...preparing for a whole week of celebacy." Kanda paused for a moment. It really didn't seem like Allen was paying any attention.

"Oi, Bean- did you hear even a word I just said?"

Silence. Kanda looked down at Allen, ready to glare at him and begin yelling, but Allen was simply staring straight ahead of him his face paler than usual. The taller exorcist turned his head in the direction of whatever he had lost Allen's concentration to.

It took a moment for Kanda's mind to supply a memory to go with the face he was gazing at, but when it did Kanda felt his eyes twitch ever so slightly.

"Chrinkle." He stated dryly, suddenly feeling very bored and annoyed.

"It's Christie. But I'm so glad you remember me Kanda-bear!"

"What did you just call me bitc-" At the sound of Kanda's bad manners (even towards a blatantly crazy woman) Allen came back to his senses. He whipped his head around (and up) to look at Kanda, a look of bewilderment on his face.

"Kanda...I think you're being stalked." Allen was feeling rather amazed but not in one of those positive ways. It was more of a, 'holy crap I can't believe this is actually happening' sort of amazed.

Kanda rolled his eyes dramatically and gave a small huff, because being stalked was so not a big deal.

"Kanda-bear! Pay attention to me not that weird, little, albino harlot!" Christie stamped her foot, as this clearly makes people get their way - always. Unfortunately for Christie, Kanda and Allen were ignoring her and had entered into an argument about something or other, probably Kanda's manners and/or mannerisms.

Christie didn't know what to do! She was always the centre of attention. She had to be! So she did the only thing she could think of to get the focus put back on her; Christie screamed.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Though she was successful in gaining the full attention of Kanda and his albino whore she was also successful in waking and alerting most of the Black Order.

Soon everyone was rushing towards them in a mad frenzy. This was bad for Christie who was not only guilty of breaking and entering but for stalking as well. Sadly Christie wasn't the brightest girl in the world and instead of trying to run while she could, she merely felt delighted at all the attention that was about to be bestowed upon her.

It wasn't until a few hours later, while sitting in her cell within the dungeon of the Black Order, that Christie realized that breaking into this building had perhaps not been her best idea. She should of known that though, especially after her last run in with the po-po. Oh well, live and ...don't learn. However, Christie was an optimist (as well as a nut job) and now all she could think about was how wonderfully close she would now be to her darling dear.

"Just think," said Christie to herself, "Kanda-bear will be so excited when he hears what this lovely organization has decided."

Of course Christie was referring to the decision, that had been left to Komui of all people, to keep Christie on board as a medical professional. They did need nurses after all and that just happened to be what Christie was trained as. Sure it was meant to be a punishment, one that most within the order would consider worse than a year or two of prison, but to Christie it was a blessing. That night Christie knew she would sleep wonderfully, dreaming of her new home and her dear Kanda-bear.

~~~o~~~A week and a half later~~~o~~~

Kanda's mind was blurry and his thoughts felt thick and sluggish as they worked through his brain. He was trying to recall what he could of the mission. It had gone well, except for the injuries he had apparently sustained. His rejuvenating abilities were slowing down, seemingly coming to a halt.

They had managed to get the innocence, that he was sure of, but when had he gotten hurt? His mind kept trying to draw on the memories of that night. There were little fragments of memory scattered across his subconscious and he supposed one of them was from when he'd been attacked. Finally the memory came to him. They had all been walking back with the innocence thinking that they had been successful, when an akuma caught them by surprise. Kanda had run with the innocence and the akuma had followed him...right off a cliff. 'Of course I jumped off a cliff...' thought Kanda, rolling his eyes at himself, internally.

It was then that he woke from the dream like state his mind was in, his eyes remained closed as he slowly changed over from sleep to reality. He lay there for a moment feeling the breeze against his...

...Where the hell were his pants?

Kanda's eyes flew open. He was laying on his back looking up at a sterile white ceiling. He had been here enough times to know where he was. From the smell alone he knew he was in the Black Order infirmary and judging from the small crack on the third tile from the right directly above him, he was in room seven.

Just as he was coming to terms with where exactly he was a cold hand brought him back to reality and, in Kanda's honest opinion, hell.

"Kanda-bear! I'm so glad you're awake, I was beginning to get worried!" Kanda felt a small part of him die, when he heard Chrinlin's voice.

"Why the hell are you here Chris Chringle! And what the hell do you think you're grabbing!" yelled Kanda.

Then suddenly, with a noticeable flourish, Allen threw open the door to room seven. He struck what he thought to be a heroic pose, though in all reality it kind of made him look girly, what with his hands on his hips like that. And then, in the most dignified tone he could muster Allen cried out,

"Get your filthy hands off my boyfriend's dingle berries you crazy ass stalker!"

The End


Maybe not. I might just make a third ending for this in another two years.

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