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Rosella's POV

There are a lot of different kinds of parents in this world and either you look like one or inherit some kind of trait from the other. Sometimes your parents are strict and sometimes they can really make you wanna scream. I knew that firsthand but I also knew that my parents loved me. They're also waaay different then your average human parents who play soccer mom and dad-who-teaches-you-to-ride-a-bike.

For instance, my mom...she's a werewolf. Not werewolf, transform into a hairy-butt monster and kill everyone on the full moon, werewolf. More like, Native American Shapeshifter with a mouth full of teeth and a 'piss-me-off-and-you-die' attitude. She rocks as far as moms go. She's always there for me and as long as I don't come home with the goverment on my tail because they figured out what I was, I'm on her good side.

Then, there's my dad, the vampire that comes with a built in lie detector. No sneaking out for me because if I did, he only had to ask and he would know. He has a mouth full of teeth as well but he only uses those when he hunts the local wildlife. Dad fought in the Civil War back in the 1800's and ever since I was tiny, he was the guy who looked for monsters under my bed. He was also one of the many middle-men for the arguments between my kid brother, Lucas, and myself.

But dad...always proved to be a worthy opponent when it came to arguing, too.

Begging and bickering didn't work. There was one final resort for what I wanted. The puppy-dog eyes. He could never resist those for every time I used them in the past, my power was formidable against even his level of stubborness. His golden eyes glared hard at the newspaper but not moving. He was preparing himself for what I threw at him next and he knew that my actions could be quite effective. He seemed to even be bracing himself in the living room chair.

Major Jasper Whitlock aka Dad. You are going down. I arranged the proper expression on my face and placed both hands on his knee softly.

"Please, daddy?" I said quietly. "Just a little bit of money to get a new outfit for my date..." Said date, was also a werewolf and had been my boyfriend for the past couple of months. Embry Call. He'd been my crush since I was fifteen and only when I turned eighteen, did he ask me out.

"You have all the clothes your Aunt Alice bought you," Dad retorted. "Go beg someone else."

"Daddy, Luke put my clothes in the washer and most of them turned green," I grumbled.

"Tough luck."

"I guess I could ask Grandma Esme," I muttered and finally, some cash was stuffed in my face. Dad knew Esme would give me just about anything. "Thanks, dad. You're the best."

"Don't forget it," Dad said sourly. It wasn't that we were short on money, not at all. Mom always said Dad hated his little girl growing up. I headed for the door, only to run my brother, Lucas Whitlock. Good guy as far as guys go but obnoxious as hell. Unlike me, he actually drank blood. He'd turned out more vampire than me and although he could phase into a wolf, he tended to avoid it because he didn't like being on four legs apparently.

"Where are you going?" he asked curiously.

"Shopping," I said. "Why?"

"No reason," he shrugged casually and I scowled. He'd been known to sneak into my room to find my diary which I now wisely hid inside my Aunt Rosalie's room.

"You take one step in my room and I will chicken-fry you in a pan and serve you to the Volturi," I said grimly.

"Mom would never let you," his eyes narrowed.

"But Embry would..." I grinned wickedly. Lucas was scared shitless by Embry and it was very fullfilling to see his eyes widen slightly. You see, when Luke was around ten during Halloween, he'd gone through a rather irritating scary movie phase. Why mom let him, I'll never know. So, Embry decided to dress as one of the characters and hide in Luke's closet. Luke didn't go into a closet for two years without mom holding his hand. All Embry had to do was look at him and Luke flinched, even now that he was fourteen. Embry probably wouldn't let me send him to the Volturi but he might let me chicken-fry him.

Lucas grimaced and hurried upstairs, probably to find mom. Mama's boy, definitely.

Grabbing my purse, I scooted out of the house and ran to a familiar blue car belonging to my cousin, Renesmee, my shopping partner for the day. She sat in the driver's seat patiently and smiled as I hopped into the front seat.

"You actuallty squeezed a few bucks out of Uncle Jasper?" she asked.

"Barely," I sighed putting the money in my wallet. "Let's go."

Renesmee was like me in several ways but only one was incredibly significant. Our parents were both different. Our fathers were both vampires but our mothers were of a separate species. Aunt Bella, Nessie's mom, was human and as I said before, my mom is a werewolf. It never really bothered us but there are points where we feel the difference. It was one of the reasons we bonded so well. She was my best friend and another thing we had in common was two very incredible boyfriends.

Jacob Black and my Embry. They both imprinted on us when we were very small and had been there for us ever since. Sort of a bond at first sight. Embry was my brother while I was tiny, my best friend as I grew and then, became something more. If I was ever in danger, he wouldn't hesitate to put his life on the line.

"You okay?" Renesmee asked as she pulled into the mall parking lot. "You've been quiet."

"Just thinking," I waved her off absently.

"You do that a lot," she informed me. "Let's head inside and see what stuff we can find. Aunt Alice will kill us when she gets back from Russia with Uncle Nikolai."

"She does have very high standards when it comes to the latest in fashion trends," I laughed softly. "But we'll deal with that when it comes. Right now, I just want something cute, comfortable and sensible."

"Yeah, hon, that's called the Clearance Sale," Renesmee giggled and I shot her a glare.

"Clearance Sale can have some nice things," I replied. "I'm not as picky as Aunt Alice when it comes to designer prices. In any case, I'll find the perfect outfit and Embry and I can have a nice date for dinner. They always go smoothly anyways."

"Then why worry about the outfit?" she questioned.

"I like clothes."


We walked down the many walkways and past endless shops of clothes music and books. I ignored one guy trying to sell me some massage chair and another who thought we could use a new cell plan. True salesmen if they find a real sucker. By the time I found a cute little blue dress with flats, we were just looking around for the heck of it.

"Let's look in this boutique," Renesmee pointed to a small store. "Aunt Alice loves this place even with the low prices. She says sometimes there are quality clothes for a mortal's idea of expensive."

"Sure. Couldn't hurt," I nodded but before we ever entered, my cell rang. I glanced at the caller ID.


"Yeah mom?" I answered it.

"We need you both at home," she sounded flustered.

"Is everything alright?" I didn't like her voice at this point and Renesmee turned to me with an inquiring expression. Last time I heard mom's voice like this was when she lost her wedding ring down the sink. Who knew Uncle Edward was good at retrieving a ring from a pipe. We never did have to call the plumber.

"Your Uncle Seth's having a crisis," she told me. Ah, my mother's brother and another wolf. As far as sweet, affectionate males go, he takes the top. "He imprinted."

And so begins the drama.

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