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Leah's POV

The situation was getting frustrating. Every time I turned around, something was going wrong. Vampires were attacking, people were imprinting, hearts were being broken, pixies were showing their faces and now...werewolves were attacking. Not shapeshifters, real werewolves with the whole full moon action going on. There was no question that immortality and trouble are one in the same.

Digging my paws into the dirt, I waited impatiently for Edward to relay his phone conversation with Rosella to us. I was able to hear his panicked voice but unable to pick out words and form them into a sentence that would make sense. It was a lot of 'Meena' 'Uncle Seth' and 'werewolf'. I had a feeling that if I could turn it into a sentence, I wasn't going to like the outcome. Edward turned to us gravely and fingered his cell phone.

'Well?' I thought angrily toward him. 'What's the problem?'

"Seth's hurt," he replied and my spine tightened. "Badly by the sound of it."

Of all people...it had to be the sweetest, most gentle of us...why was it always Seth now? He didn't deserve any of this.

"What happened?" Jasper asked before I could. I looked to my brother-in-law expectantly.

"I can't say for sure," Edward shook his head uncertainly. "We have to move now though. Meena ran off to fight the wolf and Rosella says Seth needs Carlisle."

"Alright," Jasper nodded. "Luke, we need to find your grandfather. Leah, go with Edward to the house."

No. I gritted my teeth, knowing what I had to do and not liking it one bit. Jasper ran off with Luke and I looked at Edward crankily. He watched me, brow furrowed, no doubt sifting through my current train of thought. His eyes flashed with realization as he discovered what I needed to do. He pinched the bridge of his nose as he often did when he was annoyed or frustrated and then he looked at me again.

"Jasper's going to be mad," he stated.

'I know,' I agreed mentally. 'But I need to do it. Stall my husband and take care of Rosella.'

"Of course, Leah," he nodded. "Just be careful. She's North, that way." He pointed in the direction and I thanked him quietly.

Edward sort of flickered out of sight and I turned toward another direction, pushing myself off my hind legs hard and zipping into the trees. I had to help Meena. Yes, I was still suspicious of her but regardless of my feelings, Seth would never forgive me if I left her to fight alone. He was my brother and if she was his imprint, well, that made her family and pack.

'Mom? Where are you going?' Luke's voice entered my mind.

I could see him running with his father and knew that as soon as Luke phased back, he'd inform Jasper of where I was. I wouldn't have much time after that. I sighed heavily, still running toward Meena, hoping Seth would be okay and realizing that while my daughter was in battle, my own baby boy was, too. Rosella was spunky and when she wanted something, she'd wreak havoc to get it. She was a lot like me in that sense and so, while I worried for her, I knew I wouldn't have to worry much. She could take care of herself and often times, Embry was with her and I would trust Embry with my own life. But Luke, my precious little Lucas, was also fighting and he was only fourteen years old. Still such a baby to me. He always would be.

'I'm going to help, Meena, sweetheart,' I answered his question.

'But Dad told you to go to the house!' Luke sounded upset now. I laughed softly in my head. If Jasper said something, Luke often followed it like it was law. He looked up to his father so much and every day, I was seeing more and more of Jasper in him.

'Little man, when have you known me to listen to your father?' I inquired. 'Jasper's thinking of my safety...not of Meena's. I explained this to you a while ago. Once an imprint is found, they are automatically pack. Given that Seth is your Uncle and my brother...I need to help her even more. She's family, Luke.'

'Dad's looking at me funny,' Luke complained and I snickered. Jasper was glancing at his son suspiciously, most likely tasting the panic and the worry within him with his gifts. My husband's elegant eyebrows smoothed out into an impassive stare, the kind he got when he was analyzing someone and obviously knowing more than anyone wanted him to. 'He's going to ask me what's going on...'

'Yes, he is,' I smirked. 'But I am very familiar with that look on his face. Your father is very smart, sweetheart. It doesn't matter if he asks what's going on...he already knows.'

With that said, I cut my son off from my head and kept on going, hearing the snarls and loud crashes up ahead. Just as I plunged out of the bushes, something flew past me and slammed into a tree, sinking to the ground afterwards. It was Meena. She shook it off and wiped blood off of her head, as she noticed me. She looked horrible. Her black hair was tangled up and going every which way, her pale skin was bruised and dirty and her clothes were torn.

"Leah," she greeted but turned back to a massive creature.

'Holy shit,' I took it in with wide eyes. It couldn't even pass as a deformed member of our pack. Its back was at a high arch and its murderous expression was so gnarled and twisted, that I actually felt terrified of it. We shapeshifters are the size of small horses...this thing was bigger than even Jacob.

"Move!" Meena shoved me to the side as the beast lunged. It crashed into a bluish-looking shield sprouting from one of Meena's palms. As it was thrown back, Meena panted, swaying as she stood there. She was exhausted from the fight and I heard her say that magic does take a good amount of energy. It was at that point, I spotted a dagger in her other hand as well as fresh blood...she must have tried to stab the beast at one point, only to get chomped on in return. When Seth saw that, he was gonna freak. Turning, I gnashed my teeth toward the werewolf, who swiped a claw out angrily.

'Leah! What the hell are you doing?' Jacob barked, finally getting a look into my head. I could see that he was headed in my direction with Emmett, Nikolai, Embry and Quil.

'Fight now. Talk later,' I answered him and pounced. Locking my fangs into the Were's throat, I did my best to sink my claws in as well, like a cat does. She let out a high keening sound, smacking herself and I into a tree, doing her best to rub me off.

"Leah!" Meena yelled. "Dammit!" She hopped onto the wolf's other side and received a similar treatment to my own, as she attempted to stab it.

'This isn't working!' I growled. 'Stab it already, Meena!'

I could see the pixie trying very hard to do just that. But every time she raised the dagger, the werewolf smashed against a tree all the more, forcing Meena to lower her hand and hold on for her own life as well as to try to minimize the damage she was taking. As the wolf turned her large head, I felt an incredible pain in my hind leg as her own teeth took a hold of me, easily tearing me off and throwing me. Meena fell off with the force of the throw and as she fell, the wolf shot a claw out at her once more.

'Meena!'I stared on in horror as the nails sliced right through Meena's belly, and tossed her against a tree, where she fell to the ground, unmoving. I shifted back and rushed over, ignoring my leg and trying to make sure she was still alive, without giving my back to the giant predator. Her skin was deathly pale and her chest barely moved with her shallow breaths. I cussed lightly and couldn't believe I was pulled into this situation with a girl I didn't really like or trusted, a girl that had taken my brother from me.

However, all of my suspicions of her, all of my distrust vanished with the one word that suddenly left her lips.


It came out as a whimper and every part of me forgave her for everything and anything. I realized this girl really cared for my brother and I wasn't about to let anything happen to her, if only for my baby brother. I picked up the dagger, ready to do the dirty work myself and whirled at the sound of yelping. Something brown was coming out of the ground and grabbing onto the werewolf's ankles tightly...roots...?

"Hit her, Leah..." Meena croaked and glancing at her, I saw one of her hands raised, shaking unsteadily as she tried to restrain the beast for me with her last bit of energy.

I turned and attacked the werewolf, deciding that if Meena can make roots come alive in a half-dead state, then there was no telling what she was capable of in her usual form...I wouldn't be making her angry any time soon.

Rosella's POV

Sniffling, I watched Uncle Edward prod Uncle Seth's head gently. Uncle Seth was finally somewhat conscious and rather fuzzy about what was going on, asking quietly where Meena was. I listened silently, as Edward merely informed him that Meena was currently busy with other events and would be about soon. I frowned and my vampire uncle smiled comfortingly at me. Why didn't he just tell Seth the truth instead of beating arounf the bush?

"Do you prefer him running off in his state?" Edward whispered quietly as Uncle Seth closed his eyes wearily.

"Point taken," I grimaced. If Uncle Seth ran off now, his injuries would become worse and his chance of dying would go a lot higher. That wouldn't help anyone right now. Walking outside, I hoped to see any of the others just to know they were okay and maybe, that the entire showdown was over.

I was rewarded by the sight of Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, Luke, Aunt Alice, Aunt Rosalie and Renesmee rushing out of the forest. Almost within a nanosecond, Dad's arms were around me and he was looking me over, inspecting me for any type of injuries.

"Are you alright, Little Wolf?" he asked, stroking my hair lovingly.

"I'm fine, Dad," I probably sounded as tired as I was. "Where's Mom?"

He flinched.

"She's not here yet?" his jaw tightened and I shook my head slowly.

"I'm right here, dammit! Stupid pixie..."

I jumped at the sounded of my mother's voice grumbling and we all turned around to see her stepping out of the trees, with dirty, bloody clothes and giving a piggyback ride to an unconscious pixie. Meena's black hair was draped over Mom's shoulders and Mom looked cranky, tired and hungry. Knowing her, she probably was very unhappy with having to carry Meena in the first place. The look on her face reminded me much of Luke's face when he was ten and didn't want to eat his veggies because he wanted dessert instead, but Mom made him eat them anyways.

Dad rushed over, kissed Mom hard and then took Meena gently into his arms, cradling her against his chest securely, relief etched into his face as he watched Mom stretch. My eyes widened, locking onto the horrible claw mark on the pixie's torso as well as all of the other wounds she had sustained. Bonding Spell or not...she put her life on the line for Uncle Seth. I had nothing more to say on the matter.

"Jasper," Grandpa Carlisle spoke as Uncle Emmett, Embry, Quil, Jake and Uncle Nikolai stepped out of the woods. "Get her upstairs. Let's take care of our wounded and then we can figure out exactly what happened tonight."

Raising my eyebrows, I realized that none of them knew that Meena's past involved Children of the Moon and that the wolf who had come tonight, had come to settle a score with Meena. She'd come to get even for the death of her mate. Not to mention the bonding spell no one knew of that Meena placed on my Uncle Seth.

Maybe I had nothing more to say on the matter...but everyone else would.

Especially Mom.

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