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First the Earth was flat, but it fattened up when we didn't fall off.
Now we spin laps round the Sun. Oh, the gods lost, 2-1.
The Host of Heaven pointed out to us from light years away.
We're surrounded by a billion galaxies.
Things are not always, things are not always how they seem.
Will you be ready?

"2-1" ~ Imogen Heap

Luna's POV

In only one month's time, my entire life had been thrown into a world I only dreamed of, the world that held the many legends of Native Americans. My own family originated from a Reservation in Southern California but we lived in Northern Idaho for most of my life. I had never been close to that side of my culture, but recent events were changing that.

A few months after my eighteenth birthday, I had come down with a raging fever of 108 Fahrenheit and so far, it hadn't gone down. Apparently, I adjusted to it due to some gene in my Native American blood or whatnot. That's where a legend came in. I had been extremely suspicious because not once did my mother offer to take me to the hospital with hyperpyrexia. In fact, she, the biggest worrywart mother hen of the world, told me things would settle soon and just to remain calm. It took one day and at the end, with her still relaxed, I exploded into a sand-colored wolf.

Cool? Yes. Normal? No.

That's when my mother told me what was in my blood, who my ancestors were in the tribe and that there had been hope this would never happen again. I was a Shapeshifter, a creature of myth born to protect my people. They had long been revered as Spirit Chasers, according to my grandmother, and the strongest was not the Alpha but the bloodline of the Omega. Grandma told me that it was her many-times great-grandmother, Nawishmal, that held the title of the first Omega wolf of our tribe, leading them all into peace until the white man came. However, her downfall was imprinting on our greatest enemy, a Cold One, or more commonly known as the Vampire.

His name had been Jerome DeBarbarac and as predicted, he was disgusted by her. All in all, it led to some showdown battle and Jerome decided to come every time there was a new pack so he could fight the Omega as 'sport', if you will. Imprinting could be really screwed up. I swear to you now, I never want to imprint. Especially after hearing what happened to Grandma Nawishmal.

The wolves stopped appearing long ago since the enemy stopped attacking but my mother told me that recently, young boys had transformed as well, along with another girl. So, one plane ticket later, I joined my pack of smelly boys and one preppy girl. All together, we were nine. It was only a few months later that I got used to it. Can you imagine? Seven brothers? I don't even need to tell you what the eating habits were like or how I was woken up in the morning.

"Rise n' Shine, Luna!" Trevor Flint, the pack Beta, cried.

Luna Dantes, my name.

Trevor shook me and then I felt massive weight on me. Okay, all of my pack mates, are well over 5'11''. I stand a little over 5'2''. I do not like it when massive people sit on me or any people for that matter.

"Get off me!" I kicked at him. "It's freaking seven in the morning!" He sniggered as he stood up, looking down at me with bright brown eyes.

Trevor was one of two people who actually seemed to like me in this pack even though I loved them all. I hadn't been the most confident person when I left home, mostly due to the fact that some of my family rejected me, dead set on the fact that I was possessed or something. I lost a lot of friends and there were many nights where I had to lean on my pack. Luckily, I took a personality change and became one of the most energetic of the pack...save for in the mornings.

"Raff says, get up," he replied. "He needs you on patrol this morning."

Raff, aka, Rafael Cortez, pack alpha and a real looker. I swear if he hadn't imprinted on Bethany, a young girl who volunteered at the school, he'd have every girl chasing after him. Truthfully, he could be a real butt head. In the pack, we can hear each other telepathically, and so I can attest that his thoughts are buttheadish. I, as the Omega, get a mind shield so, unless I open said shield, I can think all the mean things I want at him. Trust me, it gets to that point.

"Can't he do it himself?" I whined.

"He's got to go to work," Trevor responded as he headed for the exit. "The only one who will be home by the time you get here is Noah." Noah. The second one who seemed to like me. My big brother in every way except biologically. He was the one who helped me get used to being a wolf.

I slouched down the stairs where I lived along with Rafael, Bethany, Noah and one other. Why Trevor was here, I'll never know. The house was situated on a mountain on the edge of the Rez where not many people could see us shooting out for a run in wolf-form. There was another one on the other side of the Reservation where the others lived so we were fairly spread out for better ground.

"Heading out?" I looked up to see Rafael himself with the usual judgmental expression, as if always doubting my ability as a wolf. There had always been a rift between us for one reason.

Omega and Alpha don't mix well. Alphas lead the pack while the Omega...is the scapegoat, the one who stays behind so the others can escape, the one who takes the blame when the Alpha messes up. There had been plenty of times where one of the wolves got hurt and I was the one who took the heat from the Council of the tribe. Only one person ever really stuck up for me and criticized how pack protocol was run. Noah. Rafael never gave me a second look. Sometimes, there are things in this world that weren't meant to be fair.

"Yeah," I nodded. "Going out to keep an eye out for vampire butt."

"Don't screw up, puppy," Rafael turned and walked away. I sighed and headed out the door.

The land the Reservation was on was a bunch of ragged mountains, dry trees and desert-land. We weren't far from the ocean and we had trails that went that far, however, we tended to just run the inside of the boarder in case any vampires entered our turf. I had only seen a handful of vampires while running and yeah, I had to kill them, but what they looked like would be forever burned in my mind.

The true definition of Beauty and Beast. Every move they made, every sound was meant to lure out potential victims and let me tell you, it would do a fine job on me if it wasn't for those creepy, blood-colored eyes and their smell. They were one of the difficult things to get used to in this, uh, career-choice, I guess. Well, it wasn't really a career-choice. It was more a career-force and hell, it's not even a career. I don't get paid! In any case, the other things that took some adjusting were my hearing and sense of smell. Speaking of which...

A weird smell hit my nose and I looked to the side while running up one of the trails. I could see a girl in the shade of one of the few bushes in this part. She looked-


I yelped and rolled over in pain. Yeah, running into prickly trees sometimes happens when you're not paying attention. Using my paws, I managed to pull out a couple of thorns from my nose. Oweee.

I shook it off and turned back toward the girl. I shifted, pulling on the clothes attached to my leg. Maybe she was hiking and decided to take a nap, but I doubt it. This sun and heat was killing me and I was already in the hundreds, degree-wise. I walked right up, barefeet on a rocky surface and looked down on her as she laid awkwardly in the dirt, looking tired and dehydrated, her short black hair was sweaty and I could see sweat dripping on her tan skin. She smelled like...me. Wolf. She certainly looked more Native American than I did.

I had dark brown hair, green eyes and fair skin. Yup. Mama did it with a white man.

The girl wasn't moving so I poked her.

"Oi? Sis, you dead?" I asked. She opened her eyes fuzzily, glaring at me with acid.

"Get lost, kid," she hissed and then a loud growling sound came.

"Damn, is that your stomach talking?" I squatted down and leaned my elbows on my knees. "I know this great pizza place not far. I have a cousin working there and I gotta tell ya, sister, if you like anchovies, you're fresh out of luck 'cause I ain't getting no anchovies."

"Anchovies are gross," she mumbled.

"Yay! We're on the same page!" I poked her again. "You know, if you're an enemy wolf, I have to kill you." Her eyes widened and she scrambled up. Definitely not an enemy but it certainly got her to wake up and react.

"You're...a..." she was entered some state of shock, as if she never expected to see me in her life. Hadn't she seen another wolf before? I mean common. The Council keeps a book of known packs that existed and exist! Even ancient vampires! You'd think she'd have a pack of some sort.

"A wolf," I finished. "So are you. I'm Luna and who are you?"

"Leah Clearwater," she sounded confused. Definite sign of the sun getting to you. Been there, done that, don't wanna go back.

"Hey, sister, don't black out on me now," I flicked her head. "You need water, shade and food. Come on." I slung her arm over my shoulders and practically dragged a dead wolf-girl home. I explained to her where she was and a few other things, but finally got around to asking her a bit about herself. "So, where are you from?"

"La Push," she says as we get closer to the house. "I'm Quileute."

"Cool. I'm Cupeno," I told her. "And Spanish and Irish but details, details..." She laughs weakly.

"You're a wolf, too, though," she glances at me. "You're the shortest wolf I've ever seen."

"I'm also the fastest," I waggled my eyebrows, wanting her to keep walking. I don't want a dead wolf on my hands. Rafael would skin me alive.

"We should race, sometime," she said in amusement.

"You're on, sister," I grinned and pulled her through the front door. "Noah! A little help!" I dragged her over to the couch and dropped her on it.

Noah came into the living room, a spoon in one hand, a jar of peanut butter in the other, his mouth probably all sticky. Noah was a big guy, more atheletic-looking than the others, but still big. His blue eyes were striking against his tan skin and he longish black hair with gold studs in his ears.

"Ew! Other people are going to eat that, Noah!" I pointed at the jar.

"I'll leave some," he shrugged.

"No, you nasty! All that bacteria growing in there!" I grabbed the jar and began closing it, completely forgetting our guest.

"They say dogs have the cleanest mouths," Noah said licking the spoon, looking at me teasingly.

"I'm so sure. They lick their butts every day," I rolled my eyes. "I found her in the sun." I jutted my thumb over at Leah who was coming to a bit more. Noah looked over and time stopped as she looked at him, too.


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