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A shot in the dark, a past, lost in space.
Where do I start? The past and the chase...
You hunted me down, like a wolf, a predator,
I felt like a deer in love lights...

'She-Wolf (Falling to Pieces) ~ David Guetta feat. Sia

Luna's POV

Jacob's last comment really got to me and I felt the urge to play off my red cheeks as though it were really warm in here. Though…it kind of wasn't and it's not like werewolves get hot. We did run at a high temperature and plus, let's just face it. Playing it off was bullshit. He knew exactly what he did to me. Looking at him now, I could see a smug little smile on his face and I scowled. I'd take pride in making him blush one day and Luna Dantes would have the last laugh. Why? Because I own people like a boss."You've been asking all the questions," I commented.

It had been a long time since I had taken the time to tell someone all about myself. It often opened doors that could never be closed. He snorted, sitting back and I looked him over. He'd dressed pretty casual, wearing a shirt for the first time in who knows how long. He had shorts on, with a navy t-shirt and as usual, his power still swept around both of us, just like when we first met. He was a powerful person and charismatic and anyone who knew him, would agree with me. He was a force to be reckoned with and a wolf to never piss off.

"I'm not surprised," he folded his arms. "You know more about me than I do you. You've succeeded in being one of La Push's greatest mysteries. Even Leah doesn't know your whole life story.""Yeah," I rolled my eyes. "Cuz it's so interesting."Totally interesting. I could see it now. Someone would write my biography and make a movie out of it. 'Luna Dantes: The Movie!' Come see your favorite dysfunctional werewolf at your local theatre now! Not exactly your ordinary fairytale.

"More than you realize," Jacob shrugged, nonchalantly, his sharp eyes meeting mine in a lazy fashion but even I could see, he was on guard for some reason. He was looking for something…from me, maybe? I went on guard now but took a deep breath. No, Luna. You can't do that. You have to be good. No games. "Where'd you learn martial arts?""Martial Arts?" I repeated. Not a question I expected.

No one really asked me that. It wasn't something I bragged about. I mean, why tell someone you know how to kick their ass beforehand. That totally ruins the surprise. You can hand their ass to them and then take satisfaction in their astonishment that they just got owned by a little girl. Plus, my teacher once told me, surprise was always your advantage. If they don't know you can hurt them, they won't come at you with their defenses up. They will have holes in their guard and you go for those holes. Maybe it was fighting dirty to a point, but hey, if they attack first, they kind of deserve it for being so damn stupid. Then again, I tended to take it to a whole new level. I'd go for the holes and once they noticed you did, their surprise tends to open new holes and I made sure to then, use the more painful moves. Take that dumbasses.

Maybe that's why Trevor called me sadistic once…Oh well. Bite me? Go ahead, but I warn you. I do bite back.

"Well," I began. "I took a class when in college and fell in love with it. I was human, small and needed a way to protect myself. Never thought I'd actually have to use it. Once I phased and Noah taught me how to fight as a wolf, I found it easy to incorporate my wolf abilities with my ninja ones and well, be that much more effective."

Jacob suddenly snickered and I narrowed my eyes."What?" I demanded.

"You're not someone I'd picture going to college," he said. "Not the book word type. What was your major?""Anthropology," I grunted and he raised his dark eyebrows. "I liked culture and history and it was a way for me to start getting closer to my own culture. However, my teacher was kind of a snob and so, after making several decisions one what I wanted to be, I went with Language Arts. I was gonna do Marine Biology, but deep water kind of freaks me out and I don't swim that well. I figure with that career, I'd end up having to go into the water at some point. I thought of Forensics, but I figure, they'd never let me poke a body with a stick. So, I went with author. I could imagine whatever adventure I wanted and live it on paper…But I ended up living the adventure anyways."

"You consider being a wolf an adventure?" Jacob gave me a dubious look.

"Well, sure," I nodded eagerly. "I love reading fairytale books and stuff. With this life, I get the magic of shifting, protecting people and super powers. Think about it, do you know how many people dream of craziness like this? Honestly, I love being a wolf."

That's when the waitress came up and we placed our orders, doing our best to keep it within the human capacity.

I wondered if I had chased Jacob away yet. He seemed both intrigued and weirded out by me. I knew most wolves were pissed off by being wolves. I loved it though. Sure, I missed my human family and would love to go home…but I was perfectly content with what I had now. Maybe my life kind of was interesting. If I thought about it, had I still been human, I'd be going to school or just trying to work to pay off my school bills. My biggest interest would probably be going wake boarding in the summer.

"What are you thinking?" Jacob questioned.

"Well," I sighed. "No matter what I do, I'm gonna outlive my family. I can't imagine standing over my niece's grave…she's only seven right now." Jacob's look darkened and I knew he knew what I meant. One day, he'd be standing over Billy's. I think, that broke his heart. "Either way, there are points in both life-styles that bite. I think…in the end, I'd always choose this one.""What if you didn't have a pack?" Jacob suddenly asked.


"What if you didn't have a pack?" he repeated. "Would you still choose this life?"

Oh, is that what he wanted to know? I knew that answer. I'd already thought about this a long time ago."Probably," I nodded and he looked incredulous. "If I'm the only one, then I'd have to."

"Have to?" he sputtered. "You'd be wandering the world alone for who knows how long!"

"But if I'm the only wolf…who else is gonna protect the humans from bloodsuckers?" I stated patiently and he stiffened. He suddenly scoffed and scratched his head.

"Your sense of duty is pretty incredible," he mused and I laughed. "It's not normal."

"Whoever said I was normal?" I retorted. "You've known me long enough to know that I never do what is normal."

"Which I still don't particularly get," he grumbled.

"Jakers," I giggled. "We have an eternity. Where's the fun in doing things normally? We're gonna get bored fast if we do that. I don't know about you, but I'd rather be entertained for the next millennia.""We're not going anywhere in the next millennia if your abnormalities break out cover to the cute little mortals," he complained.

"Aw, come on," I grinned. "Don't have a stick up your ass. A good prank here and there is good for the soul. Kind of like ramen, only you don't digest it."

"Like short-sheeting my bed?" he grunted and our food came. We got comfortable and started eating but I decided to continue this train of conversation. It was playful at times, and I liked that.

"Short sheeting your bed, was to help you," I explained in a matter-of-fact tone, taking a bite of meat. "It was to let you know, never to disturb my naps."

"I thought that was what barking at Charlie was for," Jacob took a large bite of whatever was on his place. Given I was unable to identify it, he was safe from me trying to mooch and eat it, too.

"That was just to let you know, I'm the boss," I snubbed him. He scoffed.

"Boss?" he retorted. "I'm alpha of this pack, little girl. You're supposed to do as you're told." I waved him off.

"I've never been good at taking orders," I replied. "I like to think outside the box and be against the man…cuz the man tends to be an idiot." He rolled his eyes and went back to eating.

I was enjoying this outing. It felt like we were getting closer and I was beginning to feel safe…Which was a line I was scared to cross. Feeling safe and trusting someone was hard. I'd learned long ago, that you never truly know someone and so, trusting was just something stupid you did when you wanted to get hurt and your heart was feeling suicidal. It certainly felt like everyone was out to get you, everyone wanted something from you and sometimes, people didn't care as much as they pretended to. I hated to admit it, but sometimes, I was even wary of Leah and Noah, my two most favorite people in the world, but was that so wrong? Maybe it was overreacting. I felt like telling people sometimes 'Don't be nice to me. Don't be my friend. I have nothing to give you in return'. Yet still, no matter what, I had the urge to offer my friendship, offer my kindness…and for what? A knife in the back? It sucked and sometimes it felt like I was the only one who gave a shit.

Ever since I could remember, I'd always put myself at stake when helping someone find their path….it often left me alone and left behind. It felt like standing in the dark, every one of my old friends before the pack, walking away from me with their backs to me. And it felt like, even if I screamed for them to come back, I could go unheard, left to scream until my last breath. I wondered…how they were doing now. I hadn't spoken to any of them but it wasn't as if they'd kept in contact with me either.

But why should I worry about them anyways? Trust was non-existent. Humans was disgusting, selfish creatures. Their very nature revolves around self-preservation. They are manipulative and they are conniving. I was, too. We would always do what will benefit us as an individual, not the majority.

Jacob's POV

Spending the last while, listening to Luna talk, made me see even more about her than ever. I'd gone from imaging her as a cute little college bookworm, wearing glasses and studying, to a soldier protected by an emotional steel wall. Unlike me, she hadn't grown up around her tribe…she's been thrust into a world she barely understood and forced to fend for herself. She was the wolf-version of Carlisle…only not open but she had the potential. She must have been so lonely when everything first went down…just like him.

How was it…that two creatures so human….weren't human at all? And to think, I once hated the guy and his family.

"You're like Carlisle," I remarked without thinking and her pretty green eyes sparkled with curiosity.

"Eh? How?" She stuck the fork in her mouth that she'd waved around a bit and chewed with a quizzical look on her face. It was adorable.

"You never do anything to benefit yourself," I responded and she paused, thinking for a moment. I almost smiled when she brushed some shiny dark brown hair out of her face and I wondered if her hair was as soft as it looked. She had long dark eyelashes and lips that formed a perfect smile that reminded me, she was beautiful. If Alice ever got a hold of Luna, she'd give Rosalie a run for her money.

"This is true, I suppose," she mused. "But he's also a freak of nature. A vampire that's a doctor that takes care of wolves who are supposed to be his natural enemy…Sounds like the start of a really bad joke, honestly. In any case, he's the most selfless person on this planet most likely.""Says she who throws herself in front of en enemy to save both Leah and myself," I commented and she blushed, her cheeks turning a rosy red against her fair skin. She scoffed.

"Oh, please," she sneered. "That was totally for my benefit. If Leah's not around, who is gonna feed me? And if you're not around, who do I make fun of?"

"Smartass," I smirked.

"It's my specialty," I tipped her drink at me and sipped.

I only smiled. She was deflecting. She'd take a bullet for a stranger if she could…Luna was just as selfless as Carlisle…and in my opinion, just as tortured. Because of her, I wanted to be a better person and I wanted to make her feel happy. Now that she was letting me in, I could being to see the makings of the true Luna Dantes. She was vulnerable and easily hurt by smell things. She'd never admit it, but she relied very heavily on her pack, those she loved…I was surprised her family's rejection didn't break her. But here she sat, swinging her legs back and forth, without a care in the world.

Question now, was…how was I going to tell the Cullens I was considering trying to break the imprint? And what if I couldn't break the imprint? What if Luna got her hopes up just for nothing…? I didn't know what to do…

"You okay?" Luna raised a delicate brow. "Usually you don't shut up."

"Excuse me?" I narrowed my eyes.

"Ooh. Did I hit a nerve?" she snickered.

"Brat," I growled. "I'm not the one always bullshitting around. What's your excuse?"

"I don't need an excuse!" she retorted. "I'm privileged. So pay tribute." I laughed.

"I'm the boss, little girl," I grinned wolfishly. "Why don't you pay tribute?" To my surprise, her cheeks went red again and it was entertaining to think that I did that to her. As she scowled and stuffed her face some more…I smiled softly. There was something really attractive about this little tomboy. "Hey, Luna?"

"Yeah?" she glared up at me rudely.

"I'm glad we did this," I told her and I was. She smiled sweetly at me.

"Me, too, Jakers," she chirped. "Thank you…"

She really wanted this to work…I could tell. She knew the dangers of it, too…the chances of it not working because of the imprint…I could be risking every bit of her heart…just to try this…

My thoughts were rudely interrupted when a rolled-up napkin hit me in the face and I glared at the spunky wolf girl in front of me. She had a wary look on her face and she leaned on one elbow, pointing her fork at me in a scolding-type manner.

"Don't think too much, Jakers," she warned. "Sometimes, thinking…can get someone hurt."

"Sometimes, not thinking hurts worse," I answered her and somehow, I knew that she understood the undertone of my voice, the thoughts running across my face…But then I saw something else in those eyes. Every part of this girl knew the ramifications of every single one of her thoughts, actions and desires, but she did it anyways. I didn't know how I felt about that. She rolled her eyes.

"Only the muddy fox lives, hobo moocher," she retorted and I only grinned, making her sputter as I flicked the napkin back in her face.

"Yeah, and I plan on living to the fullest, thank you," I leaned back. "So, I'll be sure to get good and dirty." She raised her eyebrows.

"Is that so?" her voice was really breathy and kind of low. I frowned, saying my words again in my head and heard what she had…I laughed. "The one who laughs first has the dirtiest mind," I reminded her. I expected a blush to form on her cheeks but no. She gave me a bored expression and scoffed.

"The one who laughs last thinks slowest," she used the classic line and I snickered. "I can't help it if I'm more fun than you anyways."

"We'll see," I chuckled and took the final bites off my plate. A new side of Luna Dantes…the pervert. I'd have to make sure Emmett never found out about this. I'm sure the two would get into a war of 'That's what she said' jokes. I don't think the world was quite ready for that yet.

"Anymore questions?" she asked.

"Oh, plenty," I nodded. "But I doubt I can get to know you fully in one day."

"You can't, I'm too cool," she shoved her late away and sighed happily. However, her eyes narrowed with no warning at all and her position changed to that of defense. I frowned, looking around but didn't feel what she did.

"What's wrong?" I inquired and her eyes met mine, ready for a fight."I caught a scent…" she sounded careful, thoughtful.

"Of who?" I looked around, searching for the answer but she gave it to me and it didn't take wolf hearing to hear the sound of rage on her voice.


Luna's POV

That scent burned my nose the moment it hit and all it gave me were thoughts of death, blood and the hunt. It was faint and it was brief but it had been there. Jerome Debarbarac had come close but had not stayed. Why? What was he doing? What was he thinking? In an area this public? This bastard was the king of bad timing. My first date with Jacob Black and the jackass decides to let me know, he was nearby…

"We need to go," Jacob stood. "I'd rather him follow us than stay with the humans."

"Yeah," I nodded and stood up, waiting for Jake to pay the bill as I waited, still looking around for the vampire. I toned it down a bit when I met the gaze of a human girl. This sucked. Jacob took my shoulder and started leading me out. Once we were outside, I didn't smell anything at all and I wondered if he'd been in the restaurant. After getting into the car, Jacob pulled out onto the main road in Forks and started heading toward the Cullens.

Jacob got on his cell phone, called Sam and told him to run a patrol. Once he hung up, he turned to me.

"You okay?" he patted my leg and I folded my arms.

"It's illegal in the state of Washington to talk on your cell while driving," I told him and he rolled his eyes.

"Given a smartass comment, you're fine," he mused. "Seriously though…""I was having a fantastic time," I admitted. "And than that stench had to come up. He ruins everything."

"I still had a good time," Jacob responded. "We'll do it again, Lulu. Just relax. Don't let Jerome ruin your life."

I glanced at Jacob before staring out the window…Jacob was right. But still. Jerome wouldn't ruin anymore lives if I had anything to do about it. I would hunt him to the edge of the earth before anything else. I looked into the side rearview mirror, wondering if he'd seen us leave and if he was following us…I smirked.

Follow away, you bastard. Wounded or not, I will see your end and watch you burn away in flames, just as a demon should.

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