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I can't escape this hell. So many times, I've tried.
But I'm still caged inside.

Somebody get me through this nightmare.
I can't control myself.

Animal I have Become ~ Three Days Grace

Luna's POV

The next day, I watched with boredom from the stairs as the Cullens and my pack spoke about Jerome. I hated the serious vibe of the room, much preferring the upbeat one I usually found here, even if it involved a Roid monkey blowing a dog whistle. Looking at each face, I saw solemn, concerned expressions. In the end, Jerome was a threat to each of them, their way of life…Now, I felt guilty, knowing he was here because of me, hunting me down for his own damn pleasure.

Last night, I had gone back to town, trying to find that scent and follow it, but it was too mixed in with humans, seeming to blur into it and become apart of it. It honestly made no sense. I'd never come across something so odd. He probably found some vampire with the power to hide his scent. Bastard. He had the Quileute tribe now hunting him down as well as his own kind. I hoped this new playing field would work for me and I could finally finish him off. Jacob and the others would never have to worry about him again. I felt bad for even getting Jacob to consider dating with all of this stress, adding on the drama of having to tell Nessie and her parents soon.

Glancing at him now, I saw him bent over a map of Forks and the surrounding areas with the others. They were preparing for war, especially once they heard I caught Jerome's scent in town. As soon as that was mention, they swarmed, trying to come up with a battle plan and learn of the other vampire powers, which was kind of impossible, considering we'd never met them. According to Carlisle, no one completely understood the truth behind Vampire abilities and with that said, there was no telling what possibly existed out there.

"We can use Sam's pack for extra security," Jacob's voice spoke, pulling me out of my thought processes. "He won't mind. Since you people can swim and never worry about breathing, we'll have some posts near the ocean." Creepy…never breathing. I may be growing fond of these leeches but some things are just not natural. Vampires not breathing was so weird, it was the equivalent of yours truly being left without cookies and cheeseburgers.

"Don't forget this boarder," Jasper pointed. "We have numbers, let's use them to our advantage."

"What about Trevor?" Leah asked.

"We'll keep him out of the plans," Jasper said. "Assuming he does wake up, he might not even be ready for a fight…he's still in recovery. I'm tempted to keep Alexa out, too." Ooh…shouldn't have said that. Blondie wasn't gonna approve."Bullshit," Alexa scowled as I predicted. "These jerks put Trevor and I through hell. I want my part, so don't keep me out, jackass!"

"Alright, then," Jasper chuckled.

I scoffed and headed upstairs, no longer willing to listen to them all plan a war that wasn't supposed to even be fought here. I could only imagine one of them getting hurt during this turmoil and I'd never forgive myself. Placing a hand over the scar of my old injury, I scowled, thinking that if Jacob ended up getting hurt anyways, this would all be for nothing. I needed Alexa to open up about what happened but I refused to push her as did everyone else. Even Carlisle said she'd open up when she needed us. I stepped into Trevor's room and took in his scent, finding some comfort in knowing that he survived. He looked so peaceful, his wounds healing well.

Sitting next to him, I stroked his hand, running strategies in my head. No matter what, Jerome would come for me…I just needed to separate myself from the others. It would distract me if they were there for the main battle and I couldn't afford one of them trying to protect me. After all, I was the Omega. It was my job to protect the pack as a whole.

"Lu?" I lifted my head to see Alexa walk in, wrapped in a blanket. "I need to tell you something…about the vampires…""…what is it?" I inquired.

She sat on the edge of the bed, taking a deep breath. I wasn't stupid. Even I could see how much it hurt her to remember what she went through with the enemy.

"While we were there," she began. "I could see just a couple of the powers his goons had. He had one, who could peel back your skin…keep injuries open…which is why Trevor took forever to start healing…He also has one who can see you wherever you are, as long as she's seen you once. I think she's one of his main weapons…how else does he find you so easily?"

"That's a troublesome gift," I muttered. I knew Jasper and the others were listening a bit.

"However, something else happened," she said it a lot more quietly. "Two vampires came while we were there…Dressed like they were old…Sabine and Donatien were their names…Jerome said he expected them to be in the Carpathians…with her…"

"With who?" I raised my eyebrows.

"I don't know," Alexa shrugged. "With 'her'. He said it all creepy like, as if it were someone important. And when he began talking about the hunt, the other vampires talked about how 'she' might take an interest, too. Then Jerome told me to tell you that he'll be coming for you soon…and it will be a war so much bigger than you imagined." I blanched.

"I see…" I scrunched up my face. This didn't sound pleasant at all. For all I knew, this 'her' was some evil Vampire Overlord or rather, Overlady, with more pull than the Volturi. I noticed Alexa staring at me blankly. "Can I help you?" She scowled.

"Don't play dumb," she said coldly. "You're thinking something. Your little riddles are not gonna put me off…this involves me just as much, too." She pointed at Trevor. "I will be avenging him. I will use my own fangs to tear out that bastard."


"No. That other one that kept Trevor in pain," she shook her head. "Jerome is for you. Honestly, I think it's always been fate that you would be the one to defeat Jerome. Kind of like the beginning of a legend…"

"Uh…what?" I looked weirded out.

"You know? A legend," she shrugged. "An epic fairy tale or story. Vampires vs. Werewolves, Vampire hunts down a certain family of wolves until one day, a heroine is born." I stared at her impassively for a moment and she blushed heavily. "Whatever! You know what I mean! Tell me what you have planned!"

"I don't have a plan," I reached down, taking Trevor's hand. "I never do."

"Lu," she sighed in exasperation. "With an enemy like Jerome, we don't wanna go running in head first. This isn't one of your jokes." I looked at her sharply.

"Nothing's ever a joke when it comes to bloodshed," I surprised myself at the grave tone I released. "Plans never go according to plan, ironically."

"So, you'll just go in?" she hissed angrily.

"Hey, I'm taking it as it comes, okay?" I growled. "Jerome isn't a normal enemy. He kind of does things we least expect and then, when we expect the unexpected, he does the other thing."

"Probably because his little vampire friend sees what we plan," Alexa grumbled and I gasped.

"That's it! We plan in wolf form!" I cried. "Maybe she sees us, but she can't hear up in here." I poked my head and Alexa scoffed.

"Assuming she doesn't hear inside there as well," Alexa countered.

"Thank you, Ms. Pessimist," I rolled my eyes. "I'm working with what I've got."

"Whatever," she left the room and I made a sound of exasperation.

This wasn't getting any easier. We'd all suffered this darkness of our world and it was coming down to monster versus monster. It wasn't looking good at all and so far, Trevor and Alexa, got the worst of it. Why was Jerome getting so pushy? What kind of vampire gifts did he have at his disposal? Were we all going to die because of it? Was he going to bring about the end of the world? And who was this woman Alexa heard about? It sounded like Jerome had respect for her and if this was true…that meant she was powerful.

Time to do a different kind of hunt and so, in a typical Ninja-Luna fashion, I snuck out the house and headed for town…aka, I jumped out the window and ran like hell. Shooting through the forest, I knew what I was looking for. That scent mixed in with humans. I figure, if I follow it, I can find where he'd been and what he'd been up to. It took me about ten minutes to reach town, given the pace I was going and after trotting to the edge of a bush and changing into my clothes, I walked out all uber cool, like I hadn't just been running through the forest in the form of a wolf…too bad I didn't have some shades…it would make me look so badass.

Walking around town, I found the scent at the same restaurant where Jacob and I had had our date at. It was focused near the entrance and the window and before the hostess wondered why I was hanging around, I followed the scent elsewhere. It hung around where Jacob had parked the car and before that…it was at the grocery store.

What the hell was a vampire doing at a grocery store? I glared at the sign before stomping in. It wasn't anywhere near the food aisles…but it was in the small sporting goods section. I raised a brow and stopped in front of binoculars. Vampires have perfect vision…why would they need binoculars.

"Spy!" I gasped dramatically, only to earn myself a few well-earned stares and I smiled sheepishly as they looked away.

A child of one of the mothers who'd stared at me, nearby, stuck their tongue out at me and so, I glared, giving my best scary face in response…She immediately tugged on her mom's shirt and I was out of there before I was accused. I was gonna make such an awesome mom one day.

The scent was too mixed in by now and I walked away from the store, disgruntled and began planning my next wave of attack. Binoculars…following me…This didn't make sense.

Of course, right then, the hairs on the back of my neck rose…I was being watched and turning, I caught sight of…a person in a dark hoodie watching me with binoculars. How cliché…The person stiffened and began walking the opposite direction. Haha! What's the saying now?

Never run from anything immortal. It attracts their attention.

I'm already chasing you, creeper and as a wolf, the hunt is what I'm good at.

I grew faster when the scent of Jerome seemed to be mixed in with this person. Don't tell me Jerome took a human slave to do dirty work for him. No wonder the scent was blurred with a human's. He hadn't come to town…a human was carrying his scent due to having been around him for long periods of time. This wasn't normal. I'd never heard of Jerome taking on a human helper…I quickened my pace to a jog as the human slipped down a dark alley between that restaurant and the other large shop next to it.

Another cliché…how quaint of Forks to have all that's needed for a horror movie.

I didn't see the person right away as I entered the alley but as I walked farther, there was a turn to go behind the shop, where the dumpsters were. As I went to step behind it, I ducked narrowly as a massive wooden two by four came at my face. I rolled behind my opponent and they whirled, now holding a slowly…I impassively looked them over. A defensive stance said, they knew how to fight hand-to-hand combat…Not to mention, this person was ready for a fight. I smelt little to no fear whatsoever…I smelt only rage.

"That knife isn't gonna work on me," I warned.

"It's made of pure silver, I think it will," the creeper replied and I blinked. One…it was a girl. Two…silver? She knew I was a wolf…but I wasn't a werewolf.

So…you can understand my next reaction.

"HUH?" I don't believe I'd ever been so incredibly puzzled over one line. She lunged and I side-stepped, grabbing her arm. "Hey! Cut it out! Why are you attacking me, crazy lady!?" I refrained from using wolf strength on her for humans are far more delicate than my usual sparring partners of Embry and Seth. I shoved her and she fell on her butt, her hood falling off to reveal sandy-hair in a messy punk-style, with hazel eyes…she was no older than me.

"You gonna eat me, too?" she demanded. I stared at her blankly. "Like you ate my father?" I stared at her for a long moment, scratching my head in complete and total bewilderment. I had never dealt with a human who had just been introduced to our world…nevertheless, a human who was so hopelessly confused by the facts.

"Why would I eat you?" I asked.

"That's what your kind does…" she said acidly. "Destroy families, lives…Jerome told me…" I paused for a long moment.

"Jerome told you…" I repeated. She threw her knife at me and I dodged it, realizing she had some moves…knife-throwing skills. She then took off running. "No! Wait!" I tried to follow but she got into a red civic and sped away. What did this girl think she was? A werewolf slayer? As cool as that sounded, I wasn't able to process what was going on. "What the hell just happened?"

I grabbed my cell phone and dialed Jacob.

"Where the hell are you?" he answered rudely. "You should be here. Trevor just woke up." I grunted…of course, I miss the good stuff. Some things are a bit more important though.

"We kind of got a problem."

"What is it now?"

"Something you're not gonna believe."

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