America was such a god boy at first. Sealand on the other hand. Sealand was a brat from the very beginning. Loud, obnoxious, rude. Nothing but a bother really. But now as he watches his little brother standing next to his bed, quivering, sobbing, ranting about nightmares, ghosts, vampires and demons; he can't even try to bring himself to yell at him. Making room for the other he allows Peter to huddle up beneath the covers with him. He pulls the boy close. Hugs him tightly. Just like Alfred, Peter will leave one day, and the loss might not feel as great this time, but he wants to hold on to him a little longer.


Upon hearing the soft whisper he opens his eyes for a brief moment. "Yes?" he asks with concern. There's a faint blush covering the boy's cheeks as he opens his mouth to speak.

"You're crushing me, you jerk"

"Shut up and sleep, you little git!"