"If you want me you gotta catch me" a blue hedgehog said with a harsh tone, a pink hedgehog with long quills looked after him sadly running 'Sonic wait for me" she whined.

Sonic didn't turn back to look at her, Amy fell on the grass with a thud "What is the point he never will want me" she sobbed to herself.

A shadow loomed over her "Amy" said a deep voice, Amy sat up and saw a red echidna standing behind her "He ditched ya again" he sighed

Amy looked at him tears forming in her eyes 'What do you think" she growled, Knuckles sat next to her "Its ok Ames" he said looking at her calmly.

Amy looked at him "How is it ok I mean all I want is him and all he want is….." Amy's voice broke as she sobbed into he arms.

Knuckles looked over at her "Nothing to with you" he finished her sentence, Amy felt a new load of tears fall down her cheeks "yes" she sobbed "That's what he wants".

Knuckles with out thinking put his arms around her and held her close 'Its gonna be ok Ames" he said in a cooing voice.

Amy blushed a tomato red, "you really think so," Amy said nuzzling into his chest, Knuckles blushed as he ran his gloved fingers through her long quills "positive" he whispered.

Amy hugged his chest "thank you Knuckles" she said muffled by his fur "For what?" he asked.

"For showing me love" Amy said blushing, "uh… your welcome I guess" Knuckles said rubbing his head.

To Kuckles's surprise Amy grabbed the sides of his face and…. Kissed him, Knuckles blushed but then returned the kiss.

'Knuckles I love you" Amy gasped in between kisses, "Amy Rose I love you too" he replied kissing her passionately.

Sonic was running when he screeched to a stop "Where is the stalker I mean Amy" he said, he sped back looking for Amy.

When he reached the clearing he saw Knuckles next to Amy making out with her, Sonic looked out and his jaw dropped.

"Amy, Knuckles" he gasped before running out of the clearing small tears forming in his eyes "Ive lost her now" he thought to himself.