Mirror, Mirror.
~random one shot I just imagined~

Pulling the duvet off of Bree's body, Katherine saw her neighbour and best friend laying there, hungover in just her skirt and bra. Katherine raised her brow as she looked over Bree before telling her off, "Come on, get up!" Katherine yelled out, causing the redhead to wince and screw up her face, "Get out of this bed!" Katherine yelled once more.

"Kathy, must you?" Bree questioned, sitting up and she saw the empty wine glass and bottle with some remnants of wine still lingering at the bottom.

"I must. Now come on!" Katherine clapped her hands together, ushering Bree out of the bed, "Shower time!" she chirped.

"Katherine, I can't" Bree flopped back again onto the pillow.

"There is no such word as can't! Come on, Bree...I cannot cater an 80 head luncheon by myself!" Katherine murmured and stared down Bree.

"Katherine...." Bree sighed and looked down, not even bothering to cover herself up, "I just can't do this anymore...I have nothing to live for" she told Katherine, her friend sat next to her and sighed, reaching for Bree's hand softly, "I'm all alone is this big house, no kids to look after or a husband to cook for...now that Benjamin's gone, I have nobody" she whimpered.

Katherine gently leaned forwards and she touched Bree's cheek, before tilting her face to look at her. Katherine saw the pain in Bree's eyes from everything she had been troubled with, "It's gonna be alright Bree, I promise...now come on" Katherine smiled, touching Bree's thigh, "Showertime! For me..."

Bree looked to Katherine and smiled gently, "You want me to shower for you?"


"Oh..." Bree replied then continued as she asked, "But what about Mike?"

"What about him?"

"Won't he be hurt if he finds out?" Bree questioned.

"No..." Katherine shook her head, looking to Bree suspiciously, "Why?"

"Well won't he think there's something going on? With us?"

Katherine gasped, "Bree!" she giggled and blushed, looking to her friend, "Why? Do you want there to be something?"

Bree gulped, Katherine had put her on the spot, and Bree always cracked under pressure, "Yes! I mean...no...no, of course...not"

"Bree...? Come on" Katherine urged.

"I..." Bree began, looking up at Katherine, "Yes..." she whispered. Katherine stood, sighing, "What's wrong? Did I say something wrong?" Bree queried and panicked a little as she saw Katherine faffing with something, but as she went to reach out for Katherine's arm, she realised that her friend was actually unbuttoning her blouse for Bree, "Katherine...?" Bree asked.

"Let's take that shower..." Katherine winked and held out her hand to Bree.

The End.