Life Is A Rollercoaster
~Just gotta ride it~

Bree was just leaving the hospital, she'd been visiting Rex while the kids had been at their grandma's, Rex's mother Phylis had been watching them because had 'had some things to take care of' so Phylis had agreed to watch them for the night. She was just pressing the button on the elevator to return to the ground floor of the Fairview Memorial Hospital where Rex worked. She watched as the numbers climbed on the screen, telling her which floor the elevator was on, soon the doors pinged open and in she stepped before Rex came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist.

Bree gasped and turned to face her husband, suddenly he captured her lips with his and kissed her forcefully and pressing her against the wall of the elevator as the doors closed over on them. Rex then moved his lips down to her neck, Bree let herself get caught up in the moment, her head falling back against the wooden panels of the elevator as her husband devoured her skin and licked over her collarbone. Rex pressed against Bree's petite body, she felt his muscles tense as their bodies touched and she let out a breathy moan.

Soon, Rex had his belt undone and it clinked around as he reached under Bree's blouse, his fingers climbing to her breast to give it a gentle squeeze at first but then he thought against it, since they were in an elevator, he thought it needed to be urgent, raw. He knew Bree had never been taken like this, so this would be a pleasure for him. As soon as his hand cupped her breast, Rex moved his other hand between her legs, rubbing over her trousers to arouse her, Bree moaned out and her head fell back again, her hand on the nape of his neck now, he pressed the emergency stop button and the elevator came to a halt.

A few more minutes and Rex had Bree up against the panelled wall, her leg around his waist and he was pounding into her heavily, moaning out obscenities, words Rex never thought Bree knew let alone used during the act they were partaking in. Right now, neither of them could have cared less if the elevator had been taking passengers or they were in the middle of the parking lot, they were both too lost in the moment to give two hoots. Bree pushed her hips onto Rex as he thrust into her. She lost all her inhibitions and forgot about the security camera in the top left corner of the shaft.

Bree didn't last long in the heat of passion and soon she cried out, Rex letting her ride out the waves of her climax as he kept pumping into her, nipping at her skin on her neck as her body went rigid and her breath hitched feeling Rex throb and soon he filled Bree with his seed once again. To her it was such a familiar sensation but this moment, this time it was all new and she craved it again. Her elbow hit the emergency button and soon the lift started back up again as they stayed in each other's arms, her leg still wrapped around his waist as they caught their breath.

The doors opened as they remained like that, as Rex nuzzled her neck and Bree looked to the elderly couple staring at them, their mouths wide open as they eyed the scene before they thought about getting into the elevator with the younger couple. Both Bree and Rex bare legged, breathless and sweaty. Bree giggled and gave them a soft wave as the doors closed again, showing her wicked side now that Rex had unleashed it. Slowly he pulled out of her and she lowered her leg before reaching down for her panties and trousers and kissing Rex as the automated voice in the elevator announced it was at the ground floor.

"I expect that when you get home tonight..." she commented and left the shaft looking over her shoulder to her husband, smirking to him.