I just love Wee!chesters, so, so much, and when this popped into my head. I couldn't get it out. I'm really sorry if it sucks/seems unrealistic, I just... yeah. Review ;)

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"Deanie, why do we have to go to the gross-ry store 'gain? It's boring!"

"Grocery store, Sammy, grocery store."

"Whuddever. Don't change the fact that it's boring."

"Ugh. Sammy, we need to go to the grocery store 'cause someone ate all the macaroni!"

"Don' blame me!" Sammy said, grinning.

"Oh, I do," Dean chuckled, ruffling Sam's hair. Sam ducked and squealed.

"Deanie, I'm not a lil' kid anymore! I'm nearly four years ol'!"

"Yeah, true. Man, you're old," Dean joked, and Sammy pouted, his eyebrows lowering into a 'V' shape. Dean rolled his eyes and chuckled at the offended look on Sam's face.

"Am not, Deanie!"

"Keep saying that," Dean grinned.

"Maybe I will, den!" Sam squealed. Dean snorted and laughed even harder when, once they arrived at the automatic doors, Sammy stomped in.

"Aw, Sam, don't be mad! I was kidding!" Dean called after Sam.

"'Kay," Sam called back, and immediately ran to the aisle filled with noodles, where he began shoveling macaroni into their basket.

Dean froze as the sight unfolded in front of his eyes.

Some random creep was walking up behind Sam, closing in like he was a hunter and Sam was the turkey. Dean wanted to run and push Sam out of the way but he couldn't move his muscles.

"Hey, kid," the guy said in a husky voice. "Wanna take a ride in my car?"

Sam froze, remembering what Daddy had taught them about stranger danger.

Dean couldn't quite believe it when, instead of running, Sammy spun around, straightening up. The guy looked confused as a look of hatred spread across the small kid's face.

"TASTE SAMMY'S PAIN!" Sam yelled, bringing back his fist and punching the creep in the crotch with his knobbly little fist. The guy bent over in pain, grunting, and Sammy grabbed his basket full of Macaroni, running towards Dean. "Le's go, Deanie!" he shouted, beckoning towards the registers. He waited patiently in line, paid for approximately $20 worth of Macaroni, and then Sam ran back to their motel, waving his arms around, while Dean was forced to run after him, weighed down by Pasta.

Sammy fell asleep straight after eating three packets of Macaroni, and Dean was forced to retreat to the bed with him.

He only said one thing before going to sleep, directing it at Sam but not loud enough as though to wake up Sam.

"Don't think I'm going to be messing with you anytime soon, Sammy..."