Author's Note--Evil plot bunny!!


The meeting included only the most senior staff. Together they gathered around the table in the meeting room, falling silent only when the one known as Pater stood up.

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice. I knew all of you had plans for today, so let's get started. It has come to my attention that there is an individual that would be an asset to our group. He is brilliant and experienced in most areas of our research. I wish to bring him in."

"Pater?" a man asked, raising his hand. "Who is he?"

Pater pointed a remote at the screen on the wall behind him, and it lit up with images and information. Prominently placed was a head-and-shoulders shot of a man with blue eyes, sandy hair, and glasses. "His name is Daniel Jackson. He is the only child of the late Melburn and Claire Jackson, archeologists and Egyptologists. He is the only grandchild of Nicholas Ballard, the famed archeologist-gone-crazy who went missing a few years back. Dr. Jackson has doctorates in anthropology, archeology, and linguistics, and he obtained those at a young age." Images of text-filled pages flashed on the screen behind him. "What you're seeing now are all of his published works, and there are a good number of them, but he stopped publishing when he moved to Colorado."

"What is he doing there?" someone else asked.

Pater smiled. "Working at the Cheyenne Mountain complex."

More than one person looked surprised. "The SGC?" Everyone in the Family knew about Stargate Command—in fact, they knew all about what went on there, but this was the first time Pater had suggested bringing someone in from a high-security position. Daniel Jackson would not be an easy man to reach, let alone make disappear.

"We will have to be very careful how we approach him," Pater said, turning off the screen. "This will be a long process, but I am confident we can pull this off. Let's start planning."