The title is simple; Ice Cream

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Ice Cream

The late night hour engulfed the Institute in darkness while the majority of its occupants lay sleeping and, in some cases, snoring. It was in this late night hour however that one of the institute's residents decided to emerge from slumber and stumble down the stairs at a sleepy pace. Remy scratched the back of his head in a sleepy daze as each step seemed to catch his feet, yawning widely as his unusual eyes stared into the crisp darkness. However it was when he reached the main hallway that a new sight caught his attention. His eyes winced at the sudden sliver of light from the kitchen doorway but were quick to readjust as he made his way at a stealthy pace down the hall. With his consciousness renewed, he took care with his sock-clad footsteps as he approached the slightly ajar door. The gentle sound of the radio playing caught his ears before the figure did but he recognised both almost instantly.

Rogue was a woman he could not for the life of him not recognise even from behind. He smirked at the thought. 'Probably better from b'hind.' Her unmistakable hourglass shape sat atop a kitchen bar stool as she leant against the bench top with her elbows. He struggled to see what was occupying her attention but his struggles were forced to a halt when her Southern Drawl caught his ears.

"Ah think ya losin' it Cajun. Heard ya comin' down the hallway."

Caught, busted, and various other terms came to mind but he masked them behind a confident smirk and a chuckle. Without further ado, he stepped into the kitchen's spot light. As he passed her by to sit on a bar stool opposite her, his eyes beheld the object of her attentions. A large tub of vanilla ice cream sat before her while she dug at it with a nimble spoon. She continued to ignore his stare, choosing instead to continue eating in silence as a new song began on the radio. He continued to smirk as he replied her earlier remark.

"A way t' cut a homme down chére."

Those circles of jade rolled as they always did at his suave comments but he took little notice. His eyes were far too preoccupied by the way she attentively devourer each spoonful of ice cream. The way she turned the spoon on its front to wipe the last of the vanilla off was beginning to make him drool. And he was a chocolate man! It wasn't quite a raunchy, male fantasy but it was definitely an attractive point. He made a mental note to come down at odd hours of the night more often. If this was the show he got, he'd bring popcorn. He shook himself mentally. 'Maybe not popcorn.' It was on the subject of food (and Rogue) that his stomach made a slight rumbling noise. The intended action was obviously put. He ventured to one of the small draws and pulled out a large spoon before seating himself back on the bench stool. However, when he attempted to slip the spoon into the mountain of vanilla, the tub was shifted out of his reach. He gave a bemused look and made sure to pout as he caught her scowling gaze. He pouted a little more.

"Didn't y' Mére ever tell y' t' share when y' were a petite fille?" (mother, little girl)

Rogue gave another roll of her eyes as she replied grouchily with a side dish of sarcasm.

"Mah Mama's a terrorist, of course she didn't!"

Remy gave a casual shrug.

"Fair enough. Mais, let Remy have some non? Sharin' be a nice t'ing y' know."

Rogue did that same, tantalizing gesture with the spoon as she wiped it clean. Her scowl remained as she replied just as casually as his shrug.

"Ah never said ah was nahce, Cajun."

He chuckled lightly as he replied in a mockery of a scolding tone.

Y' can't eat all dat by y' self."

"Wanna bet?" She challenged.

As she raised a new spoonful to her lips, she caught his gaze as if to say 'Just watch me.' Now we all know Remy was not a man to back away from a challenge but it wasn't the kind she had intended. The spoon was about an inch from her open mouth when Remy's hand swiftly reached through the air and grasped her covered arm. With a grace impossible for any other man, he slipped the spoonful into his mouth. He had the great satisfaction of seeing her face light up in astonishment only for it to turn to a light glower as he licked his lips dry. His charming smirk did nothing for her as her glare thickened.

"Thief," She called him in taunt.

A light chuckle escaped him as he cleaned her spoon and handed it back.

"Re-formed t'ief if y' will, chére."

Again those pools of green turned like clock-work but the matter was forgotten with the rise of a full spoon; his spoon. Being the man he was (or the food dispenser all men were) Remy had vouched for a full spoon instead of the dainty dessert spoon Rogue had sported. Rogue made sure to fill the spoon to the brim, just enough to fit her mouth at full. As she raised it slowly to her mouth, she caught his gaze and held it as she lingered the spoon between their faces. Taking the bait, more out of curiosity than stupidity, Remy reached forward to catch the spoonful in his mouth only for her to suddenly jerk the spoon forward before he was ready. After moments of silent surprise on his part, Rogue's laughter filled the room as Remy began to wipe the smudged ice cream off his mouth and chin. He turned to find Rogue was still pink-faced and chuckling by the time he was finished. He gave a light glower as he replied her half-hidden smile.

"Y' a cruel femme chére." (woman)

She grinned like the cat that got the cream, in an almost literal sense.

"An' that was the easiest trap ya've ever fallen for."

Remy couldn't help but grin ever so slightly. Okay, so he had fun making her laugh. What's a little ice cream on the kisser? He moved towards the nearby sink and let the water run as he began to wipe the stickiness from his hands. However her words stopped him short from finishing.

"Hold it there sugah- ya missed a spot."

He had merely two seconds to turn before the most unlikely thing happened. Without his knowledge, she had climbed half-way onto the bench top and leant forward before he could react. He watched in silent amazement as her full, pink lips closed over his chin and actually sucked a spot of ice cream clean off his skin. He was still too stunned to react properly by the time she pulled back with that Cheshire Cat smile across her lips. After a few more moments, he managed to raise one curious brow at her as he spoke. He had to clear his throat before the words could actually come out.

"Since when can y' do dat?"

To his delight and confusion, she merely grinned and blushed pink at the same time. She bit down lightly on her lower lip as she replied.

"Does it really matter?"


Ten Minutes later...

Logan let out a grunt as he scratched the back of his head. Heightened senses or not, he was beginning to feel the strain of exhaust as he made his last nightly round about the institute. He was about to cut the round short and head up the stairs when the muffled sound of hushed laughter and chuckles caught his sensitive ears. With his brow knitted with confusion, Logan made his way down the hall towards the kitchen. The sight that met him was surprising if not bizarre. One dark brow rose before he barked from the open kitchen door.

"What the hell are you two doing?"

The two Southerners pulled back from each other and turned their heads like deer in the headlights...with vanilla ice cream smudged all over their mouths. Remy and Rogue attempted to wipe away the ice cream from their mouths but it was a futile attempt.

Logan simply rolled his eyes and left. He didn't even want to know. It could wait till morning.


Wasn't that light and cute? Haven't done anything like that in...Well years.