Our Younger Days

Gossip Girl: Oneshot - From when Jenny and Nate Were little children at the playground, bits of fluff.

Authors Note: So it's nothing special, just a random idea that popped in my head, that I wanted to do, be aware of my other storys that will be updated!, Enjoy my beautiful friends.

Jenny Humphrey was sitting alone in Manhattan Park, kicking her legs against the bench she could hardly reach the ground, being such a lonely girl, for a 6 year old it was tough, she saw many other little pretty girls around the same age as her smile as they were playing with someone else either on the swings, or slide or other activities, she always wondered why none of them little girls would let her play with them, she asked them once, and everyone of them said no, she had asked her mom to stop taking her, but her mom said she needed the air, and that she would make friends eventually it just took time, she was just about to take off and wonder around the park, when a boy a bit older then her sat next to her with a smile on his face, he looked friendly enough she thought, she was going to introduce herself when he had already beat her to it.

''I'm Nwate'' He smiled, sticking his gappy teeth out, then handed his hand out to her, with this Jenny shook it.

''I'm Jenny''She giggled, he was a pretty boy she thought.

''You got pwetty hair'' He mentioned to her blond piggy tales that was curled, Jenny began blushing even more.

''Thanks'' She giggled again. ''I like your eyes'' She told him making him smile.

''Wanna be my friend'' He asked looking slightly embarrassed, Jenny bounced up and down, a boy was asking her to be his friend, she heard a girl say before that boys didn't do that unless they had cooties.

''Of cwourse I will, I got no one else to be friends with besides I can show you my sand castle, I made in the sandbox'' She giggled at him. ''Did you know I'm this many years old'' Jenny said holding up 6 fingers.

''I'm 8, so I'm older then you hehe'' He giggled, and then started tickling her. ''Race you to the sandbox'' He said jumping off the bench and began running, with Jenny tagging along, that day they became very close friends, throwing sand at each other, and drinking there juice together, both none of them knowing that in about 20 years time they would be incredibly in love, but hey they could find out for themselves.

Short I know, but hey it was cute to me what did you think of my little dabble, fluff thing review and tell me x Btw Nate had a bit of a lisp thats why he spoke like that, if you notice in the first Gossip girl when he first speaks he speaks with a lisp which I found cute.