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Bazett Fraga McRemitz paced the room thoughtfully. She had a hand to her chin as she wore out the carpet.

I need a Servant for this Grail War. But I still need an artifact. The artifact itself would decide what kind of servant I'd get.

She looked at the artifact that had been provided for her by the Association. She shook her head.

No. I don't think that would summon a strong enough Servant.

She fell into her chair and began to think again of whatever artifact she may have. Her eyes rested on a gauntlet on the far wall.

Yes... that would work, wouldn't it?

She approached the gauntlet and took it off its mounting. She thought deeply and her eyes clouded over several times in the few minutes she took to make up her mind. She concentrated and summoned her Servant.

A man avoided the pool of blood that was forming near his feet. He looked with contempt and cold disinterest at the corpse that lay before him.

"This wouldn't have happened if you'd only given me your tattoo, Bazett Fraga McRemitz."

Bazett was splayed on the floor.

Blood was forming all around her.

Her left arm was gone.

It was in the hands of the man standing over her.

"I am Kirei Kotomine and I call you as your new Master! Lancer! Come forth!"

Kirei held the arm aloft. Silence seemed to be the only answer to his order but it wasn't long before a figure began to materialize.

"----------I shall not obey you for it is against my honor as a knight!"

The voice was disembodied but it contained a lot of emotion. The figure materialized completely into what was at first glance, a knight.

"You are a cold-blooded murderer and no master of mine!"

She was a woman with short blonde hair. Her armor clearly defined her bosoms and shone as the pale moonlight came through the window. Her silver armor would seem like any other although it seemed as if made for a boy with breasts. The woman was slender. She held a lance in her hand and her grip wrapped tightly around it.

"Come now, Lancer. I don't need to use the tattoo on you now do I?"

Lancer swayed a bit but she quickly caught herself and gritted her teeth. She nodded almost imperceptibly. Kirei smiled but it was empty and cold. He'd gotten what he came for. He began to walk out the door and Lancer, as though dragged against her will, walked behind him.


The magus lay in his own blood thinking to himself how such an unfortunate event could happen. He had summoned his Servant and she was of the Caster class. It was just three days ago that the long-haired beauty he had summoned, he began to treat like a dog. It wasn't long before the Servant stood up to him, imprisoning him in a magical territory. He thought he would at least die quickly. He writhed for a moment as the pain seared up his useless body again. He wasn't bleeding and yet he knew that it wouldn't be long before he could no longer stand the agony.

----------He knew he would die.

Caster looked over him. She had long brown hair and robes as though they were from medieval England. Her robes were red with white hems and they fluttered although there was no breeze to move them. She waved her hand a moment and walked away. Her Master was being devoured by magical insects from the inside. She had placed him in her territory and unless he could use Magic of her level, he would not escape. She thought of her master twisting in the pain he was feeling and allowed herself a half smile. As she walked away under the moonlight, a scream filled the night. In another instant, it died mid-scream and all was silent again.

I knew this would happen.

Caster thought to herself as she lay on the ground. She felt her magical energy leave her body. It as only a little now but she tried to hold on as long as possible. She closed her eyes and tensed all her muscles to try and move again.

I knew it wouldn't be long before I was forced to leave.

She contemplated her actions as she lay there . Rain had begun to pour some time before and she was laying in mud, soaking wet to her skin.

She thought of the Master that abused her...

She thought of his final moments...

Just as she thought she was going to pass out, a shadow fell over her. The rain stopped hitting her for a moment. She looked up and saw a man standing over her with his hand outstretched. In his other hand was an umbrella. His face tod her nothing about what he was thinking. She tried to see into his eyes but her vision blurred.

Perhaps I...

Caster passed out without finishing her thought.


Illyasviel von Einzbern twirled around in her room as she held the helmet she would use in summoning her Servant. She was smiling and pure ecstasy radiated from her very body.

"I can't believe it's started. I'm so happy!"

She put the helmet down and started to concentrate on summoning the Servant. A light began to fill the room.

Leysritt and Sella, her servants and watchers, were at the door listening to this. Her faces were plain and not a thought would be read from them

"It seems as if Lady Illyasviel has begun summoning her servant."

"I believe it would be a Berserker class again," said Sella, "No other participant could have enough mana to do so."

"True. Perhaps we should check in with her?"

"Maybe she doesn't want to be disturbed yet. Let's wait."

Berserker wore the helmet used to summon him. It was bronze in the style of Greek warriors in the time of the gods. He wielded a large sword and a shield along with it. He towered over Illya as they walked. The shield was ornate and a fabulous painting was on it. It was large and heavy.

"Hmmm..." mumbled Illyasviel von Einzbern, "I thought Berserker would be bigger than this."

Berserker kept quiet while Illyasvielvon Einzbern twirled as she walked. The forest was dark and the eerie evening breeze made menacing shapes with the aid of the moon but the girl and her Servant wer oblivious to all this.

"Oh well, with you as my servant nothing can beat us!"

Berserker nodded. A grunt escaped his lips as he breathed out.


Matou Shinji sat in his chair and thought deeply. His eyes shone in the candlelight as he stared at the scene below him. He held in his hand a bridle.

"I guess I should do it now, before grandpa shouts at me for being lazy."

Shinji stood up and dropped the bridle into a dark pit. The object hit the bottom of the pit with a sickening sound. The damp walls magnified the sound.

"Summon my Servant, bitch."

"Perhaps it is not the most honorable way to gain strength but if it is your will, Master, I will follow."

Rider was a man in armor. He had a mustache and his tanned skin could be seen clearly in the moonlight. He had two sheathed swords, one on each side. He was also wearing a green cape and a coat of arms was embroidered onto it..

"Good. Then go out there and obtain more souls."

Matou Shinji laughed as Rider dematerialized.

No one is going to think that I'm a master. They can't sense me and Rider will be pretty darn strong by the time they do.


Tohsaka Rin was ready. Fingering her pendant, she let fall to the floor a wooden fish which had a hole in one eye. She drew a deep breath and looked about her. The basement was perfect. It was as she'd thought to set it up.

This is it! I'm going to summon the strongest Servant ever!

A light surrounded the room. Upon expanding, the light blocked out Tohsaka Rin's vision. Tohsaka Rin closed her eyes and shielded them with her arm. She felt magical energy surging through her body. She kept her focus and let her arms fall. She began to take control of the energy but it would not be tamed. It calmed down slowly but not after she'd begun to feel exhaustion. Slowly, the light began to fade. Right in front of her was a man in a white shirt and black pants with a sort of colorful skirt reminiscent of India. He had long black hair in a braid and a bow in one hand.

Archer! I was aiming for a Saber! Where did I go wrong?

RIn looked frantically around her as she tried to find her mistake. Her eyes rested on the small clock she placed off to the side. It showed the time as 2:04. A flash of memory showed her her mistake.

The clocks are one hour early! It's not 2:04!

----It's 1:04!

Archer had kept quiet for some time but he had to speak up when he saw how Rin was acting.

"Master? Is anything wrong?"


Rin snapped into attention at the voice of her servant. She began to look at her servant up and down.

"I sense that you are not happy with me, Master..."

"Tohsaka Rin. I am Tohsaka Rin."

"Master Tohsaka. I can assure you that with me, no other Servant can stand a chance."

Rin took in the confident air of her Servant. She began to feel confident as well but the nagging irritation that she had failed simply because of a lapse in memory did not abate.

"You seem confident, Archer. Who are you?"

"Can you see anyone?"

"No one, Master. Although that bridge is certainly amazing."

"What's so amazing about it?"

"It is made of metal. I didn't believe it at first when I arrived but there it is. Perhaps I should see more of this time. That way I can see for myself if all is true."

"Yes. That would be a good idea. For now, Archer, let's go home."

Archer picked Tohsaka Rin up and jumped from rooftop to rooftop before setting down in front of the mansion. They had spent the night doing reconnaisance and showing Archer the layout of the city. It was uneventful except for a moment when Tohsaka Rin thought she saw an acquaintance staring up at her as she stood on top of a building.

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