He came in to the office on a rainy lazy Saturday afternoon. Mai had been concentrating on her paperwork. Going over the detail of the last case; making sure to note all incidences to be referred to in any later case that may have similar clues. When the bell had chimed, and the thud of wet boot hit the carpet, Mai looked up and was immediately captured. Coherent thought left, stars appeared in her eyes and she dropped the files to the floor to scatter in a flutter all over the floor.

Lin had been coming out of his office when he heard the bell. When he stepped into the receiving room he stopped abruptly. There stood an awestruck Mai staring at a rather unattractive teenager. He moved forward to receive the customer the Mai was too busy eye worshipping.

"Can I help you?"

The young boy shifted on his feet and glanced questionably at Mai.

"I am Tsuneo Shichiro, I have come to ask that this Investigation Company SPR consider my families case." He bowed politely at the end of his speech.

"Oh we will! Oh please sit down! Can I get you anything, anything at all?!" Mai asked with enthusiasm. Going over to the teenager and gently trying to get him to sit down. When he did she sat down as close as she could to him, legs touching and a big dopey smile on her face.

In fact, noted Lin, her eyes were slightly glazed and there was a far off look in her eyes. Hmmm. He went to get Naru.

"Naru we have a customer and I think you should get out here quick there is something off about Mai…"

Naru looked up from his files from the last case and sighed, what now?

When Naru entered the lobby he paused. There was Mai, her body up against some guy and practically cooing at him!

"Mai, Tea!" He barked. She ignored him. Smiling still at the young man who had started to smile back and looking interested at the girl who had his arm pressed up against her chest and smiled up at him with such interest.

Lin smiled with the side of his mouth. Observing the situation it looked as though Naru was about ready to hurl a tantrum at the teenager who had Mai so actively interested in him. But this was not how Mai acts, he frowned, Naru was too upset to realize just how wrong this all was. It was up to him as usual to fix things. He went to Mai, took her face in his hands and said with a small amount of power.

"Mai, I need you to leave the room and go down the street and order tea."

Mai focused on him, the glazed look in her eyes left for a moment.

"Lin?" Her voice was trembling, like she was lost. Her lower lip trembled for a second and she glanced at Naru who had stilled at her voice. She stood up and went and got her coat and purse. She looked around and her eyes went back to the young man. Her eyes glazed again and suddenly another dopey smile flirted with her face.

"Oh hello!" She cooed.

Lin quickly intercepted her, "Mai" again with a touch of power, "Please go get us four black teas, sugar and cream on the side." He walked her to the door and didn't let her see the teenager again. She left without a glance backwards the orders reinforced by the soft compulsion of Lin's voice.

As soon as she was gone Naru walked towards the boy menace in his ever step, "What did you do!?"

Shichiro trembled at this angry boy all of his sense telling him that here was a powerful person who would hurt him. "I don't know! I have never had a person react to me like that before!"

Naru glared and sat down in front of the boy. "State your case."

Lin brought out the laptop and then the boy began.

"Well it began actually a couple of years ago." He glanced nervously at the still very angry man. "When I turned twelve strange things started happening at our home." He shuddered to himself suddenly introspective, Lin and Naru an audience to his spoken thoughts. "It began with our dog. She had died and then we found her whole and almost alive a couple of weeks later. We couldn't understand it. We knew she had died in fact one of my older brothers Mamoru had been there as she was put down and then buried in the back yard. Suddenly she was 'alive' and wanting to play." He grimaced and hunched into himself. "We were worried and confused, I the youngest had been told that she was gone of course but didn't really realize that she was dead. My older brothers kept staring at her all scared like. I didn't understand. Then when the sun went down. She turned into a monster!" He shouted this with tears streaming down his face. "She started to try to bite us. No no she was trying to eat us!! Crazy with hunger almost. She did eat our cat, tore him up right in front of me. My brother Mamoru found a torch and lit the dog. She burned, howling and then whimpering. Then she was gone and she hasn't come back… but it happens now regularly! Dead animals come to our home and the only way to save ourselves from being eaten is to set them on fire. It's awful like a horror story come true!" He looked away the pain of the last few years on his face. "No one has been able to help us yet. The priest exercise the animal but then another takes its place. We don't know what to do and desperately need your help!" He looked up pleading.

Naru looked at him still upset with what had happened with Mai but very interested. This was going to be a hell of a case!