Name: Calleigh

Do You...
Think I'm Hot:
You are the center of my hottest dreams
Think I'm Cool:
You look cooler than the breeze in your glasses!
Think I'm Sweet:
Of course
Think I'm A Great Friend:
The Greatest there could be

Describe Me In One Sentence:

You are the only man I ever truly loved

Would You...
Kiss Me:
Mmmm yes please Handsome
Sleep With Me:
Of course
Love Me:
It goes without question
Marry Me:
I do!
Cry If I Died:
I would join you
Be My Best Friend:
Already am
Buy Me A Drink:
Already have done
Take Me Out SomeWhere:
I'd love to
Put Me In Your Top Friends:
Already are!

You and Me...

Your 1st Impression: Love at first sight
What Do You think Now:
You are my everything
Whats The Relationship Between Me and You:
How Long Have You Known Me:
Our souls were always linked
How Well Do You Know Me:
Very well
How much Do You Like Me:
I love you
What Do You Like Best About Me:
Anything You'd Change About me
No, you are perfect the way you are =)