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The Doctor woke up with a groan.

For a moment, he lay on the TARDIS floor, thinking groggily.

'Oh God, what did I do this time?' He thought as he rolled onto his front to get up.

He couldn't remember what had happened in the last few hours at all, but it was probably related to alcohol from the way his head was pounding.

He felt like he'd died.

Surprisingly, something cushioned him as he rolled over, but he dismissed it as he got up.

Rising to his feet, his stomach lurched, and he heard a sharp intake of breath.

He froze.

It sounded female.

He spun around, but no one was there.

He was alone in the TARDIS.

'Just my imagination.' He decided.

Exhausted, he stumbled in the direction of his bedroom.

Oddly, the ceiling of the corridors seemed a lot higher up, but he was too tired to worry over this.

Opening the door, he threw himself across the room and landed squarely on his bed.

And shot straight up again.

He'd heard it again, that sound.

Clambering off the bed, he looked around... and was shocked.

There stood, staring at him with equal astonishment, none other than Rose Marion Tyler.

She was different. So much so than when he'd last seen her, leaving her behind with his human clone on Bad Wolf Bay.

For one thing, she seemed so much older. Particularly her eyes... such a sad and world weary story behind them.

A story of loss and heartache, which it broke the Doctor's hearts to see.

But it was still undeniably her.

They were still her heart melting chocolate brown.

Amazed, the Doctor took in her hot flushed cheeks, glowing on her milky skin.

His eyes ran across her soft lips, and a gentle jaw line the Doctor loved so much.

It was her. It was his Rose.

The only woman he would, and could, ever love.

His eyes reluctantly left her beautiful face and travelled upwards.

To his surprise, her blonde hair had been replaced with red locks.

It looked as though meeting Donna had inspired her to change.

In a strange exotic way, it suited her. Like a tan suited most people after they'd been on holiday.

He wondered if she'd keep it, and decided he liked her this way.

It would be a bit like having Donna back too.

He opened his mouth to speak, and so did she.

She noticed at the same time he did that the other had something to say, and both laughed.

'Great minds think alike.' He thought cheerfully, his eyes brimming with overwhelmed tears.

Her eyes were too, and the Doctor watched as a stray tear slid down her cheek.

"Rose." He said, but to his astonishment she said it too.

He frowned in puzzlement, and so did she.


Again, she'd spoken at the same time he had.

Now he knew something was wrong.

"Rose?! What it is, what's wrong?!"

Again, she'd repeated him, her lips moving in exact synchrony with his.

He began to feel cold, recalling the events on the planet midnight.

Was this the same thing?

He stepped closer to her, and she mimicked his movement.

Startled, he stepped back, and so did she.

Now he was terrified. What had happened to her?!

He reached out his hand, his eyes holding hers, and she reached out hers too.

All he had to do was take her hand, and it would be ok...

But their hands did not meet, they probably never would again.

Instead his finger tips met a hard, cool surface…

And it all clicked into place as he looked down at his own hand...

He jumped, and so did Rose.

But of course she did, because it wasn't Rose.

It was him.

He was looking in a mirror.

"Oh my..." He said, horrified. "No! No no, NO!"

To his horror, he recalled his feelings on waking up...

He felt like he'd died.

He had.

"Oh my God!" He yelled. "I've REGENERATED." His eyes widened. "Into ROSE!" His eyes widened still. "Into GINGER Rose!!!"

And he promptly collapsed to the ground in horror, the mirror image doing likewise.

"Oh my God oh my God oh my God..." He said over and over and over again.

After ten minutes, he eventually began to calm down and try to think rationally.

For a moment he felt a wince of disappointment.

For a moment there, he had truly believed she had returned.

Another tear slid down the cheek of the girl in the mirror, but not a happy one, far from it.

The Doctor trembled, and forced himself to focus at the problem at hand.

Ok, ok, so what exactly happened?

He thought back to the last he'd been... himself.

He'd just left Donna behind with her family; he'd walked over to the console...

Ok, and then he'd... no, first the TARDIS had...

"What happened?" He asked aloud, recognising sadly that he spoke with Rose's perfect voice.

'Struck some turbulence, you hit your head.' The TARDIS reminded him. 'Remember?'

"What a way to go." The Doctor thought with embarrassment. "A blow to the head? Not as dramatic as I'd thought it would be... But still doesn't explain the Rose thing, or the red hair!!!"

'You were holding something in your hand.' The TARDIS reminded him gently.

The Doctor's hearts faltered.

He'd found two hairs on the console. Insignificant, dead hairs, two of thousands more... but not to him.

One blonde, and the other red.

They could only have belonged to the two most important women he'd ever been forced to loose.

Those two little strands he'd held had affected his regeneration, the DNA imprinting on his when his own genes began to change.

Looking in the mirror again, the reflection winced.

He wouldn't need pictures or memories any more.

Those two women he loved so dearly, in different ways, would always be staring back at him now.

Always with him, that was a comfort at least.

Oddly though, it was still him, in a way. Usually his personality changed with the body.

To his relief he still felt like regeneration number 10.

Just... with a few drastic changes.

"Hmmm." She thought aloud. "Oh, new teeth, that IS weird." She ran a tongue over her teeth. "Blimey, wonkier than my last set of nashers."

She bit her teeth together, and examined them in the mirror.

A trip to the dentist wouldn't go amiss.

She looked in the mirror one last time, and slowly took in every angle as she got back to her feet.

"Huh, this isn't so bad." She said, turning sideways and bouncing up and down. "A little extra weight topside, but I think I'll get used to it."

But boy it was going to be harder than his other regenerations.

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